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Found 1 result

  1. Dear members of the Wargaming Design bureau, I'm writing this letter to you, so you can avoid another PR-desaster. After the thing with the Alabama and the Christmas-Campaign, it seems direly needed. I understand that the choice between RDF and "Concealment Expert" is supposed to give us a choice between "seeing better" or "being seen". HOWEVER the concept of RDF is stupid. It hardcounteres "Concealment Expert" it makes stealth USELESS, and thereby ships with it. Replace it. What do you mean by "NO". I mean it. Just replace it. [...] WHAT???, you don't know what to replace it with that would give players a 'meaningful choice'? I have a solution: "Surveillance Expert". Grants +50% to the range of assured detection base range before upgrades (like the "Target Aquisition System Mod 1"). That would mean IF I ran a Tirpitz (or by that manner EVERY other ship) with that skill AND "Target Aquisition System Mod 1" I would get an area of 4km around me that every vessel would be detected in. Under normal circumstances that does not make a huge difference, but alike Concealment Expert it is situational and players who know how to make the most out of their ships capabilities will be able to use it well. Radar, and hydro would be unaffected. Yes I am aware that that could have huge implications. But considering the high tier meta, I seldomly find myself closer than 8km to the closest enemy. And low tier ships DON'T get the option to fit the upgrade to increase the assured detection of enemy ships. "Surveillance Expert" could/would give a meaningful choice. JUST DO IT! Best Regards 4plains