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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Leute! Ich habe neulich gehört, dass ab dem 31.3 die Smolensk nicht länger erhältlich sein wird. Das hat mich sehr geschockt, da ich das Ding schon immer interessant fande. Nun habe ich mir überlegt meine Kohle (aktuell 46.000) nicht in die Georgia sondern in die Smolensk zu stecken. Mit meinem Coupon müsste ich jetzt noch 136.000 Kohle beschaffen. 1. Lohnt sich das ? 2. Ist es überhaupt möglich? 3. Wenn ja, wie lange müsste ich täglich spielen? glg Indez
  2. Hi all, Very interesting comments by WG's "SubOctavian" regarding "Russian BIAS"... This was in reaction to "NoZoupForYou" YouTube video: @Sub_Octavian wrote some very interesting statistics: Source Reddit: Russian Bias and the Sad State of Italian Cruisers Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Requirements Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Decent stats - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Speak/understand English - Discord (obviously) - Tier 8 sheep (Tier X+ is better) Requirements Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Okish Stats I guess... - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Speak/understand English - Discord (obviously) How to contact us Easy peasy that one. - Reply to this thread (and bump it up for free!). - Send a PM to me or No1KamiKaZe (our leader) here on the forums. You can also try our Recruiter: KristijanTrampus - you can also send me a message in game IGN: No1KamiKaZe
  4. DutchDelightsNL

    Ranked Season 7 in numbers

    Ranked Season 7 in numbers So Ranked Season 7 is nearly finished and what do see..? Or What conclusions can we make. We see that overall the "Fuso" is the most played ship. Cleveland did not make it to the end as favorite. Carriers, although I did see them more often on the Asia server did not play any particular role this season just 3,5% Battleships have been the favorite pick with Fuso on top, overall Battleship play has been 42% average on all servers. For Destroyers 28,5% and Cruisers 26%. IJN has been the favorite nation to pick 37,8%, followed by USN 26,3% and strange enough "der Kriegsmarine" or German ships at third place with 13%, UK at 10%. So we can safely say that tier VI Ranked has been for Battleships. For myself, I did not make to Rank 1 unfortunately. Maybe you are one of the fortunate ones that did make it, I hope you liked the journey, and enjoy your Jolly Roger. Two more to the Flint. I do not have numbers for the previous Season but overall on Servers, nearly 56000, tried to make it to Rank 1. About 3500 made it to the end, or 6% of you fulfilled the journey. So Ranked how has it been for you? Did you like it? Or did not like it, what would you change? Still rewards well yeah got me some signals, gold and a day premium on all servers. But still, for me, I guess it did not bring what everyone wants. Teamplay. But to be honest, I so enjoyed those games where you do see Team Work, those games for me personally, is in it self a reward. I can not wait for the next season Dutchdelightsnl
  5. OndaDrFluff

    I just encountered a new ship!

    So I were playing with my Blyskawica and I encountered a new russian DD that said it was cooming soon!
  6. Commander_Doom_

    An people say there is no russian ships

    so how many nachi hunters wish they had this kind of mm
  7. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    I found this Russian video showing tier the new tier 2-10 Russian Cruisers graphical models, plus it shows a t5 Soviet Cruiser at the end called "Profintern." YOU CAN MUTE SOUND BEFORE WATCHING! Tier 1 Орлан - Orlan Tier 2 Новик - NovikTier 3 Богатырь - BogatirTier 4 Светлана - SvetlanaTier 5 Киров - KirovTier 6 Будёный - BudyoniyTier 7 Щорс - ShiorsTier 8 Чапаев - Chapaev Tier 9 Дмиртрий Донской - Dmitriy DonskoyTier 10 Mоска - Moskva The first tier 2-4 cruisers will have 130mm guns, but they will be much worse than what are on Soviet DD's in damage and velocity. The tier 5 Kirov will have 180mm guns but with "older" shells and will fire only 3 rounds per minute. Tier 6-8 ships will have 152mm guns and the tier 9 will have 180mm guns. Basically Soviet cruisers will low caliber guns (until tier 10) with paper armor but will have high range, plus high rate of fire. Except for tier 10 which will have 220mm guns that will have 2nd best High Explosive DPM after Des Moines, but 20% worse AP DPM than Des Moines and 17% worse AP DPM than Hindenburg. Soviet cruisers will have (at least from tier 8) a "radar" consumable, which instead of detecting torpedoes will detect ships in increased area for 30 seconds, including those inside smoke (this will make it harder for DD's to play out of invisibility). NOTICE these things can be subject to change!
  8. secession

    Murmansk Skin

    Here is my version of a skin for the Murmansk crusier. It's not too clean like many other skins. I try to update all the related ship installations and adding a bit more details. File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/251a41rpcc1vxvx/Murmansk_sec_mod_v1.05.rar Preview: *may affect other ships too v1.05reworking reflektion maps- more wet look- reflections of glas adding skins:- search radar SG, SK- search light two *- ammunition box *- davit two *- running lights- floater net basket *- bollard two * v1.04modding main ship skin- editing anchor section v1.03adding skins:- paravane *- directors *- finders * v1.02adding skins:- fairlead (75) *- hatch *- capstan *- singal trap * v1.01adding skins:- catapult *- torpedo tubes *- torpedos *- whaleboat *- yawlboat *- searchlight 900mm *- flag box *- reels *- fairlead (114) *- david *- ventilation *- boat *- boat winch * v 1.0skins for:- hull- main batttery (twin & single guns)- scout plane *
  9. Captain_Riley

    Allies vs. Axis Battle-mode

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see this battle-mode implemented. I'm not the only one who would like to see a US-only team vs. a Japan-only team, etc.
  10. BabyAdmiral

    Next batch of cruisers

    Hello, fellow forumites! Since I'm no expert on naval/military history, I thought I'd ask you guys about your thoughts on the Russian/Soviet cruisers. The way I understand it, is that the lower tiers will be made up of actual ships from tzarist Russia, while the higher tiers will mainly consist of blueprint Soviet ships and/or ship concepts. All is well and good so far, but what kind of cruisers are these? (I've looked up mr3awesome's thread http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/437-what-we-know-about-ships-updated-25062015/ to search for clues, but still not quite sure what to expect here.) Light cruisers or heavy cruisers? Compared to USA and Japan, what will their range, armor, speed, AA protection, etc. be? Any thoughts, or is it still 100% speculation at this point? I'm quite interested in heavy cruisers, but I might have to wait for German ships for that? - BabyAdmiral.
  11. Jareel_Skaj

    Ships of Crimean Crisis 2014

    Topic is rather interesting, especially because what we're witnessing right now is one of the biggest loss of warships since World War 2 (Ukraine lost 51 vessels since beginning of last month), so I'd like you to get a little bit more familiar with Black Sea navy of both: Russia and Ukraine. I'll highlight only the most important ships, skipping all of the auxiliaries - will also add profiles for each listed ship. Topic will be updated when I'll have more free time to spare. Format in Armament sections: {Number of launchers}x ( {Number of tubes/barrels}x) name or - for guns - caliber. Shortcuts: SAM: Surface-Air Missile; ASM - Anti-Ship Missile; ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare; CIWS - Close-In Weapon System (anti-missile); Hope you'll enjoy! Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet Slava-class cruiser Moskva 186.4m long Displacement: 11 490 t Crew: 480 Armament: 1x (2x) 130mm L70 6x 30mm CIWS 16x Bazalt ASM cruise missile launcher 10x (2x) 533mm torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x (20x) OSA SAM launcher (40 missiles) Kara-class cruiser Kerch 173.4m long Displacement: 8 900 t Crew: 425 Armament: 2x (2x) 76mm 4x 30mm CIWS 2x (4x) Silex ASW launcher 2x (2x) Goblet SAM launcher 2x (5x) 533mm torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x RBU 1000 ASW rocket launcher 1x Gecko SAM launcher (20 missiles) Other ships: 1 missile destroyer, 2 missile frigates, 4 missile corvettes, 5 ASW corvettes, 7 large landing ships, 1 submarine, 6 minesweepers, 6 missile boats, 2 Coastal defense ASW Corvettes. All of listed ships are post-soviet origin. Newest ship in a fleet is B-871 Kilo-class submarine. See full list of ships in Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Naval Forces Currently operational ships: Krivak-class frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy 123m long Displacement: 3 100 t (full load: 3 566) Crew: 180 Armament: 2x 100mm 2x (6x) 30mm 2x (4x) torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 1x (2x) OSA SAM launcher (20 missiles) Other ships: 1 patrol boat, 1 landing craft, 1 transport barge, 1 research vessel, 2 diving vessels. Ships captured by Russian Federation: Foxtrot-class submarine Zaporizhzhia 89,9m long Displacement: 1 983 t Crew: 78 Armament: 10 torpedo tubes with 22 torpedoes Ropucha-class landing ship Kostiantyn Olshansky 112,5 m long Displacement: 2 200 t (full load: 4 080) Crew: 98 Armament: 2x (2x) 57mm 2x (30x) 122mm Grad-M rocket launcher 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher Polnocny-class landing ship Kirovohrad 73m long Displacement: full load: 834 Crew: 41 Armament: 1x (2x) 30mm 2x (18x) Ogon rocket launcher 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher Pauk-class corvette Khmelnytskyi 57m long Displacement: 508 t (full load: 589 t) Crew: 40 Armament: 1x 76mm 1x 30mm 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher 2x RBU 1200 ASW rocket launcher 4x 406mm torpedo launcher Grisha-class corvettes Lutsk (V) Ternopil (V) Vinnitsya (II) 71.6m long Displacement: 950 t (full load: 1 200 t) Crew: 60 Armament: 2x 50mm L70 (in version V replaced by single 76mm cannon) 2x Gecko SAM (20 missiles) 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x (2x) 533mm torpedo launcher 2x deep charge racks (12 charges) or 18 mines And numerous other ships including missile corvette, missile boat, torpedo boats, tugs, transporters, tankers, tow boats, floating crane, etc. All of listed ships are post-soviet origin. Only newly bought ships were small boats, and I can't find any specific information on which these were. See full list of current ships in Ukrainian Naval Forces and full list of seized ships
  12. Russian Destroyer Novik Novik was a destroyer of the Russian Imperial Navy, commissioned in 1913 where she served with the Baltic Fleet during World War I. She joined the Bolsheviks in November 1917 and was later renamed Yakov Sverdlov. WWI During the night of 6/7 May 1915 Novik, in company with ten other destroyers, mined the approaches to the port of Liepāja which was being attacked by the Germans. There was an inconclusive encounter between cruisers of the Russian covering force and the German light cruiser SMS München, but the destroyers were undetected. One of the mines laid that night blew off the bow of the new German torpedo boat V 107 when she entered Liepāja on the morning of 8 May and rendered her unrepairable. Novik escorted the armored cruiser Rurik on a mission to shell the German port of Memel, but they became separated from the rest of the force in heavy fog and encountered the German armored cruiser SMS Roon. Rurik opened fire, but was soon forced to turn away by a (false) submarine contact and lost sight of the Germans. During the Battle of the Gulf of Riga in August 1915, Novik and three other destroyers set the German destroyer V 99 on fire. V 99 struck two mines while attempting to break out of the Gulf and was sunk. During the night of 19/20 November 1915 Novik led seven Russian destroyers to attack German patrols off Windau. They sank the auxiliary patrol boat Norburg and escaped before German reinforcements could arrive. On the night of 13 May 1916, she led two of her half-sisters in search of German iron ore convoys sailing along the Swedish coast. They found a convoy of ten freighters escorted by four auxiliary patrol boats near Häfringe Island. The freighters fled for Swedish waters while the escorts turned to engage the Russians. The Russians sank the auxiliary cruiser Hermann, even though they refused to close the escorts believing them to be far stronger than they actually were, but the freighters escaped and no other damage was inflicted. In November 1917 she joined the Bolsheviks and was later renamed Yakov Sverdlov in 1923. General Characteristic : Displacement: 1,260 tonnes (1,240 long tons; 1,390 short tons) (normal) 1,590 tonnes (1,560 long tons; 1,750 short tons) Length: 102.4 m (335 ft 11 in) Beam: 9.5 m (31 ft 2 in) Draught: 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in) Propulsion: 3 shafts, AEG-Vulcan turbines 6 Vulcan water-tube boilers 39,000 shp (29,100 kW) Speed: 37.3 knots (42.9 mph; 69.1 km/h) (trials) Endurance: 2,000 nmi (3,700 km) at 21 knots (39 km/h) Complement: 142 men Armament: 4 × 1 - 102 mm (4.0 in) guns 4 × 1 - Maxim machine guns 4 × 2 - 457 mm (18.0 in) torpedo tubes 60 mines