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Found 13 results

  1. celephais

    Debunking Devs argument about RPF

    Ladies and gentlemen, your Honor, First we must start with the argument from the side of the Devs and WG: "it's perception is one of the most controversial for us, and this is not a surprise... We know about BB and DD balance concerns, about RPF perception and other difficult questions we encountered while working on this update". In this statement they acknowledge that this is the most controversial of their decisions ever made. Point two, they also recognized how delicate the balance is between BB's and DD's. So, they do play their game, they do understand the impact of certain skills. Good. Then they go on to implement this skill unchanged in the 2nd round of PTS. One suggestions that pops into my head oh so casually is, if this skill is intended for DD hunters (a very specific role for a ship), why isn't it an Upgrade module? Why none of them thought, "Let's try it in the 2nd round of PTS as Upgrade module only for these specific type of ships and see the responses"? Moving on: "The PRO aspect of adding this skill is to improve the role of DD hunters that is crucial to all cruisers and some destroyers. We expect this to be an efficient option for these ships, but definitely not a must". The PRO aspect. Is this the PRO as professional or PRO as pro-life? Either way, the real good player was in dire need of this? Even an avg. player like me would understand that map awareness, angling, intuition even, positioning, thinking matter in this game. Thus, it is not CoD. Important for me for playing this game but for the PRO players then it should definitely be a NO-go skill. The ppl that have 60%+ win rate might not be against or for it, but it will affect the whole game play experience of everyone. Here's the catch for ppl like Wax. The "I" is way too emphasized in his posts and last time i checked this is a team based game. Again, not CoD. Now, as someone corrected me, it might be used as "rather the latin PRO as in "fore" (positive)" but it makes no difference on the argument. This is a mandatory skill for a DD hunter but also for any DD that wants to know were his hunter is, isn't it? It is like you are a gazelle in the jungle right? And the tiger has this unique skill and you know you can have it too. Why would you go, "No, i don't need to know were my killer will be, i am a positive animal." Of course we are allowed to be as naive as we want. Again, it all points that it would make sense to have it as a very specific Upgrade module but again, the hunted should have a counter and this case the hunted does not. This is a one way skill, there are absolutely no counters for the one who decides not to pick it. Lastly: "We are not planning to make the game too casual...we do not consider these skills, including RPF, to be "crutch". These are tools you have at your choice. If you don't need them, because you are skilled player, use other tools and you will have more efficiency than those who picked RPF+Priority target+Alert" Fair point. Even the egocentric and too arrogant skilled player would agree here i assume. We will be waiting to see the results, their posts and comments on the forum after a year happily. Personally i think if i saw this skill in a game 15 years ago i would go, "crap, they legalize a cheat. Why not take it?". Yes, there are other useful skills with 4 points but i can't see myself as being the unaware hunted one. And on the other side you need a counter and the only counter for the hunted (by the DD hunters) is to also take this skill and not rely on wits, positioning. In closing: "According to PTS survey, the majority of players are satisfied or happy with the skill changes". I am against RPF and yet i am happy with the Commander skill changes? Ask my why...Because the Devs have a ton of data after a year, might as well use to refine and enrich the game even further. I welcome the new skills. This is not an argument against the overwhelmingly negative feedback against RPF, is it now? "According to our own conclusions, changes are good, too." They are not referring to RPF, they are referring to the whole changes in the Commander skills, or are they?... "We absolutely heard and studied "against" arguments - and decided that "for" is stronger here." Let me end this by saying that, this reminds me the case of "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst", were the jury completely disregard the facts, mind you the facts and they claimed innocent a murderer. This is life, these are the people, people with authority tend ignore and disregard hard facts and this is the argument made by WG for implementing this skill ultimately. Thank you. [All of the info for the Devs perspective was taken from iEarlGrey's vid , " ]
  2. Admiral_R4z3r

    Counterplay zu RPF.

    Hallo liebe Community, bitte entschuldigt, dass ich noch einen Thread zu diesem Thema erstelle. Ich wollte einfach mal weg vom MIMIMI zu diesem Skill, hin zu einer konstruktiven Dabatte. Nachdem ich mir intensiv Gedanken über den RPF-Skill gemacht habe, ist mir dank eines Videos ( ) eine Idee gekommen, wie man den Skill beibehalten kann und trotzdem ein interessanteres Gameplay generiert. Die Rede ist von einem Counterplay zu diesem Skill. Wie im Video beschrieben ist eine Ability nur dann gut, wenn sich für beide (also Nutzer und „Opfer“ der Ability“) eine strategische/taktische Möglichkeit durch dessen Nutzung ergibt. Dies ist bei RPF nicht der Fall. Als „Opfer“ dieses Skills weiß ich nur, dass der nächste Nutzer einen direkten Vektor in meine Richtung gezeigt bekommt. Damit ist insbesondere im Endgame mit wenigen verbleibenden Schiffen ein Counterplay völlig ausgeschlossen. Das dies Frust schafft ist logisch. Ich habe hier mal ein paar Vorschläge für ein mögliches Counterplay: Einige Schiffe erhalten eine Ability die es Ihnen erlaubt für 30-40 Sekunden eine Funkstille zu halten. Diese Schiffe werden dann für die Berechnung von RPF ignoriert und somit nicht als nächstes Schiff angezeigt. Als Nachteil kann das Team die ausschließlich durch dieses Schiff gesichteten Feindschiffe natürlich auch nicht sehen. Man könnte natürlich auch am anderen Ende ansetzen und einen Störsender als Fähigkeit einführen. Dieser würde dann den Pfeil des RPF zwischen dem tatsächlich nächsten Schiff und dem Schiff mit dem Störsender hin und her springen lassen. Natürlich könnte man auch diese Ability zur besseren Spielbalance auf wenige Schiffe oder Kapitäne beschränken. Man könnte ein Funkboje einführen die alle RPF Signale in einem bestimmten Umkreis auf sich triggert MFG Admiral_R4z3r
  3. Crusherheads

    RPF - UI diferences - And how?

    Alright, please check the Pic/screenshots. 1 with is a "arrow" and another 1 with "hit indicator like". I cant find the Ui modifications to switch this Ui mechanic, so i pressure is a mod/addon from aslain? Did appreciate a source/link about this. Also, now i know why i get torpedos randomly without enemy DDs seen me...but that another story. Thank you for your attention and cheer's.
  4. WG tried to sell us RL wouldn't affect too much the gameplay in random mode... Well... and what about that with ranked now??? I have just lost a ranked battle simply because of one noob enemy had RL so his team was able to foresee which area my team chose, preventing us to cap. In this season ranked battles are alredy more unbalanced than the previous because of one almost-unsinkable GER BB or UK smoking-cruiser more in one team instead the other definitely turns to it the win chance. Fighting against who can guess where the whole enemy team is going to cap is absolutely unfair in such battle mode. After around 20 ranked battles in this season I can say that the original purpose of this battle mode (i.e. to have battles where the outcome could be more influenced by players' skill) is now totally PERISHED. After a whole line of ships (i.e. IJN DDs), after random mode (where at the present moment World of Warships is changed into World of [camping] Battleships), now WG was able to wreck even the alternative battle mode she created... Well done once again... Sincerely!!
  5. GuderianDK

    Already tired of being LOCATED!

    Already I'm getting very frustrated by the RPF perk which has spoiled several games for me already. No mercy while in IJN DD, you are pretty much worthless as your opponents has prior warning of your presence. The LOCATED indicator also alters your own behaviour, not in a good way though. So now my IJN DDs will stay in port untill this abomination of a 4 point disaster is either removed or DDs will be imune. Bad, bad Wargaming! My frustration not withstanding I love this game and I'm horrified that this is the future of the game because, well, its not fun anymore.
  6. Himbeerchen

    Do you encounter more static gameplay?

    Simple question. There are enough RPF-threads out there, i want to collect some informations from the playerbase. It is not about your position towards the skills, just the things you experience after patch 0.6.0.
  7. CleverViking

    RPF experiences

    Oh woe, another RPF thread? Fret not, this one is (slightly) different. I thought it could be interesting to share stories and experiences about the skill now that it is on the live server, good or bad, rather than just saying that you like it/don't like it. Let's have some juicy examples please (I'm especially interested in examples where people think that it works) I'll start with mine: Had RPF equipped on my Ibuki skipper when I my magic crystal ball tells me that someone is right beside us, performing a cheecky flank. Being a curious sort, I decided to investigate and promptly got spotted. It was the enemy Shima, and while I didn't spot him I knew exactly where he was. He ran, I followed. Even without vigilance and with hydro on CD it was easy as a breeze to avoid his metal fishies. I chased him for an absurd amount of time while he tried to lose me (2-3 minutes) (while I frankly would've been more useful helping the team, I must admit it was fun trolling him). We finally got him when the CV actually bothered to do as I asked and spot him for me but it was ridicolously easy to chase him and lock him from doing anything useful for his team. I wasn't a big fan of the skill when I tested it on PT and I like it even less now. Any other people have any stories to share (either of good or bad experiences with RPF)
  8. Hi all, The best example of how powerful RPF is (and in the hand of good player how game winning it can be) is "Aerroon's" latest video: "WoWS: Why Is This Game So Difficult?" Leo "Apollo11"
  9. DimitriBjoernkovic1917

    Gibt es ausser mir auch Leute die RPF boykottieren?

    Ich muss erstmal sagen, dass ich die Skillbaumänderungen in 0.6.0 gar nicht so schlecht finde, wäre da nicht RPF. Als absoluter Gegner dieses Skills benutze ich ihn nicht. Auch wenn ich damit einen spielerischen Nachteil habe. Meine Frage, bin ich der einzige der das macht?
  10. DutchDelightsNL

    Do you like DD's

    Guys on this topic "Smoke and mirrors" eeehhh radar check this out on what is coming to world of warships you can check it on the test server RPF or Radio Position Finding (where is the nearest ship (direction)) PT or Priority Target (which one shoot first or who is aiming for u) is it a cheat and will it be a new anoucance for DD captains
  11. Okay, first of all please dont bash me too hard. I tried it on my Belfast and almost all of my DDs and its not worth the 4 points at all. It only comes into play 1 out of 3 matches and for a short period of time, there are far better skills/builds which are always active and useful. I even respecced my Fletcher because all the information it gave me was useless, like "there is a DD at B" - when they have 6 DDs. Thanks i dont need a 4 point skill to be sure there will be somebody heading B. Or "hey, you, there is Yamato reversing behind that cliff, 5 km from you", oh thank you its only visible by everybody i really needed that info. I currently use it only on my Kamikaze R for further testing but i am pretty sure i will switch back to AFT and use my brain instead to win the games... On a side note: IFHE is useless on american 127mm (tested on Benson, Fletcher, Flint) i dont know what are the people smoking who say 12 shell hits on the superstructure of a NewMexico for 2000 dmg is an amazing improvement compered to a regular build.