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Found 26 results

  1. Nachdem Wargaming freundlicherweise mit der Royal Navy nun auch endlich eine der irrelevanten Seefahrernationen (nach bekannten Größen wie der sovietischen Flotte...) eingefügt hat, werde ich mich nun doch ein wenig motivierter mit World of Warships befassen. Demnach kreuzt nun bald eine kanadische Lady mit britischen Schiffen in internationalen Gewässern. Warum ich den Thread dennoch hier und nicht in der englischsprachigen Sektion eröffne ist schnell erklärt: Die Gentlemen des British Tank Clubs treiben sich in diesem Forenbereich herum und haben bereits Hilfe zugesagt. Nach einigen Gefechten aus den Anfangstagen von WoWs stand relativ schnell der Entschluss das Spiel einzumotten bis endlich die Royal Navy eingeführt wird. Die bisherigen Gefechte (es dürften 16 gewesen sein) fanden ohne jede Orientierung in den Stufen Eins und Zwei statt, wobei der Fokus eher auf japanischen Modellen lag. (Als Kanadierin gestatte ich mir einfach einmal ein paar Vorbehalte gegenüber amerikanischen Erzeugnissen...) Nun soll es allerdings richtig losgehen und zwar mit den britischen Kreuzern. Was man so im Forum dazu lesen durfte ist zwar nicht grade ermutigend, allerdings werde ich mich konsequent an die Royal Navy halten, von oben erwähnten Spielen einmal abgesehen. Ich bitte um Nachsicht, dass etwaige Kürzel und Termini noch nicht verinnerlicht wurden. Weiterhin bin ich durch World of Tanks vorbelastet. Auch wenn mir die Unterschiede zwischen einem Panzer und einem Schiff durchaus geläufig sind, so kann es vorkommen, dass die Grenze im Eifer des Gefechts verschwimmen (was für ein mieser Wortwitz...). Vielleicht hilft es, dass ich viel Artillerie gefahren bin, der man ja bösartigerweise eine gewisse eine gewisse Affinität zu Gewässern nachsagt. Kartenkunde ist noch nicht vorhanden, die Videos dazu genieße ich lieber mit Vorsicht, wie alle spielerischen Empfehlungen seitens Wargaming. Was man als Kreuzer so zu tun hat konnte ich noch nicht wirklich ausprobieren, da auf den ersten beiden Stufen noch nicht einmal alle Schiffsklassen verfügbar sind. Ansonsten hoffe ich auf allerlei Hinweise, Anleitung und Nachsicht bis sich mein spielerisches Niveau auf erträglichem Maße eingependelt hat. Hochachtungsvoll, Easha
  2. If you've watched Jingles' RN CL video or others. What best sums up your feelings about the reworked RN Light Cruiser Line?
  3. Hentai__Senpai

    Battle of Jutland Flag

    Hello there WG! I saw that the Warspite and the Campbeltown are being sold bundled or unbundled, with the bundled version comes a very nice flag (Battle of Jutland Flag) and it got me thinking. We players that own either the Warspite or the Campbeltown or maybe both could get a personal mission for getting the Flag, because some players already own both ships and can't buy the bundle. Well, this was just a though i had when i saw the sale. What do you forumites think of this idea?
  4. mandrakethe

    Smoke radio skill and decelleration

    Hello. When the RN cruisers came out someone quite nicely posted on here exactly what speed you could go into a hard turn, pop smoke, and not sail straight out of it once it was set. I wonder if anyone has worked this out with the 20% smoke radius skill attached? Just if anyone has a good idea, I've ruined a fair few battles getting that wrong that I just don't feel like experimenting. Yours sincerely, Mark
  5. Admiral_Scrub

    Possible RN Release Tree

    First post on the forum, I was looking through ships of the Royal Navy from WW1 and WW2 and put this release tree for the BB and CV's. This is Based upon my personal ideas and what I've noticed in the IJN and USN tech trees in 0.3.1 build of WoWS Tier CV BB I II III Dreadnought IV Argus St Vincent V Attacker Iron Duke VI Hermes Queen Elizabeth VII Glorious Nelson VIII Ark Royal King George V IX Illustrious Vanguard X Malta Lion Any Feedback??
  6. CaptJack_Sparrow

    RN Cruiser AA thoughts

    Yes, yes it's another RN thread... BUT! It isn't a "When are they coming?", oh no this is just a thread to get your guys opinions on the strength of the Royal Navy AA. With rumors that the Royal Navy cruiser line is coming in the Q3 of 2016 there is lots to talk about before then. Do you think that the overall cruiser line AA will be as good as US cruiser AA or as bad as the Japanese cruiser AA or near the middle with the German cruisers AA? I myself am not too sure, I think they may on par with the German cruiser AA, again just my 2 cents.
  7. so they saying they about ready for release... with 2 nations? any opinions. Personally id find it outright insulting if they going to try and pass a ww2 navy game as ready for release without at least some ships in the RN/KM/IJN lines and maybe Russian and Italian (and RCA if your being pedantic about fleet size but I was more thinking notoriety at this point) but could go ither way with them. am not talking the massive sparling choice of ships like we now have in tank but something to sink out teeth into would be dammed great. also am not convinced they have the balances right yet.. I could be wrong not logged the game time to decide yet
  8. Markemoff

    Royal Navy

    Sorry to mention the Elephant in the room, as I am sure many others have done before me, but why is the Largest Navy of the early 20th century and their biggest rival, i.e. the British Royal Navy and the German Imperial Navy, not represented in this game?? Is it too difficult for you, isn't there enough money in it for you, is the Russian/Soviet Navy more interesting, were the USA and Japan dominant in the First World War? Where are the ships from Germany and UK that fought at Jutland/Skagerrak in the largest Battleship v Battleship fleet action? Please sort this out before I and many others lose patience with you. Regards Markemoff.
  9. Hi all, What Captain Skills distribution are you guys using on your RN CLs? I have seen several different approaches thus far... Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Lordofdroid

    RN Cruiser 4th Captain Skill

    Sorry, I am bit late to the party of RN Cruisers and have reached Leander (which am in love currently!) My captain has now option to get the 4th captain skill which is either DE, AFT or Survivability Expert. And to me, none of them make sense. DE is out of question because of no HE. AFT is maybe so-so but the lack of CVs on T6 makes me wonder if this is a waste of skill point. Survivability Expert sounds great but 400x6=2400 HP extra points sound inviting but meh. What have you guys trained your captain for RN Cruisers for this tier? I absolutely want the Concealment expert for T5 so I have to take 1 T4 skill. Makes me wonder why WG does not introduce 1 captain skill at this tier to suit the current Cruiser population. Thanks!
  11. Heya, I have been enjoying the Royal Navy cruiser line immensely so far. I think they are a great piece of work despite their limitations and they fill a role in the game that wasn't there before. I did notice there were a lot of mixed opinions on them in general though. I figured I would make my first video entries about what are quickly becoming my favorite ships It will be a series featuring replays of each RN ship from Tier V and up where I go over the details of the line and how I think you can get the most out of them I uploaded my first one yesterday Edinburgh T8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wai0IlQpWlo Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Making videos is new for me and I will have to learn along the way
  12. A detailed look at Battlecruiser Design J3 It's like some sort of cross between Hood and Littorio. And retains both of their good looks! Good day folks, a quick foreword, over on the NA server, user dseehafer runs a very successful series, known as "A detailed look at" or ADLA for short. I have promised to make myself a little more unique when creating my own little sub series of reviews, so I have chosen to only review those ships that for whatever reason, never made of the drawing board, or off the slipway. This is essentially a copy of the NA thread, for EU viewers, since I know some people don't go on the NA forums. The first design to take up the mantle is the Royal Navy’s J3 Battlecruiser design. One of the many designs for a new post World War 1 battlecruiser for the Royal Navy, she was designed in 1920, after the preceding K2 & K3 designs. J3 was saving on displacement compared to the other designs, and sacrificed a heavy 16” or 18” main armament for higher speed. Her armour and size was comparable to her predecessor, HMS Hood. However, J3 was deemed too vulnerable, there were large gaps in her comparatively thick deck armour that could allow the magazines to be hit and the ship was not really what the Royal Navy wanted. The design process for a new battlecruiser moved on to I3. Bearing in mind that this ship is a design, the values may be substantially different to what we see here, and I will try and take a best guess as to what WG will do with this fine battlecruiser. WEIGHT – 43’100t This equates to 61’666 hit points, through the BB HP equation (10756 + (1.1812 x tonnage) However this is the as built or standard displacement of the ship, and the deep load displacement is used as the hit points for the top hull. This means, that if we take a theoretical deep load gaining 6’000t, J3 ends up with 68’753 hit points. Rounded to 68’700, this is only behind Tirpitz at tier 8, beating Amagi and North Carolina by an excess of 2’000. So this does suggest that J3 will end up at the higher end of the hit point scale at tier 8. ARMOUR – Main belt: 305mm (12”) thick. An external belt, angled at 25 degrees. Bulkheads: 305mm (12”) Deck: 51-102mm (2”-4”) Main deck is 4” (102mm) thick. Thins to 3” (76mm) then 2” (51mm) at Fore & Aft. Turrets: 203-380mm (8”-15”) Front; 15” (380mm), Side; 12” (305mm) Roofs; 8” (203mm) J3 is quite well armoured, definitely more so than her Japanese contemporary; Amagi, having the same citadel armour as North Carolina, only more heavily angled. Her deck is not as good as North Carolina however. I would not expect J3 to match up to Tirpitz however, but she is definitely better than Amagi, and for the most part on par with North Carolina. MAIN BATTERY – 3x3 381mm Housed in 3 Triple turrets; 2 forward and 1 Aft, J3 would use the 15”/50 gun (381mm). This is essentially the 15”/42 you find already in game on Warspite, but firing the same shells at a higher velocity. Otherwise everything is the same as Warspite, except you have 9 of these guns. The turrets may bear a resemblance to Nelson’s however, so we could see a better traverse speed. SECONDARY BATTERY – 6x2 152mm, 6x1 120mm, * As originally designed this is the same as Nelson, with 3 twin 6” turrets being able to fire to a broadside, with 6 High Angle 4.7” DP mounts. However, this is as designed in 1920. At tier 8, she has to compete with the 1930s treaty battleships, and this secondary armament may not be adequate enough. Certainly though, this original design can serve as an A hull in game. But WG will most likely give J3 a top hull which has a 4.5” (113mm) or 5.25” (133mm) dual purpose battery. Nelson and Rodney where proposed to receive such a refit, so J3 can receive such a refit as well. However, the specifics of the upgrade depends on how WG architect the final hull. AA BATTERY – 6x1 120mm, 4x (4/8) 40mm Pom Pom Mounts As said above, this is also inadequate for high tiers, and it depends on how much AA they decide to give J3 with their design of a WW2 refit that would have given her improved AA, had she been built. Likely to appear are the aforementioned 4.5” and 5.25” DP batteries, along with numerous 20mm and 40mm mounts. SPEED – 32 knots This would make J3 the fastest tier 8 Battleship yet, but her speed could be reduced by an improved AA hull refit. Even so, she should still be the fastest around. CONCLUSION – Overall, I think J3 (Or as I call her, Magnificent) will be a good candidate for tier 8, probably in a British Battlecruiser tech tree, which would probably come in the far distant future. She is quite average compared to the rest of the tier 8 BBs currently in the game, and slots herself into the middle of most categories. She may seem a little under-gunned compared to the 16” wielding North Carolina and Amagi, but her other aspects will help her out here, being a more flexible ship, in all aspects but being manoeuvrable (being as long as Yamato). Being similar in size and armour to Hood, likely a tier 7, her upgrade to slot her above Hood is her firepower. Of course, if I have made any mistakes feel free to point them out, feedback is appreciated, and have a nice day! Also, let me know of any other design ships you want me to review as well, and I will see if I can review them as well. PROS – - Best in class speed. - Good AA & Secondaries (WG dependent) - Above Average number of hit points - Low Detection range – Being lower than the others CONS – - Can seem under-gunned compared to others. - Poor Turning circle, being the longest of any of the tier 8s. - No Aircraft catapult (Although WG can add one) - May have a sub-par firing range. Pretty Pictures:
  13. Generic_Guy13

    HMS Hood discussion

    Hey guys, how are we all doing? Following the release of Warspite and the upcoming release of the Bismark, I was thinking about other ships of fame and infamy that WG may release as premiums (or not, that isn't really the point here). I came to HMS Hood, and it strikes me that The differences between Hood and the Queen Elizabeth class battleships are not all that great. She is longer with a wider beam (at least before modifications) and so is a larger vessel with a largely similar armour profile (again depending on how detailed WG are going to go into armour modelling). Hood is also faster by four knots, and seems to lack an aircraft catapult in it's configuration when sunk. However, it seems the two classes are so similar that Hood has been under discussion, having been re-categorized as a fast battleship rather than a battlecruiser by a few historians. My questions to you are, How do you think WG are going to make Hood or the Admiral class unique especially when it is so similar to the QE class battleships? How do you think gameplay will flow in the ship? Can it compete with ships at it's supposed tier (7)? Cheers.
  14. Gazbeard

    British RN last to arrive? Really

    I'm not sure what history was taught at East European schools under the former USSR, but the history of WW2 that I was taught had a naval timeline something like this - 1930s - Spanish Civil War saw the Kreigsmarine unofficially transporting war materials to Spain Pre-1939 - IJN was involved in operations against China and Manchuria 1939 - KM & RN officially at war, Italy joined Germany 1940 - French surrendered, their fleets captured or scuttled 1941 - Germany invaded Russia, dragging their Navy into the fray 1942 - IJN attacked Pearl Harbour (and late, just as they were in WW1) the US joined the war. Therefore, while I can understand releasing the IJN as one of the opening nations, I do not understand why the USN was the other opening nation - China would have been a far more logical choice, but KM & RN would have made far more sense ... especially with the tech trees mapped from pre-WW1. Can we have an explanation please for the release order as published?
  15. Preliminary reviews of the upcoming tier VI premium light cruiser HMAS Perth are starting to come in: Flamu: iChase: LWM&NoZoupForYou: Notser: In short: -Leander class Light Cruiser -Has HE -No 'special' RN AP, just normal AP -No Heal but spotterplane/fighter -Has 90s Bloom smoke (smoke continues to puff for 90s, allowing you to move forward in your smoke at 1/4th speed) -Smoke puffs last for 10 seconds -Has insanely long smoke cooldown due to the cooldown only starting when the smoke blooming stops. Historical links: HMAS Perth dives: Ghosts of Sunda Straight: The Bravest warship: HMAS Perth (4 part series)
  16. Sooo, we all know the story, In order to make the Royal Navy Cruisers 'different' (whether that's a negative of positive aspect is your own opinion) Wargaming in its divine stupidity wisdom released British ships equipped in game with a 'improved' version of Armour Piercing ammunition at the cost of its High Explosive ammunition. this Semi Armour Piercing supposedly has better penetration and a smaller chance of shell bounce allowing for more consistent damage against targets than regular 7" AP shells. A (I can already hear the groan of the forums' domesticated martian ) pointed out the advantages of the new skill perk 'Inertia Fuses for High Explosive shells' (IFHE... what I keep calling HEAP) which increases the penetration of HE shells at the cost of fire chance (and a reduction that can be nearly fully negated though clever perk selection and flags). personally I have to admit I'm leaning towards the opinion that HEAP has taken the advantage of the increased penetration away from SAP AND retains the chance of causing secondary damage though fires now my own opinion of the RN cruisers is not the most... positive and I have to admit Ive given the Supertesters, Mods and Developers a fair amount of flak over how they were introduced. I keep using them out of sheer stubbornness but I find the SAP limitation on non-premium British Cruisers far too situational to be truly competitive in game. they work well enough in randoms against the clueless driving broadside on in a straight line. But in ranked battles where generally the players tend to be a lot more clued up on the ins and outs of the game mechanics are they competitive enough to be useful to the team or are they a hindrance? But this is not about my opinion, I've put this out there because I'm more interested in everyone else's view on the matter so the questions are up in a poll. do you think SAP has lost its edge with the introduction of IFHE? Is it time for wargaming to re-evaluate British Cruiser ammunition options? and if so what do you think is a viable (balanced) option for the replacement of SAP?
  17. Heya, I have been enjoying the Royal Navy cruiser line immensely so far. I think they are a great piece of work despite their limitations and they fill a role in the game that wasn't there before. I did notice there were a lot of mixed opinions on them in general though. I figured I would make my first video entries about what are quickly becoming my favorite ships It will be a series featuring replays of each RN ship from Tier V and up where I go over the details of the line and how I think you can get the most out of them I uploaded my first one yesterday Edinburgh T8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wai0IlQpWlo Please feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Making videos is new for me and I will have to learn along the way
  18. who_dares_wins

    RN CLs: what to free xp?

    I have just unlocked the Danae. Since it and the emerald are apparently awful, I've decided to use free exp. The problem is, I only have 10,000 FEXP. I liked the Caledon, but which ship should I spend free exp on?
  19. _Flyto_

    How to use RN smoke?

    Can anybody explain to me how to get 2 puffs of smoke out of RN cruisers reliably, without shooting out of it? I'm mostly playing Belfast, and I find that either (a) I'm going fast, and I get two puffs but drift out the other side or (b) I'm going slow, I stop where the second puff should be but it never appears - there's only one puff, behind me, and I'm stationary in full view. This is embarassing, and usually fatal. Short of stopping entirely before hitting smoke, what am I missing? Thanks
  20. Charger76

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Dear Wargaming, You have for some reason, with two years to have thought this through better, released a terrible line of ships that you are ascribing to the Royal Navy despite the absolute supremeacy of the Royal Navy throughout the period on which World of Warships focuses on up to about 1944 when the USN overtook them. Now many Warships fans will not be Brits and therefore will not take this as a personal insult given that the worst Navy (if indeed it could be called such) of the same period is well represented in game (Russian of course) when the Royal Navy is a joke. They will however likely still be very disappointed that a Nation to whom the Navy were so important and whose lines of ships so diverse that you came with the rubbish you did. Now here is the thing: I actually get your idea as Kandly put it of "these ships will highlight the rock-paper-scissors principle more than others". I applaud this. No HE but AP that will work on thin skinned ships? Fine, very interesting, forces a different play style for sure, no spamming HE from behind / over smoke / cover, I like this, forces people to engage. "On the whole, the ships in the new branch are excellent for hunting destroyers. Their low detectability and rapid-firing guns with unique AP shells make them efficient in encounters with destroyers, the “natural” opponents of cruisers." Fantastic! Sounds like lots of fun! But in fact, complete rubbish in terms of what you have actually delivered. The thing is for "rock, paper, scissors" to apply, you must have strengths that allow you to be the paper to someone else's rock. These ships have no strengths and for the role you have ascribded for them are useless. Take "Fast firing guns"; they are not in effect fast firing at all because: 1. Turret turn speed is slow. 2. Round velocity is low. 3. Round flight arc is high. 4. Range is low. 5. Accuracy is poor. You can stick a gun firing at 1,000 RPM on deck but if it cannot turn to target and reliably put rounds on a moving and twisting target (such as the DD / CL that this line is dedicated to fight) then it's RPM / DPM is irrelevant. If I am driving a DD and see a RN CL for your idea to be working I should be at the very least wary of how I engage. Only I don't. In fact, in a Russian, Polish or American DD I laugh, switch to AP, close in (easy when enemy turret is slow turning and round velocity low) and unleash a stream of citadels: The US DD can get so many rounds in on target at 8Km or less with ease because their turret turn fast. At 6Km or less their shell's are flying pretty flat and the high rate of real world fire that fast turrets and high RPM create decimates your RN CL. The Russian DD (tier 5 up) / Polish Blys just eats RN CL's. Roughly the same or better turret rotation speed but much faster flying rounds thus much greater accuracy of fire and much harder hitting. In one game I got jumped by 3 Leanders in my Blys. About 45 seconds later I had 50% HP left and 3 full HP Leanders dead. In another took a full health Edniburgh with a near dead Benson because I could out turn him and my turrets could outturn him so I ambushed, drove counter to his line and switched to AP then put salvo after salvo into him at 4Km range for citadel heaven. I am not that good a player, the RN CL is just that unsuited to task as I hope you can understand - if you can't you should perhaps look to sell off this game as you have no hope of sustaining this. Your customers understand, hence the forums are filled with fury and there are relatively few RN ships in any given game. So how to fix this whilst actually REALLY implementing your excellent idea of creating a "rock, paper, scissors" game play and making a line that acts like a very capable DD hunter who can also ambush other harder hitting Crusiers without making the RN line OP? Simple: 1. Increase turret turn speed substantially. 2. Increase shell velocity to 950m/s so shell arc is nice & flat, round to target time is low. 3. Keep or marginally reduce the hit value. 4. Reduce range down to 14Km at most. 5. Remove smoke. It is useless anyway for the purposes of escaping as short puffs ensure that 270 - 300 dgrees of view can still spot you if you use it to cover an exit. Given the awful inertia of these ships, even at 10Kts and braking you will overshoot your smoke if the idea is to hide. 6. Increase rudder repsonse time but keep turning circle 7. Increase speed - 36 Kts for a DD hunter minimum.
  21. WestWorld

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    I havent had the chance to try my first RN ship yet (Still at Work). I thought it would be great to have a Topic solely for your greatest RN game acheivements of the day. Also try and give other players some feedback on modules, Captain Skills and upgrades you used in your great battle.
  22. Your thoughts? Edit: Does it help with the smoke bug?
  23. hmslion

    Ideas for RN Premium ships

    Hello, first time posting here, so apologies if this is in the wrong place, or if there is another post that already covers this topic (I couldn't find one, that's why I'm posting. I usually play BB's in the game, but the last few days I've been playing the new British CL line. I agree with most of the comments here. Below tier 5, they are next to useless. Tier 6 up, they start being fun (I'm really enjoying the Leander). Anyway, I was thinking about what premium ships would be brought out. The two I would really like to see are: HMS London (1929, as rebuilt in 1941), Tier 8 Heavy Cruiser Stats from Wiki: Class and type: County-class heavy cruiser Displacement: 9,750 tons standard 13,315 tons full load Length: 633 ft (193 m) Beam: 66 ft (20 m) Draught: 21 ft (6.4 m) Propulsion: Eight Admiralty 3-drum boilers Four shaft Parsons geared turbines 80,000 shp (60 MN) Speed: 32 knots (59.3 km/h) Range: 9,120 nm at 12kts Complement: 784 officers and enlisted Armament: 8 × BL 8-inch (203 mm L/50) Mk.VIII in twin mounts Mk.I* 4–8 × QF 4-inch (102 mm L/45) Mk.V in single mounts HA Mk.III 4 × QF 2 pdr (40 mm L/39) Mk.II in single mounts HA Mk.I 8 × QF 0.5-inch (12.7 mm L/50) Mk.III in quad mounts Mk.I 8 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedoes in quad mounts Aircraft carried: One Supermarine Walrus, one catapult HMS Arethusa (1934), Tier 5 Light Cruiser (Basically a Leander but with one less turret) Stats from wiki: Type: Light cruiser Displacement: 5,220 (5,270 Penelope and Aurora) tons standard load; 6,665 (6,715 Penelope and Aurora) tons full load Length: 506 ft (154 m) Beam: 51 ft (16 m) Draught: 16.5 ft (5.0 m) Propulsion: Four Parsons geared steam turbines Four Admiralty 3-drum boilers Four shafts 64,000 shp (48,000 kW) Speed: 32.25 knots (59.73 km/h) Range: 5,300 nmi (9,800 km; 6,100 mi) at 13 kn (24 km/h) 1,325 tons fuel oil Complement: 500 Armament: 6 × BL 6 in (152 mm) Mk. XXIII guns in twin mounts Mk. XXI 4 × QF 4 in (102 mm) Mk. V guns in single mounts HA Mk. III (Arethusa, Galatea) 8 × QF 4 in (102 mm) Mk. XVI guns in twin mounts HA/LA Mk. XIX (Aurora, Penelope) 8 × 0.5 in (12.7 mm) Mk. III Vickers machine guns in quad mounts Mk. III 6 × 21-inch (533-mm) torpedo tubes (2 × 3) Armour: 1–3 in magazine box protection 2.25 in belt 1 in deck, turrets and bulkheads Aircraft carried: 1 × Hawker Osprey, then Fairey Seafox, except Aurora; removed by end 1941. What do you guys think/what are your ideas?
  24. _DQ_

    RN cruisers smoke bug

    Any ideas when the smoke bug (if ever) will be fixed? Its one of the [edited]most frustrating things currently in the game. Its not a tiny glitch or inconvenience. If your smoke deploys behind the ship instead of around it you are just dead. Again. And again. Before some starts saying something about how im sailing to fast or something like that, no im not. The bug affects only the second puff as i noticed. And it doesnt matter if im sailing with the speed of 15 or 2. In some cases it just deploys far behind my ship. Slightly off the first puff.
  25. piritskenyer

    Let's talk British cruisers

    Hi there, First I have to add a disclaimer: before you all look at my battlecount and dismiss me as inexperienced and a newb, I have played closed beta on a smurf account and have in fact unlocked the Arkansas. This is my main account. I've been reading a lot about the development of the Royal Navy before, between and during the World Wars lately, and I have noticed an interesting (and in game terms somehow disconcerting) thing: The main armament of some cruiser classes seems to be heterogen. What do I mean? Let's take the Cressy-class as an example: It's an armoured cruiser, and a ship that resembles the St Louis class of CA's most, so much so in fact that the only notable difference in game terms is the forward and aft mounted gun turrets, which aren't armed with 6" guns like the side casemates, but are in fact 9.2" guns. The 2x 9.2" and the 12x 6" guns are supplemented by 12x 12pdr 12cwt (3") guns as secondary armament (and there are also 2 single 18" torpedo tubes). Some of you may already see where I'm trying to go with this, but let me bring another example. Arethusa-class light cruisers: Armament: 2x 6" guns (one fore, one aft) and 6x 4" guns. Now putting aside the way these ships will/would be balanced and tiered, there is a fundamental problem with their weapons arrangement when it comes to game terms: if we use the highest calibre guns available as main armament and then use the second-highest calibre as secondary, then we'll effectively have some ships with as little as 2 player controlled guns. In case of the Cressy that would be the fore and aft 9.2" turrets while the 6" guns would be doing their own "thing". Same thing for the Arethusa: the two 6" guns would be the main battery and then the 4" guns would operate alone? As a cruiser captain it's not something that I'd see going well. And I don't really see the opposite working out well either: you control the nore numerous guns, and your high calibre guns work on their own? Just no. So is there a way to couple different calibre weaponry as main armament? Their individual rate of fire would of course be different (4" guns firing faster than 6" guns, which in turn fire fater than 9.2" guns), but their firing range would be the same (after all, that is determined by the fire control equipment rather than by the guns themselves). I have seen on the Omaha that the turret and casemate-mounted guns are treated differently due to the turret-mounted ones being double-barrel, the others being single barreled, is that a mechanic that would work with different calibre main armament?