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Found 6 results

  1. Ich hatte einfach mal Lust auf ein Quiz über Schiffe aus der ungefähren Zeitspanne von World of Warships. Und deshalb mache ich jetzt eins! Vielleich hat ja jemand Lust, und noch ein paar gute Fragen auf Lager! Die Regeln sind recht einfach: -Derjenige, der die Frage zuerst richtig (mit ja/nein) beantwortet kann die nächste Stellen -Die Antworten bitte in Spoiler verpacken (wer bei anderen dann spickt, ist selbst schuld ) -Die Fragen sollten zu Schiffen/Geschehnissen der Zeit bis Ende des zweiten Weltkrieges sein -falls die Frage nicht richtig beantwortet wird, darf der Steller entscheiden, ob er eine weitere stellen möchte, oder das Amt weitergibt. -Die Antwort sollte (sofern möglich) mit einem Beispiel belegt werden. Falls noch Fragen bezüglich der Regeln sind, einfach stellen! Dann werde ich mal anfangen mit Frage Nr. 1 Dein allermeisten von euch sollte die "Fletcher Klasse" ein Begriff sein. Stimmt es, dass jedes Schiff dieser Klasse den Namen einer (mehr oder weniger) berühmten Person trägt? Hoffe, es gefällt ein paar Leuten hier LG Zenthon
  2. Ship Decodification Contest

    Hello again! and welcome to another contest, before proceeding, take a minute to check up the rules. With that done, have fun and good luck everyone! Ship Decodification: Attention, we have found that a group of divers will be going to a naval wreckage with the intention of stealing various objects or materials. We have only found this series of code-questions in their online communications, can you help us decodify them and find out which ship they intend to salvage? Light cruiser, high gun elevation, lack of armor, flagship, sunk: Battle of Java Sea [D] Light cruiser, lil' Baltimore, sunk by: Type 93 torpedoes [A] Light cruiser, japanese, 5.5k kind, "truck cruiser" [J] Heavy cruiser, hunting the Spee, nameship, served in Indochina 1947 [F] Light cruiser, "admirals class", soviet, nameship, second name [R] Heavy cruiser, screening her enemy Bismarck, "Northern" one Anti Aircraft destroyer, nameship, "moon destroyer" [J] Battleship, old one, "T-Crossed", reckless push, nameship [J] Aircraft carrier, not completed, named like an "Imperial Bird" Destroyer, traveled a lot, "winged husar kind", preserved [P] Discussed clasification, Small Battleship<->Large cruiser, "admiral kind", not renamed, not resting in "Silver" [G] Light cruiser, nameship, "Jewellery" kind, participated in a turning point naval battle not in WWII [R] Battleship, fast one, preserved, rests in "People of the north" [A] Global hint: Numbers Well, then, good luck everybody again, and hope you enjoy!
  3. Crossword Quiz

    SHIP RECOGNITION CROSSWORD: What if ships could "talk" and tell us their story? what would they say? Are you able to identify thse ships based on what they "are saying"? Check on the rules before proceeding! "Transporting and resupplying flying boats? No problem!" "I sunk an aircraft carrier! but was sunk by one of my own kind even though I had the surprise advantage... Shame on me!" "I really enjoyed being in France... If only I hadn't been comanded later on by that rather infamous captain" "I don't know who were the unlucky ones... the ones who sunk with me? or the ones who survived? Sharks can be really dangerous..." "Uh?! Are you calling me fox?! That's rude, you know?!" "Gosh... back to the docks again... I'd like to go on vacation... They told me that Bikini atoll is a nice place!" "From the Artic to the Mediterranian! Ferrying aircraft to whoever needs them! I still don't know why they keep calling me escort...." "Porca miseria! I wasn't the only one of my sisters unfinished! That's unfair!" "I still can't believe we made it through the channel, I guess I'll have to thank Herr Galland for his support" "HA! YOU COULDN'T GET ME! First time I'm glad to be in a drydock" "You need a sniper? You can count on me!" "Don't listen to her, I'm better suited for the sniping role." "Being part of the Big 7 and have such a finale to my career" "I find all those modern command bridges similar to mine; don't you agree?" "I dislike kamikazes, they almost made me be the only of my sisters to be lost" Hope you enjoy it, and: GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!
  4. Name The Ship Quiz

    The name is pretty self-explanatory. I´ll give you some hints, try to answer without googling. Anyone who guess it right will be posting next one ;) Ok, lets try it: 1) She had 3 sisters 2) Whole class have world record in armament and she has another one in sinking 3) She was famous because of hers sinking, even without people actually knowing it is her. 4) easy mod, dont look if you arent causual scrub
  5. Well! seems like I finished my first part on these, feel free to give it a go and report your scores! Any kind of feedback is really welcome On the end, I decided to split the Quiz in two parts, the first one (the one here) is about major classes of the IJN in WWII (BBs, CVs, CVLs, CVEs and CAs) the next part will be abot minor classes (CLs, DDs and SSs) I am still working on it though. Please bare in mind some points before making the test: 1. This is a test about Navy ships, so ships operated by the army (such as the Akitsu Maru class CVE) are not asked 2. This test takes in account the "final name" of a ship, so if a ship was converted and after conversion it changed name, the answer will be the second one 3. This test uses IJN hull classifications (so no Nachi class CA, Naka class CL or Tatsuta class CL here ) 4. If you want to read the comments on each class, my advise is to read them at the end of the test so you don't lose time doing so Well, here you have the link, please enjoy it! and I hope you liked! http://www.sporcle.com/games/Chamorro/classes-of-warships-in-the-ijn-wwii-period Remember to post your scores! and no spoilers for the ones who haven't answered it yet
  6. What is bigger?

    Science center or 3 story building :amazed: