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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, as I was playing with my Fuso VI battleship, I noticed that one cruiser and another battleship (both from Japan I believe) were using a flag that remined me of Great Britain. First of all, I would like to ask for the meaning of that British or English flag on a Japanese cruiser, and how can I obtain it too? also, what happens if I use it or not? Is it permanent, or just another consumable like signals? I also have other questions that I would like to ask to the european community, here they go: 1. Since I am a battleship lover, I do in most matches at least 4 to 5 citadel hits, mostly on enemy cruisers and battleships. Although, I have noticed that citadel hits can be easily executed by firing the shell so that it can land on the ship just above the waterline in order to penetrate it in the enemy ship easily. Am I correct? 2. What are ranked battles and team battles? I would like to someone to give me detailed information about those, and the releasing date for both of them. 3. How can I add an existing signature in this forum? I would like to know how does it work. Thanks in advance. TakedaYabu.
  2. Hey there fellas, So I was wondering, if I was signed in to my account and downloaded the game onto a different computer, would I still keep all my progress? Until next post, USSARIZONA_2015
  3. Any idea how i buy the damage control party repair thingy with silver shekels instead of golden doubloons? help would be appreciated thank you guys in advance
  4. Zun3

    Premium ships, and plasters

    Just wondering how are we to "buy" "gold" ships for plasters if plasters ain't in the beta yet? or are the "gold" ships just for show?
  5. Fiery_Kathy

    Why do people hate anime?

    Well, basically what the title says. I would like to know the reason why people dislike anime that much, and I'm not really talking about just "disliking" but outright hating it so much that whenever they see anything closely related, they immediately start going haywire. For example: I posted a youtube video of mine on reddit which has a Kancolle girl (Mogami) in the thumbnail, and the post gets plagued by a huge percentage of downvotes, I'm not 100% sure but still extremely sure people who downvote didn't even click my video. If you personally "hate" anime could you give me the arguments why? If you don't necessarily hat's your thought on this?
  6. Hi. How work Demolition Expert ? It's adding "Flat" +3% chance to fire so e.g. Pensacola has 14% fire chance so with perk it will get 17% ? ( 14% + 3% = 17% ) Or It's get 14.42% ? ( 14% * 0.03 = 14.42% ) Regards Boold
  7. Crusherheads

    Tiers 8 to 10 US BB Gun buff, question.

    Seems that NC has a extra accuracy number, and seems they reducing the Arc between the tiers. Though according to those numbers at what i have read Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51753-056-patchnotes-anyone/ "North Carolina: secondary range buffed (4.5 > 5km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 2, basically more accurate), AA buffed (twin oerlikons changed to singles, 40mm duals changed to quads)Iowa: secondary range buffed (4.5 > 6km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), AA buffed (40mm duals changed to quads, 20mm singles changed to duals), speed buffed (30.5 > 33kts)Montana: secondary range buffed (5 > 6km), main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), speed buffed (28 > 30kts), AA buffed (20mm singles changed to duals)" How small or big those numbers are to make a diference ?
  8. I was wondering, how many times can you download World of Warships? And how do you access the download for multiple downloads?
  9. SirAlex3

    1.5 multiplier

    Sometimes my ships says 1.5 extra xp on next win. Is tis a multiplier for "free xp" or ship based xp on the next win? Also how do I find the topic's I'm following?
  10. I live in Italy and have obviously downloaded the EU client,but I have some friends who play on NA and I'd like to play with them.In world of tanks I was in the same situation a couple of years ago and I downloaded the NA client but it ended up overwriting and wiping my EU client.If I do the same for world of warships will the same thing happen or has something changed?Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi there. Is there somewhere Experience and Cash gain mechanics ? I know some ppl. say that when you do % dmg to ship then u get experience, same for cash... Can anyone tell me where i can read this ? I was looking in this forum but cant find anything about this. If anyone knows it be cool. Regards Boold
  12. Lord_Tellafus

    you application is under processing?

    I did sign up for the beta and did get a meagerness roughly "you application is under processing" and now then I come home from work and it is "Applications for the Closed Beta are Now Close" did I get on the Beta train or did I miss it? Have not received a mail yet. The reason why I ask how long do the processing take? If it only take some min life can go on because then I know I am not in Beta, its the uncertainty who is killing me.