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Found 11 results

  1. PhantomSailor

    Montana Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Montana. These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes. But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 150mm to 19mm ​Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead Changed from 45mm to 110mm​ PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  2. So first of all what has changed? Well on the Farragut gone are the "top" torpedoes with the 4.5km range and they are replaced by new ones which go 6.4km at 55knts and do 11600 damage apiece (I believe they used to be the top torpedoes on the Mahan). The Mahan now gets those as stock and the upgraded torps go a whopping 9.2km, still at 55knts and still doing 11600 damage, These are now stock on the Benson and its upgraded torps go the same distance but increase the speed up to 65knts and the damage up to 16500. In short I think this a fantastic change for the US DDs, improving their performance at mid tiers and helping them keep their niche in the face of the new Russian DDs. I think that we can safely say that the Russians now claim the suicide range torps that go fast and deal big damage whereas US destroyers, past tier 5, are now more mid range torpers which can from tier 7 onwards torp from stealth. Wargaming has also cleverly protected the Japanese destroyers status as best torpedo users by making US torps slow and deal less damage than other nations. This kind of middle ground approach between guns and torps is where the US DDs shine best, as can be seen from the Fletcher which has always been a formidable ship, but now you don't need to wait until tier 8 to begin to experience that. I've heard a lot of people say that the Mahan was a pretty weak ship for its tier, being not really much better than the Nicholas at tier 5, but now it's one of the best ships at tier 7. Anyway what does anyone else whose played them on the test server think? Possibly that they might even outperform the Russians, having both good guns and (now) decent torpedoes?
  3. NeeDankee90

    Public Test

    Hey Leute, ich habe mir die Public Test versin geladen doch mir wird immer gesagt das ich mich nicht einloggen kann... Brauch ich dafür nen extra Acoount? Danke
  4. Hi all, From NA and Reddit: "Public Test 0.6.0 Part 2" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt060-2-electric-boogaloo/ Leo "Apollo11"
  5. PhantomSailor

    Iowa Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Iowa.These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes.But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 152mm to 25mm & 16mm (Splits to multiple sections) Citadel Athward FRONT - Changed from 287mm & 216mm to 216mm (One section) BACK - Changed from 287mm & 16mm to 16mm (One section) Citadel Armorbelt Changed from 307mm & 297mm & 163mm to 297mm & 163mm PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  6. Hello, C'est bien de vouloir nous laisser tester pendant 24h, encore faut-il pouvoir avoir la confirmation pour se connecter, jamais reçue ! J'ai ouvert un ticket, mais je crois que le temps qu'il soit résolu, le test sera terminé Ticket #JYR-900-43365 (I3ios_pt) Cdlt,
  7. Hacker_Vision

    WoWs 0.4.1 Public Test account

    For this new public test I have found that you have to make a new account at pt.worldofwarships.ru. Unfortunately, I have ot received the activation email for this account and I have checked the spam box as well. The email I have used is the same as the email I use for my live account and I have submitted a ticket regarding this issue. As I have never used Wargaming support before I am unsure of there response times regarding such issues. Due to this I have posted this here in case anyone could propose some suggestions for me as I am quite excited about using the public test which brings so many changes that will affect gameplay. Thankyou for your advice in advance. Hacker_Vision
  8. Auf der englischen Webseite ist die News bereits live, die Übersetzung für DE folgt sicher noch im Verlauf des Tages, dennoch hier vorab der Link und die Infos. Von Mittwoch, 14:00 Uhr bis Freitag um 14:00 Uhr ist der Testserver wieder für alle Spieler verfügbar. Es geht dabei um den Public Test (öffentlichen Test) der Version 0.5.1. Wer den Client noch installiert hat, kann diesen ab sofort starten und bereits aktualisieren. Die genaue Größe des Updates habe ich gerade nicht mehr im Kopf, da ich schon gepatcht habe, dürften aber so um die 3 GB gewesen sein. Die Login-Daten vom letzten Test und erspielten Fortschritte sollen noch funktionieren bzw. weiter bestehen. Dran denken, ihr benötigt einen extra Login und der vom Live Server funktioniert nicht auf dem Testserver. Wie das geht steht in der News die oben verlinkt wurde. Auf der Asia-Webseite steht noch folgende Info bezüglich der Ausstattung von den Accounts, ob dies auch für EU gilt ist nicht bekannt, aber doch recht wahrscheinlich. Die EP pro Match werden sicher wieder entsprechend extrem erhöht sein, so das man mit ca. 7-15 Matches T10 locker erreicht hat. 1,000,000,000 Credits 2 Slots 2,500 Doubloons Premium account for session Die Informationen zum Patch 0.5.1 gab es ja bereits vor einigen Tagen, hier nochmal der Link dazu.
  9. Hi, here we are again, but this time it's a kind of tricky until the developers of Codeweaver I'm in touch with, will find a practical solution. We've tried some solutions but we couldn't keep the two copies of the app for both regular playing and PT play. So, who really want to get into this PT, as I am, has to delete all the directories that the Regular client create. Here you'll find details: https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/tips/world-of-warships/how-to-wipe-and-reset-world-of-warships N.B! If you want to keep Replays backup them before deleting all the data! - Next, you make a duplicate of the client in the Application folder and call it whatever you like i.e. WOWS_PT. - Then open the content by right clicking in this duplicate renamed. - Navigate to the folder I'll show you in the pict below and put in there OVERWRITING the .cfg file I'm posting here also. It contain the instruction to the app to download Public Test content/data instead of the Regular one. Easy! Et voillà, download and play it. When PT is finished repeat the deletion of all the PT data as above, and start the original Client "World of Warships", Keep the duplicated one you renamed for PT because it'll turn useful next PT. Take care. Red WoWsLauncher.cfg.zip 668bytes WoWsLauncher.cfg.zip
  10. Hi all, New Bastion" game type on PT v0.5.8 is really interesting concept... Leo "Apollo11"
  11. MenaceJC

    Public Test 0.6.3

    Why has my Public Test Client updated to 0.6.3 and there is no information on start dates on the forum? When will it start? When will it end? What are we testing? What focus does the development team require? etc. etc.