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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I got 293 pearls and no Kamikze R. Anyone got any yet?...
  2. anonym_3VksOrAtKQzU

    Where and what is supply box nr 5?

    It doesn't really matter but i'm just curious... Treasure chests got image of supply box, but nr 5 seems missing. Mistake from wg? Or is there a nr 5 on for example asia server? Where is it, what is it?
  3. Im currently sitting at 206 both earned and available pearls. My question is how do i get to spend those available pearls. I've run through the project R site several times, but I cant seem to find anything to spend them on. The "Treasures" tab only has the chests awarded for community milestones reach. Am I missing something? Thanks
  4. Mr_ShoveNstuff

    Project R

    Hi, does anyone know how to earn more pearls for Project R? I've completed all the missions from the project, when i count them there are about 122 pearls to obtain through dose missions. I now have about 179 pearls so it seems that u get pearls for other things but i don't know with what. There's not mutch info about it so thats why i come here. Maybe other people have noticed or know how to obtain extra pearls.
  5. I need to reach 250 pearls and I have done all the personal missions, So how do I proceed to reach the 250 & 260 pearls target? Will there be new missions? Thank you.
  6. hey guys, ive nearly filled the entire pearl missions as stated on http://worldofwarships.eu/en/project_r/missions. it won't amount to anywhere near 260 pearls so how can i earn additional pearls? will the missions reset after a week or what am i missing? thanks in advance. on another note, will anything be done against the aimbot mods? getting annoying either being accused and reported for bad play or getting suspiciously pummeled using maximum evasion skills i do record all my games and not talking about enabling replays so anyone who accuses me can see for themselves.
  7. isn't it the project R ship? But please do it after ranked, i can't do everything at once :/
  8. Why EU is holding this event? I want Kamikaze https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamikaze-class_destroyer_(1922) At least give it to Rank 1 players ?