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Found 317 results

  1. Suggestion: Premium-centric gamemodes

    Edit: this is pretty much the TL;DR ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ About some time ago I briefly entertained the idea of premiums being more focused by WG, but in a way that benefits both their cashflow, and the playerbase. It was how special premium-centric gamemodes can be made possible thanks to the following attributes of premiums: 1. Reduced economy loss / always a win in economic terms, regardless of game performance/outcome, 2. Special quirks, can perform unique and specialized tasks well, 3. Usually has prestige factor, both from acquisition methods in-game, and their historical legacy, 4. Is "outside" the balance-scale of the usual tech tree, thus can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Thus special game modes created for premiums may uniquely leverage these attributes in interesting and fun ways otherwise difficult to achieve with tech-tree ships, to provide entertainment for the general playerbase. For instance, 1. This means premiums can be placed into the spotlight and also more pressuring, demanding, and less rewarding roles as needs of the scenario dictates. 2. This means premiums can be expected to perform a very specialized, demanding, but somehow achievable, roles as their ship-specs allow. 3. This can serve as justification and immersion factor for the special scenarios and attention to be given to the premiums, as the event dictates. (for instance if WG syncs the scenario events to historical dates on the real calendar) 4. The experimental endeavor of using ships in non-balanced MM game-modes on regularity, is a significant and symbolic attempt in itself, as it can serve as a stepping stone to provide precious experience, practice, statistics and data, and systemic development of more variety, fun, depth, and enhanced MM for WoWs as a whole. Leading to, for instance, optimizations, improvements on balance in the tech tree, on variety between lines, better progression, and general experience of players. But before we go into the details, the way these game-modes work is not some "special feature" serving only premium-ship owners. Rather, imagine the Corgi Fleet, but normal premium ship owners substituting out the WG sanctioned Corgi-players, and the premium ships involved will be rotated on a regular and seasonal event basis. The rewards will be less "outstanding", not as "loaded" as a hefty amount of doubloons by killing Corgis, but similar to the event rewards we get nowadays ... a few flags, containers, event camos, but still regular stuff. Maybe doubloons, but rare, so it will still be balanced. Or lotteries, server-wide progression based on the Kamikaze R, lots of ways to make it fun. Or, imagine the PvE scenarios, but as a PvP scenario where one side has to "roleplay" with premiums. Naturally, all kinds of premiums, from premium shop, doubloon-buyable, or prestige premiums, will have to be given equal representation, as well as between ship classes, tier level, and all that kind of consideration. In brief, the game modes provide regular features for premium owners to use their premiums in, and for the general populace to have fun going against the scenarios, with enough interesting ideas and reasonable rewards to make it enticing. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The game modes' "specialty" compared to regular mode can be achieved at certain thresholds of detail ... be it just a straightforward reward for simply encountering the premium ship during the event, like Corgis and Halloween, to a bit more complex, such as unique game-wide modifiers, even altered game rules, or altered objectives / maps. Or to the full-out special event, a dedicated scenario created just for the occasion, imagine sci-fi space battles, or even a dedicated and scripted scenario map. The main ideas is that the "gamemode" will make use of the special attributes of premiums as listed in the 4 points above, to create a uniquely perspective encounter in which it will be interesting & fun to see the premiums in action. Naturally, this has to be balanced for both owners and non-owners of premiums. So imagine the "unbalanced" PvE scenarios, with unequal sides and teams, with differing objectives, but one side has the "host responsibility" of only or mostly using premiums the event was created for, while the other side uses normal and maybe other premium ships to battle against them. But because of the 4 attribute factors listed above, the hosted-premiums side will have to make use of the unique strengths of their premiums to succeed in their goal, possibly experiencing an effort symbolically significant of the actual historical legacies of the premiums, and possibly playing a more pressured, but also spotlight-chance-to-shine role, due to the "no lose" factor of premium ships. To balance it out, they may even get temporary special buffs for their premiums in that mode, or special event rewards afterwards, for acting our their role properly. While the rest of the population gets to enjoy a stress-free, fun-centric, experience and immersion centric mode where they are not being put into the pressured roles, enjoying more favourable and relaxing setups for that encounter (such as having more ships to "swarm" the premiums, though the premiums get a respawn or staged reinforcement phase). Special mention of @TheCinC to organize "historical scenarios", and the possibility of more coordination between in-game features with real-world historical legacies in general as mentioned in attribute 3. This desire has been expressed by players since the very beginning of WoWs, and now, years later, we may finally have the means to satisfy those who call for "all or nothing" (with hopes to the 'all' side) celebration of history, but which was not possible years ago due to the level of infrastructure of WoWs at the time, and were only represented in meek "event missions" not even earning unique camouflages, but just plain rewards such as premium consumables. How far WoWs has come indeed. So the "premium-centric gamemode" idea can allow for the possibility of historical re-enactments as well, with easier organization, easier participation, and better production quality. As for the possibility of "unique modifiers and altered game rules", think rules like "all torpedoes gain 20 knots speed and 20% range, but all torpedoes become DWT", or "all fires have halved duration, but doubled total damage, and have no stack limit", or "friendly caps generate ocean currents which speed up friendly ships but slow down enemy ships". Or just even more unique and interesting "game modifiers" ideas which unfortunately have slipped from my mind for now, but which a professional game dev team would be able to come up with regularly, and which will result in unique and interesting game conundrums necessitating strategy and intellect to overcome, for instance, the "DWT" modifier will probably be very unfriendly to BBs, and extremely more so if doubled with the "ocean currents" modifier. Yes, can stack and combine up combinations of unique and interesting modifiers, maybe 2-3 at once, to provide for a very interesting and unique perspective on the game, and possibly a change from the boredom of the same game modes which have been so every day for 3 whole years. It will also provide opportunity for WG to gather "unique statistics" and generate conclusions which will not be possible, or less relevant and prevalent if attempted from normal modes, to help them gain insight on balancing and game design. (disclaimer: this "modifier" idea is not original, I stole it from SC2 mutations). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ While it is a "good thing" WG is being generous, giving out rewards in the form of containers, camo, and special mission rewards more than ever, I personally do not think it is the best idea to offer the "unmoderated" generosity in the way WG is doing, for both the good of the playerbase, and WG. For instance, one of the reasoning behind the idea of including "rent-a-premium" tokens in container drops, besides giving players chance to "test drive" a premium, was to send the message that "we want you to get more rewards, but instead of giving it to you directly, which is no fun, we will instead loan you a premium to earn rewards yourself." Should you consider my explanation of attribute 4 as well, then it also means a more holistic attempt to optimize and improve the whole "progression" experience, aka. the grind as designed in this game, to be a more compact and integrated game experience that will function as a strong and beautiful core design for the game, and not necessitate "external moderators" such as these "regular supply-drops" patched-on to function. So just better system design in general. (ideas to improve, or direction of improvement of lootbox system, was also briefly entertained before, but is not main focus for today besides the common idea of "rent-a-premium" tokens as a semi-rare drop). This ties in my views of WG needing more showmanship and gamification in WoWs. Giving out generosity to players, while workable as a industry strategy, and possibly even as a gesture, is not just "give players more rewards, more stuff, pile it on", no. There are much more unforgiving, stingy, strict and authoritative games and franchises out there, some even less interesting than WoWs, that have larger playerbases, more devote fans, and possibly even greater critical acclaim. The reasons for this is multiplex and intricate, such as from artistic, from logic and logistics perspectives, but the core reasoning is that still it is a compact, integrated, high-completion work of a game very relevant and compatible to its chosen context be it real or fictional, and very interesting and fun. Does "piling on rewards" directly address any of those concepts in the last sentence? Not really, and it is not even the best course of action to appease players, it is simply too simple and unsophisticated. Features need to become systems in the game, culminating in a whole image, idea, concept, of a game and experience. Some parts of WoWs are too subtle on this, while other areas are too rough ... and far from being "fun" enough, amongst many other things. Thus the endeavors including this one as suggested, is still to aim for the ultimate end of finding possibilities and directions for WoWs to continuously evolve and improve, and the player experience of it as well. Last (2) paragraph(s) (sry xD): personal rambling not very related to main topic: remember Strangers123's "replay analysis service"? the "free service?", ye, won't happen if it's free. I told him so. But, imagine if it was gamified, systemized, hosted with showmanship ... such as a "plays of the week" style showcase reel resembling WoT ones prevalent on youtube, but more strategic and functional. Imagine if it was done for carriers, showing good decisions, bad decisions, and interaction with those decisions? Interactive questions, as in chess-setup problems: this is happening, this is happening, these are the factors in place, what will be your choice? click on the screen. Ok, so this was performed, but then this and this happened because of this and this. Interactive tutorial, even. This is what I mean by gamification, and if done well, it rises to showmanship, with more to rise. These are not just for show, they are highly practical and functional as well ... imagine a interactive CV tutorial for players, in which they get to make the strategic decision of sending planes to protect allies or not, but all they have to do is click a choice button, and they will then be able to have plenty of time to watch the enactment, and little distraction from struggling to perform the maneuver themselves, thus letting the results, and the moral of the story, sink in, instead of idk during the chaos of a normal game. And these are not even irrelevant, much less unpractical. For instance, imagine if WoWs had to one day design a campaign (that also served as a subtle, intuitive, deep tutorial). Or more highly sophisticated scripted and actually directed scenarios. The experience and insights from creating, hosting and managing endeavors such as these, will go a long way to make the final effort easier, and the final product, possibly amazing. Thank you for reading. TL;DR I am bad at writing tl;drs right after I finish a post. Give me some time to come back to it, or just read the thing if you are impatient.
  2. hola a todos: Me gustaria saber si por casualidad se pudiera comprar el beltfast o el destructor Black americano, en la tienda no estan y me gustaria saber si hay algun modo de conseguir esos barcos, Un saludo y a navegar.
  3. Hello all! I just wanted to ask, what is the best option in premium store now, to boost my xp? Recently i bought "The sailmaker's deal" pack, but i'm running out of it (and it was just 50% boost anyway). :( I tought that i'm gonna buy the full flag package, but it's containing too much non economic flags. Not worth the price (for me at least). I just want to boost my xp the best i can. Base and free xp too. So my next thought was to buy "Woman's day" camo, but it's just in (max. of) 50 package. And i'm not sure worth to buy like 4 of them for 40+ eur. :/ Next option is "Viva La france" camo in 200 package for 30 eur or so. But it's just adds 75% boost if i recall that correct. It's a pity that there is no flag packages like "Red Dragon" or "Ouroboros" :( What is your best suggestion guys? I don't have exact money limit, but i don't want to spend (waste) too much (pointless) money either. Thanks for your suggestions! O3EE
  4. Allow premium players to have 4 Campaign Mission Tasks "in progress" at the same time instead of the standard 3.
  5. Yop plop à tous! Je viens de constater en furetant négligemment dans les arbres techno que certains navires prémiums ont disparus de l'achat en doublons. Bon. Le Missouri, le Kutuzov, on le sait, on carrément été retiré de la liste des achats possible. Soit. Mais je regarde l'arbre Fr et je n'y voit plus le dunk. "Tiens" me dis-je "ils ont dû le retirer pour pousser à l'acheter via la boutique. Étrange mais bon... on va pas chipoter" Puis, je zieute furtivement les autres arbres, et même chose : plein de navires ont disparus. Mikasa, Enterprise, etc etc... Par acquit de conscience, et poru valider ma théorie première, je file voir la boutique prémium et... Non, rien, quetchi, nada... pas mal de navire ont disparu de la possibilité d'achat, que ce soit en doublons ou via la boutique... Alors je le demande : Que fait la police? Des navires innocents sont kidnappés et la presse n'en parle même pas! Un complot des illuminati réptiliens habitants la terre plate (et creuse)? Une opération de la CIA?
  6. Prendere e quale premium

    Ciao a tutti, volevo fare una domanda "semplice". Sono molto appassionato ma poco esperto in quanto è da poco che ho cominciato a giocare... vorrei comprare una nave premium, mi piacerebbe una bb, e volevo avere da voi dei consigli. I top sono kii, tirpitz ed alabama ma avevo letto su internet che sconsigliano di acquistare una nave tier maggiore rispetto a dove sono arrivato, me lo confermate? e in caso, come mai?
  7. Gascogne

    Wątek poświęcony Gascogne, francuskiemu pancernikowi premium VIII tieru.
  8. As u can see in the screenshot, they had 3 premium ships(belfast, atlanta, kamikaze) incidentally the top 3 in the match , we had 0; being that premium ships are often more powerful than normal ships, they should be distributed equally between the teams, what do u think?

    Dear war gaming, 1. Standard and domination game modes must be selective before enetering a random game!!! At least then whoever your team mates are will know and have chosen a game type to play and lose in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. 2 cv's, 5 dd's and torpedo laden cruisers per random game .. Enough .. Too many torpedo laden ships .. Players dont even bother firing guns and just spam torpedoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2.5 one cv and 3 dd's per side is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (2.6 make dynamic aiming standard ..................... Enough of the guess work for new players .... Get them used to aiming guns rather than spamming torps) 4. Divisions must share there plans with the rest of the team 5. Stats over gamemode !!!!!!!!! Stop rewarding damage only and bad play ... What is the point of capping or defence ? If the only thing in a players profile that counts is damage done that prevents you from being called a edited or edited? (5.5 is it any wonder that cv's and dd's are favoured by new players and bb's are been shot to pieces ?) 6. Players know how to report before they know how to play the game .... Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.2 around the corner ffs .. Enough already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix what is broken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Commander retraining dilemma

    Hey captains! I seem to be a little confused right now. Let me narrate relevant information in points: 1) Found a 10 point Russian commander in reserve. (Fully trained) 2) Assigned it to Budyonny. Selected option to retrain for free. 3) Sold the Budyonny for quick cash. Commander sent to reserve. (Still retraining) 4) Bought Derzki. Assigned retraining Budyonny Captain for free. Started retraining from scratch. 5) realized I have an Oktyabryskaya Revolutsiya (premium ship- USSR) 6) Assigned Budyonny Captain (which is now in Derzki) to oktyalutsiya. 7) realized that Captain is NOT retrained completely. 8) assigned previous oktyalutsiya Captain back into it. 9) realized that oktyalutsiya Captain needs to be retrained as well. 10)assigned 10 point Captain back to Derzki. Still reading from scratch. I have learned the fact that premium ships can retrain completely for free. Anything that I'm missing here or is it because of too much vodka? Valuable inputs are much appreciated.
  11. It is simply put. If the new direction of WG is to make stock tech-tree ships "average", but try to compensate for that by adding more and more premiums which are noticeably more desirable, interesting, even superior to tech tree choices, such as the new Asashio and the upcoming Stalingrad, then it will need to consider the game-wide qualitative impact such a design direction will have on the game. The game will be moving from "f2p" to increasingly "free to try, but not free to play (at high tiers), and definitely not free to enjoy". This is reminding me of the textbook "predatory" freemium design practices from last decade or two, focusing on whales and peer pressure, culminating in games which are all but unplayable without inputting money. One way WG can avoid moving in that direction, by money-gating players away from better ships to enjoy the game with (or forever stay in the low tiers where it is "free to enjoy"), is to introduce more ways for players to earn doubloons. An insignificant amount, but allowing the player to buy 1 or 2 small to medium premium ships every few months (or a T8+ premium with about half a year), with regular play. Via completing missions, challenges, seasonal events, queuing up with "in need" ship classes to help with game balance, playing well and for the team, etc. Note this is a very different concept from the "lootbox" incentive, which has its flaws, and is more in line with most recent insights in next gen mobile development philosophies. I will not go into either the flaws of the current lootbox design, or all of the highlights of next-gen f2p design (unless someone asks), because that is WG's job, and not the focus of this post. My main point is still that this design departure is concerning because it is the first major divergence from the WoT line of practices WG has inherited. WoT, while having lots of premiums, stayed away from premium bias for a very long time, and I would think this contributed to its popularity. Further adding options to earn gold via clan wars and other for example, made even the gold-fed premium ammo and other past issues much more bearable than without. But if WoWs becomes known as "the game where premium ships, whole ships, are better than tech-tree ships", then there is little possible to save it, even substantial improvements in graphics, gameplay, and polish. These qualitative issues simply have much more impact than technical or design problems ever will. Thus, if WG decides to restructure the game around premiums, then it should consider a major revision of the game's core design philosophy, and core systems, so that the game is compatible with such designs. The upcoming CV overhaul is also a good opportunity to be the first of many more restructurings. So please note that I did not say this "premium bias" is necessarily a bad thing, because nowadays there are more advanced gen designs which even make use of it, but still, keep in mind that for a long time in the past this line of design was nothing short of horrific. WoWs has come a long way since CBT, and design direction changes (more like updates) are inevitable, but given the precarious balance the game still relies on, it is best to not push thy luck, so to say.
  12. I just got Jean-Jacques Honoré and I want to specialize him to Normandie. But the game doesn't propose me to specialize him to Normandie because .... it's premium right now ! I want to specialize him and retrain him on Normandie while it's still premium but I can't find how ....
  13. Aigle

    Aigle französischer Zerstörer Hier alles rein was ihr zum Tier VI Premium Zerstörer, welchen man sich (aktuell) erspielen kann, zu berichten habt. Hier schön im passendem Hafen: Daten gibts unter http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aigle (hab schon Module eingebaut ) Blaubeeren Wenn der Bereich für französische Zerstörer vorhanden ist, bitte verschieben. edit: Dem Wunsch wurde entsprochen
  14. How does the premium shop work?

    Posting this in the newcomer section as I think it kinda belongs here. I got a coupon for 20% but most of the stuff in the premium shop isn't really interesting to me. I'd want the Scharnhorst but it appears to have disappeared from the premium shop. Other ships are now in the premium shop, but is it possible to see which ones will be in the premium shop or when the ships are changed?
  15. Dear WoWS/Wargaming people, i have been wondering for a while now, ever since the links on the site often link me to asia or us instead of eu (where i am at) without noticing, that the offers in premium shop are so very different. And not only those, but even more anoying,.. the missions and bonusses are also different. For US for example there are weekly weekend bonusses on certain countries being played or bought.. while on EU there is none of that.. why is this.. Do you allready earn enough from EU without that or dont you earn enough ? I think if there was a more similar treatment for all regions it could net you even more in the end. I found myself wanting to buy an offer that was on a different region more then once but since none existed anywhere remotely similar i decided against it. Same about playing the game more consistently.. if there is more incentive to play each weekend by filling special missions im sure people will.. and therefore spend more. so tldr: the main question is: why are there so many differences between region offers, missions and bonusses. kind regards, cpt. T
  16. Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  17. Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  18. Hello, I'd like to buy a premium tier 8 ship and i need your help figuring out which one to buy. I'm trying to get the equivalent to the type 59 in WOT, so basically the one you feel is the most overpowered. I saw some reviews on youtube about the tirpitz, Roma and Atago and they were the ones that stood out the most for being op and purchasable. What are your thoughts? Thank you,
  19. I dont mind either, I am a seasoned player, over 4k battles, I can play ships to their strengths quite easily. Either one is great, but I wanted to know which one I should get first? I am thinking Roma right now and then Alabama but wanted others opinions. Any input is appreciated thank you. I already have the Missouri btw. So I dont need them for earning credits, I just want a nice tier 8 premium battleship to play and enjoy. I will eventually get them both, but I just want to know which one to get first. Also, I have 14 out of the 17 tier X's that are currently in the game, so I am experienced. Feel free to check my stats to see what I am good in to help you make a decision and help me decide.
  20. Acorazado premium tier 9 Musashi

    Acorazado premium tier 9 Musashi Aqui os dejo algo de informacion general sobre este magnifico barco, caracteristicas, videos, reviews, etc...No tengo este barco aun, por lo que no puedo opinar sobre el personalmente. Espero que os guste y os sirva de ayuda, un saludo. Video ¨¨ Musashi YAMAMOTO - 300k Dmg - 6 Kills - 3.24k Base Exp - 2M+ Creds || World of Warships ¨¨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1wDZ5wrqmo Review escrita ( Traducida por Mr.Google Translator xD ) ; ( Fuente original en ingles ; http://shipcomrade.com/news/377/and-you-all-said-she-was-pointless.html ) Video reviews ; http://shipcomrade.com/ships/musashi Informacion variada ; http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Musashi https://wows-numbers.com/es/ship/3761190608,Musashi/ https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musashi_(1942)
  21. Acorazado premium tier 9 Musashi

    Acorazado premium tier 9 Musashi Aqui os dejo algo de informacion general sobre este magnifico barco, caracteristicas, videos, reviews, etc...No tengo este barco aun, por lo que no puedo opinar sobre el personalmente. Espero que os guste y os sirva de ayuda, un saludo. Video ¨¨ Musashi YAMAMOTO - 300k Dmg - 6 Kills - 3.24k Base Exp - 2M+ Creds || World of Warships ¨¨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1wDZ5wrqmo Review escrita ; ( Fuente original ; http://shipcomrade.com/news/377/and-you-all-said-she-was-pointless.html ) Video reviews ; http://shipcomrade.com/ships/musashi Informacion variada ; http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Musashi https://wows-numbers.com/es/ship/3761190608,Musashi/ https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musashi_(1942)
  22. Bonjour, En test en ce moment le Gascogne, Cuirassé Premium de Rang 8 Je développerais plus dès que possible. http://naviredeguerreww2.skyrock.com/2640979760-CUIRASSE-GASCOGNE.html Attention ceci est une UCHRONIE https://www.secondeguerre.net/articles/navires/fr/na_projetsfr.html
  23. Musashi

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiové bitevní lodi Musashi (Japonsko, tier IX). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  24. Create a referral link and pass it to your friends. Free 50 flags +10 camouflages for your first "friend" to get to tier 5. Person with more friends playing wins the premium ships. Detailed information here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/friend-ship/
  25. HMS Duke of York ( Acorazado ingles premium tier 7 ) Hace poco consegui este barco y me recordo al k.george que me gusto mucho, aun no he tenido tiempo de jugarlo demasiado, pero me gustaria ofreceros algo de informacion sobre el, su configuracion de modulos, habilidades de capitan, como jugarlo, etc...Espero que os sea de ayuda. Mi primera partida con el ; Llevo un solo capitan de 19 puntos que uso en todos mis acorazados ingleses ( Conqueror, Monarch, Nelson, Duke of York y Warspite. ) ; http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000010100000100001000100000119 Algo de info sobre el barco, videos, etc ; http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Duke_of_York https://wows-numbers.com/es/ship/3742316496,Duke-of-York/ http://shipcomrade.com/ships/duke_of_york ( videos ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkZ6pZlel-E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rmwZThoQjg