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Found 48 results

  1. On3aL

    Premium ships

    Hello i dont want to cry or anything just want to ask, i noticed a lot of players getting free premium ships for coming back to game or from others things and im here with account from october 2015(less than 1 month from the game release) with 0 premium ships, just wanted to ask if i miss something.
  2. Fesvil

    Special or Premium ships

    Hi, Just noticed of all the T10 "premium" ships I have, only Smolensk shows up when filtering on premium ships. The rest (Bourgogne, Stalingrad, Puerto Rico, Colbert, Marceau, Salem, possibly more) only shows up as special ships. What is the difference between premium and special? As far as I understood only the repair cost was half for special vs normal ships but premium ships have increased credit and exp ? Shouldn't the other ships you promote as premium ships also be in the premium filter? -Fesvil
  3. So uh I'm reaching the end of ships I want to have but I was wondering. What ships are absolutely a waste of money to get. I have already/still have Cruisers: Atago (+B), Azuma, Alaska (+B), Prinz Eugen, Duca delgi Abruzzi, Atlanta, Gorizia, Huanghe, Perth Battleships: Jean Bart, Vanguard, Roma, Alabama, Scharnhorst (+B), Prinz Eintel Friedrich, Dunkerque Destroyers: Friesland, Z-39, Sims B, Aigle, Anshan. Aircraft Carriers: Graf Zeppelin (+B), Ark Royal (Note other premium ships that I have not mentioned, but are on my player stats page have been sold for credits. Which I know is a sin)
  4. Yashinanoi

    Atago vs Prinz Eugen vs Wichita

    So Premium ships are a thing. Unless you're a collector you'll only want a ship that's over powered or strong. Or something that can generate cash like it's no ones business. I was looking around the premium store with my payment card a mile away from me. And then it dawned on me. How good is the Wichita vs its class rivals?! You rarely see it so that would mean it: A sucks, B isn't as loved, C the tech tree ship is better than this. The only heavy cruiser rivals it has on the shop for its tier are: IJN Heavy Cruiser Atago (Alternative color camouflage, unlocks by completing the Yamamoto Isoroku Collection) A Golden oldie, Though not seen as much as Smolenks nowadays when youre uptiered against t10 ships while using a t8. But its one of the premium t8 heavy cruisers you'll see the most. It performs well, has good concealment, allowing it to stealth torpedo a target as a cruiser. It's only the skill cap that really holds it back from being a boat any new player can use. In my and Snoops opinion Atago is worth it. KMS Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen (Adler Camouflage, unlocked by buying it in the exterior menu for Prinz Eugen with doubloons) Aha ahahahahha.. It's okay. In most videos of like 2017-2018 this was a premium that was recommended for new players. It has more range than Atago for her main guns. But this ship pretty much can't use her torpedo's without risk. Unless you like fist fighting under 6 km of range. By the way, you'll already be detected if you so desperately want to use your torpedoes. Stick to the main guns and only torpedo if your enemy just happens to pop from behind an island that's right next to you. I approve, Snape approves. What else do I have to say? Oh yea the community mostly says avoid it like the plague. And then there's Wichita. I really have no justification to get the bloody ship. But I was curious if it's any good. Or if you should just get Indianapolis? Which has a better MM pool and thus less frustrations for thee who read this thread and were tempted to get Wichita. Unaware of the poisoness MM that lays in Tier 8 ships grasps.
  5. I always have feel that premium ships give too little for its price and that playing with it is almost waste of time if you don’t have in plan to convert ship XP into Free XP with doubloons. So I suggest that Premium ships together with standard benefits also give 10% of general XP earned per battle into research tree which you mark as favorite example: Now I try to get Iowa BB so I mark for XP bonus USA Battleship tree AND bonus XP will get North Carolina because it is current in R&D list which need to get XP to unlock higher tier ship.
  6. Accumulating various premium ships over the years, mostly from missions and containers, has made me wonder: What is the total value of my premium fleet in real money ? I couldn't find an appropriate tool and seeing the extensive WOWS 4th anniversary ship list, allowed me to create the attached excel. You can see 2 tabs (sorted by Type and sorted by Price). You can try sorting the data by yourself to draw your own conclusions on what ship is best for you. To check out the total value of your ships, simply click on the cells of column E ("Ships Owned") and select YES from the arrow pull down meny, for ALL the premium ships owned. The result is displayed in red while the amount of 2.018,59 Euros is the value of all ships in the table, My results are there as an example and because some ships are at a special price for me, your prices could vary (noted accordingly). Be so kind as to post your total floating WOWS value ! I hope it helps ! o7 Book my Ship.xlsx
  7. Hai, Purchase exclusive items are like my magnet when it comes to games. In this game it's no exception. But I don't know what I should get as there are so many Premium ships. I already have a few but I'd like more help with my choice of ships to purchase. I Already got Atago, which I don't regret getting as she is a lovely cruiser. I had Dunkerque (which I sold to get Bismarck, only to realise I still didnt have enough..), playing her was fun but frustrating. BBut I'll get her back in the future. Azuma and Graf Zeppelin don't seem very appreciated from what I read on forums and saw in videos. But I like using them so they'll stay in my collection. Yubaru I got because it seemed like a fun ship and its cheap. But I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would so I sold it. Now I'm kind of leaning towards Alaska, Vangaurd, Prinz Eugen and Kaga. But I don't know who I should get. And if I should get a ship that requires a different playstyle, to enhance my skills. Cause I've only really stuck to the Japanese Cruisers and the German Battleships
  8. Hi What do you think is the best option? Should I go for Murmansk cruiser or get (non-premium) soviet crates? Thanks
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, with the imminent release of the additional 4 Russian Battleship (Tier's III. IV. IX and X), when fully researched and paid for this will give me 299 ships in port (currently 294 and just Yueyang to finish researching (approximately 20k XP needed plus 10m credits ) Therefore I thought I would find out how many people are also approaching the 300 ship mark
  10. Akagi_Nee_Sama

    premium ship

    Hello, here i am again, asking you what ship i should buy. First to note, i am not very interested in T8-T10 gameplay, because i have only some experience in these tiers. Second, i have no specific main, i like all types of ships. And last, i have more experience than my account says, i've had a few others which were unfortunately lost due to forgetting my personal data. Now, for the recommendations, i'd be glad if you guys could help me. Note i'm also interested just as a collector, i just don't want something that is not worth the money.
  11. For those interested there is an offer (1 per account) for 10 Guineas for the price of £0.76 in the premium shop currently
  12. I am well aware that WG are saying that they will not introduce battlecruisers as a separate class, however, there is still scope for including them in the game as fast battleships in the lower tiers, currently there are many famous ships excluded because WG are virtually ignoring this class of ship. I would have included Goeben under the Turkish name in the first part of the poll as well but you can only have 20 options in multiple choice. I would really like to see at least all the historic ships and possibly those that were laid down but scrapped under the Washington Treaty clauses (have also included 2 Alaska's but they are really large cruisers)
  13. I've read that in the patch 0.7.4 WG will remove Space Camos purchase for doubloons which is not a good step as some players ( Like me) doesn't own credit card and DEPEND MAINLY on mobile phone payment to buy the doubloons for more in-game content. I really need to see Premium Ships appear once more in the Tech Tree cuz this makes things alot easier for me if I want to purchase a new premium ship. Also the same thing goes for Halloween Camos. Thanks.
  14. so I unlocked the Duke of York and since the captain you get has only 3 points I decided to get Jack Dunkirk assigned to it. He was currently retraining on the Bellerapheron. When I assigned him to the Duke of York, he kept retraining and his skills didnt work. Once the retraining was finished, his skills still didnt work. I tired putting him in reserve and assigned him back to the Belleraphon, but one I put him back on to the Duke of York, his skills didnt work. I also retrained him on the black swan but his skills still didnt work on the Duke of York. Is there a way to fix this?
  15. Could someone who knows please tell me the following thing: If I decide to buy "Why not both" Duke of York and Scharnhorst bundle AFTER I get Duke of York from completing the missions, and since I already have Scharnhorst, will both ships from the bundle get compensated to me in dubloons or just Duke of York? I already asked the support thru ticket system but the answer I got was "non informative" at least, it's as though they don't speak english at all and have misunderstood my question completely so, just in case so that it doesn't happen again in here as well, I'll explain my question additionaly: I already have Duke of York and Scharnhorst on my account and since I already own those two ships, what will happen if I buy "Why not both" bundle that would give me another Duke of York and another Scharnhorst? Since it is not possible to have two Duke of Yorks and two Scharnhorsts in my port, I am simply trying to ask how will the game compensate me for those two ships that it cannot give to me again since I already have them. Will I automatically get credits or doubloons instead of duplicate Scharnhorst and duplicate Duke of York? Hopefully, I've explained myself sufficiently and I'm looking forward to Your answers.
  16. Butterdoll

    Bag of basic questions

    Well, at this point my compass kind of broke. I'm pretty much clueless. Through out my grinding so far I favoured agile cls with great ROF but then Budyonni appeared and stole the show. I love that ship, Specially after I slapped a premium camo on it. Nothing new with it, I remember the time, back in the days, when I thought Omaha was the crap. But Buddy's shadow eclipsed T7 ships (Which by the way it's a desert). Recently I've unlocked a new ship Gneisenau, I didn't took it to random yet, but I'm testing it in co-op, I'm doing the same thing ( in the offensive) that I do with buddy, only better. I don't have the other hull yet and let's see in random, but so far Gneisenau show potential. Yeah! I'm a cruiser main, used to HE bbs, so now I'm a bit embarrassed to put this basic questions to tell you the truth. Which are the Brawling BBs? Which BBs have turtle back armour except the germans ones? Where the best spot to land AP shells in a turtle Armour BB while brawling or when taking advantage of a broadside? Now premiums. Again, Budyonni. Are there any premium ships Budyonni alike? ( Sharnhorst- the G wagon that scares the plebes and runs from the Authorities at the same time, that saying it's still in my head) Gneisenau can take both down, isn't it better? Having Gneisenau and going finally for Bismark Is it worth having the Tirpitz? How is Perth? Ships that I scratched from my list. Molotov Makarov Atago thank you for your patience.
  17. pontacringeoana

    Failed Ranked as a symptom of greed

    There are 2 big problem with this season in my opinion and this is repeating 1. Premium ships that dominate regular: Loyang, Kidd, Alabama this is not OK, so players are pushed to use real money for win 2. Unbalanced MM when one of the team has CA's with radar and DD's with hydro and the other team has nothing When this happen all the time the last team lose This is not OK, losing from start means a BIG FAIL
  18. Butterdoll

    De Grasse vs Duca

    Well, as I'm looking to the tech tree, I see that I'm out of options, cruisers wise. Now I'm looking to the premium ships, and even there, what are the most common it's bb's. So, De Grasse or Duca? I like very much the French line. The Italian Line is unkowned to me (I know it's coming) Latelly I'm picking more LaGal than the Cleve. it's my understanding for what I saw so far. De Grasse it's the fastest ship, capable of breaking the 40 knots mark ( I love that) with LaGal guns ( ok), and trollish armour, can hold it's own, great for defensive play (kitting) and for hunting. A fun ship, right? But How much bigger it's when compared to LaGal? Manoeuvring, how is it? I know it's more sluggish than LaGal, they compared it with a Cleveland but with or without rudder shift (the cleve) ? Duca, it's a fast ship capable of doing around 38 knots, with fast shells, faster than Budyonni's (I love that) great for hunting, slim profile, with low survivability but aggressive play. But. while some like the guns (damage wise) others don't. Some says that's gives very low damage, others say you can citadel cruisers at 10kms Don't have an Italian captain, how do I get a decent one from the get go? How low is it's survivability? Your input would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  19. lo all, ... did a 'lil research and couldn't find a topic, so here we go (again?): coming from sto, where u simply can reclaim ships u once unlocked by event- or real currency equivalent, why we can't rebuy premium ships we once owned anyway? given that rules for reduced ammount of credits kick in if a ship is sold, it should be rebuyable for double the credits again. could be even more if that serves the cause, but i would find this to be much more appropiate for a premium u might have bought with real money once already. not that i have hope on this, but i think it's worth getting discussed anyway. on the background: i did own several low-tier premiums, granted by some events or being bought while on sale, which i did sell for credits while being in need or simply cause i've been dead sure i'll never touch em anyway/again (i do like high tier gameplay a lot more). but now as i joined a clan, what not necessarily was given for me in this game in the 1st place, i sometimes have divi-mates who liked to go on lower tiers for grinding or fun purposes. on these occasions i kinda regret that f.e. i once sold my isizhuchi(?). cause i've been in need for those few more credits (and draw the line at for ships to own at t5 so to say). i now simply could rebuy any t4 silver, sure. but i kinda refuse to dedicate a captn for it and absolutely would prefer if f.e. i simply could rebuy my isi for a ton of credits and slap any ijn bb captn i own on it. even more while i already had it in port (its camo is still unsellable in my inventory lol). 2cts
  20. As the servers still have different events with different rewards ( and EU having the grind fests for basically the same rewards), i was thinking about how to fix this issue. Kandly kindly posted in a thread that they will look into things and try to find a solution, which is a start i guess. Now, another issue that bugged me is, the lack of commemorative flags for all the older premium ships. Every new ship that gets released has a nice special flag in the top bundle, yet the old ones do not. In most cases, i buy the top bundle as it usually comes with Dubloons which i need to buy the premium camos for silver ships. Heck, i even went so far to buy the top bundle of the Prinz Eugen, despite having bought the standalone ship during a previous sale. But i wanted the flag and i need the Dubloons. Now, if WG would release for instance the Tirpitz in a bundle with a special flag, i'd most likely say no thanks. PE was an exception, and i'm not too keen buying ships i already have again just for a flag. But there's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Have a bunch of events where players can earn them - across all regions. Now, we don't want endless grind fests with too high requirements, yet i don't expect them to be given away for free. I suggest making them the top reward in missions that run two weeks and have reasonable requirements. Another thing i'd like to see are flags that give a nice bonus to XP and Credits ( like the one NA got a while back). Now for this kind of flag one has to raise the requirements a bit. Something like this, with some adjustment to difficulty, could possibly be a nice test bed for future region-wide events: Stage 1: Task: Deal 500k damage over any number of battles with ships from TV to TII Reward: the usual stuff one gets Stage 2: Task: Set enemy ships on fire 5 times in a single battle Destroy, incapacitate 20 modules over any number of battles Cruisers from TV - TVII ... Stage 4: Task: in a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 200k damage in a single battle set ships on fire 5 times spot 2 enemy ships Cruiser and DDs TV - TVII reward: any special camo ( i.e. Ocean soul ) Stage 5: Task: n a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 300k damage in a single battle sink two ships set ships on fire 8 times spot 2 enemy ships accumulate 2 million potential damage between all members of the division Cruiser, DDs and BBs of TVI - TVIII reward: a flag that gives 5% bonus to xp and credits for all division members I am aware that the difficulty needs some tweaks and that not everyone needs/ want flags, yet i think it would be a nice change and with these events being server wide, nobody can complain to be left out.
  21. Iron_Walls

    Mikasa Stats

    The tier 2 Premium Japanese 1902 BB Mikas needs help. It is slow with a wide turning radius. it has 2x2 305 guns with a range of 11.8 Km with a reload rate of 30 seconds. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The St. Louis 88 mm? with a range of 3.1 It also has 14x1 152 mm guns as secondaries with a range of 3.1 km. The American 1906 CA St. Louis has 14x1 152 mm guns with a range of 12 KM. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The Mikasa 88 mm? with a range of 4.0 km Currently as a result it is easy meat for a tier 2 destroyer with Torpedoes as the two 305 turrets have a slow traverse with that 30 second reload as the DD has only to circle it and stay mere than 3.1 km away. It very often is put into tier 3 games where it is suicide to play it. What I propose is to move it to tier 3 with its 152 mm guns being treated as part of the main battery with roughly the same stats as the ST Louis. While that would give it 2 different ranges, the program requires the turrets being able to have the proper angle to fire on the target and a simple no fire protocol if out of the guns range as well.
  22. Playing wargamings games since the start of WoT, I must say they have moved quite a bit from the policy they used to have, regarding performance of prem ships (or tanks). Warships always were more "greedy", like the sugarcoating on prem accounts where bonus xp were not separated from standard xp, and prem camo beeing so good, etc. Lately at world of warships, they now regularily release ships that are much better than ships of the same tier and class. They must have found that players dont revolt like in WoT, where players protested when prem tanks were too good. This seasons ranked seems to be tailor suited to sell prem ships performing better than all other, either it is DD or cruiser, even BB. What a commercial masterpiece. But tragic for players experiece of the game. I guess the idealistic view that wargaming wanted to make a free and "fair" MMO where players were equal (as in free ship vs premium ship), is sort of over. Now is the new era where they really milk the cow. But most surprising to me is that so few react to this.
  23. If you recently bought a Schannhorst or Atago or whatever, and if you have 50 battles on this game and you're just "firing at ships", skip this post, it's not for you. If not please take some time to read it. Sorry for it being so long but i guess WG is happy that i won't create any more topics any time soon, I know there's a bunch of players that are gonna hate this post but they are exactly the kind of player i will talk about. As time passes, WG is feeling the need to have a bigger playerbase. Instead of making the game more exciting and slowly build a bigger but solid and happy playerbase, they just make it easier so that every noob can play it. Fast money. COD kids like to shoot stuff and daddy can pay Premium ships so they just go ahead, buy a Schanhorst and go "fire at ships". They don't care about the result of the battle, they don't care about tactics, they don't look at minimap, they don't look at chat, they think it's your fault that you got hit by their torpedos. They just grab a ship and try to survive with as much HP as they can. That's todays typical gameplay. While in the past i could say that this happened at lower tiers, today i can say without no doubt that i find more quality of play in Tier III or IV than in Tier X. I see things in higher tiers that amaze me. People with Yamatos, Moskvas or Gearings that aren't even aware of the rules(!?) or types of battles... Last night, playing a DD (Tier IX/X battle), i set up a smoke to protect a nearby CA from being focused. Instead of hiding on it, the guy turns away from smoke (it was not a "rsisky" smoke...) and sends all is torpedos to my smoke and hits me, leaving me with 10% HP. I tried to speak to him in the chat but by the look of it, he wasn't even aware that he almost team killed me, let alone looking at the chat. While i was trying to talk to him in the chat, he almost killed another friendly DD with torpedos, beached himself and than, in complete panic, launched torpedos at that island by mistake. This kind of situations are happening too much times for my taste. I know that in every game there will always be noobs but lately almost every single battle has like 95% players just "firing at ships", going chasing ships to the end of the world, while 5% are trying to play and getting sunk trying to cap with no support. It's hard to have the will to play when a Tier X battle starts and half of your BBs turn around and go as far as they range will allow to "stay safe" during all the battle. Allowing everyone to be able to play the game is great and fair. Allowing everybody to start playing the game almost at Tier X is only good if WG estrategy is to get rid of all good players and make the game as dumb as possible. It's easier to attract new players if you give them access to "the end of the game" from the moment they start to play. Radars, Radio Location and other "skills" are dumbening the game to a point where battles are either random or decided on MM. There's no balance whatsoever, i'll give you a couple of examples that i can easily prove. - Atlanta, no role in gameplay. A tier VII ship with 13mm armour. Less than any DD... and with a citadel, making it even worst. If you play against Tier V you are OP as hell. If you play against Tier VIII you are dead with 1 or 2 shells from any ship (!?). Even here WG is dumbing the game... i don't know if you noticed but Atlantas never get matched with CVs. If i play any other Tier VII ship, i get matched with CVs like 8 out of 10 battles, When i play Atlanta i get like one battle with CVs every 20 or more battles (if someone thinks this is not true, i'll prove it with my replays. Last time i was matched with CVs was almost a week ago...). In a battle with CVs, when there's a decent enemy CV captain, i usually don't get to kill any CV plane but sometimes (almost never) i get to kill like 40 or more (dumb CVs focusing Atlantas...). WG goes ahead and decides it's bad for CV players to get matched with Atlantas so let's make things easier instead of making CV players learn to avoid certain ships. - Akizuki. weird role. WG says Inertia Fuse is "great" for this ship... really? First they nerf Akizukis HE pen from 19mm to 17mm so you can't pen any tier VIII DD (since they all have 19mm armour) then they say "you can always use Inertia Fuse....". The thing is that HE pen works the same way as AP pens (i guess). If the enemy ship is angled, you won't pen it with AP so why would you pen it with HE that has less pen, even with the skill? You would use HE instead of AP on angled ships because they are angled so why more HE pen if you won't pen anything?? To use it when other ships are broadside? Well AP gives you more damage in such situations. The only difference is that you cannot start fires like you did before (if any) unless you have a 19 point captain. So i end up in Akizuki, spamming more than 500 shells during the battle, undetected. It sucks for other players, especially on maps like Ocean where ships like this don't have any adversary. Anyway with 33knots top speed at Tier VIII and with the turning circle of a BB, Akizuki is not really a DD. It's just another spamming CA with excellent concealment. There are other examples of (really) broken ships, like Mogami, Pensacola, Tashkent, Hipper, Roon, some CVs, etc. but that's something already known and that WG doesn't really care much. So in my opinion, with so many new options and choices, strategy is limited as it never was. The only strategies these days (in the 5% of battles where there's one) are: - USN and RN Gunboats: Spend all battle spamming - IJN DDs hide all battle from radars, RL and Hydro and hope that enemy has plenty of noobs, otherwise you won't do much. - CAs in general - Hide behind an island and spam for 10 minutes, then go to other island and spam again or spam from smoke - Cruisers - The majority of BBs won't use any tactic whatsoever but when they do is: IJN BBs - staying away from german BBs, sniping USN BBs - staying away from German BBs, sniping German BBs - Rushing caps and launch torpedos at other BBs. CVs - i really don't like to play it but i'm sure there's not much "tactic" left. About RL... amazingly WG had the "guts" to say that RL is great for "some" DDs. Yes they said "for some". It's good for "some" DDs, obvisously refering to Russian DDs. Isn't this amazing?? They also said that the decision to keep this "skill" was based on the players feedback. Now they just "invent feedback" and accept it as coming from players. I think WG is trying to believe it theirselves. So keep on making the game dumber and dumber at higher levels and make it accessible for even monkeys to play it. Enjoy the money those monkeys give you but remember that even the monkeys will notice that the game is becoming a "low quality arcade shooter" and there a lot of better FPS out there. My opinion? - Nerf DD concealment. - Get rid of 100% effective AAs - Get rid of RL and Radars and every skill that makes the game dumber. - Make smoke shorter duration. - Get rid of lottery detonations. - Make it harder to pen armour on EVERY ship. - Make grinding real. Not the present joke where there's no grinding at all. - Remove torpedos from BBs - Remove hydro from DDs - Remove smoke from CAs - Make high tier CAs more tanky. - Fix "dead ships" - Stop releasing magic skills. - Stop offending me with sentences like "We are spoling players" you can't spoil players. They pay your salary. They pay Victors super car collection. Never say that again. I'm not a kid, who the hell do you think you are? Spoiling me? How offensive is that? Looks exagerated? It's not, it's NOW that it's exagerated. If WG wasn't working so hard on killing their playerbase, they could create some type of "realistic" battles without all the trash features they have been implementing in the game. It would make battles more tactical and exciting (they once kind of were) and new players would have to learn as they grind. Those are my "terms" to keep playing the game. Remember that i didn't decide to "stop playing it". It's just happening. I play less each day as i just get bored after 1 or 2 battles. I also get upset with potatoes almost every battle and as i play games to have a good time and fortunely there's always other games coming out, the will to play World of Warships is "dying" every time i play it. At this time, i think i only play it because i spent (lately it's more like "wasted") so much time and money on it, but even so, i decided to make a pause untill WG fixes they "greed" issues and awful "quick fixes" to save time and get more money out of players. This is long enough and while there so much more to say i'll just finish by saying that the game has never been as boring as it is now. So to those who love casual arcade shootersm have fun! For now, i'm done with this game. See you later, if things change (as if). Cheers! ps. Check the screenshot to see one simple example of how dumb it's becoming. This is not even close to the worst cases, it's just an example where i decided to take a screenshot, i have a lot of recent replays to support what i'm saying about broken gameplay..
  24. Quazie

    Premium Ship Boot Camp

    Hi Everybody. I have seen a number of posts where it has been mentioned that "Noobs" are sailing around in Premiums that they have no idea how to play. Players generally get annoyed that the Terpitz or whatever ship has someone is sailing around not having a clue what they are doing when that is a resource the team badly needed. Well I have attached a PDF for an idea that would minimize that senario. Let me know what you think of the concept, not so much specific content. Premium Boot Camp.pdf 3.06MB Premium Boot Camp.pdf
  25. As per https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5opgvy/my_captain_just_got_100_retrained_to_the_wrong/ It appears that some captains have been retrained to the ship they were in at the patch time for example, if you have your Moskva captain in your Kutuzov it may get retrained for the Kutuzov. There isn't, at the time of posting, any other people complaining of the same problem so there is a chance the guy is mistaken but just in case I would strongly recommend that all of your captains get moved out of their premium ships into their proper home before the patch hits just in case this happens to us as well.