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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I had this wierd bug yesterday evening in-game, clicked Back to Tech Tree , and wierd thing is that instead of doubloons is normally showing, both premium ships showed xp and credits costs, Murmansk was like 64k xp and about 20,5 M credits... Also, forgot to mention, I was looking preview on Murmansk when above happened... Anyone else seen this thing happening ?? Don't have pic, but will be trying to get that pic... ! Thanks. WBR, Bigpanda
  2. I wasn't playing ships for the Emden event and to be honest I wasn't to buy a tier 8 BB when it was sold so I can't see any chance of me starting the German tree, if it means all the captain retraining needs to be done in coop. I think it would be sensible for WG to find a Tier 2-4 Premium of some sort (preferably a CA) so new players can get on with these the lines?
  3. Shoukaku_Kai

    6 June HMS Belfast?

    Lets be honest wargaming, you're ignoring the Royal Navy, and it needs to stop. Hence you should most definitely on the 6th of June (D-day) you should give us HMS Belfast, the ship that (was supposed to) fire the first naval shots of D-day. HMS Belfast was a large light cruiser of the Royal Navy, it had 12 6" guns in four turrets and still exists today moored in London. It missed a large section of the war as it was taken out by a magnetic mine but, when it did serve, it assisted in sinking the scharnhorst alongside other cruisers and HMS Duke of York. Also lets not forget that the Mogami inspired the creation of the Belfast so it fits in the wows world. I know wargaming won't see this and if they do nothing will happen but what do other players think of this should it happen? what tier? or any other ships that you think should be included?
  4. I bought two premium ships when they were on sale - IV Yubari - V Gremyashchiy I confirmed my bank account was charged and charged by WG. I did not buy them from another server otherwise I would clearly have noticed the different currency. I contacted support yet I received no clear answer instead they told me my account was activated and I should install the client for some ODD reasons despite having written a very DETAILED description of me being a beta supporter and my issues. I did receive two errors when I purchased both ships telling me the purchase had failed but my bank account was charged despite the errors so it had to work, right? Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I feel very cheated at the moment, I have been waiting for a couple of days for it to work but neither my money was refunded nor was my virtual ships put to my port. Its really odd and even more so that WG support refuses to answer it.
  5. I have a premium IJN CL, and just bought Fuso, a IJN BB. Selected retraining the captain for 200k silver, played a couple of battles with Fuso, then noticed the training progress of the newly assigned captain. I wanted to make the 1.5x of the premium CL, and in a whim, decided to put that half trained BB captain. That was funny, for the following reasons: 1. All the commander skills were fully active. 2. The ship did not behave worse than with a CL commander. 3. All the xp earned in the first victory went straight to increase the amount of training of the captain. I put these facts here, as that could be a bug of premium ships. If not a bug, then kudos for that nice feature.
  6. Iron_Walls

    Mikasa Stats

    The tier 2 Premium Japanese 1902 BB Mikas needs help. It is slow with a wide turning radius. it has 2x2 305 guns with a range of 11.8 Km with a reload rate of 30 seconds. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The St. Louis 88 mm? with a range of 3.1 It also has 14x1 152 mm guns as secondaries with a range of 3.1 km. The American 1906 CA St. Louis has 14x1 152 mm guns with a range of 12 KM. it has 18x1 secondaries of the same caliber as The Mikasa 88 mm? with a range of 4.0 km Currently as a result it is easy meat for a tier 2 destroyer with Torpedoes as the two 305 turrets have a slow traverse with that 30 second reload as the DD has only to circle it and stay mere than 3.1 km away. It very often is put into tier 3 games where it is suicide to play it. What I propose is to move it to tier 3 with its 152 mm guns being treated as part of the main battery with roughly the same stats as the ST Louis. While that would give it 2 different ranges, the program requires the turrets being able to have the proper angle to fire on the target and a simple no fire protocol if out of the guns range as well.
  7. cro_pwr

    Tirpitz Owners :)

    Well, first of all, i don't want to shame anyone, i won't post names etc, but had this gem in last game... Start of the game, Tirpitz say "my first game in Tirpitz", and im like, so what, its same as other BBs, so I'm like, you played other BBs? and his answer is NO. Ok, i tought he is trolling, checked his stats, and he has 79 games overall, all in cruisers, highest tier is 5 So, we proceed into the game, I'm in nagato, beaten down to a pulp (got dreadnought from that game), and I came behind the island running into the enemy Tirpitz So I'm like oh sh!t oh sh!t (I'm giving him broadside), but, I survived... then that guy parked his tirpitz 12km broadside from me (full stop), and proceeded to fight me like that (BTW, seriously, does Tirpiz even have a citadel??? cause I've never EVER hit one) Anyway, as i said, i survived, so i was like wtf, and i checked his stats. He has astonishing 116 battles, from which 13 are in tirpitz, rest are in cruisers up to tier 5 (I'm starting to see a pattern here xD) So, point of this topic? Well done WG for allowing everyone and their mothers too to install the game and jump into t8-10 games next day. Since obviously screw logic, screw your gameplay experience, screw everything, just give us money. *sidenote: when i started to play this game, i mainly played IJN DDs, and i was ALWAYS targeting Tirpiz with torps first (never failed )... guess its time to dust off my fubuki *sidenote 2: in attached files there are SS of chat and that guys stats
  8. Amrumer1000

    Ideas for Premium ships

    Hey lads! In the last weeks I often thought about new Premium vessels WG could add to the game. Just because I think some special ships deserve to be in the game & also because some important ship classes aren't even in the game yet. Of course they could also try to add a 2nd tree but for some nations it will be hard to find enough for 2 trees (some even 1). So I think all Premiums should share some important aspects: 1.They should be different from their "normal" sisters, especially in terms of the gameplay style. Every Premium should be special in their own way. 2. It is definitely nice when ship got an interesting background (history). That would make the Premium way more attractive to collectors. 3. Balance is key. It should still be strong in it's own gameplay style but it should still be worse in some aspects than her "normal" counterpart. What I mean is it really shouldn't be to strong but also of course not to weak. So enough of that. Let's finally begin with my ideas. If you got any ideas as well it's of course appreciated for you to write a comment or suggestion. My first idea was the US Destroyer - USS Pringle [DD-477]. It's a Fletcher-class DD & so obviously Tier 9. I know, I know. Tier 9 Premium... are you mad?! But hear me out. Some time ago they revealed the USS Black [DD-666], which is a Fletcher-class Premium as well. Many suggest it's a reward ship for ranked or team battles. The Black itself seems to be nothing special compared to the "normal" Fletcher from the Stats. It may get a different consumables combo but the only "interesting" thing is that the ship number is 666. When you won so many ranked or team battle seasons I think you earn a special ship that is more different than the "normal" Fletcher. I won't throw the Fletcher-idea away but I chose a more unique one of the class. USS Pringle is such a unique ship. (& I love the name by the way) The USS Pringle was one of the few DD's that got a floatplane catapult mounted on her. But she lost 1 127mm turret, some AA & also 1 of her Torp launchers. That is of course pretty bad & some aspects should get a buff. WG could for example buff the HP from 17,100 to 18,900. Then maybe buff speed & rudder shift a little bit & also give her more concealment. The torps should also get a buff since you only get 1 launcher. (Maybe drop the reload a little bit or give them more speed for less range) Then they could also switch up the consumable combo (Maybe give her Hydro or Radar) You may ask why a floatplane on a destroyer is any useful. First of all it would be something really special since there is nothing like that in the game yet. But it could also be used for stealth fire, when you drop smoke & the plane can spot targets for you. If it's a fighter it will also attack enemy planes. Maybe WG could give the Pringle a special plane. One that gives more range but also attacks enemy aircraft. Since it's a special reward ship she should be very good so people will look forward to unlock her. But of course she shouldn't be overpowered. The USS Pringle also got a quite interesting background story. She did a lot of escort missions but sadly sunk by a kamikaze attack in April 1945. There is even a memorial site: http://www.usspringle.org/ I think it would make a great reward ship for ranked or team battles especially because it's something special.