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Found 6 results

  1. BrigadierShaw

    Can you explain this for me please...

    hello all, WG can you explain this to me please. The screen capture shows the discrepancy in xp on a premium account!
  2. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, i have started a new discord server for game-play, divisions and game-discussion. This week i am doing a start-up giveaway ... 2500 DOUBLOONS for one of the members. The servers link: https://discord.gg/Y7amYqg See you in there, good luck the poll will be live using a plug that discord provides. Oh and do not forget, good luck and fair seas !
  3. I paid £7.51 June 8th 2016 - Today it is £8.51 - £ against the Euro on June 8th 2016 was 1.27euro Today it is 1.17euro that makes a price increase of £0.60 so why is it a £1 more? My sums may be wrong, so a good mathematician can rectify this, but we in the UK are being overcharged, WHY WG?
  4. Leo_Apollo11

    Something is strange today..

    Hi all, Something is strange today... I activated my 3 day "Premium" 2 hours ago and still nothing... Not to mention missing battle result panel already mentioned by others (I am 100% sure I was top in losing Ranked battle - sink 2 ships - CAPed 2 bases and I still lost star - I was unable to see the result panel)... Leo "Apollo11"
  5. On the wows website it appears as if I have 15 days of premium but I dont have none. Last week it appeared as 30 days. It appears on both chrome and firefox. What type of a glitch is that??
  6. so, my 30 days of premium account expired, and i initially planned to purchase another 30 days. but the standard account port music made me change my mind, at least for now. its not that i don't like the premium port music, i think its epic, but i miss the option to switch back to standard account music and sounds when i feel like it. this is why i have not extended my premium account yet, even though i initially wanted to. its like selecting a different station in the radio, without beeing able to go back for a month. on a side note: i love the sound design in world of warships (both premium and standard). if premium users get the option to choose between the two on the fly, I'll gladly purchase more premium time. ------------------------------ by music i mean, the background music in the port, upgrades/exterior, and profile screens. by sounds i mean the sounds that play on: selection of a nation on the tech tree screen research of a ship or module purchase of a ship or module