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Found 3 results

  1. Furius_Marius

    Mikasa protected MM

    Well... I have Mikasa for the collection and for the secondaries joke. But the ship main guns are a joke. This thing is slow, big and have a few armour for a bb, and takes a lot of torp damage. After speaking with some friends that have it for longer than me. If you get against a tier II battle and they allow you to get close you can do some serious damage. But you are slow, and they need to make the mistake to let you be in 2-3 km range. But usually you got in battle with 2, 3 or 4 tier III battleships that dont care at all about your Armour. And the angling doesn't matter at all. And you don't get in range to anything. Its ok the MM will pair you with a tier III armoured cruiser in a tier II battle. But when you are in those tier III battles with the few main guns and so poor accuracy you feel like a tier III BB in tier VIII battle. I think with some time each nation could get a pre-dreadnought. (Easy for American, Brits, French, Russians, Italians, Germans, Pan-European...) Every navy had at least one of this ships. But for the moment I think they should protect the MM in this ship.
  2. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    Welcome to the Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet! Ahoy Captains! I bring you the second incarnation of the Official Mikasa Appreciation Society thread! This is a place for tips, gameplay, history and gossip on all things Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought! You can also check out our original society thread; which is literally brimming to the top with content and info! Never destined to set the game world on fire, she is still a fun ship and one I believe is greatly under appreciated by many. So whether you like her for game-play or historical reasons; even if you don't own her, join our society today and spread the word of this fun little vessel...or just talk about her with like-minded people. If you want to add her to your port, visit here: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/3214/ or purchase her in the tech tree for 2000 Doubloons. If you're interested in getting straight into the game with her and wrecking everyone with some serious lower tier firepower, check out my full Mikasa play guide here! Or, if you want to know more about what you're buying, then read the full premium ship review of her from the excellent NA reviewer, LittleWhiteMouse; just click here! Finally, if you, like me, LOVE the fact these ships had multiple calibres everywhere, check out my secondary sound mod here! We furthermore have an in-game chat channel for the use of the fleet captains.The hope is that it makes it easier for them to find one another and communicate; possibly even do battle together! The channel is called: Mikasa Appreciation Society (it should appear if you type "Mikasa" into the channel search) and the password for it is: tsushima Anyone who wants to join the fleet and have their name added to the member list below, please let me know in your comment/post. Thanks! HMS_Worcester (Society Founder) Cpt_Cowper_Coles (Admiral) 1MajorKoenig 506_Mephisto aguir Amon_ITA aquiles7389 AtomskHD Bellegar Bismarck_chan broja_jacra BrotherSurplice Carl_Edward_Sagan Chocan CLyDeThaMonKeY Combat_Hamster Condor1976 creamgravy DarthDon49 Defcon13 dr_julio84 Drunken_Jedi Egoleter Elbschlucker Elo_Naj Eloyan Exocet6951 Ferry_25 GhostRider_24 GoT_PcDealer Hanszeehock Ictogan imply_tha_best kfa Knightmare_Moon Kaseko _Kyoshi LadyJess lafeel Larky2k LordOzma MadnerKami Maximilian_Graf_von_Spee MaxxyNL mingbat MrFingers Namolis NyronGT orlathebeast peoplescavalry Petao_Sofronije PeterBrooks_1 Procrastes puxflacet RedStorm1 Robber_Baron RUMIRUMI SapperMark SBS Scipio_Africanus1829 ShockPirat Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty Sonic_157 soulmask Spuggy StringWitch Szatanshow Takru TeeKay_ Temeteus82 Tirande TMTNEZ Todger_Fairmile TopDawg triumphgt6 Tuccy Vanhal VonBroich Wargael Westyll WolfGewehr Xevious_Red
  3. Their cruiser counterparts occupy tier II and some even tier III (Bogatyr, St. Louis) but we have only one pre-dreadnought battleship in the game - the infamous and misconcepted Mikasa which caused a lot of hate among players. Still these ships are in my opinion very interesting and beautiful and would be a shame if WoWs just skipped them. but there is a major issue what to do with pre-dreadnoughts if we shall ever see another. mikasa right now really struggles and that's just because her role in the game was not really thought out. these are my suggestions for mikasa and every other pre-dreadnought eventually: IDENTITY: DEDICATED BRAWLER item 1: strong secondaries ✓ done (almost) mikasa's secondaries were always considered strong except their range. no wonder - those 152mm were in fact not secondaries but primaries on pre-dreadnought battleships since they were still built around 19th century principle of "the more guns the better" which resulted in designs with even 3 different calibers for main armament. it is worth note that in reality those 152mm had same effective firing range as 305mm. however i think we should not argue about that these should be player-controlled because it would be hard to balance them (better armored st. louis with extra health and 4x305mm says hello) and we should reconcile with that these would be just secondaries. for the brawling purpose they are ok anyway. the only issue is their range. i personally think that their range should be increased to at least 5km base. another suggestion, which is worth to be mentioned, is different ranges for different calibers: give 152mm lets say 5km and 76mm 3km range. although both 152mm and 76mm had pretty much same effective firing range, nevertheless separate ranges for different sencodary calibers would be definitelly needed for semi-dreadnoughts (see below). item 2: torpedos ✖ missing there were already debates about submerged torpedo tubes for battleships and my stand to this issue is that pre-dreadnoughts should be the only ships which should have them. to balance this weapon we can stick with their historical performance, since torpedos at the beginning of 20th century were rather slow and short range, so pre-dreadnought's torpedos in the game would be something like 30-40 knots and 3km range. that would make them reasonably balanced since they would be useful practically only for brawling against battleships. fast and manouverable ships should not have much troubles to evade them. another issue is their aiming. placement of these tubes was usually 1 bow, 1 stern and 1 or 2 on each side (mikasa is exception with just 4 tubes - 2 on each side). there is frequently stated myth on the forum that these have to be aimed with whole ship, but in fact they were equipped with gyro-angle mechanism (like on submarines) so their firing arc was pretty much unlimited, however i'm not sure if they should have this ability in the game since it would make a precedent for other ships. maybe they could work even with very limited arc since the placement of those tubes is very convenient (...also, do you remember bathtub boats?) item 3: ram! ✖ missing another feature typical for pre-dreadnought battleships is bow strenghten for ramming with significant beak (exception are french pre-dreadnoughts which frequently lacked this feature). indeed in those times naval tactitians and designers believed that ramming the enemy is still viable tactic. that however never happend in combat since 1866 (but unfortunately several times unintentionally) but we have different situation in the game with lot of close fights, especially at low tiers. i think that pre-dreadnought should have permanent bonus for ramming - like permanent hotel yankee (die hard) signal. just look at mikasa's ram! i know early dreadnoughts still had something like a ram, but usually these were just fake shapes which were not from solid steel like on pre-dreadnouts and were there just for stability purpose or because of stereotype - however i'm not completely sure about that, so please correct me. with all these features pre-dreadnoughts would have identity as dedicated brawlers and would have an edge over dreadnoughts in close fight which would make them viable - hugging islands and guarding straits would be optimal use for them, while at long range dreadnoughts would have their edge over pre-dreads as they should have... WHERE TO PLACE THEM: clearly pre-dreadnoughts should cease in 1910 (app. T3) as it was superseded design, however i believe semi-dreadnoughts like lord nelson-class, satsuma-class, mississippi-class, danton-class, radetzky-class etc. would be still viable brawlers at tier 3 so what do you think?