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Found 43 results

  1. Wullailhuit

    Plane info sounds in Carriers, janky

    I've been messing around with CVs for a bit and I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else. MOST tmes the battle reports of 'target destroyed' , 'taking damage' etc from the squadrens is fine , but SOMETIMES they don't actually sound off , all I get is a tiny 'beep'. I then have to re-start the client to get the sounds back.
  2. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Suggestions for changes of plane dynamics

    Hello all, a few thoughts crossed my mind recently regarding the way air planes work in the game. Now in before anyone gets his panties in a twist, the following are just mere suggestions for changes which I think could benefit the game. Please point out aspects I have overlooked or consequences I have not foreseen. Also, let's keep this a civil discussion. Without further ado: 1. Ships should always counter spot the plane that is spotting them (possibly excluding carrier strike craft). I guess we have all been in a situation in which we were plane spotted without knowing where exactly the plane in question was. I believe it would be beneficial and allow for counter play if one could at least see the plane. 2. Ships engaging planes with aa (outside of smoke) should be spotted regardless of distance. Yes, Minotaur players, I'm looking at you. The idea that a ship should be able to shoot down planes without getting detected by those is possibly one of the worst game mechanics that wasn't addressed yet. Same as invisi firing this should be removed from the game and air spotting distance should at least the equal to aa range. This would make aft a double edged sword, but prevent severe frustration for high tier cv players. 3. I'm expecting a lot of you to have a gripe with this, since it would change competitive cv play. Torpedoes should only be air spotted if a plane is in spotting range. Once the plane moves out of spotting range torpedoes should become unspotted again (I would include torp spotting by ships into this as well). This would make the game more demanding and dynamic, while improving the value of destroyers in competitive play. As it stands, a great cv can pretty much deny any sort of torpedo hits on his team mates by simply patrolling the corridors they are likely to pass through. This would be fine, as long as a once spotted torp wouldn't remain spotted forever. It would put a bigger strain on ships in the direction the torps are headed and increase the overall skill level. What are your thoughts on this :)?
  3. At the moment I play the Taiho, and the Taiho uses for Torpbombers and Divebombers the same air plane type, the Aichi B7A2, but the bombers sounds different to the Torpbombers! Guess it's because all Divebombers share the same sounds sample and the Torpbombers as well. But I was wondering why? Different ships have different gun fire sounds, why doesn't have the planes different sounds? Shouldn't be much work, just copy paste sounds files from World of Warplanes? I'm often wondering, why wargaming is so slow with changes, some should be done in one work day
  4. 1. It would be good if we could choose to opt out of a game once we see the list of forces involved. I would choose (a) games that are pertinent to my missions; (b) games that do not have aircraft carriers. 2. I find that planes spoil a good gunfight between warships. It is a pointless exercise to have CVs in the game, even as lower-powered as they are, as they spoil any combat between warships, just as they did historically. This is World of Warships not World of Warplanes. 3. I still am annoyed at ships that are invisible for some time and fire at me at length with impunity. I have read a lot of naval history and I cannot remember any naval action where warships were invisible and firing at an enemy. 4. Some ships cannot be hit because of their camouflage. I give up firing at some ships because my salvoes go drifting off into the ocean miles from the target. Thank-you for a great game, anyway.
  5. HMCite

    Air Craft Carriers

    Air Craft Carriers are the seriously ignored class of Ships in the game. These are the reasons Why 1- In lower tiers its playable, but as one advances , the insane AA makes it impossible for CV players to maintain interest in the game. 2- Every now and then Buffs are coming for different ships except for CVs 3- New ships/lines being introduced are having such insane AA. Others have Defensive AA. 4- Every Player has the ability to increase his captain skills to Be able to increase his AA DPM by basic , advance and Manual skills, yet CV doesnt get any Captain skills for improvement of Squaderent health and endurance. 5- BBs and cruisers who are AA specked are already untouchable, add to that new DDs like KIDD and Grozovoi and US DDs Defensive AA, so CV can actually have no impact in the start of the game. 6- CV does spotting, Defends allies and also at times harldy manages to strike on enemy despite all defensive AA and enemy CV AA planes and at the end the Reward for CV is the worst in all the ship types. 7- New changes to DDs AA is further Humiliation to CVs. Either CVs need to be buffed or AA needs to be nerfed with good rewards at the end If wargaming keeps the same trend , one day people will say, remember when there used to be CVs in the game??
  6. Mangrey

    why are all the planes the same ?

    Hey I really like the this detales (typo?) Wg is laying in the ships, cant you do that to the planes too ? ... you there is another game(WoWp) where you can get data from. so that IT make sens what planes what CV has ..... it really make no sense when a i German 109Ts (modified 109Es) are fighting late war figthers. same goes for essex F4FU-4 beating the crap out of my A7AM2s The two planes are balanced stats wise. I dont mind Paper planes ... Just dont treat my Late war IJN planes like Zeros curs they are not, many of them matched the USN planes Mang
  7. Butterdoll

    Divine wind

    What about kamikaze planes? there's no kamikaze planes , and would be so fun if there were
  8. I'm a noob CV and I'm discovering that the green(yellow) area that shows the torpedoes dropper planes is not very "accurate". It does not represent the time of the torpedoes falling from the plane, and happened me several times that i dropped torpedoes UNDER their ships! Do you think the green area should be re-worked?
  9. RiesenNoob24

    Akustische Signale für CV

    Hallo Community und WG, bitte bringt in den nächsten Patch ein akustisches Warnsignal für CV's ein, wenn man durch gegnerische Flugzeuge angeflogen bzw gespottet wird. Im Eifer des Gefechts übersieht man das kleine Symbol oft und bemerkt die gegnerischen Bomber erst, wenn es zu spät ist
  10. Warmaster100

    alt taste bei den flugzeugen geht nicht

    Hallo leute, meine frage ist wie ich manuel die torpedobomber spielen kann weil es bei mir mit der alt taste nicht funktioniert (spiele die HOSHO)auf youtube sagen die auch alle das man alt drücken soll aber es funktioniert bei mir nicht ... hoffe auf hilfe.
  11. Nazdar vsetci takze nejako ma trapilo, akym matematickym zazrakom WG vypocitava AA hodnoty na lodiach, tak som sa nasr teda nabudil a urobil som si jednoduchy vzorec, ktory moze kazdy aplikovat a lahko si vypocitat "moju verziu" AA obrany , kedze nikto nevie, ake RNG sa tam v skutocnosti nachadza Takze moj vzorec na vypocet AA obrany je velmi jednoduchy, staci vam vediet damage a dostrel konkretnej AA vyzbroje , co si vieme zistit v klientovi (AA dps * range) * koeficinet X = AA body Najprv zacnem tym, ze som si udal nejaky strop, pre ktory to bude ratat a ten je, ak ma Lod AA 600dps na vzdialenost 5km, a teda 600 * 5 * X = 100 bodov AA obrany , z coho vypliva, ze nas koeficient je 1/30 Tento koeficine si samozrejme kazdy moze zmenit podla stropu ale pocitovo mi to vychadzalo ako rozumna hodnota. Ak niekto dosiahne 70 AA bodov, tak pomocou AFT a BFT to dokaze vytiahnut na 100 bodov (70*1.2*1.2) Takze nebudem vas zdrziavat, ideme rovno k hodnotam, ktore som vyratal: US Cruisers US BB US CV US DD IJN Cruisers IJN BB IJN CV IJN DD Germany Cruisers Germany BB Germany DD UK Cruisers UK BB USSR Cruisers USSR DD Poland DD Pan-Asia DD France BB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tak ked uz mame (moje) hodnoty pre AA obranu, podme si teoreticky vypocitat utocnu silu pre letkytu som ratal nasledovne: (damage*pocet lietadiel + rychlost lietadla * HP * koeficient Y)*koeficinet Z pricom Y = 1/5 a Z = 1/1200 z coho mi vysli nasledujuce hodnoty (pre jednu letku) IJN CV US CV --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Co nam z toho vypliva (teoreticky) ?ak je vasa AA obrana vyrazne mensia ako utocna sila jednej letky, tka to bude boliet ak su hodnoty vyrovnane, tak tak budu sice vsetky lietadla znicene, ale nejake to torpedo/bomba moze padnut Dufam, ze sa vam tento clanok pacil nezabudajte, ze sa jedna cisto o moj nazor p.s. Lode su v top konfiguracii. nie su zapocitane ziadne skilly, vlajky ani moduly ak je tam chyba, kludne ma opravte Vzorce su take, lebo som s povedal nebral som v uvahu HP AA modulov ani nic podobne, len cisla, ktore si vie kazdy najst v klientovi testoval som par veci na PTS v idealnych podmienkach (autodrop na nehybnu lod) ale realita je samozrejme ina ;)
  12. Since BB players want the game to be "realistic" so badly lets add AI controlled planes and subs that randomly spawn and torpedo BBs. Just like real life!
  13. I think matches should start with the guns and torpedoes fully loaded on all ships and planes fully serviced. On the lower tiers, it's not that much of an issue but on the higher tiers it means that you could arrive at the front lines with 40-60 seconds left on your torpedoes which you won't be able to use even if it could potentially buy an advantage for your team early on. I'm sure everyone here can think of a situation when you start the game with all weapons fully prepared could help the team. This would make sense on a gameplay level, as it offers more possibility. It would make sense on a internal logic level, because ships sailing towards a hostile force would most likely have all their weapons fully loaded and ready to fire at any moment. I think that this is something that should be added to the game.
  14. Thiz one ist for all you szlaughtered germanz outs zthere ! =D Theze germanz attented uz/me to something zhey did not underztand. I have been aware of thiz for zome time. But to be fair to themz and otherz playerz in thiz game it szhould be pointed out that thiz might have to be fixzed. Apperently planez can land even if the carrier isz on fire. It workz like thiz: If the plane waz already commenzing it's landing prozedure... then it will continue to land... even though the carrier ist on fire ! HIHIHIHIHIHI. Perhapz to be more fair to destroyerz planez szhould abort their landing procedure and evade the carrier. Perhapz they should even crash into the carrier during the evading However that probably very rarely happened ?! ;) It could be a fun feature of the game though... if very rarely an accident happen ! Landing is dangerouz ! ;) =D
  15. Why don't people play for each other? Now i'm no socialist or expert in human behaviour but team work is somewhat lacking in WOWS. This then causes alot a people saying that "this ship is OP" or "that ship needs nerfing". I am mainly a CL and CV captain. I cant get to grips with DDs and never have since Open Beta but enjoy BBs when i'm in the mood. I Put this down to both the CL and CVs are team friendly and if played by someone that has the Team Work consent, can change the course of a game. Now we all know that teams...Well, work (excuse the pun). TB shows us this that when we all know what's going on, in comms with each other, you will 99.9% of the time beat a team that are all individuals. So why is it so hard to bring this mentality to random battles Example: I am a Cleveland driver by trade. I love this ship though nerfs and all because in IMHO this is the ultra support ship, tier for tier. It encompasses the cruiser ethos. Stick this next to a BB for the game and not only do you completely protect him for Planes (i have skill 71 AA) but you ward off any DDs that come sniffing around. Nothing scares DDs more than seeing a Cleveland bearing down on him, well maybe an Atlanta. 12 HE shot in their sides or anywhere and their down to 50% HP plus burning. They panic and press the smoke button. Job done, BB gets away or you hunt it to-death. That same BB that is smashing another BB needs a cruiser support to be 100% proficient. You provide that by burning the enemies bridge down and being a down right pest. I truly believe around 50% of captains then switch to you because, naturally, they think your a prime target with wafer-thin armour?Perfect. Your BB is blowing holes in their sides whilst you are doing a nice sea ballet, dodging his shot from a good distance whilst still raining down burning death. No two ships go hand in hand more than a BB and CL. So why do people scream and shout when they sink with no support! Either: 1) They just don't want help so fair enough. Play it anyway you want and i'm completely cool with that, just have fun. Just don't write things in the game chat like " thanks for the support lads!" when your sunk alone. If you ask for help and you don't get any, that's a different matter. But not asking for it in the first place? Not all players are mind readers or have the tactical noun to anticipate what you are/trying to do. If your in your IJN BB (see how i've not used a US one, come on to that later) and you type "need AA support please" i will 9/10 help you out. Providing that i think our own CV isn't gonna get CV sniped from the beginning. 2) You can see that the ship you are following is a one-way ticket to the bottom of the sea. DD captain on the ocean map saying " need support with cap, get DDs off back". Now any cruiser steaming off with dds in the centre of the map with poor concealment and no hill cover is asking for trouble. You light up like a Christmas tree and all of a sudden every enemy ship.. well, you know.... 3) They don't really need it. A North Carolina and any tier 8+ BB is more than capable of blowing planes out the sky on his own thank you. Unless you can see he is going to get CV combined. Are we too proud to ask for help chaps? Some don't need help and i understand that. Good captains see what is going on a attach them to other ships when the need arises. But these are in the minority. This bring me on to the most important thing, why team work can solve WOWS problems. THE CV CAPTAINS BANE CVs (tier 7+) are being dry drilled by 75% of ships. More and more people are using AA consumables, skills and ship planes because it doesn't effect anything if you do. It seems like There are AA buffs after each patch and its killing the already fragile and depleting CV line. Tier 8 CV in a Tier 10 match is a painful experience and those that HAVE CVs in the higher tiers know what i'm talking about. I find people who think its a crock don't even have a CV past tier 5. How can you give a completely unbiased option on something you don't even have. Lower tier CVs are different and in the right hands deadly. Captains are still learning their ships and have not yet adapted to how to counter CVs. Plus the AA isnt that strong (few ships aside). Why do you think there are so few CVs past the Ranger and Hiryu? TORP SPAMMING When the BB mafa assemble its like a tornado of bunt hammers, destroying everything in its path and my god did they kick of with DDs torp spamming. How can we blame a ship using his strengths? Its not as if the DD going to pop gun it to death. You didn't hear many Cruiser captains moan about this, only BBs. Imagine if that BB had cruiser support in front or at a distance? To see those torps before they become a danger or hell, even sink the DD before he drops them? The outcome of the "Torp spamming" episode? BBs got more torp armour, more secondary and more range. The IJN DDs got nerfed hard which has left them stunned, higher tier, ever since. Oh they still shoot torps at anything or in some cases nothing, but its so much harder to actually hit something with one, including reload times. Plus it forced BB to actually move, which brings me on to my next point. HIGHER TIER CAMPING This is bad WG, really bad. Not only is it boring but on a tier that needs good team work its one of the most that is lacking it. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians if you know what i mean. Any ship that goes further then the H line disintargrates. But i don't blame you chaps. Having that much range on my YAM or MONT WG is kinda forcing us to fire at the range. Plus the cost of that match is, well you know. Don't think even teamwork could save this one. Nerfing torps didn't help this, only encouraged it. BB SNIPING BBs captains moaning about being sunk by planes when alone. All i can say to this one is good. I hope you have learnt a painful lesson. Instead what did WG do? Put more AA on BBs, even those that didn't even need it and nerf planes, like putting tier 6 planes on the Hiryu, nice one. I'm loving this when i sail in my NAG but come one people, A single BB should not be single handily blowing planes out the sky. A single BB alone on his own SHOULD be sunk by a CV? This would encourage teamwork would it not? Plenty of AA cruiser monsters that could nullify the whole problem if they would only ask for support. DDs should have a field day with lone BB. There is more but my dinner break has expired Summary We should be encouraging team work, not buffing ships because they don't survive when they don't. All WG is doing is pushing team work further apart. So, what you think Chaps? If I'm wrong then tell me i'm wrong. What can we/WG do to encourage teamwork. TB aside. Thanks
  16. Hello, I just played a ranked game with independence carrier at rank 16. This enemy CV somehow bombed my carrier and caused my planes not to land ?! Was perhaps the carrier landing pad blocked by a crashed plane ?! Who knows.... ??? I haven't seen the replay yet... but I am going to examine it after this posting ?! The interesting/funny thing is... the starting screen of a "ranked battle" actually shows a carrier and a crashed plane blocking the landing pad ?! LOL. I was wondering if such a thing could actually occur in the game ?! Maybe this is what occured ?! Or maybe it's just a bug ?! During the game itself I thought it must have been a cheat ?! Cause I thought I recgonized him as the number 1 player: pape something... ;) But it wasn't... his name was different... Here some screenshots though... later I will add one more screenshot to show the start of ranked battle where you can see the crashed plane ! Here is link to replay: Direct link: http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/20160612_031828_PASA006-Independence-1945_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay'>http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/20160612_031828_PASA006-Independence-1945_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay Folder link: http://www.skybuck.org/Games/WorldOfWarships/CantLandPlanes/ Screenshots of battle result screen: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: A few games ago I learned a trick how to "queue up" a manual torpedo drop... but going to keep it secret for now, not sure if that has anything to do with it ! ;) hihi. Maybe a flight back path can even be set.. haven't tried yet... but in theory it should work. Interesting... elite pro stuff ! ;) =DDDD Ok now I go watch replay... to see if there was actually a crashed plane on my landing pad... and if not... see if I can figure out what caused this strange bug ?! ANOTHER X-Files for the books I guess ! ;) =D Gonna call this Skybuck's X-Files 002 *** Update 1 ***: Ok, I analyzed the replay. It seems his enemy bomber caused 2 holes in the carrier lift mechanics ?! Not sure if this will disable landing ? Or perhaps the two holes prevent landing ? Or it's just a bug... However... later on... near the end of the game... after he bombed me again... and my cv was on fire and I repaired it... then the planes could suddenly land again ?! Could be some out-of-sync error... perhaps server got confused when I pressed REPAIR in between the bombings of his two bomber squads ?! Very weird stuff. *** Update 2 ***: He does seem to hit the elevator twice... I can vaguely remember reading something about this a long time ago ?! Am I being delirious ? Am I imaging things ?! Weeeird... or what ?! Here some more screenshots to show the two holes in the lift/elevator (low res, maybe hi-res will show more ???): Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: It's quite remarkable how the elevator was hit twice ? Kinda weird... coincidence ??? Somebody with a really big monitor ??? Luck ? Bot ? These screenshot might also show what's going on with the repair button/ability... hmmm... maybe the bomb fell right in between some kind of time vunerability/bug/exploit hmmm ? Bye, Skybuck.
  17. I've been wondering about this for some time now, my question is basically: Does AA Defense fire at all planes at the same time ? I can remember reading something about this on some developer blog or so... how it was implemented... like some kind of "aura". When I look down upon my carrier I can see the carrier shooting mostly at one plane or so... perhaps because I mainly targetted it.. or perhaps not. My question relates to how to attack enemy carrier best ? and if there is a difference, for example: I wonder about the following: Suppose I send three bomber squadrons towards an enemy carrier and attack it. vs Suppose I send one bomber squadron at a time towards the enemy carrier and attack it. Will I loose the same ammount of planes ? Or will it be different ? For example in the case of 3 bombers attacking at the same time... will only one bomber squadron get shotdown ? I did notice this behaviour in higher tier... where basically one squadron was lost above battleships and the other two could fly on... This question could be extended too: Does it matter if bombers/planes attack from different sides ? I basically I already asked this question before and the answer was something like "no"... some kind of aura effect was at play.. Though the question could still be asked if it matters if ship/carrier is attacked broadside or from bow/stern... concerning chance of getting shot down... perhaps attacking from stern/bow the aura's circle/elipse is smaller/thinner ? Planes further away from center ??? So to sum it up I can seen some benefits and dangers/risks: (Grouping bombers): Pros: 1. Grouping all bombers together will increase their chance of getting through 2. It does a whole lot of damage at the same time, can cause somewhat of panic with enemy and can force repair to be activated. 3. Less chance of plane detection. 4. Needs only one little hole to fly through ;) 5. Can surprise the sh*t of the enemy. 6. Torpedo plane becomes much more dangerous... it could deliver the final blow... while this plane is still flying around... enemy might be scared to repair... in case of sinking damage. This is still something to investigate: is it better to repair 3 burns and risk 1 flooding ? or will 1 flooding do more damage than 3 burns ? hmmm.. Cons: 1. They are all at risk of getting straffed down by enemy fighter plane... with this I noticed that it does effect all planes at the same time. 2. Might reduce the burning time because of repair, but then a torp launch could cause sinking with a bit of luck.3. Reloading bombers might become an issue. 4. Takes longer and more effort to launch and group them together... you might be dead by then ;) 5. Less spotting of enemies. (Seperating bombers): Pros: 1. More difference attack patterns, less chance of interception. 2. Harder to figure out where the planes are coming from, gives more cv concealment. 3. Remains more dangerous over time. 4. More spotting/scouting benefit for team. 5. Better reload spreading. 6. More chance of penetrating enemy defenses. 7. Can function as a spotting plane per ship for perhaps torpedoes or maybe even enemy ships... mostly destroyers I think... ships can probably spot further than planes ? Not sure about that though. 8. One bomber could be left behind to keep an eye on the enemy CV to see if it completely burns down or how much health it has left to decide next plan of attack. Cons: 1. Might loose more planes when attacking cv individually, thus higher ammo costs (?). or is it a repair cost (?) or both (?). 2. Greater chance of plane detection. 3. Attack is imminent, though can also confuse enemy if you are going to attack his cv or just some ships or just remain spotting. This thread a bit messy, I apologize for that... me listening to music and me a bit in a hurry. I may clean this thread up in the near future to make a bit more sense and to contain less duplicates in the cons/pros... it does allow one to read only one or the other though... in case one is only interested in that one tactic ;) so maybe I leave it the way it is. Quote me at your own risk ! ;) These lists of pros/cons were not ment to be totally exhaustive/extensive... but it's a nice list I got going there... if you know of other benefits or drawbacks of splitting or grouping planes... add them below. Update: At the bottom of this page some stuff is explained how AA defense works, probably doesn't answer all my question, but it helps (I had troubles finding this, maybe it should be a seperate page, oh well): http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Aerial_Combat_%28WoWS%29#Anti-Air_.28AA.29_Defense Re-read this, it's nice, also read some old thread about dual purpose main guns not working (no visuals), which raises the question for destroyers with dual purpose main battery guns: If P is not used/turned off. While main battery guns still fire at planes ? And will this ruin destroyer concealment ???
  18. Hello, First some questions which I have been wondering about: 1. When planes fly over islands does their altitude increase ? I am pretty sure the answer is yes for high mountains. 2. What effect(s) does this have ? 3. Will the planes fly slower when climbing ? Will this make them more interceptable ? 4. Will they automatically fly down ? Will they then fly faster and become less interceptable ? Will their bombs and torpedoes move faster ? 5. Will they be more easily or less easily spotted when they are high up ? Could be altitude dependent... 6. If higher speed when descending will ship AA work less or better on these faster planes ? Now for some suggestions: 1. Plane altitude could become a game mechanic like in world of warplanes, perhaps the two games could even be melted into one super game . 2. Plane icons on the main map could get a different color depending on their altitude: Red = very low Orange = medium Green = high Light blue = very high, still below clouds. White = Within clouds (dark edge around icon to keep it visible). Blue = Above clouds 3. Players would need a way to set the altitude of planes. Perhaps select it and then hold left mouse button to drag/influence altitude setting. 4. Fighters could benefit from attacking from high altitude. 5. Bombers could fly to high altitude to try and avoid flak. 6. Moving clouds could be added to the game to make it more difficult for carrier players, give them more hiding options for planes and such, perhaps even hide carrier under low clouds. 7. Climbing/Descending could affect airplanes speed. I kinda like this idea. Hopefully it will make the game not too complex, but still fun to play and might give it an extra oompfh. Update: I also searched for altitude on the forum, there seems to be a lot of interest into this ! For me there is no hurry with this feature (specially the melting of two games), though the clouds could be nice to have earlier... Might be nice if this idea was implemented for 2017 or so, hopefully by that time I will have a new computer so it can handle more =D Bye, Skybuck. P.S.: Thanks for answering any of my questions ! ;)
  19. CaptainNorse

    XP and credits for planes killed

    In my opinion shooting down enemy planes should have a small buff in rewards. Currently you can play a US carrier with fighter loadout, score 40 planes shot down during the match (saving your team mates from a huge lot of torps and bombs) as well as land some fine hits and fire with your DBs. Even though one could then argue that you've made a significant contribution to the team (crippling two IJN carriers if looking at the example above), the xp and credtis reward dows not reflect this. My suggestion is therefore to increase xp for planes shot down to make the fighter loadout build viable. This change would also encourage more tier6+ CAs to stay with key elements of the fleet as anti-air support.
  20. Naitsab243

    Spotting Mechanics

    Hello Guys, i wanted to talk about a topic that stresses me while playing. In my opinion is the spotting mechanic that is right now in the game a littlebit illogical. I want to show that to you in a sketch. In this sketch you can the earth with its earths curvature. On the earth you can see a "ship" and above that a "plane". From both figures you can see straight lines to the earths curvature and that these lines slightly cut the earth. These lines act as the maximum of how far they can look. So you can see that the ships line doesnt go as far as the line of the plane. So the plane can look further away. And because of this i asked myself, why is this upside down in the game. It would be more logic if for example a dd is about 7km far away from a bb and the bb can launch its scout plane to have a better chance of spotting the dd for a short period of time. If i have any mistakes or you have more ideas let me know. Greets P.S.: Sry for bad english but im from germany and my english isnt that good. And for a much closer look you can click on the sketch or download it.
  21. Hello, Problem: Suppose I change my mind and I want to cancel the launch of an airplane... the airplane is not taking off yet... it's just queued. It's currently impossible to cancel the launch of queued airplanes. Solution: Use F to cancel the selected aircraft so it doesn't launch anymore and is removed from the queue ! Possible applications: Hiding, or re-ordering plane launches, or keeping them safe. Bye, Skybuck.
  22. Tubit101

    Detected by invisible planes

    This happens to me fairly often. I get detected by planes that can't be seen, usually for 4-5 seconds. I get the feeling I'm being spotted even when the enemy has no planes nearby. Is anyone else experiencing this. Is there any explanations to what's happening?
  23. Hello Fellow captains i want all of your opinion in the tier 6 CV (carrier line) line, the independence (US) versus the Ryujo (Jap) Just now i did yet again a battle that completly destroys my fun to play this line at all. i will explain on how its played and how many times this happend to me. I love my US carrier. My independence has a setup where i contineu to use the first deck, so i have 1 Fighter squad, 1 dive bomber squad and 1 torp Squad. i do this becaus ethe dive bombing squad gives me somewhat of protection against cruisers and destroyers but hardly to never has effect on battleships, I have the torp Squad for this and with the cntrl button kicked in as we all know its potentialy a 1 shot for me. the fighter squad is purly for escorting my 2 other squad but if i feel like i have the time then i will hunt enemy planes. the reason for why i did that is if i choose deck B then i get 2 fighters and a bomb squad. hardly dmg on ships but addaqate plane hunting. if i go for Deck C then i have no protection but good ship kill ratio. so both have a advantage and a disadvantage. its all about making choices Then we take a look at the jap counterpart and this happens to me ever battle where its 1vs1 cv. right of the bat the Ryujo has 5 planes in the air and i have 3. but since the fighters are not good enough versus my fighters i would say that balance in this is open for debate. The setup i see with Ryujo's now is to have 3 fighters, 1 topr squad and 1 dive bomber squad. adding 3 fighter squads together takes out my fighter squad with barly a loss of half of his fighter squad. so head on i cant win it. i cant hunt his planes because. 3 enemy fighter squads. i cant go offensive because. fighter squads. effectivly he has then the same setup as me. 1 torp and 1 dive squad. the disadvantage is that he cant hunt my friendly ships because he has more fighters to spreadout and protect. and when he spots my fighter well swarm battle basicly. then my dive bomber and torp squad has to fight cruiser planes as well (as he has to ofc do with our team) but since i need my fighters to take does out he can simply dedicate 1 to protect his squads and use the other 2 fighters to hunt my planes. The balance in this is completly wrong. not even surprise attack works. because if the other setup applies with the Ryjuo and i have seen this happen plenty of times to me before (so with the 3 torp squad setup) he simply groups all planes together and simply goes for me. i can take out 1 torp squad even with his one fighter squad on me but that still leaves 2 torp squads i can absolutly do nothing against. again, would i go with two fighter squads then i am ussles to my team. if i would hunt his planes then he simply spreads 5 squads out over the field and i can only get on 2 max in time. it completly becomes a cluserfudge when we are in a 2 cv versus 2 cv battle where the enemy has 2 jap CV's. ussualy it ends up we (as friendly CV's) just give up and inform the team we cant do anything against it besides picking a couple of enemy squads out of the air. but the effect is then its ussualy 6 pleanes versus 12. to top this up the enemy cv also informed me during a private convo he has more plane squads in stock as well. so when he loses a squad then its no biggy. he can launch ussualy fully upgraded 3 squads per type. where i get 2,3 squads. the bad thing is when i look at the ranger tier (tier 7 to come) then it presents the exact same problem. does anybody else has the problem in the US cv line with this? because if this standard presists then i rather sell my CV and invest in the russian/german tree.
  24. Hey guys. I have updated my spreadsheet, which Fuft uploaded for me back in August. If you got some ideas to something I could add or remove to the spreadsheets please tell me in this post. WoWs Aircraft Carrier.xlsx