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Found 17 results

  1. The new tier VI Pensacola really kicks azz in Operation Killer Whale. Play her well or even barely competently, and you can basically just rofl-stomp across the board. The reason for this is, her combination of AA power and 203 mm guns. The AA suite, while not quite on par with that of the old Cleveland, is still more than able to do the job, and those 203 mm guns smashes forts apart, tears cruisers to shreds, pounds destroyers to bits, and generally makes life a burning hell for any carrier unfortunate enough to get within range. The recipe is simple. First, you select upgrades, captain skills and consumables for maximum AA damage output. Then, you enter battle and proceed roughly as follows: 1. Go straight for the harbour area. Take out the forts on your way in (shoot AP). 2. Try to be the first to confront the planes from the enemy carrier in the harbour. With a combination of Defensive AA fire and your fighter plane, you can take them out with contemptuous ease. 3. Take out the carrier at anchor. Whether to use HE to burn it down, or AP to citadel it to oblivion, is mostly a personal choice. You can probably leave the enemy cruiser and battleship to the mercies of your allies at this stage. 4. As soon as the anchored carrier is sunk, turn around and head out to sea again to intercept the enemy carriers and destroyers approaching from the west. Try to get at least one or two allies to join you; an opportunity to spam HE at a couple of CV:s under cover of your AA umbrella should provide good enticement. (Unless absolutely necessary, do not stay to shoot at the anchored battleship or the shore installations. You need some time to get to where you need to go, and speed is not the Pensacola's forte.) 5. Time your Defensive AA and fighter planes to deal with enemy planes and spot incoming torpedoes. Being an AA shield at this stage will allow your allies to pound the enemy fleet without getting harassed by planes, so concentrate on dodging torpedoes and generally staying alive as a priority. With the kind of AA power you've got, you will sweep the skies clean in pretty short order. You should probably focus your own guns on the enemy carriers to begin with, although it pays to take out the designated enemy ships to complete secondary objectives. Your secondary batteries can provide you with a few bonus kills at this stage, especially since they tend to benefit from the same commander skills that bolster your AA. 6. When the enemy carriers are sunk, it's time to evaluate the tactical situation. Any remaining designated targets should be dealt with now, if time allows it. If you can help your team to win by getting to the exit, then by all means do so. If the swiftest (or only) way to victory is for you to go down, then die well and bravely - preferably by ramming a designated target and thus helping to complete the secondary objectives in the most dramatically satisfying way possible. At least, this is how I have done it. But I'm sure the recipe can be improved upon!
  2. cptsimian33

    Pensacola is it any good now? (Review)

    Pensacola is it any good now ? tried it again after the surface detection buff to see what its like to play now. always loved the guns, but being able to be spotted from the moon has always been an issue with this ship. first game in it after the surface detection buff.
  3. So I've been slowly grinding towards the tier 8 ships with the anniversary camos from last year. Very recently I've finally finished the grind of that quite dreadful Pensacola (I really tried to like her...but no), for which I don't have a perma camo, obviously. Now I've finally unlocked New Orleans and one of the benefits of a perma camo is that I don't have to purchase a camo for credits every battle. I don't often have premium account so I'd rather not waste credits unless I have to and was looking forward to a full tier 8 grind with its perma camo. But of course the cruiser split is on its way and everybody seems to know that any perma camo that ends up being on a ship that is changed, will basically be doubled. But I don't know if the anniversary camo will also be moved from tier 8 to tier 7. I'd really not want to not having grinded with the anniversary camo through tier 7 and through tier 8, I'd probably have stopped at Pensa and waited till the NO with permacamo got moved to tier 7 instead. Obviously I can't change the rules and if the anniversary camo gets removed from tier 8, I would be kinda vexed about it because I did my part to earn it with that collection and the camo kinda moves away from my grind (sorry, not native English here). But...does anyone actually know if the anniversary camo will also be split like the paid premium camos, or will it stay at tier 8 or will it move to tier 7? So 7+8, 7 or 8?
  4. valrond

    Pensacola is still crap

    Pensacola was pretty bad before, she was buffed in the concealment department, but that's it. It's a pretty horrible ship, were you can barely do anything at all, unless your opponents are complete noobs. There is no reason to pick this thing over any other tier 7 cruiser. Let's see the good sides: -Good guns, 10x203mm guns that pack a punch -Good AA: Not as good as Cleveland but best in tier for a cruiser. That's it. Let's see the bad side: -No range. 15,7 km in a tier 7 cruiser is a joke. Tier 4 French cruiser has already 15 km range. Budyonny and De Grasse outrange this thing and they are tier 6. The OP Belfast has 15.4 km range on top of everything else it has. The schors has 16.8 km, the York 17.3 (bad arc, but still, good reach), the Algerie 16.3. Only the Myoko has a similar range with 15.6km, but that ship has a lot of upsides this one hasn't. -Low DPM. The reload of the guns is 15.8s. That's a lot of time for a ships that hasn't got any other way of dealing damage and has to get close to do some damage. And if you compare it to the Scharnorst, with 9x280mm guns at 20s, it's even worse. -Non existant armor. She has the weakest armor of all cruisers of tier 7, maybe even in the game, cause even DDs can pen and citadel this thing. Very easy to citadel, even going away. -No torpedos. All other regular tier 7 cruisers have torpedos, so they are a threat if the get close to a battleship, or can torp into smoke, this one doesn't have them. Only Belfast lacks torpedos at tier 7. .No useful/special consumables: Just the usual AA/Hydro and Catapult Fighters. So, what can we do? A couple of buffs would help her. 1-Increase her range 1km to 16.7 km, so she doesn't have to come so close to the other ships, specially battleships, that can one shot her easily at 13-14 km. 2-Reduce the reload to 12-13s, to make up for its poor DPM. It still won't be a top tier cruiser, but no the pain in the [edited]it is right now.
  5. Hey there fellas, So I was on YouTube a while ago and I saw that The Uss Salt lake City was going to be Tier 6, where the Pensacola was going to be moved to. ( This also applies to some of the other Cruisers, like the Baltimore, but I forgot what it was renamed to) Does this mean they are renaming some ships? Or are these totally different ships??? -USSARIZONA_2015
  6. Hi All, Prior to Season 6 of Ranked, a large portion of the World of Warships community conveyed a general message that the Pensacola was one of the least viable ships in this season, if not the least viable. I personally disagreed with this sentiment; and set out on a journey to take the Pensacola all the way to Rank 1. The video below is a highlight reel of my journey: Enjoy! If anyone would like a full break-down of the journey, please see this reddit thread where I have provided my insights and the key statistics of all of the battles I fought on my journey. NOTE: I appreciate that this video may be blocked for some of you. This is because I have used a significant amount of copyrighted music in the video. If this is the case, please see the comment section where I have provided a work-around to this problem. Until next time. Take care and fair seas. Paul "tx141" Walsh
  7. Solanine

    A Look At The Pensacola in 0.5.11

    A much requested commentary from me, featuring one of the most challenging cruisers, the Pensacola.
  8. I was challenged to make a youtube video to keep a new subscriber (I do care this much about them) so I jumped in one of my favorite ships and recorded it live. It was my first live commentary so be gentle :3 I appreciate any constructive critisim. Greetings from Hungary! Ps.: I am a real captain btw
  9. piritskenyer

    [Suggestion] Pensacola tech rework

    Hi gents, As many of you know, we have USS Pensacola as the current T7 US CA, and now that USS Indianapolis is coming up as a T7 prem CA, I thought it would be a good time to take a good hard look at her, so I called up Trainspite to help me out a bit. Much of the credit for all of this in here goes to him directly. So, first things first: The Pensacola. Very very divisive ship in the community, with some people hating her to the core, and some people swearing by it. I'm not ging to lie, and most of you know this already, I'm in the second camp, although from time to time she infuriates me. Now why is she so divisive? That is down to the quite hard shift in the tech tree between the Cleveland class and the Pensacola class. Pensacola was built more than a decade before Cleveland, and was designed and originally designated as a light cruiser with heavy armament. The Washington Naval Treat however made so that she was to be redesignated as a heavy cruiser. As light cruisers, Pensacola and Salt Lake City were relatively thinly armoured (4" max thickness on the main belt), but had very powerful machinery, with really high design speed for the time. They also got a hugely tall tripod mainmast, but more on that later. How all of the above translates into game terms is probably all tooo familiar to most of you: She is fast (not IJN-fast, but still a good turn of speed) She has very good handling She has no realy armour to speak of when it comes to handling accurate enemy fire from anything more powerfully armed than a T5 CL And because of that tall tripod mainmast she can be seen fro the moon. No, really, she can be seen before she gets a chance to fire her guns. Also, as it so happens, she has more than a few ahistoric features in game. We aim to rectify all of the above problems we can, based on her service history and refits. Here we see the superstructure of Myoko to the left, to the right we have Pensacola's 1945 refit superstructure and her 1942 configuration with the infamous mainmast Pensacola compared to Myoko. Note how much taller Pensacola is as completed. (Picture credits to Trainspite) So here is the suggestion in gross lines: reworking her hull options: A hull, as she was completed B hull, 1942 refit C hull, 1945 refit Changing the gun choices currently available, removing the ahistoric " 8"/50 Mk14 " guns (the US naval arsenals never had an 8"/50 calibre weapon) as a side effect, changing the AP ammunition. Hull reworks: A hull 1929 hull, as built and comissioned. Armament: 10x 8"/55 (203mm) Mk9 guns in two twin and two triple turrets, firing the 8" Mk19 mod 1 AP projectile for a maximum damage of 4500. 2x triple 533mm (21") torpedo tubes, firing Mk11 or 12 torpedoes 4x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns AA: 4x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns 4x .50cal (12,7mm) M2 HMG Detection range: 15.7km Now this hull features the guns she was originally fitted with, those would have the exact same characteristichs as the ahistorical L/50 weapons that we have now as stock. This hull also features torpedoes, last in the regular tech tree. The torps were mounted in the after superstructure, and from what we could gather had very good arcs. These, however are the same torpedoes found on the Omaha, the Mk11. If we want to have stronger ones, we could give her the Mk 12's for higher damage (IRL the Mk 12 went slower and a wee further than the Mk11 but was otherwise the same). You can see that she has nonexistent AA, she was completed in 1929 after all. B hull 1942 hull, basically a mix of what we now have as the base hull in game, but with the top guns. Her hull configuration from before the battle of Tassafaronga. Armament: 10x 8"/55 (203mm) Mk14 guns in two twin and two triple turrets, firing the 8" Mk19 mod 6 AP projectile for a maximum damage of 4600. 8x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns AA: ​8x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns 4x quad 1.1"/75 (28mm) AA guns 8x 20mm/70 Oerlikon guns Detection range: 15km What we see here is the state she was in in 1942. The top spotting room on the main mast is gone, replaced by a rangefinder, that knocks off an ever so slight part of visibility. Torpedoes now have been deleted as per decision of navy analysis determining them to be more of a risk than a potent weapon The guns are the exact same as we already have in game. AA has been augmented. Still not very good, but it's at least good enough for self defence. C hull 1945 refit. Better than we have now in game. Armament: 10x 8"/55 (203mm) Mk14 guns in two twin and two triple turrets, firing the 8" Mk19 mod 6 AP projectile for a maximum damage of 4600. 8x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns AA: ​8x 5"/25 (127mm) Mk12 DP guns 7x quad 40mm/56 Bofors guns 9x double 20mm/70 Oerlikon guns Detection range: 13,5km 13.2km Here is her final refit from 1945. She had her incredibly tall mast cut down, had a platform and short tower installed. She is not as tall as battleships anymore. Her AA was substantially upgraded in 1943 to what we have in game now, and again in 1945 to what I have listed here. Other changes: Deletion of starboard catapult. Both funnels are capped Her other characteristics should remain unchanged, notably speed, healthpool, maneuverability, air detection range, all that jazz. Sources: http://www.navweaps.com/ http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/024/04024.htm http://www.shipbucket.com/
  10. Moin in die Runde! Brauch mal euren Rat. Nachdem ich die deutsche Kreuzerlinie zu Ende gespielt habe, frag ich mich momentan, welche Kreuzerlinie ich als nächstes weiterspielen soll. Spiele gerade ohne Premium und wollte mich halt auf eine Nation festlegen, um dort irgendwann Tier X zu erreichen. Bisher hab ich die Kreuzer anderer Nationen nebenher querbett gespielt und mich auf die Deutschen fokussiert. Bei den Amis hab ich die Cleveland durch, als Nächstes käme die Pensacola. Macht mich jetzt nicht so an, von den späteren Schiffen weiss ich noch nicht so recht was ich von halten soll (Des Moines sicherlich interesant). Bisher fand ichs eher durchwachsen, Cleveland war ganz gut. Bei Japan käme die Mogami als Nächstes. Da hab ich gehört, das die früher mal viel besser war, das hat mich bisher etwas abgeschreckt. Ist die wirklich so stark generft worden? Die Japaner waren bisher ganz ok. Furutaka mein persönliches Highlight, Myoko komm ich auch ganz gut zurecht. Die Zao würde mich von den ganzen TierX Kreuzern aber am meisten interessieren, von der hab ich einen sehr guten Eindruck. Ist ein starker Gegner und die Optik von den höher-tierigen Japanern find ich auch ziemlich geil. Dann wären da noch die Russen. Waren bisher alles tolle Schiffe, mit denen ich gut zurecht kam und Spaß hatte. Eigentlich war da kein schlechter Kreuzer bei. Aktuell bin ich mit der Schorsch durch(hat mir bisher am wenigsten gefallen, war aber trotzdem ok), Tschapajew erforscht. Letztere würde mich ziemlich reizen, da wohl endlich bessere Panzerung und das erste Mal Radar, aber immernoch dieses kleine Kaliber. Allerdings reizen mich die Tier 9 & 10 Klassen nicht mehr so - hässlich und wohl recht unbeweglich, sollen aber recht stark sein? Irgendwie gefällt mir dieses Konzept auch überhaupt nicht, da Nachkriegsklassen gegen WW2-Kreuzer antreten zu lassen. Was würdet ihr mir jetzt raten? Kurz gesagt: Pensacola vs. Mogami vs. Tschapajew (auch im Hinblick auf die folgenden Schiffe) Wo habt ihr in dieser Hinsicht gute Erfahrungen gemacht, wo Schlechte? Was ist eure Lieblingskreuzerlinie?
  11. Agantas

    Yorck vs Pensacola

    I've been thinking of getting a tier 7 cruiser. I already have Myoko and I have Yorck and Pensacola unlocked. Which of these two do you like better?
  12. In which the truth about cruiser radar is revealed, WASD haxxoring abounds, citadel-seeking ammo is somehow issued (more pls) and I demonstrate how to blow through a weekend's worth of luck in one game. Enjoy.
  13. Ich habe nun gerade meinen Tier IX Kreuzer (Baltimore) freigespielt. Mit Tier VIII und Tier IX gibt es ja jeweils nochmal einen zusätzlichen Slot für Verbesserungen für 2 Millionen und 3 Millionen an Kosten. Mir würde es um ein wenig Erfahrungsaustausch bezüglich Verbesserungen, Skills, Tarnungen, etc. gehen. Meine aktuellen Verbesserungen: Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 1 Hier dürfte es wohl keine echte Alternative geben. Die Chance auf Munitionsbunker-Explosionen verringern und die Haltbarkeit und Reparatur der Haupttürme verbessern kommt noch hinzu. Fla-Bewaffnungsmodifikation 2 Mehr Reichweite für die Flak, Die Alternative wäre wohl eine höher Genauigkeit der Hauptbatterie, aber ob sich das beim Kreuzer auszahlt (US) denke ich mal eher nicht. Feuerleitanlagen-Modifikation 2 Hier bin ich mir noch mit am wenigsten sicher. Aktuell erhöhe ich mir dadurch die Feuerreiche um 16% der Hauptbatterie, was ja nicht verkehrt ist und auch erst mit Tier IX möglich wird. Zwei gute Alternativen gibt es hier aber dennoch: Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 3 würde die Nachladegeschwindigkeit (um 12%) verbessern und die Turmdrehgeschwindigkeit um 17% beschleunigen. Ansonsten wäre da auch noch die weitere Fla-Modifikation für 20% mehr Effizienz. Schadensbegrenzungssystem-Modifikation 1 Dürfte klar sein und keine echte Alternative geben, habe eher selten Ausfälle von Motor und Ruder zu beklagen. Schadensbegrenzungssystem-Modifikation 2 Alternativ wäre hier sicher auch die Steuergetriebe-Geschichte für weniger Ruderstellzeit nicht total verkehrt. Den letzten Slot habe ich noch nicht gefüllt Hat hier wer echte Erfahrungswerte? 2 Millionen Credits für etwas bessere Tarnung oder früheres Aufdecken von Gegnern? Zielerfassungsreichweite düfte doch dafür sein, oder? Wie habt ihr die Verbesserungen verteilt und warum? Gerade bezüglich Feuerreichweite und dem letzten Slot mit der Tarnung bin ich mir etwas unsicher. Schneller feuern zu können, wäre ja mit Tier IX sicher auch nicht verkehrt. Mein Kapitän ist aktuell wie folgt geskillt: Auch hier würden mich eure Skillungen interessieren und die Ideen dahinter. P.S. Ja, es gibt schon Threads für Verbesserungen und Skills, aber ich wollte auch einmal direkt im Bezug auf die Kreuzer eine Diskussion starten.
  14. th3freakie

    USN Pensacola - how to play it?

    So I had this ship unlocked for awhile, but didn't come around to buy it until now. Partially because I remembered playing it in cbt and finding it crap. The memory holds true. My first few matches I tried using it as an escort. Keeping close to the top tier BB, protecting it from bombers and destroyers. Makes sense, right? Cruiser, good AA, AA defense mod, etc. Yet what happens when I try that is miserable failure for me and my team. Part of the blame is on my own lack of skills, but another part comes from: There being no CVs anymore, thus no bombers to defend from; People being smart now, and prioritizing killing the escort before the BB; Lack of range meaning the enemy can hit you but you can't hit them, as long as you stay close to your BBs; The Pensacola having about as much armour as a can of Pepsi, being citadel'd by everything at every range at every angle. Still, I believe there are no ships so bad they can't be played good, so I ask of you fellow forumites - how should one play the Pensacola?
  15. scoper5k

    Team Killing Rant

    Now, i for one am not a big ranter. I have dealt with [edited] throughout the full closed beta, and now in open beta, but today i ran into someone who really really made me angry. I have been having some problems with my laptop so in my american cruisers i have been mainly trying to just provide AA cover for carriers, the basic job of an american cruiser. Well, i was sat near our carrier (outnumbered by enemies 2 carriers of course) and just watching the skys. suddenly, BOOM our Aoba drives right next to me and unloads his entire torp storage into me sinking me instantly calling me a camper and telling the team to report me, certainly this is a bit hypocritical. I cant attach the replay, but this kind of stuff has to stop. If you want the replay, just reply.
  16. KrokZombie

    How to play the Pensacola ?

    Any tips with this ship ? It seems very weak in every way imo, maybe Im doing something wrong.
  17. Greetings. I am a little confused because of these two ships. First of all, lets talk about some interesting data: Cleveland: It was build in 1940, has 12 guns that fire 7,5 rounds per minute, it does 33 knots and has up to 127mm of armor. Currently it is a tier 6 Cruiser with 35.200 HP. Pensacola: It was build in 1925, has 10 guns (the basic 8 gun layout is wrong afaik), it fires 4 rounds per minute, gets the same 33 knots of the Cleveland but has only 76mm of armor and is a tier 7 Cruiser with 34.300 HP. Or in other words: The Pensacola: - is an older design, by 15 years - has less guns - has a lower RoF - less armor - less HP than the Cleveland So, why is the Pensacola the tier 7 ship? I dont know! Fact is, the Cleveland is widely regarded as "op" and I have yet to see someone that claims othwerwise. The Pensacola on the other hand struggles against tier 8 Cruisers and gets blown to smitherines by a Cleveland, wich on the other hand has no problem whatsoever to destroy even tier 9 Cruisers. So,why not switch both ships? Make the Cleveland the tier 7 ship and the pensacola the tier 6 one. After all, the tier 6 Aoba has 203mm guns and the tier 7 Mogami has (15!) 155mm ones. EDIT: Grinding 50k xp in the Cleveland would also be more pleasurable than in the god awfull Pensacola and her gun turrets made out of old newspapers.