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Found 95 results

  1. Ahoooi. Wie ich durch die Patchnotes erfuhr soll es änderungen in der Waffenkammer geben... Mir wurde bewusst, dass die Jean Bart, welche mich in Gefechten oft erledigt, komplett entfernt werden soll :O. Nun wollte ich sie mir mit Kohle holen, bis mir einfiel, dass ich eigentlich auf die Georgia, oder die Yoshino sparen wollte. aber kommen wir zur frage: Ich hätte ganz gerne eine kleine ''Review'' über die drei. Eure Erfahrungen mit den Dingern. Da man Georgia und Jean Bart auch für Geld kaufen kann: - Sollte ich mir eher die Georgia oder die Yoshino mit Kohle holen? (ICH HABE NUR KOHLE FÜR EINE DER ZWEI) - Sind beide gut, sodass ich mir die Yoshino mit Kohle und die Georgia mit echtgeld holen sollte? - Ist die Jean Bart empfehlenswert? Kurz: Eine Review zu den drei + Bewertung und welche zwei (eins für Kohle und eins mit Echtgeld) ihr kaufen würdet (wenn überhaupt) Lg Indez ^^
  2. Hey, i feel poor :( I dont understand Wargamings idea with the legendary modules... For new player like me, who only got the Montana update no more, its so [edited]bad because i reaaaaally want the Zao or Yamato upgrade... Why is WG doing this? Noone asked for that change ... Pls remove it, ppppppppls
  3. After patch 8.0 Stalingrad's horn wistel is not working anymore. Please fix it. Thanks.
  4. So since of late my clan name is no longer mentioned on my purchased patch. Is this a bug?
  5. Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable From: Thu. 22 Aug. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) Until: Thu. 22 Aug. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update size: 1 GB Update 0.8.7 continues the cycle of updates focusing on French destroyers. Take part in the new Stage of the French event: research the French destroyer branch; gather the new collection; and obtain the new unique Commander, Philippe Auboyneau. Aside from the new event Stage, we've prepared some significant changes to gameplay: a new progression system—the Research Bureau; an updated matchmaker; and improved mechanics for the priority AA sector. What's inside? French Destroyers Event: Part 2 Research Bureau Ranked Sprint Game Mechanic Improvements UI Improvements Armory Content Additions and Changes Other Changes and Improvements You can find the whole list on our Portal, or in the newest Dasha video: Action Stations!
  6. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    To prevent new topic spam, I'm (ironically) creating this topic to post my new YouTube videos to from now on, as many others have done here already. For convenience, I'll post the ones I've already done here in this post, so please forgive the reposts. For those who haven't yet seen any of my content, hello, I'm Dan, AKA StatsBloke. My content is centred around increasing player knowledge and skill in a positive and approachable way. To kick off then, here is the link to my channel, please do subscribe and turn on notifications if you'd like updates on new content: StatsBloke's YouTube Channel I currently have two types of content: Better World of Warships (link to playlist): Tips and techniques on how to improve as a player. I'll be gradually adding to this series. Foghorn and Foghorn Extra: World of Warships news I am also planning a series called Ship Along Side for ship reviews, coming Soon™ While I've got you, here is the StatsFolk Discord server, please do join: https://discord.gg/HFwQn5j Here are my Better WoWS videos: And my Foghorn videos: Those are all reposts. I'll post new videos as separate posts. Thanks for watching!
  7. Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable from Thu. 28 Feb. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 28 Feb. 06:00 till Thu. 28 Feb. 09:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 28 Feb. 09:00 Update size: 1.3 GB Aircraft carriers are still in the spotlight! In Update 0.8.1, you will find the continuation of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event, early access to British aircraft carriers, updated mechanics for flooding and Surveillance Radar, the new “Naval Aviation” collection, and much more. What's inside? Let Dasha tell you below or visit the portal announcement! If you want to leave feedback, follow the link to appropriate Forum section. Action Stations!
  8. Tuccy


    Captains! We are happy to announce the release of the update for World of Warships. Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable from: Thu. 21 Feb. 05:00 CET (UTC+1) until: Thu. 21 Feb. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) Update size: ~ 200 MB. Changelog: Update will affect the interaction of carriers with destroyers, the "Fighter" consumable, and the individual balance of some ships. Due to the good maneuverability and precise aiming even when changing direction of attack, Attack Aircraft are excessively effective against destroyers. The latter have almost no opportunities for counterplay, even with active maneuvering. Given the high speed, Attack Aircraft successfully repel destroyers from control points and, in the early stages of battle, force them to keep close to allies, so as not to suffer from airborne attack. Taking into account the above factors, we have reduced the effectiveness of attack aircraft against maneuvering destroyers, but at the same time preserved the main features of the planes. These changes will apply to Attack Aircraft of all CVs: Increased preparation time for the attack, which will not allow instant attacks on destroyers. Changed the parameters of aiming: now planes get a large aim penalty when changing their direction during an attack and will not be able to accurately shoot rockets when maneuvering. Maneuverability during the preparation for the attack and during the attack run is reduced, which will not allow Attack Aircraft to easily aim at a maneuvering destroyer if the approach of the attack was originally on the wrong vector. Thus, the destroyer, which actively maneuvers and takes into account in advance the attack vector of the squadron, will be able to successfully dodge the attack. The interaction of attack aircraft with ships that do not change their course or, due to their characteristics, cannot do it quickly enough, will remain at the same level. Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. This will reduce the reconnaissance potential of СVs at the start of the battle and will help destroyers to remain undetected for a longer period, provided that their AA is turned off with the help of the P key. To improve the efficiency of the "Fighter" consumable, we changed its settings. Now, fighters quickly begin pursuing enemy squadrons in their area of influence. Also increased cruising speed, increased the number of aircraft called by consumable on the squadron from 2-3-4 to 3-5-7, respectively. We have also significantly reduced the hit points of fighters, which will emphasize their weakness against ships and low efficiency as an intelligence tool. In addition, the radius of patrolling fighters for squadrons has changed with tier progression: at tier VI it has been reduced to 2.5 km, tier VIII is unchanged, and at the X tier it is now 3.5 km. Due to the excessive efficiency on account to the large number of torpedoes in the attack flight, the attacking potential of Midway’s torpedo bombers is reduced: their torpedoes have been replaced with weaker ones (the maximum damage is now 4233 instead of 5367) and the chance of flooding is reduced. Other parameters remain unchanged. Changes that have affected the premium aircraft carrier Enterprise: Bombers in all respects have become similar to the SB2C Helldiver bombers found on aircraft carrier Lexington, but they still carry AP bombs. This change will increase the survivability of the squadron. Reduced torpedo arming time. The torpedo aiming is now similar to the TBF Avenger torpedo bombers of the aircraft carrier Lexington. Previously, the torpedo aiming reticle was tightened slowly, but the penalty for maneuvering was lower. Now, the aiming will be faster, but the penalty for maneuvering will be higher. Thus, when it’s the right time to attack, the torpedo bombers will be able to drop their torpedoes more quickly and accurately. Replenishment of Attack Aircraft on the deck has been accelerated, allowing for faster compensation for the loss of aircraft in battle. Other changes: Fixed an incorrect cooldown for consumable "Defensive AA Fire II" on destroyers. Now it is lower than the "Defensive AA Fire I". Reduced the size of bomber squadrons for British aircraft carriers, and increased fall time of the bombs. Due to the specifics of dropping bombs, British aircraft were too effective compared to other bombers. These changes will allow them to retain their features but will lead to a more balanced damage output. Changed number of attack aircraft in the attack flight for the base plane module of the aircraft carrier Furious, and for the attack aircraft on the aircraft carrier Indomitable. Now there are two planes instead of three in the attack flight, which will make three attacks possible in one squadron instead of two. Fixed a bug that caused the guns of the ship HuangHe to be displayed as floating in the air when a special Lunar New Year camouflage was equipped. February 23, the port of St. Petersburg will be decorated to celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Its appearance will remain festive until the release of update 0.8.1.
  9. Tuccy


    Captains, On February 7th we will be releasing a small update to the version 0.8.0. Due to this update the servers will be unavailable between 05:00 and 06:00 UTC. As this update changes the new carriers, we will be extending the Commander skill redistribution discount until February 11th. For full list of changes please consult our Portal article.
  10. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    The biggest spoiler of the new patch?

    After playing a few rounds with CV and plane infested randoms I wanna share here my biggest concern of the new patch. That is that Cv s now just can take off and go straight forward to the enemy. No fighters to avoid. Big clusters of ships are now a good magnet for the flying Shimakazis (see video) DD s that try to cap dont have the cover now of the Cv s fighterplanes in most of the cases. Planes launched from Bb s and CA s are nerved tremendously in timespand. Ships that got separated can now be dealt with, with just one squad. Just make one torp hit with flooding.....then wait at a save distance for the repair used. And then do the next 2 launches if needed. To finish it. You can actually kill 3 ships with one squadron in one plane launch. Something we see seldom in the old mode, In the old patch attack was nasty; but you could minimise the dmg by manouvring and call for the fightersplanes. In most cases when you were struck with flooding simply repair and by the time the planes attacked again your repairparty was also ready again. This was balanced,,,,now its not.... When you flood for the 2nd time your fate is mostly sealed and the same squad can even pick another victim. Above story is imo the biggest spoiler of this game now. I dont know why they implemented rocketplanes by the way even on the langley. T4 s Well thats historically not correct. Biplanes never had rockets under their wings as far as I know. So many people are complaining; but I asking were these complaints not unfolding during the Public Test server phase?? Anyone?? Didnt they listen to those players?
  11. Hurricane_tb

    17 GB update?

    Hey! I'm deeply sorry to disturb my fellow sailors, but could please someone enlighten me about what's going on here? So I haven't played in a while, since mid-end of summer or so, but I definitely had 0.7.7. I thought I'll jump back to the game a little bit again, noticed that I have to download 5.7 GB of updates, perfectly fine, 3 patches passed, no worries. Finished, very nice (or I thought) when I noticed that the game wants to download an additional 17 GB?! Ehmmm...What? Could someone please explain the situation to me? Many thanks!
  12. Ich stelle grade mit Bedauern fest, dass man News nicht wie bei den Panzern üblich im Forum diskutieren kann, sondern direkt unter dem Artikel der Hauptseite wo es in Unübersichtlichkeit versinkt. Da es unter dem kommenden Update auf dem Testserver nicht aufgeführt wird, also hier hin: Hier die aktuellen Neuigkeiten zum Wargaming Game Center (WGC) das bald verpflichtend für die Teilnahme am Spiel sein wird. Wie schön und toll das ist kann man dort nachlesen. Ich bin so frei einmal die Nachteile herauszustellen, welche man rücksichtsvollerweise nicht aufgeführt hat. Einige mögen sich erinnern, dass ich schon einmal Kritik am Launcher geübt hatte, hier also nun die zweite Runde: Inkompatible Installationen Wer noch World of Tanks noch ohne WGC mit dem normalen Installer installiert hat sollte diese Daten keinesfalls auf Nachfrage des WGC übernehmen. Die Daten werden dadurch unbrauchbar und müssen noch einmal komplett neu heruntergeladen werden. Normal installierte Daten sind NICHT mit via GC installierten Daten kompatibel. "Das ist ja nicht so schlimm, das kann man mit etwas Achtsamkeit vermeiden." Richtig, bei dem nächsten Punkt habt ihr diese Option aber leider nicht: Der Torrentzwang des WGCs Bei den aktuellen Launchern kann man das Seeding angeblich wie folgt unterbinden: Dabei deaktiviert man allerdings lediglich nur das Seeding, welches nach dem Update stattfindet. Während des Downloadvorgans selbst wird fröhlich ungefragt eure Leitung durch Wargaming zum Seeden genutzt. Will man auch das unterbinden, reicht das Entfernen dieses Häkchens allein nicht aus. Wer wirklich sichergehen will, dass nicht geseedet wird muss das in der Datei "WoTLauncher.cfg" manuell unterbinden. Dazu erstetzt man in der Zeile <launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport> die Zahl 3 durch eine 2. Änderungen in der .cfg Datei erfolgen auf eigene Gefahr! So viel zur Vorrede. Nachdem man also schon jetzt einige Winkelzüge unternehmen muss um Seeding komplett zu unterbinden, weil die Optionen eben nicht halten was sie versprechen, nun die schlechte Nachricht: Das neue WGC bietet keine Möglichkeit Seeding während des Downloadvorgangs zu unterbinden. Dieser Winkelzug existiert nicht mehr. Erneut kann man die Option "deaktivieren", aber so lange der Downloadvorgang läuft wird gleichzeitig auch geseedet: Um das abzustellen bleibt nur noch die Firewall zu konfigurieren und Proxies zu sperren, wenn man die Alleinherrschaft über die eigene Internetleitung behalten will. Fazit Selbst wenn alle Performanceprobleme und Abstürze behoben worden sind (die Meinungen mehr oder minder begeisterter Nutzer dazu finden sich hier und nachdem Kritik daran... bedingt aufgenommen wurde auch noch einmal hier) ist dieses Vorgehen zumindest... zweifelhaft. Ich persönlich spiele nur ein Spiel mit einem Clienten und brauche daher kein Zusatzprogramm, welches im Hintergrund Seeding betreibt, Performanceprobleme verursacht und zumindest für mich dabei keinerlei Mehrwert hat. Danke dafür so ein überflüssiges Programm mit zweifelhaftem Seedingverhalten aufgezwungen zu bekommen das neue achso tolle WGC allen Spielern zur Verfügung zu stellen. Hochachtungsvoll, Easha
  13. Ginger_Merkin_RN

    3 years of play but no patch

    Hi. I have scanned through the forum and seen a few post similar to this one, but no answers of merit. I have also submitted a customer service ticket on the subject. I have spent a fair amount of money in game and have 10,000 battles under my belt (I need a life) Attached is a jpg showing that I signed up on 22.09.2015, 3 years ago. I have not been issued with the patch for 3 years service as shown "For meritorious service" "A commemorative symbol granted for outstanding skills and heroism demonstrated for three years" I wonder why this is? Thanks
  14. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.8

    Commanders! Due to update 0.7.8 installation, server will be unavailable: from Thu. Aug. 23 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Aug. 23 07:00 until Thu. Aug. 23 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Aug. 23 10:00 Update size ~1.62 GB What's inside? A lot of good stuff! The Arsenal: Anniversary Section ● Festive Collection ● Japanese Destroyers ● Changes in French Cruisers ● Game Balance Changes ● Ranked Battles ● Arsenal ● Map Changes ● Content Additions and Changes ● Interface ● Other Improvements and Fixes Or just let Dasha tell you :) Action Stations
  15. In the latest episode of Foghorn, I take a look at what's included in Patch 0.7.8 as it hits the Public Test Servers: I've also made a separate extra video (in 4K resolution) with some additional detail on the new UI scaling feature for anyone using a larger-resolution monitor: If I've left anything out you were curious about, please do pop a comment in underneath and I'll see if I can find the answer... o7 Captains! -StatsBloke
  16. Ergastolano

    Giocabilità del game play

    Gioco a Wows da 3 anni oramài. Fin dalle prime ‘’salpate’’ il gioco mi ha piacevolmente colpito: divertente, dinamico, mai scontato con un approccio al game sempre diverso grazie alle diverse categorie di navi da usare e con la maggior parte delle partite equilibrate (anche quelle contro i +2 di livello). 3 anni di DIVERTIMENTO insomma a 360 gradi (d'altronde uno non gioca cosi tanto tempo se non si diverte). Grazie agli ultimi aggiornamenti (che faccio risalire a quello che ha introdotto la nuova linea dei cruiser US, cambiata la linea esistente e modificato alcune mappe) tutto è cambiato. Wows è diventato monotono, statico e disequilibrato a tal punto da essere diventato NOIOSO. Tutti questi cruiser a farsi scudo dietro le isole/rocce con i loro ''12-13-15-20-50-100'' cannoni da un rateo di fuoco elevato, dalle parabole come nelle migliori palombelle ''calcistiche'' e ''cestistiche'' e con dei radar che sono interminabili, hanno DEPAUPERATO tutto quello che di buono c'era. Nuovi e vecchi giocatori si sono adeguati al nuovo ‘’stile’’ di gioco: BB che imitano i crusier e tendono a ‘’nascondersi’’ dietro le isole/rocce, DD ‘’costretti’’ a giocare in 2°/3° linea (d'altronde contro 2-3 cruiser impossibili da colpire perché si fanno da scudo con le rocce/isole, il loro ‘’eterno’’ radar che ti impedisce di avvicinarti e i loro cannoni cosa altro devono fare?) e appunto i cruiser che come già detto soffrono di un attaccamento particolarmente affettuoso e morboso verso le isole/rocce (bello vedere il panico quelle poche volte che si gioca nella mappa Oceano, un po meno invece il divertimento in quella mappa visto che inevitabilmente il gioco si sposta sulla linea A e J). Aggiungo a tutto questo un MM che è sempre peggio, perché o si vince facile e ti annoi o perdi cosi malamente che non sei potuto divertire per un solo secondo. Tutto questo mi ricorda qualcosa che fortunatamente ho abbandonato dopo non molto tempo... ...mancano le HE gold, le AP gold, i missili terra/aria da fare partire dal porto e la trasformazione (leggasi frittata) sarà completa. GG.
  17. I've posted a quick look at what's coming up in Patch 0.7.7 - the next patch to hit the live servers mid-July. This review was conducted on PTS Round 1, so is work in progress and subject to change.
  18. Admiral_Noif

    6gb patch?

    Yesterday I was playing wows and this morning, when I woke up and open wows EU launch. I received almost 6gb patch on morning. Any clue what this might be?
  19. oceanomadeira


    Hallo Ladies & Gentleman, wer sich für World of Warships (Ranked,Zufall, Division etc.) interessiert und gleichzeitig auch noch Fragen zum Thema Fitness, Muskelaufbau, Abnehmen, Diät oder ähnliches hat. Der ist herzlich eingeladen auf meinem Youtubekanal vorbei zu schauen :-) Natürlich wird hauptsächlich gezockt. Da ich aber privat ein sogenannter "Fitnessfreak" bin (überprüfen könnt ihr dies gerne auf Instagram: lucavolutionfitness), möchte ich auch denjenigen zur Seite stehen, die sich für das Thema Fitness usw. interessieren oder endlich mal etwas dazu in Erfahrung bringen möchten. Ich gehe gerne auf eure Fragen während der Gameplays ein und beantworte diese, währenddessen ich versuche die Gegner zu versenken ;-) Also kommt gerne mal vorbei und gebt mir Feedback oder stellt mir eure Fragen (natürlich auch gerne zu World of Warships). YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIgfLUZpxiDCM1U1_u1Eayw Wir sehen uns dann im Kommentarbereich! =)
  20. This is to mention a possible BUG (?) with the new Patch and the client. This may need a hot-fix minipatch, as I know its not just me. I know others are having these issues or see team mates (and probably report them); notably in ranked but also sometimes randoms and especially the first game with a new ship. Please let WG know, as it may not be the players fault when they do not connect at launch. Obviously this is crucial in ranked especially. Please speak up instead of just reporting any player who obviously clearly didnt load in. For many games now, the new patch game client does finish the queing and loading but then DOES NOT complete the load in, the circle just keeps spinning, while you can even hear the game going on. Many times I am failing to load in to the game from the in game client load-in screen even atfter the quieing and game has been loaded, and you hear the battle start, but you don't get into the game, the circle just keeps spinning. (Other times times the client sudddenly freezes mid game or just after the start; with unusual lag spikes.) Also I noticed This happens mostly to destroyers and at higher tiers, and often in ranked. At least 1-2 players fail to connect into the game. I have noticed some other players with the same issue; when I do get in a game; there is often a dd that seems to also only connect / load in late or never. Especially in Ranked mode. I did not have this issue b4 the patch; and nothing has changed my side. When this happens...: I always try to re-boot the client and get back into the game, but either have the same problem, the game loads, then the circle keeps spinning or else the reboot takes to long and the game is over... so then I get the new discipline punishment. Because of new game client load in bugs / issues. I have been banned and turned pink, for the client not letting me in the game. This is VERY frustrating. (I completely support the nes game discipline rules; but I think you should have made provision for context and reasons. CHeck the player's record.. surely an easy algorithm? Can you not pick up when the client fails to load in a player(s) or freezes, and that the player tried to re-connect?? Being "disciplined" for something that is NOT your fault , but a game issue or other player (such as a ship sailing into torps launched 8km away and visible for that long, even if you warn them). BTW : SUGGESTION: Please add Teamwork and assist/encourage team building and improved comms; command notifications & hot keys such as "LAUNCHING TORPS", "DEPLOYING HYDRO / RADAR NOW", or "SETTING SMOKE SCREEN" or "Launching Plane"" etc and a target designating flashing bulls eye on a grid on the minimap (just like in WOT for spgs ) for planned target zone for torps or bombs or even smoke and hydro. (there may be other better wording for different classes. ( as opposed to asking for a smoke screen). FYI I have never purposefully quit a game ever in wows or wot, ( I usually watch the to the end , even if I am sunk...) . Sometimes REAL LIFE actually does happen such as the doorbell rings or an important phone call, but even then I always try finish the game first!
  21. Greetings fellow captains. Congratulations to all of you who made the cut in the patch competition. Many of the designs are truly excellent and well executed. Best of luck and may the best patch wins. Congrats to all of those who didn't make it as well, just for putting the effort. I would like to share my patch design to all of you and please be free to use it wherever you like, if it pleases you. Of course, I certainly didn't expect it to make the cut... but it was fun designing it. And really I couldn't thought anything less fitting this wonderful game! See you in battle, Captain Potato P.S. If you like, please post your submissions. I'd surely love to see them!
  22. until
    Want to have your work featured in World of Warships? Then this is the competition for you... Submissions Window: Starts 28 February at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) Ends 14 March at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN The Challenge: Create a patch (just the symbol, without a background) by hand or using a graphics editor which would correlate with World of Warships visuals. Create a short title (just a few words will do) for your creation. Publish your work in the contest topic on the forum (link will be provided on the 28th February). Save the source materials to present to the World of Warships team if necessary. Before participating, please read the Terms and Conditions (and pay special attention to Section 10). Prizes: As well as ships and signals, the first three prizes include having your patch implemented into the game. If you don't make it into the top five you will automatically be entered into a lottery, with x20 Big Santa's Gift boxes up for grabs (one per player) - Full contents can be found in here. For detailed rules and regulations please check the Portal article
  23. Tuccy


    Captains, We release the World of Warships update on Tuesday 20/03 at 04:00 UTC / 05:00 CET. The server will be unavailable for 90 minutes. This patch will address the FPS drop issue some players encountered after the last update. Action Stations!
  24. Hello [SEK] SeaKrauts fans, we are a WorlfofWarships clan focused on livestreams, replay and news around the game. In our streams, we organize competitions and you have the opportunity to drive in divisions with us and to talk. We regularly report on updates to WorldofWarships, supertest info, patches, and introduce you to new ships. We mainly comment in German, but also have international replays in English. If you like our videos leave a comment or subscribe to our channels to get the latest news. If you have an extraordinary replay and want to comment on it, send us your Replay and all ingame screenshots (+ Captain Skill, Ship Improvement) to our email address. Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/seakrauts Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/seakrauts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Seakrauts/ FB European Community: WoWs European Community Email: Seakrauts@gmail.com
  25. Tuccy


    Captains! We are happy to announce the release of the update for World of Warships. The World of Warships server will be unavailable on the 06/03/2018 from 05:00 to 06:30 CET (UTC+1). Patch notes: Fixed a bug that caused the ALT command to malfunction for aircraft groups when operated using the alternative mouse controls. Fixed a bug that caused all aircraft groups except one to be deselected after clicking the left mouse button in an empty area in cases when the alternative mouse controls are enabled. Fixed a bug which would place navigation points when a player tried to select all aircraft by click-dragging a selection box or when selecting them one by one. Fixed a bug which overextended the viewing radius of aircraft in a Cyclone. Fixed a bug which caused indications on the Minimap to be illegible when zooming in the Minimap. Fixed a bug with the game interface resetting a player’s patch in the Profile to the default one following a relog. Added festive decorations in the New York Port, dedicated to Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Station!