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Found 9 results

  1. Do you think that coaching is prohibited ? If yes where is it declared ? I am trying to find out.
  2. Hi Everyone, Was kinda wondering what everyone's opinion was on this subject. I would definitely class myself as an average player... mostly only getting to play on the weekends. Leveling up ships can be a bit of a chore, especially now that I'm researching the Fiji. I started to play this mission with a few mates as it was a bit of a laugh, not particularly difficult and a good way to earn XP. (mostly in the CLEVELAND) I would get approx 4 kills and be middle of the table.... oh and die loads This all changed when I started using the LEANDER! Each time I played I moved to the same areas of the map and got, pretty much, the same result each time. This has helped me no end in researching the Fiji. Does anyone else have a go-to ship for this mission that gets the same results? I'd love to see those replays or screen shots. Many thanks in advance, Tr1ton.
  3. ¡Hola jugadores! Abro este hilo para poder saciar mi curiosidad sobre que mapa de todos cuantos hay en el juego, os parece el más táctico para cualquiera de las clases de buque disponibles. Si podeis justificar la respuesta más allá de un: " Porque me gusta y punto" creo que será de utilidad para cualquier curioso interesado. Me gustaria recalcar que las opiniones son personales y totalmente subjetivas, por ello en función de las respuestas, podamos hallar puntos en común y que WG pueda tomar nota en un futuro para seguir desarrollando mapas, escenarios, etc. Un saludo a todo el que visite y posteé en esta humilde sección.
  4. Hello WoWs community I just released a my first mini-montage in this game and I would be grateful if you would give me some open critism on it. Things what should I improve. or just things that you didn't like in this video so my next one can be much better Thanks Video
  5. gawaing

    la incongruencia de los Tier X

    Buenas. Ya se que deve haber un monton de post del mismo tipo pero tengo que decirlo. Y es una queja/opinion de los Tier X el sistema de predidas con la tasa fija y el precio de reparación de estos. Y es que los numeros no salen, incluso con cuenta premium, gangando y haciendo una partida normalita, ( 1 captura, 1 muerto y victoria) sin que te hundan pierdes dinero, No importa lo bien que la hagas pierdes dinero. Y eso lleva a una conclusion simple, los tier X no se juegan. No vale la pena ni esforzase al minimo impacto rasjuño o pierdes lo mismo que se huvieran hundido, Tampoco vale la pena ir de suicidio por que pierdes por igual. No pude ser que en una partida como antes mencionada ganes 240K y por que llegastes a la mitad de la barrad de vida y despues de causar unos casi 100K de puntos de daño a los ribales. pierdas 10.000 a 50.000 simplemente por el echo de no ser el primero o por las bondades del RGN que no le apetecia que dieras. Al final llegas a la conclusion que el tier X es una loteria rezando para que alguna caja epica te salve el dia.
  6. Fiery_Kathy

    Two Brothers - Opinion Poll

    I'm not going to give my personal opinion in the post because it might influence peoples' decision.
  7. Right now we all know that agressive gameplay is punished hard but even if you win after 20 minutes of sneaking, angling, making your shots - missing some of them and then probably dying you will be rewarded with a rather poor amount of credits (and maybe xp?). The Big thing is that the weekend doubles changed the game for these 48 ~ 72 hours in playstyle, teamplay, rewards and most importantly fun! But why was that so? I think that the bigger rewards gave a massive motivation to the players. But let's look at some things first, shall we? [...] In general there's not really a reason for the players to win the game right now, unless they made a big impact. It's even more cost efficent to survive in the higher Tiers frequently. As I'm playing Tier X for the first 2 days now and noticing that I get 270.000 Credits and 2700 XP for Sinking 2 Ships and doing some solid damage with the premium account brings up the question what do I need to win for now? This amount of credits doesn't even last to pay the bill for service next time my Zao will be sunk'cause the camo, and the consumables take 67.500 C to replenish. So I'm left with around 200.000 credits in the end and the Zao needs 250.000 ~ 270.00 credits to do a full service after beeing sunk and between 22.500 and 90.000 for consumables. I acctually need to play some games with my premium ship(s) - well the Yubari doesn't generate that much money in the end - to be able to play the Tier IX or X. Why do I mention that my ship takes that much money when it's sunk? Well with the current meta for destroyers and the remaining refuse to play aircraft carriers combined with the average skill levels that are fighting even at Tier X it happens more that frequently that players are annihilated because they still get torped by destroyers, they don't know about things like angling or one team splits up for two sides and one goes full on one side - these things are some kind of bad luck or a lack of skill, but this isn't a problem at all. Everybody is as good as he is and/or will improve as time goes on. People just need to accept that they have to learn. But learning still doesn't fully prevent you from getting destroyed and the big issue with that is the massive repair costs. Ships in Tier V are the most viable ones by raw numbers when it comes to earning credits (not considering premium ships of course) - and that is due to the low service price after the battle - but still you need to have a flawless battle to really get your hands on money. And Tier by Tier above V the costs start to increase again until they are so high - we're around VIII/IX - that people really refuse to fight because they won't be able to compensate the costs of beeing sunk or they just don't want to. And this really get's to a top of around 480.000 credits for a Yamato for example and let's be honest: Getting around 250.000 credits out of an average battle isn't very nice. And before some people start to tell about their high income in every battle they play: First of all: I don't think you're telling the truth and second you need the whole team to win right? So think about Players who lack motivation to do their tasks or playing a game without having a lot of fun at all? The Game really should offer a proper reward that gives the people a nice experience. [...] Well when it came to that Event I really entered a different world in this game. First I noticed after 25 battles how excited and amazed I was by the Rewards I got for fulfilling my role and giving my best. And that was also caused by the teams which tried to make a difference by playing for the Objective, Flanking the enemy, using any chance go push just to get the win. And trough that I really want to make up the theory that: They really noticed that they won! They made the difference between beeing good and just caring for not getting destroyed. And after the game the People got the feedback that they were good by rewards (I don't want you to read words written like: Ship | Ship as shout but as things that I think are important). Also this ment, that the people really seemed to enjoy the game almost twiche as much and I really had a few friends suddenly getting into a motivation to give all they got and losing from time to time wasn't frustating at all especially because the teams really started to work together and tried to win by combined force not even trying to get the best result for themselves*. And in general this is what the game should offer right? A nice enjoyable time for you and other people. *I don't want to say that people to this in general but I often experiance weird playstyle of ships by not shooting at all at enemies in range while they engage on you - so mostlikely they won't share the position to the enemy and avoid beeing shot at all even if they have the biggest armor and firepower among the fleet and would be able to withstand some solid damage. I also think that I really noticed an slight increase of players that weekend (considering other weekends of course). The queue for battles was around 10 to 15 seconds and the variety of tiers was given as well. To be honest that 2X challenge gave the game a massive boost and really motivated the players to get into the battles and do as best as they can. They knew they would be rewarded for winning and they would really notice it. I really can think about a lot of players that caught some new intrest in the game during that weekend. The only thing I don't know about that is, if they will keep that intrest up. So my message in general to Wargaming is: That double time xp and credits got the game into a kind of hype mode and it suddenly became a much more enjoyable game. And that was apparently only caused by the good feedback for a win. If you can consider an increase of credits and xp in general - even just for the win - I think that people would intend to play the game much more due to the (finally) really positive feedback. Or maybe you can cause this kind of Events to happen more frequently. Also a little note I want to add: Is there a chance of giving the premium ships a 10% convert rate from normal to free XP for each battle? I mean they are already quite expensive and if we had a little advantage on top. 10% seems to be a solid amount that should still give a reason to convert xp from premium ships by doubloons. Thank you so much for reading this guys and I'm looking forward to see you in my next post.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Yuzral and this is a second video on the WoWs/Arpeggio crossover, looking back at the first wave of the promotion, offering my opinion on it and indulging in some (probably wrong) speculation about what's coming. Enjoy:
  9. aloha dudes! whats your opinion on hindenburg and des moines. whats up to you the best of each ship. why would you take either / or ? IF i could get to know smart answers and good opinions you can be sure that i will cherish that a lot! thx,mike