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Found 13 results

  1. NO1Z3TR4UMA

    [Question] Omaha crew skill(s)

    Hey Fellow WoW Captains, Let's introduce myself a little bit (yeeeey my first topic on WoW), first i took a long brake from Warships (was playing more tanks and some other games), second after not playing 1 year and half maybe longer or maybe less i thought i would suck when playing again (1 week so far) but actually i had pretty good games on my Omaha so far anyway let' get to the point and explain my question. I've read (most posts were from 2016 or older) that allot of ppl use "Vigilance" skill for the 3th skill for Omaha tier 5 American cruiser. Personal i have a double feeling about that skill coz i rarely use my torpedoes and 25% bigger range its about 1 km more range if i didnt calculated wrong. Most of the time i'm lowest tier, if a tier 6- 7 comes closer i try to keep them on my maximum gun distance so i dont use torpedoes in this situation. When playing this game for 1 week, i used my torpedoes twice i know it's not allot but what do you think i should do? What is your opinion about the 3th skill on Omaha? Pls explain why, vigilance or..... ? Thanks in advance and big love on the forums but destruction in the water! *edit* You can always say what skills your captain have with a small explanation if you want :)
  2. Da ja viele Spieler ab Tier VIII so langsam in Geldnöte geraten, wollte ich einmal diesen Thread zum Vergleichen eröffnen. Wichtig ist dabei, dass es nicht darum geht, hier Screenshots oder Werte der besten Runden zu veröffentlichen. Mich würde einfach interessieren, welche Schiffe ihr nutzt, um Geld zu sammeln. Ebenso wichtig wäre eine ungefähre Angabe der Credits die ihr an Gewinn (nicht insgesamt) einfahrt. Dabei bitte von einem ungefähren Schnitt/Durchschnitt ausgehen, nicht eure besten oder schlechtesten Runden heranziehen. Wenn ihr gerade unsicher seid, dann bitte erst Schiff und Summe posten, nachdem ihr nochmal ein paar Runden mit dem jeweiligen Schiffchen gedreht habt. Aktuell nutze ich meistens meine Murmansk zum Geld verdienen, mit Premium Account und komme da durchschnittlich auf rund 200.000 Credits pro Match heraus. Kann mal deutlich mehr sein, mal etwas weniger, aber im Schnitt dürften in etwa 200.000 Credits an Gewinn pro Runde übrig bleiben. Wie gesagt, wäre schön wenn sich möglichst viele Leute beteiligen, mit verschiedenen Schiffen, egal ob IJN oder US oder Premium Schiff. Sicherlich dürfte es einige interessieren, wie sich die Cleveland, Omaha, Kongo, Atlanta, Atago und Konsorten schlagen.
  3. Biomet100049

    Omaha Hull B vs Hull C

    Hello, Only been playing since Friday, pretty new so excuse me if this is a stupid question, I have just unlocked the Omaha C hull, switching to this from B loses me 2 torpedo tubes and 2 guns for seemingly no benefit other than some extra AA (not as useful as the guns or torps for me atm), is there any reason anybody can think of other than aircraft defense that I should switch to the C hull? It doesn't as far as I can see convert any more of the main cannons into dual ones so I lose 1 or 2 shots per salvo, should I just continue playing using the B hull until I unlock the Cleveland? Thanks in advance
  4. fryza


    Dlaczego omaha ma tylko 26800 hp, to jest mniej niż którykolwiek lotniskowiec, St.Louis ma więcej hp i tylko o 2 działa mniej.
  5. All hands on deck, everyone! Let me show a guide on my favorite ship in WoWs - Omaha.
  6. conceited

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    I`d like to thank wargaming for making the furutaka. Thanks to the furutaka... I uninstalled the game and gained soo much free time to study for my medical exams! Thanks wargaming! If the worst battleship and worst destroyer had a baby.. it would be the furutaka. Youll be outgunned by cruisers a tier below you... and your reload rate is no where good enough to be accurate. You`ll spend ur time change your ship direction because u`ll get killed, each time you fire is essentially like making that very first shot. avoid this ship at all costs. I dont post but i log on just to express my anger at those [edited]idiots we call wargaming
  7. chaosrealm93

    Omaha and Isokaze

    Hey all, This is a unrelated 2 part-er So I recently farmed enough XP to buy the cleveland. Should I get rid of the Omaha? Do the american cruisers get any better up the ladder? It holds a special place in my heart and I'm kinda hesitant to sell it off. It's a fun ship to play and its the last of the american cruisers to get torps.. I cannot play the Isokaze to save my life. Guns are weak and take years to turn, paper thin armor, gets detected easily, torps are mediocre...... Any tips or tricks to make this JPN tier 4 grind a little more bearable?
  8. It just seems to me you don't really get a lot for your money, or more importantly, XP. All the upgrade seems to do is to make them fire slightly faster while turning a bit slower. No more range, no more damage. The turret traverse speed on the Omaha is good, but not so good that I feel that the increased ROF is really worth the trade-off, the Omaha's guns are already quite fast-firing. Are there any secondary stats that make them worthwhile? Accuracy, module HP, better AP penetration?
  9. BlueEagleGER

    Omaha´s B hull AA uncounted guns/bug

    So, with the B hull on the Omaha you get 8 quadruple 28mm 1.1''/75 caliber anti-aircraft guns. When you open the AA specification window and take a close look at them, you´ll notice there are: 2 mountings on the rear end of the superstructure 6 mountings, 3 each side in the middle of the superstructure. However, on the front cheeks of the command tower there are another 2 mountings, clearly visible, yet uncounted and without a owm camera position. Sooooooo: Either remove the mountings or count the front ones aswell.
  10. As you can see, the panel say that the reload time of the torps are 44 secs, whle in the game is more than 1 minute
  11. Witam ! Czy jest tu osoba która może wytłumaczyć mi jak grać lotniskowcami ? Chodzi mi o to że nie wiem jak zrzucać torpedy samolotami. Jeżeli ktoś by znalazł czas to proszę o pomoc. Z góry dziękuje
  12. I_Manth

    Omaha upgraded Main Battery

    Just got the upgraded Main Battery for the Omaha, but statwise I don't see much of an improvement. The amount of guns on the ship is the same and in fact the name of both Main Batteries is exactly the same. Yet there are some small differences (faster reload). Are these second guns more accurate (a stat I can't find ingame)? Or is it nearly the same battery as the first one? Did I miss anything, the upgrade is 3,000 XP so I image something improved.
  13. Tatoosh

    US Cruisers

    I am working my way up (or is that down) the US Cruiser Tech Tree. I've just acquired The USS Cleveland (Tier VI). But it does not beckon to me the way the USS Omaha (Tier V) does. The reason is the lack of torpedoes on the Cleveland. I like destroyers to be honest, but they die so quick. The lower tier of US Cruisers, particularly the USS Omaha, are kind of like buffed up destroyers, good guns, okay torpedoes if you get in close, and just enough armor that you can actually do that occasionally. I can see that with the USS Cleveland, I'll be stuck to gun battles with cruisers and destroyers or anti-aircraft duties. I suppose in team play, that can be important. But as a semi-autonomous captain in random teams, having some offenisve punching power is a lot more fun than be the defensive guard for your teams carrier or battleship. IMHO, of course. I have only started on the Japanese side (Katori & Umikaze destroyers) and not progressed far with them. I know the IJN torpedoes are much better as you move along the Tech Tree, but I tend to want to get in the middle and mix it up, not snipe from a distance. I get sunk a lot, but for a glorious few, it is all guns blazing and torpedoes flying everywhere! I suspect I'll be playing the USS Omaha for some time down the road. How do other US Cruiser captains feel about the higher tier offerings? Do you like the Pensicola through Des Moines and do they offer something to compensate for the loss of torpedoes? P.S. I just noticed that the premium cruiser USS Atlanta has torpedoes! And at Tier VII it should have some decent artillery so it is very, very tempting! The Cleveland and Pensicola do not show any torpedoes and I can't seem to access modules on the any tiers above that so I'm guessing they are torpedo-less as well.