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Found 20 results

  1. Marcanzi_1

    Minsk T7

    Comme une image décrit mieux que un texte : Sachant que je vient tout juste de le mettre full, que je suis un débutant sur ce style de jeu et que j'ai juste AFT comme compétence de rang 4 sur le capitaine. Ce bateau est petit mais il est teigneux. J'attends IFHE avec impatience, car les HE manquent un peu de pénétration sur les BB et croiseurs. Bon sinon il est très rapide, furtivité moyenne, PV moyen, puissance de feu faible mais 14,7km de portée avec AFT. Et j'ai dit qu'il était très rapide ? Il est plus lent que le Leningrad, le Minsk ne peut allez qu'a 48,7 nds max.
  2. Srle_Vigilante

    Cruiser oversaturation on lower tier!

    Enough is enough WG! Every time i play my Kaiser i get burned to death or torpedoed by crusiers because there is 6+ of them, a game!!!! FIX THIS!!! I have a recommendation as well limit the amount of crusiers to 4 a game max. If not i might as well play Steel ocean, or god forbid WT Coastal Guard.
  3. Andwari28

    König Albert völlig OP

    hallo also ich finde "die" könig albert ist ja mal völlig op als gegner man könnte meinen da kommt nen tresor auf ein zu der ballern kann und ich richte nix aus baller mit meinem dd ap auf den gürtel aber alles prallt ab und nix brennt und wenn ich aus 10km torpedos auf den tresor schiesse kommen die nicht an wenn wg da nicht nachbessert spiel ich nicht mehr und steck auch kein euro in das spiel echt jetzt das ist einfach pai to winn
  4. DakuHonooSan

    Dive bombers are OP

    I don't know if I'm just not aware of the way how to defend against this flying death or the game just doesn't include the method but with torpedos, you can at least avoid them but when i'm chasing a freaking carrier in a top tier cruiser and that carrier is wrecking me over and over. Either do something about it or tell me how to defend against them, please.
  5. adam001_

    Are carriers underpowered?

    In recent games I've noticed a terrible tendency to throw carriers into games as bottom tier ships. It makes their planes useless, as the only thing they can attack is a destroyer and enemy carrier, since all cruisers have too powerful anti aircraft guns and two tiers higher battleships are no better. I only wanted to point it out and I hope someone will do something about this problem in close future, as it is not fair to be unable to attack in any way, especially that low tier battleships often die first leaving only high tiers in the game.
  6. Basierend auf dieser Aussage hab ich mal ein paar Kandidaten zusammen gestellt. Standart Premium Tier 5
  7. TomBombardil

    Only Witless fools allowed!

    "Captain, there are planes incoming, what do we do!?" "Well skipper, there's too many of them, keep going in a straight line! We'll complain about it being OP later!" <insert witless coplaint here> To the thoughtful forum Contributors Ignore the ignorant. The main point of ANY Stubborn/Ignorant/witless/mindless/etc. complainants post is just to throw stuff (opinions and Ideas) in to the world(/forum). The more extreme the better the bait. Beware of those "fed up I'm leaving posts". (I left, quietly.) And let the rest of the world debate about them as much as possible (hence the more extreme the better) to get as much exposure as possible. (well done, president Trump). Above that, this kind of forum setup is great for it (you have to read all the comments to get a clue where the conversation is headed), hence more angering/extreme opinions you read, more time spend here, more chance of you (even I) reacting. Giving it shorter latency and more exposure. (don’t forget that hot topic mark). Completing the circle. so plz DON'T comment, not even a disagreeing or thoughtful counter argument. on ANY IGNORANT/Stubborn fools, just ignore them, let them drown in their ignorance (Ignorance is bliss). Otherwise It will just fan the flame. But if you HAVE to comment keep it simple, keep it short. Make your point or on topic meme (BBbing). Try to stay humble, aka, don’t attack the poster or point to his flaws (your stubbrn, your bad, im better, you dont know anything). And above all, Keep to the Original Poster, don’t let the reply's carry you on, and on, and on, and on. (my highest effort post got hijack by a yes,no shouting match about what ship has a highr skill cap). You can't change the stubborn and willfully ignorant or bad. But you can change yourself, (why I didn't post for +-2 years). Be mindful of this, be hygienic.
  8. belly120

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    Ok so is the sudden surge in every monkey and his uncle having access to torpedoes having a negative impact. I for one have found that guns seem less useful, if you're aiming and firing you will inevitably be left vulnerable but with insanely short detection ranges of 1km and the sheer volume that can now be spammed by both teams, its not such a game of naval warfare as a game of endlessly dodge the huge tides of long range torps. i have no issue with torps, they are important to naval warfare but please can we reign in the scale and volume and range. just recently i've generally encountered multiple waves of 8 to 10 torps from ranges of 10km which in the larger ships become almost impossible to dodge as the numbers being fired by multiple ships and from so far out mean often the first, some second wave are just dodge only to finished off by a final wave. in that time gunnery is not an option. i don't want to play a torp dodging simulator, frankly that is the dullest game ever, i'd quite like a naval warfare game lol so wait for the Cool Aid pumped sweaty try hard torp trolls to rage at the horror of loosing their super OP dream weapons lol PS i'm not a BB player, although i'd like to be, they are slow and dull, cruisers at lower tiers are great but these higher tiers just seem real fubar. had matches last night, 4 to 5 BB, 2 carrier, 2 destroyers and the remainder cruisers. it was cluster f**k city. the game was decided by tides of torps from sea and air while shells from distant BB's missed everything before they succumbed to the TORP TIDE!!!! can we find the nerf hammer please, detection range is the key. yeah you can have long range torps but i want 3 to 4km warning. i still have to dodge all 30 of them so its hardly unfair lol
  9. Jean_Bart79

    Yamato, Stealth Zao seriously?

    We could probably say OP for following ships.. 1. stealth Zao 2. Yamato is there, seriously is there any ship that can be treated as OP ship from USN? No I don't think so? What I want to talk here is that we do not want any OP ship for US, German and Soviet Navy ship tech tree, but we need the balance. so, let's discuss about those ridiculous OP ships. 1. stealth Zao - as we hardly see CV that can spot enemy ships around the field once Zao is invisible, nothing can stand against it. -Its armor is thick as BB(so funny hey? lol), it even protects itself from 16inch shells with just a little bit of angle.. -Hindenburg and Des Moines, according to the stats Zao definitely has the highest AVG dmg and win rate(At least one has to be at the top but you will know what I am saying here as you see how big the gap is between Zao and other T10 cruisers.) -It has lowest HP, but who the Fuxk cares seriously? It can even grind every battleships and cruisers alone with unbelievably high fire chance, range and shell travel speed... -Can, anyone say cons about Zao reasonably? Everyone who says Zao is not OP usually gives us funny [edited] 2. Yamato -What is the cons about Yamato? Slow turret turning speed? well I think that is it? -AS there are only two T10 battleship lets compare with Montana -compare what? If those two ships fight 1 vs 1 Montana will lose above 90% of chance <- and stupid MM makes this sad reality even worse lol -Some people say that Montana is stronger against other classes like DD and Cruisers <- this might be the worst [edited]ever. let me explain why Because Yamato has uncomparably strong Bulge armor that reduces torp damage and way better secondaries<- strong against DD's and CV torp bombers Yamato's 18inch guns can penetrate literally anything even though the target is properly angled <- OP against all battleships it has low concealment but has overpowered accuracy and range when Montana only has 23.6KM of range with ugly dispersion. At max range and any range above 15KM, Montana's 16inch shells cannot give satisfactful damage to Yamato but Yamato can give enormously high damage to Montana at its max range. -Someone said, we have to play Montana like cruisers -> how can I play this ship like cruisers? Yamato can turn faster lol -Montana should use HE for fighting with Yamato? Even though it sets fire on Yamato a lot, still Yamato is superior to Montana... -Montana's armor is underpowered, WG even nerfed it by ignoring historical fact -> please check the details of armor structure of real Montana and in-game Montana. -Yamato was born to be the beast and I know that.. however WG loves not giving a crapabout historical fact. My opinion is not only mine, I am very confident to say most of players could agree with me. for fair and fun game there has to be an adjustment with these ships. I always respect all other opinion, however if it's not reasonable or way far from the real fact I may think it as [edited]and I have seen a lot in the forum. Please do not waste reader's time.
  10. Before I begin writting this post, I will formally present myself in order not be mistaken by the common "rubble" of the community that simply desire a change inside the game in very inappropriated ways like I've seen in previous post about the same subject. Hello, my name is Leandro and I've recently started to play this game and felt in love for it for both its visuals and mechanics. I've decided to follow the legendary Japanese Battleship tree line legacy in order to achieve my ultimate goal within the game; Which is unlocking the mighty Yamato rank X Battleship. I am currently using a Japanese rank IV Battleship in all my battles and I'm loving everything so far, not only from what the game offers, but also the community itself in general. Even despite all the qualities this game has for its players, I've noticed something wrong with it that accomplishes in ruining. The fact that torpedos are extremely lethal weapons in both their effective damage and short detectation. To make it easier to understand, I will write my point of view in short sentences: What I expected 'Torpedos vs Battleships' to be like: Even despite torpedos being destructive weaponry with the purpose of destroying even the biggest of ships, I want to feel that it can be avoidable if I have the necessary time to react only in a SITUATION that allows me to do so; I do want to feel that torpedos are lethal yes, but still I don't want to feel that whenever I have a destroyer near me, or a group of biplanes loaded with them flying to me, it will be game over either by instant destruction or sinking damage; I expected to see torpedos when falling from the destroyer or from the biplanes, a big water spalsh. This is the perfect indicator that they are coming, giving the an optimal reaction time to at least dodge most of them; I noticed how hard is to hit a destroyer in full speed, not only because of their speed and length, but mostly because of their height. Making battleships slighty more accurate would fix that. And to finish this, I was shocked how a mighty yamato ship can be destroyed with full health (97.000 HP) by a single torpedo. And that's all. Thanks for reading and for allowing me to share my opinion.
  11. Admiral_R4z3r

    Verbesserungsvorschläge fürs High Tier

    Hi @ all! Da es immer mal wieder echt frustrierend ist die Midway zu fahren, habe ich mir mal ein paar Gedanken gemacht wie man das aktuelle Fehlen der CVs und gleichzeitig der teilweise vorherrschenden DD Flut Herr werden könnt: Aktuelle Probleme im High-Tier: Midway und Essex lohnen sich aktuell nur mit Strike konfig, da man sonst die Kosten nie reinkriegt und auch nicht wirklich EP zu machen sind. Durch den Mangel an Trägern gib es im High-Tier zunehmend viele DDs, teilweise bis zu 5 in einem Team Das MM kriegt es leider immer noch nicht auf die Reihe, DDs zahlenmäßig vernünftig zu matchen (gerade wieder mit 2DDs gegen 5 verloren) CVs Warten teilweise ewig auf ein Match, da Spiegelträger auf Gedeih oder Verdirb erzwungen werden Bei hohen Wertezeiten aufgrund des Spiegelträger-BUGs werden nach 5 min alle anderen Regeln über Bord geworfen und man landet teilweise in sinnfreien 3vs3 Matches Lösungsvorschläge: DDs zumindest zahlenmäßig spiegeln Flugzeugabschüsse endlich vernünftig bewerten (EP und Silber) Das erzwungene Spiegeln der Träger ebenfalls nach 5 min aussetzen Spiegelträger unter Tierstufe 7 weglassen, nur wenn 2 dann gleiches Level DDs Zahlenmäßig genau wie CVs beschränken Eventuell wie bei CVs maximal ein DD pro Division setzen Spotting von DDs endlich vergüten (EP und Silber) Was soll erreicht werden: Da High-Tier US-CVs nur mit Strike-Setup sinnvoll unterwegs sind, ist es unmöglich allen Aufgaben gerecht zu werden, und insbesondere das spotten von DDs kommt aktuell häufig zu kurz. Der Grund ist, dass man es sich schlicht nicht leisten kann eine Staffel ausschließlich zur DD-Suche abzustellen. Als IJN-CV ist ein Spotting gegen US-DDs aufgrund der starken Flak dieser einfach zu teuer und verlustbehaftet. Durch die oben genannten Lösungsvorschläge würde sich sowohl DDs zu Spotten, als auch verschieden Setups wieder lohnen. Des Weiteren könnten durch die Lockerungen wieder mehr CVs akquiriert werden. Was haltet ihr davon? LG
  12. dukeofwellington86

    German Battleship Line,

    I am thinking of starting on the German Battleship line. What are the pros and cons of this line of ships and would the Cruiser line be a better choice? Are they enjoyable to play?
  13. jorn175

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Hello everyone, I've having some trouble with torpedoes, I think that they are too unbalanced. I don't know what you guys think about it, please show me what you think about them, but I think that they are too OP, because of several reasons. Reason 1: Torpedo bombers can attack from 2/3 sides and you are guaranteed going back to port, because of the flooding and fire. Reason 2: Destroyers can go full ham and launch torpedoes from less then 10 meters and you are dead... Reason 3: When 2 aircraft carriers are in an division they can work together and wreck you by attacking from almost 6 sides and kill 2 friendlies with one run (I don't think that aircraft carriers are OP, compared to WoT they are much more balanced) Reason 4: You get an indication where to shoot your torpedoes, but you get no indication where you have to shoot with your typical main armament. Reason 5: As an warship you can try steering towards them or away from them, but with some bugs torpedo bombers drop their torpedoes within an guaranteed hit-zone, and you will at least take 1 or 2 hits (And if you steer away from them, the torpedoes are faster then you) And yes torpedoes have an limited range, but that doesn't care with the speed of destroyers, cruisers and airplanes. And when you hit you are devastating an enemy ship with fire, flooding and sometimes even an ammorack... And even when you do no critical damage you will at least do around 9000 dmg, with one torpedo (When 2/3 can hit) And the reload is also too fast, when you used your repair button you have an cooldown of 2:30, but torpedoes reload in 30 seconds (the same reload as the Kawachi, Kongo, Fuso etc. and they only do devestating damage when the shell penetrates, and doesn't do flooding damage) But my conclusion is that torpedoes NEED an nerf...
  14. Siema! I am NextToYou and I can confidentially say that I am one of the best arty players on EU server in WoT. Im not bad at other tanks either - if you are not familiar with me, you can check my WoT account here: http://worldoftanks.eu/community/accounts/500302347-NextToYou/ In this game I have now encountered carriers up to T9, so I can confidentially tell you how they perform in "WoT terms" in their current state of balance for all you new and old players familiar with WoT too. Imagine that in WoT you have an artillery piece that has: 1) Speed, manouverability and camo of a batchat arty and you play regularly against an enemy team that contains 6 mauses (all BBs), few regular speed heavies like IS7 or similar (CAs) and just a couple of russian mediums (DDs). 2) You can magically shoot enemies from very short distances, even thou you are very far physically yourself - skill of taking very long leads in combination of knowing how players tend to move in WoT with current arty shell flight times do not exist at all in this game with CV´s. 3) You get to play a map each and every time that is A) completely flat (no terrain elevation cover like in WoT against arties) B) without any bushes where tanks (=ships) could hide to C) without any building or other hard cover (if ship is near an island, you can always attack with planes from other direction). Also you have infinite range unlike in WoT arties. 4) Your damage output is huge. How do you think I would do in WoT in these circumstances with an arty? Yes, you probably guessed it right, I would totally dominate you all with my arty skills reaching 80%+ winrates like current average+ CV players do in this game. Yes, this is the sad state of carriers in this game currently, mostly because of the game mechanics listed in point 3). The biggest difference is that In WoT arties only have a few maps where they can change the outcome of the game regularly (open maps like Malinovka, Prokhorovka). Most maps offer some very good arty cover which good heavy and TD players can use to their protection and still engage in fighting normally and there are also several maps where arties are pretty much useless and do not affect battle outcome usually at all (Stalingrad, Himmelsdorf). In this game however every single map for a CV player is a like a flat field with no bushes and no houses in WoT and you have infinite range all the time. Every map is a dream map for a CV player. How to fix this? Fixing means that a great player in every class reaches similar winrate no matter what class they are in. Some simple steps that come to my mind (there could be better/alternative ones too!): 1) Nerf the speed, manouverability, camo and self-spotting ranges of carriers significantly. They should be the worst in game like they are in arties in WoT. There could be a few expectations - carriers that have speed and manouverability etc. pros, but in exchance those carriers have much lower damage outputs than slow and bulky arties (like T10 batchat arty has in WoT compared to for example T10 T92 USA arty). 2) Make torpedo bombers´ torpedo arm time several kilometers long - this way good carrier players could still own noobs sailing (almost) straight line, but good BB and CA players could actually dodge torpedoes with evasive manouvers (like good medium/heavy players can avoid arty shots in WoT with current long shell flight times in WoT). Also this way you could atleast protect one side of yours with hard cover (islands). 3) Make planes´ cooldown times longer -> lower overall dpm 4) Reduce hitpoints of carriers and/or make their repair cooldown times much longer/repair ability out. In WoT the most durable arties can take a few hits at most from light tanks, in this game currently carriers can survive as much hits as most CA´s. In WoT terms; imagine you would have as much hipoints in your arty as you have in your medium tanks. Currently in this game a single battle´s outcome is decided mostly by which team has higher tier/more carriers. This doesn´t happen EVERY single time, but it´s a very good rule of a thumb. This means carriers in their current state are brokenly OP and if you don´t see this, you must live in complete denial. In WoT a platoon of 3 unicums in heavies/TD´s/lights/mediums always win against a solo unicum arty player - in this game one unicum CV can carry whole team of potatoes against a team of unicums playing other classes. P.S I personally won´t play any carrier battles before their OPness is fixed even thou you would maybe think so looking at my history in WoT playing mostly arties. I have watched enough of that (several hours from Youtube and Twitch) to know how it exactly is in current "balance" of the carriers. In real life I don´t wander on streets beating 12 year old defenceless girls either and this is pretty much what playing carriers currently is. You carrier sealclubbers should be ashamed of yourselves. I don´t have a problem getting killed/one shotted by arties in WoT at all when I play other vehicles, since I know they are overall balanced (T10 arties are actually a bit UP in WoT currently - you can see this by checking my winrates in WoT with different classes even thou I am mostly known as a super unicum arty player). So I am not at all one of those dedicated "one vehicle class haters" like there are some in WoT community (like Garbad, SirFoch etc.) Thanks for reading.
  15. It's come to my view that once you've just used your damage control party and you take a torp hit afterwards (I know, not a smart thing to do) you generally tend to just flood to death. Flooding damage is ~400 per tick, and when your damage control party is on cooldown, this can rapidly accelerate to ~20k damage done by a single torpedo(Not even calculating in the original hit damage). In my opinion this matter needs to be addressed in a couple of ways: Either nerf the flooding damage so it decreases over time(after all, your crew WOULD be trying to plug the massive hole in their ship),reduce the cooldown of the damage control party to 45 seconds maximum(This will still allow for enough time for decent damage done, but won't cripple your ship to the point it's basically useless), or reduce the time before a critical gets repaired (Which is also very annoying when your damage control party is on cooldown, and you manage to get your rudder broken: Being unable to turn is a real burden, and most often a straight ticket to Davy Jones' Locker.) Anyways, now that this little rant of mine is over, I would like to hear you guys' opinion on this matter. Do you think flooding damage is OP and needs to be nerfed? Or do you think it's just an added consequence of "stupid" use of your damage control party? I'm looking forward to your replies!
  16. Siemka, Prosty temat, prosta ankieta. Filmiki się nagrywają, ale zastanawiałem się nad następnym poradnikiem i jego formą. Kusi mnie zrobienie go po prostu w formie filmików, ale wolę się zapytać forumowiczów Także do dzieła, głosujemy do 11.11 - wiadomo, Święto Niepodległości.
  17. _Ezio_


    Kommt es mir nur so vor oder ist die Bouge völlig OP,im Vergleich zum Japaner? Das klingt jetzt vieleicht nach heulerei, aber realistisch betrachtet hat die Zuiho keinerlei vorteile gegenüber der Bouge. Die Bouge hat mehr Fighter,die auch noch besser sind, die torpedobomber sind gleich gut wenn nicht sogar besser und naja sie hat keine Bomber aber das ist kein Nachteil. Ausgenommen sind natürlich solche Bouge`s die suizide spielen indem sie ihre Fighter gegen Bomber tauschen. WG sollte da mMn mal dran schrauben. Es würde reichen der Zuiho die Möglichkeit zu geben 2Fighterstaffeln mitzunehmen, dann hat man wenigstens die Chance das man länger als 2minuten Fighter am himmel haben kann. MfG _Ezio_
  18. Rabid_Turnip

    Torpedos are completely ridiculous

    So...a T3 destroyer can one-shot kill a T5 battleship with magical invisible insta-kill death-lasers that are undetectable till they're so close you have no chance to evade them at all (not least because the destroyer itself can magically vanish at 5,000 metres in open water without even popping smoke)? If, in WoT, a T6 light could solo a T10 heavy with ease, then serious questions would be raised about balance; and those questions need to be raised here. And CVs spamming planes that dart about and suddenly drop insta-death-dealing torpedoes in ways that a battleship has no chance at all of avoiding...this needs serious looking at. Torpedo damage needs huge, huge nerfs; from the last week's experience of playing the game, a 50% reduction would seem like a decent starting point. Right now the only people who don't think torps are massively, game-breakingly OP are the carrier/torpedo apologists who spam them (via CV planes or destroyer tubes, doesn't matter).
  19. Playing wargamings games since the start of WoT, I must say they have moved quite a bit from the policy they used to have, regarding performance of prem ships (or tanks). Warships always were more "greedy", like the sugarcoating on prem accounts where bonus xp were not separated from standard xp, and prem camo beeing so good, etc. Lately at world of warships, they now regularily release ships that are much better than ships of the same tier and class. They must have found that players dont revolt like in WoT, where players protested when prem tanks were too good. This seasons ranked seems to be tailor suited to sell prem ships performing better than all other, either it is DD or cruiser, even BB. What a commercial masterpiece. But tragic for players experiece of the game. I guess the idealistic view that wargaming wanted to make a free and "fair" MMO where players were equal (as in free ship vs premium ship), is sort of over. Now is the new era where they really milk the cow. But most surprising to me is that so few react to this.
  20. Klexis

    Saipan ist Overpowert

    Guten Abend Kapitäne, ich habe Festgestellt, das die Saipan mit ihren Stufe 9 Flugzeugen mehr als Overpowert ist auf Stufe 7. Ich habe mit der Ranger selbst mit Jäger-Setup keine Chance gegen die Saipan zu bestehen oder besser ausgedrückt, nur unter sehr großen Anstrengungen bekomme ich mal das ein oder andere Flugzeug abgeschossen. Nein es liegt nicht an meinen Skills und auch nicht an meiner Skillung vom Schiff oder des Kapitäns. Selbst wenn die Saipan mit nur zwei Jägerstaffeln unterwegs ist, ist es sehr schwer gegen ihre Jäger etwas auszurichten. Wenn sie aber drei Jägerstaffeln hat und auch noch den 5er Käptainskill ist alles vorbei, dann kann nur die Saipan selbst gegen sie bestehen. So sehe ich das zumindest. Ein Nerv auf Stufe 8 Flugzeuge würde das meiner Meinung nach ausbalancieren. Gruß Klexis