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Found 6 results

  1. Norwegian clan [TROLL] is recruiting active team players. As this is a norwegian recruitment thread I choose to do the requirement/wish list in norwegian: Heisann. TROLL BÅTFORENING søker flere medlemmer. * Du har helst passert 3k kamper * Du har gjerne en win rate og personal rating (PR) som matcher klanens snitt. Snittet i klanen er på ca 55-56% win og PR 13-1400. * Du er innstilt på å spille på lag. Vi spiller sammen typisk kveld/helg, med divisions osv der vi snakkes på discord. Uten at vi tar det for seriøst, men seriøst nok til at vi vinner:-) * Du er godt voksen sånn mentalt sett Kjernen av medlemmer er ferdig med tenåra for en god stund siden. * Vi er en sammensatt gjeng med gamle tankere fra TROLL-klanene i WoT, ispedd noen som ikke har vært innom WoT. * Vi har ikke høyere ambisjoner enn at vi ønsker å spille på lag, divisions etc, og prate sammen. Ikke typ "CW" fra WoT. Vi ønsker dog å prøve clan battle funksjonen, og gjøre oss litt kjent med det, uten at det skal oppfattes som pes og mas å delta. * Vi har bygd ut klanfunksjonene som bl.a reduserer rep.kost, øker klanstørrelsen osvosv. Klanstørrelsen har blitt utvida til 50 medlemmer. * Vi vil at medlemmene skal snakke sammen nå og da, ellers er poenget med en klan noe meningsløs. Du har derfor ikke fobi mot å få på deg headsettet av og til, og i det minste høre på det vi andre har å si ;-) Du finner oss HER. * Svar i denne tråden, evt send PM her eller ingame ved interesse/spørsmål. Søker du ingame uten å gi lyd fra deg i samme slengen blir du fort oversett. Ta en sniktitt på oss i Troll. Hello. TROLL is seeking more members. * You have preferably played more than 3k battles * You have a win rate that pretty much matches the average win rate in the clan. Currently the win rate is around 56% * You are a team player. The activity consists of typically evenings/weekends where we play divisions while we communicate on discord. Without taking it too serious, but serious enough to win :-) * You are a grown person, mentally speaking :-) The majority of members are past the teenager stage quite some years ago. * We are a mixed bunch of old tankers from the TROLL-clans in WOT, and some that hasn`t been playing WOT at all. * We want to play in a team, divisions, while we communicate. Not like "CW" from WOT and that kind of stress. However, we want to get to known to the Clan Battle function, get comfortable with that, without getttig the feeling of getting nagged and stressed about participating. * The clan functions that reduce repair cost, research cost, expands the clan size etc has been maxed. * We require that our members talk to each others every now and then, otherwise there is no point in being in a clan. * See you on discord, you`ll find us HERE. Have a sneak peek at the members of TROLL Mvh (Cheers), Lorthoinn
  2. Tordenskrall

    Vår Ære og Vår Vannmakt!

    Møteplass for norske spillere av World Of WarShips (WOWS) Nystartet Klan der norsktalende fans av spillet møtes for Divisions og på sikt frivillig TeamBattle. Krav: 500 kamper og du trenger IKKE å ha tjenestegjort i Marinen. 1) TeamSpeak Server (TS3): Adresse: ts.wargamers.no Last Ned Her: http://teamspeak.com/downloads (Client version) 2) Ingame Kanal: Vår Ære og Vår Vannmakt! (kanalnavn) Norge (passord) 3) TAG / LOGO / Rekruttering: Etter litt fundering og prating med spillere av alle kalibere, blir det nok til at vi satser på et norsk flagg og NORGE eller NOR som vår tag, dette for å få tak i flest mulig norske spillere som ikke er innom FB eller forumet til WG, da de ser dette inne i spillet i random battles om de møter noen av oss. Vi satser på å starte klanen så snart det blir åpent for alle. Det finnes ingen ubåter i spillet, heldigvis.
  3. Mikhail__

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Is Tirpitz Norway camo correct? It looks in game like this: The pattern is correct: But this drawing is in black and white only. It is supposed to be in accurate (?) colours: Any answer will be nice.
  4. CleverViking

    Hypothetical Norwegian Premium DD

    Hi guys, so there's often a lot of talk about ships people want to bring into the game, usually from their own country and I wanted to join the fun. Me being from Norway does limit the options quite a bit and I don't for a second believe we will ever get a Norwegian ship in the game (but one can dream, right?). My proposal: Sleipner-class destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleipner-class_destroyer Displacement: 735 tons [1] Length: 74.30 m (243.77 ft) Beam: 7.80 m (25.59 ft) Draught: 4.15 m (13.62 ft) Propulsion: 12,500 shp (9,300 kW) De Laval oil fuelled steam turbines Speed: 32 knots (59.26 km/h) Complement: 75 Armament: 3 × 10 cm guns 1 × 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun 2 × 12.7 mm Colt anti-aircraft machine guns 2 × 53.3 cm torpedo tubes 4 × depth charge throwers The main issue I see with this ship is the size and the armament. The size is a bit small in comparison to most other DDs with a length of 75m. However it isn't a massive stretch to DDs like Wakatake or V-25 that both sit at around 85m or Smith at 89m. Displacement is also low at 735 tons compared to 900 ish for Wakatake and V25. The Smith does say 700 tons on "normal" load and 900 on "full" load but I've no idea what this means, I'm assuming the one value actually given is "full" load for Sleipner but I might be wrong. Armament also seems a bit lackluster with 3x 100mm guns and only 2x torpedo tubes (However, one of the ships in the class did have two extra for a total of four). I can't really see it as a torpboat with only 2-4 torps unless it had an amazing reload and I'm not really sure about the guns. Anyone have anything interesting to add like proposed tier for the class and what in-game stats she would have?
  5. Hey. I am looking for a clan, or at least someone to play with in team battles. I speak good english (for a not native english speaker). I play games at tier 5-7.I play cruisers and batteships, and sometimes aircraft carriers. I am a generally good player. In the latest months I got average 50 000- 60 000 damage in my Pensacola. I would prefer a Norwegian clan, but an European english speaking clan could also work. I don`t want to play with people that is over 25 y.o. Not looking for a really serious clan, but at least someone to play with.
  6. How about introducing the horrible Norwegian WWII ships - and give points and credit for how long you managed to stay alive?