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Found 23 results

  1. Captain_Riley


    After almost 5 years, countless ships, not to mention pointless spammy paper ships being added. It is high HIGH time that the USS Washington is also added to the game as a Tier VIII (8) Premium battleship. Not for Coal, not for Steel, nor for "le Credit Card". But as a tough campaign reward accomplishing tasks that can only be progressed with American battleships tier 5-10. For her characteristics, a carbon copy of North Carolina, all her stats, armor, sigma, stealth, rudder shift, all of it. Except for 3 things: 1) A much more powerful close range AA defense, as she had in 1945 55 single, 8 dual and 1 quad Oerlikon mounts. 2) Access to a 6th Upgrade slot, like the Enterprise, to able to equip the USS BB Accuracy Upgrade. 3) A 4th consumable after Repair, Heal and Spotter/Fighter, a 7 kilometer, 60 second Radar consumable. The Campaign would be available for 5 months, but after that, if you didn't finish it, you will never be able to get the Washington under any circumstances.
  2. Guten Morgen zusammen. Letztens ist mir in einem Gefecht ein North Carolina-Spieler aufgefallen, der sich nicht so einfach treffen lies wie ich es erwartet hatte. Bei den ersten Salven auf ihn bei ca. 12km fiel mir zunächst nichts auf. Einige Minuten später war er dann auf mittlere einstellige Kilometerzahlen heran gekommen. Ich stand hinter einer Insel mit meiner Edin und konnte so unentdeckt auf ihn schießen. Die Kugeln gingen jedoch durch die Textur der N.C. durch! Auf die selbe hatte ich kurze Zeit später bei einer Wladi keine Probleme! Die N.C. hatte den Halloween-Skin, vllt war es auch ein Bug des Skins oder so. Ich habe auch bewusst nicht "Cheat" oder "Hack" in den Mund genommen, da es ja auch einfach ein Fehler in der Einschlagsberechnung sein kann. Aber seht selbst, hier ist ja Replay! 20191103_081443_PBSC108-Edinburgh_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay Und bitte nicht über meine Spielweise diskutieren, ich weis selber das ich in den Gefecht schei*e gewesen bin. Viele Grüße, Paul
  3. So I got the North Carolina a few weeks ago and fully modded it. To this day, I am still having trouble landing shots with its high arcing guns. The guns feel extremely inconsistent at long range and for some reason, it just does not want to hit the citadel even at 6KM range. If I aim at the waterline, the shells would more than often plunge into the water in front or fly over and miss the ship completely. I've seen reviews and watch a lot of videos on youtube depicting how amazing this ship is. The matter of fact, I've never had any trouble with any other battleship, but with the NC I am struggling to push 30k damage every match while being alive the whole time. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong here, any tips would be very welcomed.
  4. Hello fellow captains. I have this strange conundrum that happened to me twice already in this update. While happily bow-tanking stupid bots in co-op I have been citadelled TWICE by ships that had no way of penetrating my bow, once by Roma and once by QE(!). In the case of ROMA the angle was literally straight 0 degrees, with QE, slightly less. Sadly, I only have the most recent replay with QE citadelling me at the very end of the battle. Anyone else experienced this? Maybe there is something wrong with seam alignment between armor plates? Such bugs used to be frequent in WoT with holes in armor creating 0 armor zones... 20190415_214719_PASB012-North-Carolina-1945_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay PS in the QE situation I was at a slight angle so this may be legit citadel after all, I am unable to watch the replay myself, but as i pointed out earlier, with Roma it was straight bow-on and bots always aim at waterline center of mass, never at superstructure. EDIT mystery solved few posts below 🙂
  5. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    So I'm just going to ask. Lately, and subjectively to me, the North Cals guns seems unreliable and inconsistent. I feel almost more confident in my Bismarck guns then I do in the North Cal's. I am talking entire games with bad performance, and at easy targets - like broadside cruisers and BB's at sub 15-KM ranges. I havent read anything of any changes to her announced by WG, and my personal experience with her isn't very high. I had a friend test her and he was getting really frustrated in games coming back supporting my experience. I'm partially reminded about the issue with the Missouri where ppl started complaining about her, and WG dismissing it but the complaints kept piling on until WG started looking at her in order to see if something was indeed off. I don't know what the conlusions rgd that was but it sprung to mind when I was losing patience with NC guns. Anyone experienced US BB players that can weight in and enlighten me?
  6. LongJohn_

    NC advices?

    Allrighty. I really waited to get my first hands on NC after all the praise and glory around it. Liked NM much and pretty much fell in love with Colorados 16"ers... So what did I expect... Rugged when angled BB with punchy 16"s, great AA and faster speed than earlier models in the line. Ok. Got one. Did some games, grinded the modules but pretty much frustrated to it. Guns truely have tight grouping but you have to ain really carefully to hit any. In gis aspect my Bismarck which I really like has dodgy dispersion but it does t fail me down even nearly as much as NCs guns. After devastating Colorado NC was a harsh disappointment. But I am considering to get it back. What should I do differently? Is there a way to really learn that added advance while aiming and other useful tips would be welcome.
  7. Captain_Riley

    American battleships' Gun Director bug

    Why do the Mark 37 gun directors (4 can be found on most battleships and on destroyers like the Fletcher, Benson, etc.) on American battleships turn with the main batteries? The Mark 37s guided the dual purpose 5" guns. It was only the Mark 38s that guided the main batteries (the ones on the two highest points of US BBs: can be observed on Iowa-class, Montana-class, North Carolina-class, South Dakota-class). Wargaming only got the Alabama's directors right as they don't turn with the main batteries, only the Mark 38s do. Although it would be cool if the Mark 37s did turn with the Mark 28 5" dual turrets on BBs.
  8. Hi all, After 150 battles (no "Premium") in my beloved "North Carolina" I am now almost at the threshold of the "Iowa"! I love my "North Carolina" and I have great battles in her (even though vast majority is Tier IX and Tier X) - my WinRate is OK (was above 60% all in solo just few days ago) and I have more than average stats in other fields as well. So... should I stop at "North Carolina" with USN BB line (I would keep her just as I kept "Colorado" and "New Mexico") or should I continue to "Iowa" and Tier IX? What is your experience? Is it worth buying and using "Iowa" at Tier IX compared to what is already present with "North Carolina" at Tier VIII? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Since my childhood I have 1:350 diorama of USS BB-56 "Washington" and I immensely enjoyed my WoWs trip to "North Carolina" (since there is no "Washington" yet in the game) - that was my initial goal when i started playing 1+ years ago - to have her!
  9. I noticed North Carolina's AP shell now takes about 15 seconds to reach 21km. Has there been the usual ninja nerf, or is this just cosmetic correction of the timer? Haven't player many ships yet to compare.
  10. The NC has truly earned a special place in my heart for how straight-forward the ship is. If you play it well you are very likely to be rewarded, if you misplay you get punished. Sounds simple, but actually mastering the strengths and weaknesses is another thing entirely!
  11. So I'm pretty hyped for the tier 8 BB matchups we'll get ingame soon™, because it looks to be harbor many famous battleships of the WW2 era. I'm also a huge fan of Tosa and Amagi-classes, but I chose to keep paper out of this to keep it nice and simple. Rules: Ship was completed and commisioned Only classes/unique ships (if your pick would be Tirpitz for example vote for Bismarck) Commissioned after 1935 (so no Nelson or Hood even though I feel they fit tier 7 better imo) Iowa and Yamato are already tier 9 and 10 ingame already so none of them The contestants (so far): Lets start with Germany's tanky steel beasts of the Bismarck class that really shouldn't need an introduction https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bismarck-class_battleship In addition to having the infamous turtleback armor, these ships were heavily armored all around as well giving the other contestants a hard time dealing substantial damage to this hunk of "muh german engineering". Other than having a weaker main armament than most of the competition, the two ships of the Bismarck class were considerably fast, had a solid AA suite and a plethora of potent secondaries. Second up is probably one of Bismarck's rivals, the King George V class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_George_V-class_battleship_(1939) Ships of these class are recognized by the unique turret setup of two quad turrets and one dual turret with 14" guns, which gives this ship the smallest caliber of the competition, but also the most guns of the pack. The KGV's has the thickes main armor belt in this competition, this was accompanied by a heavy AA armament and a reasonable speed. Next one was one of the Royal navies allies, but not in this competition. Here the ships of the North Carolina class can fire all she wants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Carolina-class_battleship These monstrosities carries some of the heaviest armament of competitors with her 16" guns. Though she's one of the slowest ones with us, along with the upcoming South Dakota has the heaviest AA suite and a bow on potential only one competitor here will be able to overcome. Since the Ships of the South Dakota class are much of the same I'll just throw her in there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Dakota-class_battleship_(1939) Having most of the same strenghts as the North Carolina, South Dakota could kick just as much [edited]. The most notable difference is South Dakota being more compact and protected, but in return a tad bit slower. Following the trend of 2A1, I think following up with the Littorio class here makes sense https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Littorio-class_battleship The Littorio sisters were armed with 15" guns with the same number of guns and in the same setup as South Dakota and North Carolina, so you may ask yourself "How can they possibly compete?!"... Well let me tell you, the Littorio's 15" guns had muzzle velocities reaching 850 mps for AP and 880 mps for HE, not only does this give the Littorio an advantage over conventional 15"ers in penetration, but also better trajectories and travel time. The Littorios were also very fast and carrying a rather respectable secondary battery. Littorio's rival is the next one up, and that is of course the french built Richelieu Class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_battleship_Richelieu You remember I said only one contestant here would be able to beat NC's and SD's bow-on potential, well in case you hadn't noticed it.. this is it. Using the interesting and unusual setup of having all the main armament placed forward in a super firing pair of quad turrets. Being both fast and reasonably armoured were not the only strenghts of this ship, it had quite the AA suite as well a good amount of secondaries even though they were mounted in a questionable setup. What these ships lacked in raw firepower, they made up for in being good all around elsewhere. I felt that HMS Vanguard would fit being the last contestant knowing it was also the last battleship ever launched marking the end of an era in naval history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Vanguard_(23) Fast, AA and Armor, this Battleship had it all... yeah okay maybe not the alpha damage we might have expected, but this is again a very balanced all around battle ship that could probably be brought in almost every battle without fearing any hard counters among the other BBs. Now that that we know our contestants, its high time you take your picks and place your bets.
  12. NC is one of my favorite BB, I am 5mil short of purchasing it. What a joy it is to find out that the new Permanent Cammo is based on Type Measure 12 used in 1942. I would just like to say thank you WG for binging this. Anyone else think the same? I also brought Hipper Cammo and eagerly awaited for her Atlantic bow visual upgrade in one of the recent patches. Please do more
  13. godrin_bumowski

    Trouble hitting US BB citadels (T6-T8)

    how do you hit the citadels on heavily armored mid-tier ships like the New mexico? I cannot remember I have ever scored a citadel against it in my fuso. It seems that nothing can break the armour. What's the deal? I see others destroying NM's to ashes all the time, what makes the difference?
  14. Bonjour. Le problème se présente avec le North Carolina : 3 squadrons d'avions m'attaquent : 2 de bombardiers et un de torpilleurs. Je désigne les torpilleurs à viser, mais quoi que je fasse cette idiote de AA tire sur les bombardiers... ^^ Je précise que je n'ai pas le niveau 4 de capitaine pour doubler l'intensité de AA. J'ai juste le Niveau 1 et le niveau 4 d'artillerie. Est-ce que c'est un bug ou bien est-ce "normal" ? Merci.
  15. So I've just come back from a 6'ish month break 2 weeks ago. And oh boy was I looking forward to getting back into my NC having almost only just gotten through the Colorado grind before my break (may that ship rot in hell). But - unless I'm very much mistaken the guns have been nerfed in one or more ways since my Break. Anything beyond 14'ish kms is impossible to hit with anything other than lucky strikes. The AP is atrociously bad at penning other BBs at Range. The shells hang time and trajectory also seem worse than I remember them. Now she can still nose tank like a boss. But this kind of dispersion and lack of pen is a bit over the top imo. I'm having almost only horrible games in her now (with the odd RnG blessed ones here and there). Feel that I'm pretty much forced to nose tank into the 12-14km range (which incidentally is actually my preferred play style). But even then the huge dispersion and lousy AP performance, combined with what seems like an ever increasing tendency of players camping, means that I'm just acting as a low dmg dealing tank.... And that ain't exactly fun - or cheap. Some form of Buff to either Dispersion, AP performance or trajectory would be really really nice! EDIT: Apparently nothing has been changed, so it was only my then recent contact with the Colorado that made me remember the NC with such fondness. Also: and this is my own theory: camping players have become more prominent and as i see it the NC can still shine as part of an assault - but if no one is attacking.... Then attacking by yourself is just futile yolo-mode.
  16. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO
  17. Zahhak84

    Aguas Carmesies

    Aguas carmesíes La lluvia caía con fuerza sobre el océano, los relámpagos rompían la negrura de la noche que comenzaba a desgarrarse por el alba que llegaba. Estábamos exhaustos, la anterior escaramuza había resultado ser agotadora y decisiva para la moral de la tropa. Aún cuando hubimos aplastado al enemigo, el convoy había sufrido graves daños, 2 destructores habían sido hundidos, y un crucero había saltado en pedazos al impactar un torpedo bajo la sala de motores. Pero nuestro barco un acorazado de la clase North Carolina llamado Excelsius, el orgullo de la marina estadounidense había sufrido como el que mas, de popa a proa el navío parecía un queso de gruyer, agujereado de cabo a rabo. El problema venía que sabíamos que andaba cerca de él un homólogo un clase King George V. Las cosas habían cambiado, Estados Unidos y Alemania se habían confraternizado contra Francia y Gran Bretaña, después de que estos dos últimos quisieran invadir Alaska para hacerse con las reservas de petróleo que allí poseía Estados unidos. Renqueante como iba, solo quedaban del convoy, un destructor, un crucero, 4 cargueros y nosotros. La tensión se palpaba en el ambiente, debido a las bajas nubes la distancia no era más allá de 10km, podrían estar a nuestras puertas y no darnos cuenta. Sin previo aviso, en la lejanía las nubes se iluminaron, tres destellos en rápida sucesión. Segundos después llegó la confirmación, el tronar de las baterías del barco enemigo destrozaron la quietud del amanecer. Las trompetas del apocalipsis sonaron. Sin tiempo a reaccionar, uno de los obuses de 700kg de peso, impactó en un destructor, el proyectil alto explosivo volatilizó la proa del buque, y como una reacción en cadena, saltó por los aires convertido en una masa ardiente de cuerpos y hierro retorcido. Las sirenas llamando a zafarrancho de combate se oían por doquier. Yo como capitán del Excelsius estaba en la obligación moral de salvaguardar el convoy y a todos los marineros que surcaban junto a nosotros el mar. Las torretas de 1400 tn cada una, comenzaron a girar hacia donde se había producido el destello. Cuando estaban en posición, grité por el altavoz….-¡Fuego¡ El tiempo pareció detenerse, siempre tenía la misma sensación, un temblor infernal sacudió el buque, cuando los obuses de más de 850 kg salieron en medio de una explosión de humo y fuego de los cañones principales de las torretas, solo quedaba esperar, si habíamos hecho algún blanco.
  18. ^a picture speaks a 1000 words so it has the same turret layout as the yamato and similer speed for its tier it may as well be fireing 18 inch guns at its opponents damage wise. for example a NC hits a nagato as hard as a yamato hits an iowa. anyone else enjoying the NC as much as i am currently its a fine ship? play it like a mini yamato and it handles itself rather well in most matchups the NC repair is almost 100k cheeper than the yammas too to repair if you get sunk t10 ships need good captains, seing people in tier 10 with 3 point captains really grinds my gears
  19. First of all, sorry if there is already a similar topic but I didn't find nothing similar in the last few months. If there is, a link to the topic is more than welcome. I play mostly USN battleship and I actualy play on the Colorado, planning to stop at the North Carolina since for now the Montana doesn't appeal me that much. Anyway, I have some doubts about the skill I should choose for the captain. The first setup is the one I'm thinking to follow, the second one a more oriented to the AA I think, but i'm unsure if the manual AA skill is really "worth it" on the NC, and if justify the removal of "Situation Awareness" and "Superintendent". The upgrades on the ship would be: Main Battery Modification 1 AA Guns Modification 2 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 Target Acquisition System Modification 1 The other doubt is about the Tirpitz, since I'll find myself often brawling with it I wonder if it's worth to take the Manual Fire Control for the secondary guns since the -60% of dispersion is very tempting. But with this setup I'll find myself with 1 point that i don't really know how to invest and without some nice skills at Tier 3. Maybe I can give up two Tier 1 skills to get enough points to take "High Alert" or "Superintendent". Since I intend to play it in close quarters, the upgrades would be the same as the NC but with "Seconday Battery Modification 2" instead of "AA Guns Modification 2". The alternative would be a scheme as the first I post here for the NC. I know there is a "low concealment" build but honestly I don't think It will fit my playstyle since i often tend to stick with the cruisers to divert the fire from them and hopefully receive and give some support against the priority targets. Thanks in advance and forgive me for grammar mistakes, sadly I'm not very skilled in the English language.
  20. kountouriotis_gr

    North Carolina vs Yamato 1 on 1

    Tier vs Skill
  21. CV2305_SkyMarshal

    Amagi vs NC

    Moin Community, ich habe seit einigen Tagen nun die Amagi, die NC habe ich bereits etwas länger und auf ihr auch die bisher meisten Runden aller BBs. Bisher war die NC mein absoluter liebling, doch seit ich jetzt die Amagi voll ausgebaut im hafen habe, hat sich das bild zu gunsten der Amagi verändert. Für mich ist die Amagi ganz klar der bessere BB auf Tier 8, zwar ist ihre maximale Reichweite mit 19,1 Kilometer geringer aber ein wirkliches "Problem" stellt das in meinen Augen nicht da. Wo sind die Vorteile des Japaners? - Bessers Schadensbild, weit bessere penetrations leistung - Agiler -Schneller - Bessere MA Nachteile: - Weniger AA - Weicher als die NC Besagten Nachteile haben für mich allerdings bisher kein Problem dargestellt. Besonders der Damage mit der Amagi ist nicht nur Gefühlt höher, er lässt sich nachweisen. Die Stats sprechen hier eine ganz deutliche Sprache. Auch gereichen der Amagi drei Geschützte im Heck bei Rückzügen ganz klar zum Vorteil, gegen über nur einem Geschützt der NC. Und auch wenn die AA schwächer ist, so holt sie trotzdem das ein oder andere Flugzeug vom Himmel. Bei den Vorteilen kommen ganz klar ihre Geschütze zum tragen. Durchschnittstreffer machen mehr schaden als die der NC, Citas kommen ebenfalls viel öfters vor. Insgesamt scheinen die Granaten auch eine weit bessere durschlagsleistung zu haben. Wo ich bei der NC schon mal verzweifl, das, trotz treffer, null schaden rum kommt, haut die Amagi mit 5-8K Damage rein. Und sollte sich mal jemanden in den Nahbereich der Amagi trauen, bricht die Hölle los. Die MA der Nagato war schon episch, die Amagi steht hier in nichts nach. Bei der NC kommt es auch mal zu treffern und sogar abschüssen der MA, aber auch hier punktet die Amagi. Ich muss es leider einfach sagen: Die Amagi ist in allen belangen der NC überlegen und macht, zumindest mir, ganz klar viel mehr Spaß als die NC. Wie sieht es bei euch aus, liebe BB Kevins? Meine Stats dazu im vergleich: Amagi: Erfahrung 1.815,75 Schaden verursacht 77.214,67 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 1,42 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 4,25 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 26% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00 NC: Erfahrung 1.665,34 Schaden verursacht 53.506,62 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 0,91 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 5,86 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 28% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00
  22. SkyvandrereN

    North Carolina vs Yamato artillery

    Just wondering, why is the North Carolina artillery stat listed at 91 when Yamato is only listed as 89?. Yamato has better more dmg per shots and shoots faster and has better dispersion. The Yamato's secondary artillery is also better don't you think? is it becouse of slow battery turn time? Thanks for incoming answers
  23. ReaperChief

    North Carolina newbs

    Why are most players that use the North Carolina so bad at playing? They always stay at the back of the map, they never take the initiative, nor do they cover other allies or they do the opposite and take the initiative too much and suicide themselves early in the game. I am in the Colorado and have decided to go the full 120k+ exp route, but I wish that I could strip several of them of their (probably free exp-ed) ships and use them myself..