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Found 10 results

  1. Boold

    New Orleans Guns.

    Hi guys. Is there any reason to buy second guns on New Orleans ? I know they got little more RoF But is there any hidden stats that is improved ? ( accuracy or something ) Or they just got more RoF and slower turning time ? Regards Boold
  2. SniperWolf90

    New Ishizuchi model, AA buff?

    Was looking at my Ishizuchi when I discovered that there are guns on top of the main turrets. Is this new? I have not seen them before, there is 10 of them in total, two for every turret. They are not in the equipment list of the ship, they seem to be the same type (they look the same) as the AA guns mounted on the vessel (AA Guns 80 mm / 40 3rd Year Type). I have not tested them them yet, but since they are not in the list of weapons on the ship, I doubt they work. Sooooo, is this an AA buff in the works?
  3. So, I have been watching a few videos on this subject and I just wondered what other people thought about this. The possible new secret weapon/aspect WG is creating for 2017? Post Thoughts.
  4. Hello Guy's and Girls. I'm Relatively new to World of Warships but wanting to get very active within the community. i used to host league events for World of Tanks on Xbox, Called (WTXL). But now i'm just wanting to take it easy just with a simply Live Stream. Hopefully a few of you will show some love for a new streamer. Lot to Giveaway in December, Such as the Belfast, Tirpitz and lots of Doubloons. Once i've got a good following i will make the BIG Giveaways with large Ships a monthly thing. And a constant flow of Premium time Through the week along with Doubloons. So feel free to stop by guy's and girls simply follow or Subscribe its totally your choice. As stated on the info section on the Twitch account Followers get x2 chance of winning and Subscribers get a x3 chance. TwitchTv - OttoCarius21st Thanks for taking the time to read this small post.
  5. CampingP

    New player..any tips?

    Hello Everyone! I started playing the game yesterday and I am curious as a new player any tips? Appreciate it. Thanks. Based on my stats I don't think I am a total patato : https://eu.warships.today/player/541274119/P2Win
  6. DefenceMaster

    About Winrate

    Hello guys, i've been playing World of Warships for 3 weeks now, so i'm still quite new, anyways i've noticed that my Winrate is quite low, and that i often find myself in battles where no matter what i do, they look unwinnable, a thing that can be quite frustrating after a while when doing daily doubles and such. I've tried to check if there was something similiar to the WoT efficiency rating or whatever to see if in fact, i could be the problem, but according to Warships.today i'm classified as "Very good", so i was wondering how much impact do i actually have on the team, and if there's any tips to improve my games somehow? And another question, i haven't ventured yet too much into Cruisers, and i was wondering what are the most newbie friendly lines and the most interesting ones. Thanks in Advance.
  7. Question for any devs who might be reading this. I am a premium fan, I just love the premium ships but you guys can't make them fast enough!!! And I would really love to see a Cruiser IX or X tier premium ship being released, for any of the faction countries, although Russia or Japan would be nice. Are there any plans for a premium ship of this tier to be released soon? I am loving the game and wish for more content and addons for the WOW series. Please make them available to purchase.
  8. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Improving The Game Ideas

    Played lots of Naval Games in past,nothing new here apart from W.G multiplayer Equipment/Comsumables & ongoing support..... Any Suggestions to make this game better so it improves on all what has gone before....even including things from previous games to make this game better... I'd like to see some Hybrids in game & more ship classes...with more players on each side... Like to see Better Maps,(With some possible Grounded Targets to Hit), as are o.k for Beta(not played new map yet) but other than that....well not one springs to mind as a good map.... Feel free to add your Suggestions below...keep them Grounded Please..........
  9. I'm from Chios a very beautifull island in Greece and EVERY year we have an event which is very popular worldwide!!! I think you guys will love it .... Every neibourhood build ships a whole year and at the new Years eve we show it to the people of chios and they decde which is the best ... !!! I will leave u a link of how awesome is it and how proud am i that i ve been born in an island with sooo many Sailors, Captains !!! This video is in greek language ... u can watch additional videos if u search this : " αγιοβασιλιατικα καραβακια χιου " u wont regret it
  10. Glacore_

    Dutch Ships

    It has been on my mind for a long time and never saw a topic about it so i though, lets start one myself. I have this one question:​ ''Will there ever be Dutch Warships included in this game.'' Because many people that we know the waters the best. I hope i will get a response from you guys. -Glacore