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Found 16 results

  1. Trigger_Happy_Dad


    Hier bitte alles rein was mit der "Nagato" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Datenblatt: siehe auch: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship_nations_japan http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/search?q=nagato P.S. Bitte kein flaming / hating / whining! ;)
  2. Septivium

    Colorado and Nagato .. err ..

    Ok so I unlocked the Colorado today! Yay! ... or so I thought. After my first few games I have to admit I was very frustrated. The ship seemed like a step down from the New Mexico, so I looked up the stats of the Colorado and its only rival at the moment, Nagato. And I think someone may have made a mistake ... Colorado - HP 50100 8x16" Guns - 16.7km range60 second 180 traverse time1.7 rounds per minute227 Dispersion (13.6 mpk)12200 per shot (97600 per salvo)165920 Max DPM 21 Knots640 turning circle19.4s rudder shift timeDetected at 16.7km (no window) --------------------------------------------- Nagato - 65000 HP 8x16" Guns - 20.5km range47.4 second 180 traverse time1.9 rounds per minute.231 Dispersion (11.2 mpk)12600 per shot (100800 per salvo)191520 Max DPM 25 Knots770m turning circle15.8 rudder shift time.Detected at 17.1km (3.4km window) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so the Nagato gets, greater range, accuracy (on average over the max distance), much more HP, more speed, more DPM, more damage per shot (and therefore salvo) and better turret traverse. While giving it the ability to fire while undetected in a 3.4km window. while the Colorado is detected as soon as it is within range to fire. In return the Colorado gets ... a better turning circle ... but dont get to excited captains because WG have instantly crippled your advantage in this area by giving it an awful rudder shift time (way worse than Nagato's) Forgive me fans of the Colorado (if there are any of you out there) but I cannot believe that slightly thicker armour is going to make up for all of this. But WAIT it actually gets worse when we look at another ship ... a tier 6 ship .. no not New Mexico ... Warspite. Warspite - 53800 Guns8x15" Guns - 16.3km Range72 second 180 traverse time2 Rounds per minute219m Dispersion (13.4 mpk)11400 Per shot (91200 per salvo)182400 Max DPM 24 Knots550m turning circle18.5s Rudder ShiftDetected at 14.2km (2.1km window) What is most frustrating to me is that the Colorado's stats more closely resemble those of a Tier 6 Premium than a Tech Tree ship of its own Tier. Warspite actually has the Colorado beat for its HP, turning circle, rudder shift time, stealth, speed, accuracy(slightly) and DPM, while losing out slightly for range, and per salvo damage potential. the only significant advantage is the turret traverse. Surely the Colorado is going to be significantly buffed before the game goes into OBT? Its clearly outmatched within its own tier (and even ships of Tier 6) not to mention having to play against ships of higher tiers. Please WG. Help this ship out, its awful ..
  3. I really like playing the Fuso and I wanted to know the best and worst places to shoot the Fuso. I knew under the smoke stacks were good for citadels but I was surprised to see that underneath the turrets was not always an optimal shot choice. I put together a video which highlights the Fuso's armor and the best places to shoot the Fuso at closer ranges (line drive shots). I tested things out in a training room and some of the results surprised me. Anyways here is the link to the video if you all are interested in seeing what I found out. I will be checking the YouTube page off and on so leave me some comments on the channel so I can see what you guys and gals think. Or if you have any ideas for better tests to run. I know that results may differ with plunging shots and that is 1 alternative that I think I can test out. Testing plunging shots is harder though because of the battleship's RNG with it's shells. Part 1 I created a follow-on video to my original which details the Fuso armor against larger 16 inch guns. I wanted to see if the area underneath the turrets are able to be citadeled using the Nagato. I was surprised by the results. I then performed the same tests against a New Mexico to compare and contrast the results. Again that surprised me. Let me know what you all think about this updated video and if there are any other tests you would like to see. Part 2 Part 3 I took a deeper look into the New Mexico's armor to determine the ships defensive strengths and weaknesses. On part 3 I shot at the New Mexico while parallel and at angles to see how the armor reacts in differing circumstances. The New Mexico definitely showed some promise in certain cases. For me the only issue with the New Mexico is the ships speed. I am interested to see what you all think. Leave some comments and let me know what you all think.
  4. GetYourSafeWordReady

    Nagato - eine Hassliebe

    Hallo, wahrscheinlich hätte der Thread auch gut in die Frustbewältigung gepasst, aber eigentlich möchte ich ja Tipps zum Umgang mit der Nagato. Wie habe ich mich auf dieses Schiff gefreut und dann folgte recht schnell die Ernüchterung. Die Fuso habe ich noch recht erfolgreich gefahren 54k im Schnitt und 1,25 abgeschossene Schiffe. Stats. Aber mit der Nagato komme ich einfach nicht auf einen grünen Zweig. Von 15 Gefechten habe ich 10 verloren. 24k Schaden im Schnitt. Unterirdisch. Ist es falsch den Fahrstil der Fuso einfach zu adaptieren, muss man die Nagato grundlegend anderes Fahren? Liegt es an der doofen Ice-Map die fast jedes Mal kommt? Ich bin verzweifelt und möchte so gern die IJN BB Linie weiter fahren, aber es macht im Moment 0 Spaß. Durchbeißen?
  5. Kurokenshi

    Please do something about the Nagato

    I just can not do it anymore i got the nagato and am trying to play it but i am in a 30 game lose streak. The ships is so bad Guns have aweful ROF Turning is aweful Shot spread seems to be designed to make you cry AA can do nothing but tickle the bombers Starts with less Hit points then the teir 5 kongo gets
  6. Calapine

    Nagato gun sound in

    Since the todays hotfix patch the sound of the Nagatos main guns is different. It actually sounds so weird I am not sure if this is intended or some kind of bug? Did anyone else notice a difference? And if yes, what's your opinion?
  7. Please let somebody check random modificators of this "Ship" because in this form is one if not the worst ship in the game. If it sometimes hits something and this is not glorious 300 dmg it could be good but those moments looks for now like exeptions in bad pattern of utter disaster.
  8. Dayaveer


    Hmmh how is this ship? I am at Fuso at the moment with IJN BBs, but for me it seems Nagato is horrible and i dont have much interest on getting it very quickly. Does Nagato have anything good? Seems to have bad armor, only 8 guns,, no torps and nothing special? I haven´t played it yet myself so im more likely asking how is it, just seems to be below average BB.
  9. vikingw

    The Nagato syndrom

    So... I tried the Nagato while it was in Alpha, I thought it lacked some improvements - main gun, ROF and the AA capabilities. Still it was alpha and a lot of work was still going on. However I quickly realized that this frustrating ship was causing much trouble among many players, and by now it's becoming more and more a syndrom or such... Can't hit anything? Almost like playing the Nagato and it's 8 slow loading guns Did you fail to shoot down ANY aircrafts in your american CA? Feels like playing the Nagato all over again. I know the Nagato and all other BB's should be inferior to the planes, but come on - getting attacked by 18 planes and manages to bring down 2 before getting hit by so many torpedoes it zeroed me from 65 k hp. It should be more difficult/expensive in plain losses to attack a BB, and in particular the Nagato is underpowered yet again... ladies and gents, I give you the Nagato syndrom. I truly hope the developers are aware of this, or I fear we will end up seeing many tier 3-6 IJN bbs and then other nations from tier 7 and up. I know I will choose so
  10. subgenius

    What am i doing wrong in nagato

    guys i need help, i just unlocked the tier 7 battleship nagato and it looks great, my problem is not her looks but her performance. In my fuso i did an avarage of 70 k damage in my nagato i struggle to do 30k dam, what is wrong with this ship and how am i suppose to play it to have a decent inpact on the game?
  11. Japanese Tier VII Battleship Nagato, compared to USS Colorado + Tips and Gameplay
  12. ThorSuperTanker

    Ho hé, du bateau! ^_^

    Amies navigatrices, Amis navigateurs, Bien le bonjour! Je ne suis pas vraiment nouveau en jeu, mais sur ce forum, oui. Je suis exclusivement aux commandes d'un cuirassé japonais (le Nagato, obtenu pas plus tard que ce midi) et d'un croiseur allemand (pour peu de temps encore le Königsberg). Sur World of Tanks, je jouais avec les chars lourds soviétiques (KV1-S... mais je crois que le nom a changé). Voili, voilo!
  13. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO
  14. TheCoolBird

    Dealing with German BB's?

    So I am playing Nagato in ranked, and I find my self doing rather well. But my main counter seems to be German battleships. They have enough speed to easily get close, and I seem to do little damage against them. I know how powerful Nagato guns are, but against the Germans they seem to be rather weak. I often see over pen's or non-pen. Usually I ask for focus fire from my team if I am having problems, but there isn't always a team to do that. Where do I aim on them so I am getting more damage done? Even when they are broadside, the damage I deal is lower than usual. Any information given is highly appreciated.
  15. Bonjour. Je viens d'acheter le Sims : il est super MAIS... je viens de tirer au moins 30 obus HE sur un Nagato et sa vie est restée à 100% !! Ensuite, mettant de la fumée, je lui ai tiré 2x4 torpilles qui l'ont touché, et là sa vie a décru. Ouf ! Mais comment expliquer son invincibilité absolue du début où mes obus étaient sans aucun effets sur lui ??? C'est un bug ou bien ce joueur trichait ? Merci !
  16. According to The Armored Patrol, long waited high tier IJN BB is coming soon.It's going to have classic premium IJN camo it seems to be. What are your toughts my fellow skippers? https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/12/20/mutsu-nagato-class-premium-bb-coming-soon-pictures/