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Found 21 results

  1. ziomalxxz


    Temat poświęcony okrętowi Myoko, japoński krążownik VII poziomu.
  2. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Myoko up-tiered constantly ?

    I start making a chart of Myoko MM - so far, in 10 games, only once I was on mid section (vs tier VII bbs) and the rest of times only vs tier IX and VIII bbs / cvs ; I remember the crap MM throw me as cannon fodder with stock ship and red captain ( on that re-training period) vs tier IX bbs... I want to ask you guys, its this a curse for Myoko ? I mean, other ships at tier VII (russian, german ) do NOT face constantly a tier IX and VIII games like my poor Myoko... The ship turn like a brick, citadels from bow all day long, RoF bad, so , to conclude, I have a very hard time with her , almost always I get hit only 2-3 times and loose all HP - seems all red team target me ! I try to stay behind bbs, I still get targeted by all - dds, ca.s, bbs - seems everyone know what paper made ship is Myoko and what free XP she is... How are your experiences on Myoko guys ? All day long vs tier IX and VIII ? Not a single time I was on top third of tab window in a MM at the start in last 10 games, "best" case was on middle - all the rest on last third or even last position...
  3. Merhabalar, VII seviye japon kruvazörü Myoko gemisinin kaptan becerileri sizce nasıl olmalıdır ?
  4. Captain_Strawberry

    Lunar Missions

    So the lunar missions are out. What is this S. Dragon? Looks like another Myōkō clone to me.
  5. Hello all, I've seen some replays online which were very helpful (flamu e.a.) but now I have arrived at three ships with which I struggle, hard. Those are: Yorck, Myoko and Friedrich d. G. The cruisers are hard because of the heavy bb play of course. I tried to remedy this by looking for replays on youtube & wowsreplays, but that was all but helpful. I have not found a single replay of a FdG game that was not max tier 9 (not to mention dd light). Please, when do you ever see that? Never had a single one of those. Same for the t7 cruisers replays where the cruisers are top tier and the game is bb light (with for example only 3 t5 bbs - again: where the heck do you find those games?) In my t7 cruisers I see a lot of bbs anyhow, and often in a t9 game. Replays in those circumstances would be really helpful. In my FdG I see t10 with a lot of elusive he spam cruisers (zao, moskva, khabarovsk etc.) Replays, again, would be helpful. Replays tend to focus a lot on "mega epic hardcore supahdamage" and the like, for which I absolutely do not care (at least, not as primary criterium). Once I see the (laughable one in a million) line-up, I don't watch it any further anyway. A lot of them also are played in division, which also aren't that representative. So: for any people having replays of the ships mentioned, would you please share? Zip some of them, and attach them to a reply here, or post them on wowsreplays. Once again, this doesn't (rather not) have to be a unique game where you are first place with triple damage/xp/ of the next one - just a regular game where you show insight and have a good game. Anything would do at the moment, frankly. I'd think more people would find such replays handy, but at least for my part I would be very thankful. Much obliged, PzP
  6. TheCoolBird

    Myoko help?

    I recently researched the Myoko, I've heard good things about it. So I was looking forwards to it. I did good with the Aoba, I was able to survive and hit citadels. But I seem to be failing to use the Myoko. Most of the time I don't get a chance to get more than a few hits in before I'm destroyed. Does anyone have tips on how to use it, or do I just need to use it more to get used to it? It feels like I'm one of the only people that hasn't enjoyed using it so far.
  7. 3AD3OY

    ARP Myoko

    Witam. mam pytanie dot. ARP myoko czy to jest normalne myoko + dodatki statku premium czy co to za twór ? jeżeli złe miejsce tematu to przepraszam(nowy na forum) Szczęśliwego nowego roku
  8. r2097

    Is IJN Myoko AA broken?

    I noticed that when i upgrade my IJN Myoko to B or C hull it has better AA then my ARP Myoko (IJN AA: 51 compared to ARP AA: 41) and i checked some stats and they are all the same with the exception of RANGE. For some reason IJN Myoko has 20% longer AA range even without AFT or AA module. Range of 127mm guns is 6km. Range of 25mm guns is 3.7.km. I want to highlight that i don't own IJN Myoko and this is only in the modules screen that i can see. But if i remember right, while i was grinding IJN line i had IJN Myoko with 8.6 AA range for 127mm and 5.5 AA range for 25mm ... Since it was my first ship line in the game i didn't pay much attention to this Is this normal or what?
  9. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play - The Myoko!

    Episode 10 live now hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  10. So before the update I am pretty sure the ARP Myoko has pink LEDs and such, or it just shines. But after the update, it's not lighting up anymore and seems to be replaced with just paint.
  11. Daxos1996

    Is the Myoko overpowered?

    Soooo, many of you might have heard this before but the Myoko is a cruiser killer. The Myoko has insanely powerful guns and its very easy to hit citadels with armor piercing on cruisers. Furthermore it is easy to light battleships on fire and you can do this continuously, thus doing tons of fire damage to battleships. So the question remains: is the Myoko overpowered? This is rather difficult to say. In my opinion and experience i think that the Myoko is the key factor to his team. If the Myoko is doing well, your team will win. This is just because you deal so much damage for your tier (tier 7) and you also have 10km torps! And when you compare it with the counterpart: the Pensacola, it is an easy match. The pensacola can never outfight the Myoko. Watch the following link to see an actual gameplay video that shows the Myoko's strength: Let me know what you think of the Myoko, and thank you for reading
  12. piritskenyer


    Hi there! I just managed to unlock and buy the Myoko, and I'm looking for general advice. So far she looks pretty decent. So far, I have mounted the Main battery mod 2 (increased loading time for better turret traverse) and I'm planning on getting the Rudder mod 2. What else should I mount? (The main battery mod 2 coupled with the cpt skill gives pretty good turret times) What cpt skills do you recommend for the long run? I'm planning to carry the cpt over to the Ibuki and then the Zao. The Mogami will recieve a different (and differently geared) cpt. Thanks in advance.
  13. After reading a lot of complaints about the same stuff over and over i felt like sharing my opinion as well. Maybe influenced by the sentence "IJN Destroyers, rejoyce...", captains that say "buffs to DDs" are wrong say stuff like this: "and now, the shimakaze gonna be too OP, the kagero with 16km torps with 72knots and the torpedoes reload faster, omg we all gonna die, this will kill the balance" 1 - Torpedo Reload Booster - i can't think of one reason to loose the Smoke Screen in behalf of a one-time-per-battle faster torpedo reload speed. That's an option that won't change any balance at all as it's only for Hatsuharo and Kagero. Maybe i would take it as ONE faster reload in exchange for ONE smoke screen, but i'ts not like that i guess. 2 - The Torpedo Acceleration skill. Now the complains here are simply ridiculous. I believe some captains may have reasons to complain, the problem is they are complaining about the wrong ships. Kageros 12 or 15km, 16 or 20km range. The only factor that changes in this ranges is more km means more chances of getting luck or... not, thats about the only "advantage". The speed? Plus 5 knots? You worried that Kagero now has 72km/h torpedoes instead of 67? Really? if you think this is a problem don't get near the 81knots Zao torps. You should also be equally worried about Russian DDs because - being true they don't have the range - some have 75knots torpedoes. The game isn't only made of High Tier ships so other ships you really should be watching out are Isokazes (already a hyperOP ship) or Minekazes, now both capable of 6km range with 73knots torpedoes at Tier IV and V. I can only imagine a Umikaze with +-7km range torps at 53km/h with a 2.5 reload rate in Tier II... What about CVs? isn't it a buff to all CV torpedo bombers? Shouldn't BB or CA captains be more worried about +5knots on torps that are launched from planes at such small distances? It may be harder for torpedo bombers to get close to some ships now but if they do, their torpedoes will be faster than usual. I think the most benefited (in higher tiers) with the Torpedo Acceleration skill are US DDs, with 8km+ range, because they have really slow torpedoes and in this case i think it can make a difference. CAs with torpedoes can also benefit from this skill. Now on the "Now the Myoko is better than Mogami" movement, it's funny how Mogami captains agreed (a while ago) that the Mogami was such an OP ship, i was flamed to hell because i said the Atago was better than Mogami, so everyone came saying no way, Mogami rules, is so OP, it's on top of leaderboards, you are an idiot, whatever, so i accepted all of that. Now, with one single change in a freaking skill, looks like it became worse than a Myoko... Do you really think you had a really bad ship that was only good because of one captain skill? That couple or whatever missing kms in range "tranformed" the Mogami from "So OP, much better than Atago!" into "It's a really bad ship, worst than Myoko"? you might think that HE spamming from 18km is a good tactic but you are just fooling yourselves. In the end, you spent 10 minutes so focused on sucking a few K HP from a BB that you didn't even realize that a battle was going on. This also goes to some Cleveland captains that soon will learn that most of their effectivness isn't at 18km range. I don't think this is such a big nerf for these CAs. The ships are still very capable and effective, even without the long range random hits. The difference is that now some captains have to actually use more than one tactic in battle. Where's the rule that says that Mogami captains must have a better CA, did you forget that there are worse CAs and people don't complain about it? They just try to play with it. Last time i checked, Mogami wasn't supposed to be more "special" than other CAs. About BB captains that are always so afraid of High Tier IJN DDs. "Now i can't even one shot DDs! What have you done with dispersion?" - This one is real. "Torpedoes are too fast, it's impossible to dodge!" - Try not to put yourself in a situation where you have to dodge it in the first place. "Smoke favour DDs too much!" - Unless the smoke screen is saving your ship... "Now it's easier to get Last Stand! It's not fair, i can't hit them if they don't stand still!" - No comments "They can launch torpedoes from 20km! It's too easy for them, they don't have to get close!" - You try it champ Some of you High Tier BB captains must have this idea that getting hit "ocasionally" by a DD torpedo is something "unacceptable" when in reality, most of your problems are related to the fact that you don't like being tormented by the possibility of getting hit by a torpedo, for 20 minutes. You really really wanted all DDs to be visible, so you could take out your Montana, relax, light up a cigarrette and lay back on your chair while you do you damage but that's not the way it should work. If you have to spend an entire battle fearing DDs with your backs closed really tight then do it, it's part of the battle, just get on with it. That akward moment when some captain is insulting you and asking you for help at the same time: "That bloody DD took away 4K HP from my "without-a-scratch" BB with those torps! Help! There's a DD here! Somebody kill that freaking bug! Any DD that can help me?"... Most probably some other ship will end up sinking this BB but the only ship that comes to that captains mind is the freaking DD so he goes into the foruns and tries to finish the DD race, even though DDs must be the ships that sink BBs the less... (surely it must be BBs or CVs). When i play BB i worry about torpedo bombers, about other BBs and fleets of CAs with BBs. With DDs i always try to keep track of them and try to make sure i don't run into their possible torpedo paths. Sometimes i may get surprised by some nice DD manouver and get sunk but even there, most of the times, i would probably take a few torps and dodge the rest. From that moment on i have more than one minute to finish that DD and that's not a hard thing to do as you know. If i don't finish him, someone else will because DDs always get focused by everyone when they get detected. Even if he manages to launch another spread, he will probably miss because i'm alerted now. Usually this ends up with a DD sunk in seconds, or maybe he will get another set set of -10% repair expenses (that's one Flag DD captains have a lot...). I think WG will get it right with this update. Maybe the only players who have some reason to complain are US CV captains in Tier 8, 9 but there i can't really speak from experience with CVs because i have little experience with this class. This time i think WG did a lot of stuff that people asked before but you cannot expect instant action from WG, that's not how it works. I'm really glad that WG is not making gameplay changes based on the opinion of noobs or one individual. Don't get me wrong, i'm not upset. I'm just giving voice to my captains. They think that 90% of the time you can solve "your nerf issues" by learning different tactics and play better. Don't limit yourself to that "special skill" you like so much. If you start a battle thinking your ship sucks, that battle will never go right for you pretty much in the same way that a salesman that doesn't believe in his product will never sell it sucessfully. Sorry for the long post.
  14. thunder3oo

    ARP ships

    While I enjoyed the part of the game which has a purpose - by completing the missions for ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko (simple gameplay becomes boring after a while), I do not enjoy pink and high pitch voices. It seems that most of the time Wargaming is doing its job - is when is pushed from behind. I guess it's hard for WG to realize that most gamers are males, even more than that - many of them are +18. ... and I like to believe that even young, boys are boys and men are men, not sissy girls. Pink is a color for little kids or girls. More appropiate colors for male participants in this game who use ARP ships - could be blood red, royal blue, glowing blue, green or even white; all being colors that can be found abundantly in anime movies. But no, WG decided that pink should be the default color for ARP ships. Pink? W.T.F.? Really, now? So... we fought, we got the ships. Now what? I'm sure very few understand what is that high-pitched female voice saying... in japanese. Not only is an annoying kid voice, it's in japanese, too (a beautiful language... when is spoked by men, btw). Well, since WG put accent in one of its articles on hearing the sounds (torps, announcements, etc)... clearly we can't use them while they are in japanese. Most army people (in special smokers and guners) have hoarsed voices, not that... "I don't know what candy I want to eat next" voice. Speaking of army people, some anime characters (if i remember correctly) have hoarsed voices as well. Here's your inspiration, WG! Ok, WoW's is an arcade game, but... covering only a specific layer of players? Come on, Wargaming, you can do better than that. Put your people at work and hire some real men with real balls to get the voices done. How do you people say? "Action stations!"
  15. Daxos1996

    Citadel/kill compilation

    Hello fellow captains! My name is Daxos and i love the Myoko and Nagato. They are perhaps my finest and best ships! I love making videos of awesome games such as world of warships and i recently made a citadel/kill compilation video! Please enjoy the video and let me know if you want more! ^_^ Click the link below: If anyone wants to add me in game: 'Daxos1996' Have a good day
  16. Nex_Gen

    Myōkō class cruiser nerf in 4,1

    As the title says this thread is to discuss the planed increase in main battery load time for the IJN Myoukou class heavy cruiser at tier VII. The myoukou has 10 203 mm main batteries housed in 5 double turrets each turning wit a blistering speed of 4 degrees per second (180d in 45s). Current RPM (5) Planed RPM (4,29) DELTA (-0,71) AP damage 4700 235k AP dpm 202k AP dpm -33k AP dpm (-14%) HE damage 3300 165k HE dpm 142k HE dpm -23k HE dpm (-14%) Lets compare it to the Pensacola (Pepsi Cola) at the same tier She is armed with the US 8 inch guns, 8 of them in 4 double turrets firing with a 15s reload, her turrets turn 180 degrees in 45s but are upgradeable to a 30s rotation and 100 extra AP damage. The upgraded hull also reconfigures the main armament to two triple and two double turrets, giving her a total of 10 8in guns. 203 mm/50 mk14 RPM (4) 8 guns 203 mm/55 mk14 RPM (4) 10 guns AP damage 4500 144 AP dpm AP damage 4600 184k AP dpm HE damage 2800 90k HE dpm HE damage 2800 112k HE dpm Shockingly the Pepsi can is beaten out of the park by the Myoukou. However why is this so? apart from the DPM being nearly double that of the pepsi, the IJN skipper had to use those 203mm guns for the last 2 tiers, and had to get pretty good at using AP (Furutaka, Aoba), whilst the USN skippers just hosed everything with fire and gave no quarter (Omaha, Cleavland = easy mode). Now that their high RPM guns are no longer an option hey have to go trough the same difficulty jump as the ijn skippers had at tier 5 and 6. As of 4.1 the Furutaka will be buffed to an unknown extent, and thank god to that, but is the nerf to the Myoukou realy warranted?
  17. Mads2500

    Ibuki - Worse than Myoko

    Hello fellow captains. I've got a little mystery I need you to help me with here. How come a tier IX Ibuki have a worse dpm, then a tier VII Myoko? How can the Ibuki have less HP than a Myoko? Ibuki only got 400 meters longer fire range. Ibuki almost got the same AA capability as the Myoko. What is going on here? It must be a mistake from the Dev. team im assure. If not, please enlighten me, how the Myoko is a better ship then Myoko? Im just very confused. But then again, it's still a beta, but still...
  18. Pvt_Erdnuss

    Mogami vs. Myoko

    Moin moin Leute. Ich wollte mal eure Meinung zu den beiden Schiffen so im Vergleich. Klar atm dreht sich alles primär ums Thema CVs, und ich bin auch mehr dafür bekannt mich über DDs auszulassen - aber heute mal ein CA - Thema ;-) Die beiden Schiffe wurden ja in den Tiers quasi getauscht vor nicht all zu langer Zeit wenn ich das richtig im Kopf hab. Nun hab ich selbst die Mogami - aber: wie so oft.. irgendwie kommt es mir wegen einiger Punkte erstmal wieder vor wie ein großer Rückschritt.. bzw. als wäre da was noch nicht ganz Rund. Wollen wir also mal kurz einen Blick auf die Zahlen werfen: Myoko Mogami Tier 7 8 Guns 203mm/50 Typ 3 203 mm/50 Typ 3 Guns Anzahl 5x2 5x2 Rate of Fire 5 Schuss/Min 4 Schuss / Min Reichweite 16,1 km 14,7 km Torpedoanzahl 2x3 4x4 Torpedodmg 17233 17233 Torpedoreichweite 10km 10km Torpedo Rate of Fire 0,7 Schuss/Min 0,6 Schuss/Min Topspeed 36 kn 35 kn Wendekreisradius 780m 750m Oberflächensichtbarkeit 13,1km 10,8 km Lufterkennbarkeit 8,2 km 7,6 km Zum Punkt Torpedos: Die Mogami gewinnt hier zwar 2 zusätzliche Launcher - bezahlt dies aber mit einer erhöhten RoF Nachladezeit. Auch muss man sagen, dass Torpedos nicht wirklich die riesige Rolle spielen beim IJN CA derzeit. Die meisten Matches mal 1-2 Torpedo-Hits wenns gut kam. Da insbesondere im Tierbereich in dem sich beide bewegen die Kampfdistanzen meist eh > der 10km liegen ist ein sinnvoller Einsatz der Aale also sowieso nur sehr selten möglich. Auch sind die Abwurfwinkel eher suboptimal. (3 Uhr bis halb 5 Uhr so in etwa). Eher was, um Verfolger abzuschütteln und sie zu einem Ausweichmanöver zu zwingen, aber nichts was man wirklich offensiv einsetzen kann, da man ansonsten erstmal die Breitseite voll zeigen muss - was dazu führt, dass man um dieses Manöver auszuführen meisst mehr Schaden kassiert als man austeilt. Wie gesagt: Torpedos betrachte ich bei beiden eher als nettes nice-to-have denn als Hauptbewaffnung. Meist erzielt man mehr Schaden wenn man statt zu drehen und Torps zu werfen lieber 1x mehr mit der Hauptbatterie schiesst. Zum Thema Sichtbarkeit: Die Myoko liegt da um 21% höher als die Mogami - und die Mogami kann zusätzlich noch die Tarnsystemmodifikation 1 einbauen - somit liegen wir dann 25% unter der Myoko. Eigentlich schon sehr interessant, dass die Mogami dann auf einen Tarnwert kommt, der einem Tier 3 Cruiser entspricht. Allerdings lässt sich auch dieser Vorteil oft nur schwer nutzen. Thema Guns: Die bisherigen Games haben mir gezeigt, dass die 203mm Guns den 155ern schon in gewissen Punkten (Penetration/Alpha) überlegen sind. Von daher nehme ich jetzt auch mal die 203mm zum Vergleich (die Mogami hätte in der Stockvariante auch noch 155mm Guns im Angebot). Hier wird die Sache aber nun kurios: Beide Schiffe verwenden die selben Guns. Die höhertierige Mogami büßt jedoch 20% Feuerrate (von 5 auf 4 Schuss/min) und satte 1,4km (immerhin 9%!) Reichweite ein. Irgendwo ist mir das an der Stelle nun nicht mehr nachvollziehbar. Achso okay einen Punkt habe ich in der Liste oben vergessen: Turntime der Türme: Myoko: 45 Sek - Mogami mit Upgrade dann 30 Sek. Das ist natürlich wieder eine Verbesserung - aber eher im Bereich Softstats und spielt nicht wirklich die riesen Rolle. Meiner Meinung nach, sollte zumindest die Feuerrate der der Myoko entsprechen. Als "Verbesserung" (warum sollte ich dann ein Tier höher gehen?) könnte man dann ja noch immer argumentieren: Deine Softstats werden ein wenig besser - und du kriegst bissl brauchbarere Torpedos von der Anzahl her (auch wenn die Winkel und Reichweiten immer noch besch. sind und deren Einsatz halt eher selten benutzbar machen). Natürlich erkennt man auch klar, dass die Myoko eher für Distanzen um die 14-16km ausgelegt ist - und die Mogami natürlich einiges näher ran soll.. Aber das macht die Sache für sie dann auch wieder gefährlicher. Fazit: Myoko ist wohl eher ein "Sniper" bzw. für höhere Distanzen ausgelegt Die Mogami soll näher ran.. bezahlt das aber derzeit mit dem Rückschritt im Bereich RoF von 20%. Da sollte man nomma drüber nachdenken, die entsprechend der Myoko anzuheben. Dann würde sich das wohl einiges Runder anfühlen - und beide Schiffe unterscheiden sich dann doch immer noch vom Charakter her. (Einfach aufgrund der Distanzen) Derzeit muss man höheres Risiko eingehen (näher ran) - und wird damit bestraft, dass man auch noch länger auf den Reload warten muss. Empfinde ich derzeit halt eher als einen Rückschritt als einen Fortschritt.
  19. nelabasai

    Myoko issue

    Hello captains of the mighty Myoko. As we all know, the worst thing about Myoko is its very slow turret turn speed... So I'm just wondering if anyone tried using Main Battery Modification 2 upgrade? Is it worth to sacrifice reload speed to get quicker turret turning?
  20. J_E_B_A_I_T


    i am about to unlock the Myoko and, unless anything has changed from the last time i drove it around, isnt it still the arguably worse ship when being compared to the Mogami? the turret traverse is on BB level and the turret placement itself makes me walk up the walls... so how do i "Myoko" effectivly? it lost it old torpedo range so there is no way to spam them on long range anymore. HALP!
  21. DBaron

    Myoko - advice

    Hi all, with some fellow testers I had interesting debates about the viability of the IJN CA line and so far argued that they are quite viable from my experience up until Mogami (seems I finally figured out what you guys were on about). And then came T8 and the Myoko. Just had my first 11 games with her and it was ... painful. Trying to grind my way throu to 2nd Hull upgrade to see if it makes any difference, but I seem unable this time to figure out just how to make her work atleast in a half decent way. Any advice ?