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Found 3 results


    Reporting system - hit back

    I found that dead players in the battle have tendencies to complain on others ie "how useless they are". Of course they have really nothing to do except bullying and If you try to defend you are mostly reported then. I suggest that ANY report coming from players listed lower in final result of the battle will not be counted AND will even hit them back. I suppose this is the only way to make things just in the reporting system.
  2. Well, since @Jbnn couldn't handle a little salt, and decided to commit one of the classic Logical Fallacies and tried to shut me up because he was too much of a fragile snowflake to handle a little bit of heat, here's the version that uses eloquent language to explain what a total case of rectal craniosis is afflicting the WG product mangement crew. This is the third season I have complained / commented on this. I observed similar complaints for at least two seasons prior. But this is the first season I've seen CCs chip in and say "Dudes, you guys who define what success means, you guys don't have three neurons to rub together." That is TWO YEARS of people telling you to get your [expletive deleted] together. What, too much vodka and not enough brainpower getting you down, guys? Now, even your CCs are telling you this. Let me give you guys at WG a little hint: take the message. Act on it. Don't let your [expletive-deleted] admins shut it down. They are only interested in making you feel good, and if it means giving you a happy blow, they'll do it. But of course, two years, four seasons of sticking your fingers in your ears and going "la la la" might make for some inertia. In which case, don't be surprised when accounts like mine suddenly start playing like dogcrap, stats in the toilet, because we decided to sell them. After all, that's what happened to WoT. But I wonder....can you afford an implosion of that sort? Really guys, fix it. I'm out of ranked now. Never going to play it again. Leaving the game soon. UNLESS you can get your crap together and fix your retarded scoring model. Az
  3. freakadelle2k

    CV Dogfights

    Just realized CVs are able to "break away" from a dogfight. Should ve read patchnotes to open this thread some hours ago. Thank you WG for whatever... catching someone sending his fighters into a fight at the right position should not be rewarded anymore. the "right engagment is not favored anymore" give him the chance to win whatever a "i totally fucked it up" is called in your braindead way... wont play CV anymore. GJ dudes... check topic and replace "dude". CV = #moronswelcome #justafuckingjoke. #letidiotsproceed, #noskillneeded, just ALT, #justremoveem says a unicum-player PS: what a major buf to big US squads...