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Found 29 results

  1. Nothing here is new there are many posts that have covered these ships, this is just my take on what is probably now a stale idea. I am also not very knowledgeable. Please improve on these ideas with your thoughts. I think the Japanese cruiser line works well and does not need improvement except maybe a little on the Ibuki and Aoba (I do not believe this but some people have commented negatively about them). The following are just ideas if they ever decide to add more IJN cruisers. It will be a scouting cruisers line that will consist of 3 ships and three premium/resource ships. The Scouting Cruiser line Main advantage is slightly better (It could be made to be vastly better) seaplane consumables and better AA. I believe these uniquely designed ships will add something different to the game. The ships The ships will be the light cruiser Oyodo, the Mogami cruiser after being converted into a seaplane cruiser and the heavy cruiser Tone. Tiers There are three ways I see these ships being tiered. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Tone Or Tier 6 - Oyodo Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone Or Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - no ship available Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone As a bonus tier, the Chikuma could be added but the only difference between Chikuma and Tone will be slightly better AA. That makes the following undesirable. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Chikuma Tier 8 - Tone The Oyodo class Armor The ship will be less armored than the Furutaka. "Oyodo was fairly well protected when compared to allied light cruisers" - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.55. I am not sure about the citadel situation Survivability The Oyodo will have less hit points than the Furutaka since it is a light cruiser. The hit points could also be the same since the difference in ship type is represented by the armor i.e. even with the same hit points the Oyodo will receive more damage than the Furutaka from the same hit. Also, the Furutaka has a similar displacement to the Oyodo and the Oyodo carried more crew member. Main Armament Two triple 15.5cm turrets at the front with similar characteristics to the ones on the 15.5cm variant Mogami aside from the range and no main armament at the rear. Range It should be worse than the Furutaka by about 8 percent according to Mark Stille's tables of Max ranges of different Japanese main gun types in his books "Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945" and "Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945" This could also be based on the ship's range finderradar limits rather than maximum gun range. In the end it should be a small and fair reduction in range from the Furutaka's. Torpedoes None are available which can be mitigated as a disadvantage by being implemented as reducing the base chance of a devastating strike. Though this will not be enough to justify the ship as competitive or even as worth playing over the Furutaka. AA It would be awesome if it had better AA than the Furutaka. "In late October (1944), four more single 25mm guns were added for a final total of 57 – 12 triple and 21 single mounts." - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40 Speed 35 knots Concealment It could be equal to the Furutaka or better. Generally, I see Oyodo's concealment as being determined by tests given the lack of rear turrets, I am not sure how it will play. The Aircraft Cruiser Mogami It will need a name different from the Mogami to distinguish it. This could be a minor issue or possible a stressful one. Armor It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami which is why it could be too well protected for Tier 6 but the Graf Spee is at Tier 6 and it has better armor. Survivability It should have slightly less hit points than the tier 8 Mogami. Armament It will be similar to 20.3cm variant tier 8 Mogami aside from the range and there being no rear armament. Range It should be slightly better than the Aoba or the same. Torpedoes It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami. AA It should be better than tier 8 Mogami's AA. Speed It will be similar to the Tier 8 Mogami. Concealment It will depend on tests. The Tone Class Armor It is better than the Mogami Class. It should have a citadel that sits lower in the water. The main belt is slopped 20 degrees as opposed to Myoko’s 12 degrees. "This class was the best protected of the IJN's heavy cruisers. The total weight of armor and protective plating was nearly identical to that of the Mogami class, but since all the turrets were grouped forward, a heavier scale of protection could be provided over a more compact magazine area" - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40. This is what will make it effective for tier 8. It being good at tanking damage. Survivability It should be better than tier 8 Mogami due to the better armour, there being no guns at the rear allowed for no chances of magazine detanation if shell land there and a greater space for the crew to spread. Also, as a bonus "These ships were reportedly the most comfortable of the Japanese cruisers, which were notorious for discomfort." - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.54 Main Armament Four twin 20.3cm gun turrents at the front and none at the rear. If you enjoy variety even at the cost of including paper ships, four triple 15.5cm gun turrets at the front and none at the rear. “Before the construction of the ships had proceeded to the upper deck, existing naval treaties lapsed, so the triple 6.1 in turrets were replaced with twin 8in turrets.” - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.42. The guns could be made to seem more accurate due to them being positioned close to each other. Range It should be similar to the tier 8 Mogami Torpedoes Similar to the Myoko? AA I would expect them to be the best in the Japanese cruiser line, except for maybe the Zao, due to its numerous gun mounts and it's "more modern Type 94 high-angle director for the 5in guns." Speed 35knots Concealment It should be similar to the Mogami or may be better. Consumables This is where these ships' advantages over the standard Japanese cruiser line lie. The Oyodo will have 3 consumable slots like the Furutaka but with the option of spotting available i.e. Damage party, Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter/Spotting. The Aircraft cruiser Mogami will have 5 consumables (Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The Tone will have will have consumables like Aircraft Mogami or 6 consumables (Damage party, Hydro, Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The fighter and spotting consumable will either have a slightly shorter cool down or a slightly longer duration as compared to the average. Something like 15 more seconds on spotting to allow a possible one extra salvo. The ships will come equipped with one more fighter than the base making the “Direction Center for Fighters” captain skill unnecessary. The ships will have the average number of consumables. The Premium/resource Ships IJN Sakawa Unfortunately the Yahagi exists thus this will just be a duplicate. A beautiful ship. Tier 5. Good AA for a Japanese ship with 10 25mm triple mounts and 42 25mm single mounts. IJN Agano-Kai (Possibly) Tier 6 or Tier 5 given how the Yahagi performs. A paper ship. The real Agano will just be a dublicate of the IJN Sakawa with weaker AA. I am not all that into paper ships but it could be fun. As opposed to the real Agano, it has an extra twin 15.5cm gun turrent at the rear. It has a longer hull, a larger smoke stack and an additional 8cm type98 HA guns in twin mounts. IJN Maya Tier 7.
  2. HerMajestysShipGuide: Japanese Cruisers Tier V-IX June2020 version 0.9.5 Be welcome to the second of our guides. Last time we did the Russian tech tree cruisers, and as we are currently grinding our way through the Japanese for a second time, we thought why not just make a guide out of it? So here it is the guide about how we love to play the nippon fun machines. “At this point we really have to talk about a thing that occurs from time to time while having fun with the MM. Often times while playing tier VII we have games in which we meet so called “fail-divisions”, divisions in which for example one player has a tier V New York and one or two others use tier IV cruisers. What happens is that the matchmaker cannot handle these squads and ends up putting them in one team so that team with normally tier V to VII ships is stuck having two tier IV instead of tier V and the other having normal tier V to VII ships. This cripples the team with the tier IV ships so much and they end up losing much of their offensive power, as a tier IV in most cases has no chance of being offensive against the tier VII that sit on the other side. This happens because the Power difference when jumping form IV to V is enormous. For example, Kuma is not a bat ship, but Furutaka is better in any point, better guns, better speed better armour, and so on. This is also the case in most other nations. So, in most cases if the “normal team” does really big mistakes, the “fail team” will end up losing. There for we do ask you, just don’t do Tier IV/V or V/VI squads, it is for your own good.” So, let us begin with the guide: The characteristics stay the same on all ships of this tree, with only Mogami being an exception depending on the guns that are used. Therefore, we will write one guide on how we played the Ships and only make a small exception for Mogami’s gun choice. All of them can get pretty decent detection range when maxed out so they are quite stealthy. All of them are using or can use the famous Japanese 8-inch naval guns. These have decent AP which can devastate broadsiding cruisers and do good damage on broadside BBs when fired on their upper belt. The HE has high damage an incredibly good fire chance and like all 8-inches after the IFHE rework they have 34mm pen so you wont need IFHE. The range on the other hand varies a little bit as Furutaka (T V) only has 13.9km range but it gets constantly better from ship to ship until we reach the peak of 16.5 at the tier IX Ibuki. The range is enough to keep enemies at a comfortable distance while engaging or kiting away but do note that there are lot of cruisers who get much more range. Their downside is that their main guns take ages to turn which makes it mandatory to plan ahead while moving and fighting. They have very powerful torpedoes which do much damage, are travelling at a good speed, and have longer ranges than all other cruisers. They are all able to fire torpedoes at enemies while kiting them and getting a good chance for the enemy to get into the range of the fired torpedoes as they all have a very small gap between getting detected and getting in torpedo range. Some of them are even able to stealth fire their torpedoes as them have less detection than torpedo range. However nearly all of them are only able to fire broadside and backwards so facing away from the enemy is mandatory for torpedoing. Their AA is really crappy until you get to the tier IX Ibuki and tier X Zao they have at least okayish AA power. The fact that your AA will not stop any CV from attacking, makes it necessary to dodge their Attacks and getting a good routine at doing this. Armor wise they do behave more like light cruisers, so there is no scenario in which you can bow tank fire from enemy BBs. However, your armour is enough to angle and bow tank cruiser AP and most of them have enough belt armour to prevent BB shells from penetrating their citadel through it while the ship is angled. They all can move at high speeds and have good rudder shift times, but they also have turning circles that are over 700m which makes it impossible to turn in front of an enemy without giving them a good opportunity of just deleting the entire ship. Because as mentioned above, their belt armour is not enough to protect the citadel against incoming fire when not angled correctly. Consumables: From tier VI on all of them get the choice between Hydro or def AA for their first slot, while Furutaka has no choice and mounts the Hydro. Which to choose depends on your play stile. If you are really annoyed about CVs def AA at least helps to shoot down a few of their Planes although it really is no game changer for their AA. Thy hydro however while not being German is still good enough to help if you must engage a DD. All of them get a catapult fighter whose effect is very rng dependent. Zao gets the option to change this catapult fighter for a spotter which I really encourage you to do so. From tier IX you get a standard cruiser heal which also helps staying afloat as long as you don’t eat citadels. Our little Furutaka and Mogami Gun special: These two are the only ships we get with multiple options for our main battery. For Furutaka its very simple, just get the 8 inch guns as soon as you can, the 200 guns are just crap and inferior in every aspect. With Mogami it’s a little bit different, she can choose between the 155mm guns she had historically first, or she can use the 8-inch guns she was refitted with. We prefer the 8-inch guns, as they do have far less HE damage per minute, but they do have 34mm of HE pen. The 155mm only have 31mm He pen so in order to make them more comfortable when fighting BBs which have 32mm plating it is needed to use the IFHE skill. But this will drastically decrease the chance to set fires whereas the 8-inch guns already get a better chance of setting fires than the 155mm. Also, the longer reload on the 8-inch guns decreases the times we have to overextend when kiting away. Also the 8 inch guns turn faster than the 155mm guns and for the last point they get much better angle when firing backwards than the 155mm which again leads to more comfortable kiting. Our play style: The good concealment allows us to get a little bit closer than we could do with the Russian cruisers. But we don’t really push in before we have the intel on where each enemy is. The good torpedo armament often tempts players into trying early torpedo attacks. Don’t do that. See the Torpedoes of these ships more as a bonus tool for specific situations. If an enemy follows you can set a trap with your torps. Also torps are most effective when you are unspotted. And especially with Japanese cruisers, as your limited arcs let your enemy see by your movement if you have torpedoed, therefore take your time and torp when unspotted. If we face BBs we try to roll with our mates but are careful not to attract focus fire. In most situations kiting against enemy BBs is the easiest way to dodge incoming fire. And never forget that they can overmatch you. If you have to decide, nose in is the better option than making an open turn in front of a BB, but our aim is always not to get trapped into such situations. When there is no BB endangering us and we get only faced by cruisers we tend to play very aggressive. If they seem to open up we fire ap but if they try to nose tank we just spam them with HE. While fighting cruisers it is always important not to overextend, as they can devastate us when doing so the same way we punish every overextension. If we have to choose between overextending to bring in the rear guns and not doing so, don’t using the rear guns is often the better option. When we start getting focused by multiple enemies, we just stop shooting at them to get unspotted and get more distance. For this to work you need to always keep more distance to your enemy then your detection range. In the sum we really love this ships as they reward tactical and calm gameplay and with the torpedoes always keep an ace in the backhand. Our upgrade choices: Tier V Furutaka: Tier VI Aoba: Tier VII Myoko: Tier VIII Mogami: Tier IX Ibuki: Captain Build: This are the builds we are running across this line. Note that there is a variety of builds that can be used on this line especially for kiting/ He spam. For example preventive maintenance can also help very much. We use incoming fire alert to further support our kiting and dodging. Last stand is very important to keep mobile when kiting away even when modules are damaged. From tier IX on he superintendent is useful to get the extra heal but for the lower tears its not that useful. Survivability expert is very useful for cruisers as often times that last HP keeps us longer afloat than anyone would believe. The demo expert is very useful as it just buffs the already quite high fire chance on the 8-inch guns. Radiolocation is big help against enemies that have better concealment than us. And concealment expert is mandatory to improve the gap between detection and torpedo range. And now that you are finished, sail out and get you that Zao! Yar Majesty
  3. DinJoe_EU

    Mogami build.

    In the Myoko currently. Let me explain, I'm torn on the Mogami gun options. I know that IFHE+155mm is the best choice but I'm not having plans to respec my commander for only one ship which I'm not even keeping in port. All I want out of this grind is the Zao, so that I can watch everything burn, from 18km of course. So, here's the question, should I go 155mm without IFHE or 203mm instead. Thank you.
  4. BlackYeti

    155mm Mogami turret angles

    I noticed that the 155mm turrets on the Mogami have way worse angles (sometimes as bad as 45') than 203mm. Is this intentional or a legacy setting bug of the 155s being tied to A hull (i think 203s+A hull also share these bad angles)? EDIT I checked and you can't mount 203 on A hull, duh, heres screenshots though, I'd say there's room for at least 5 degrees more on the back turret:
  5. haha_ufail

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    So far ive made it though to the mogami in alittle under a week, and having played the atago and the following IJN cruisers regularly im pritty familiar with the playstyle used with these cruisers, but so far in CA vs CA combat ive had nothing but trouble doing any damage to other players with AP, even though everyone says "shoot AP at a cruisers waterline and deal huge damage" i do it quite often in other ships but with this ship it doesnt seem to work at all, the past few games ive tryed swiching to AP in CA engagments and its almost like shooting 2 year old damp bamboo sticks at solid 10ft concrete walls with little to no effect, and then i get totaly deleted by a random shot into the bow of my ship with no citadel hits being posible where they landed their shots.... am i missing something, do i need to unlock some kinda of inner peace and learn the martial arts of their people tp make it work?
  6. Major_Damage225

    BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    So before you all go ''major is drunk again'' i have a idea i had today i would like to share with all you wonderfull skippers here and get your opinion on, so please bare with me on this. So i had this idea pop into mind, CV's gameplay is getting a 180 right, Tone was in the game long ago right, and i know some CV players will miss the RTS style of gameplay those had, we also know WG has a hardon for gimicks yeah, well how about these few ships mix all of those things together, now...before you ask me ''da heck you on about''. A new way to implement IJN Tone, IJN Ise, IJN Mogami CVA (renamed as one of her systers of course) in my mind would be to give these ship the ''gimmick'' of being able to choose from first person ship use via M into the soon to be old RTS style of gameplay, so you use you ship normally blasting away then tap M and go top down using you squadron/s(a example of it being in WoWs Blitz the Ise) So you get a few new ships with a gimmick that would give you a window into the old CV gameplay and since they cant field a crapton of aircraft it wouldnt make them OP or gamebraking. I was thinking: Ise BBV - one squadron of 3 fighters and one squadron of 4 DB's Tone - 1 Squad of 4 Fighters and 2 squads of one or 1 squad of two scouts. Mogami CVA - ''insert your idea here'' Now how mutch time this kind of thing would take to program and code i dont have a clue since im no expert (my idea of programing is plugging the comp into the socket ) I would love to hear your ideas of squadron/deck setups, how you thing about sutch a thing, would it be good or not? (or should i go back to fishing ) Sound like a win win for all to me. I'll go hide now just in case
  7. Elleriel

    Japanese cruisers

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem, I reached tiers 8 on japanese cruisers and it's just impossible to play : 1/ I'm nearly always lowest tiers. 2/ Japanese cruisers have a really short shooting range (15,7 km) and nothing to protect them (like smoke or something else). So or I keep out of detection of ennemy ships or I come in shooting range and can be really quickly destroyed. Can you give me some advices how to play them ? Thank you.
  8. Bisher habe ich keinen Beitrag zu diesem Problem finden können und werde einfach mal mein Glück versuchen. Ich war mir ein wenig uneinig wo ich das Problem überhaupt posten soll. 1. Beschreibung Ich habe vor genau zwei Tagen den Yamamoto Isoroku freigespielt. Den habe ich dann als Kapitän auf die gute Mogami gepackt. Der Yamamoto ist komplett auf das Schiff eingespielt. Damit meine ich, dass keine Skills in ihrer Funktion beinträchtigt werden. Das Problem beschränkt sich jetzt auf die Gun Tracer, die bei der 155 mm Version nicht funktionieren, wenn ich die 155 mm Variante verwende. Bei AP werden die Tracer angezeigt. Bei HE sieht man keine. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu beheben Ich habe folgendes vesucht: Yamamoto Gun Tracer Skill in seinem Skill-Baum an und abgeschaltet. Mit einem Freund in ein Zufallsgefecht und er sieht daselbe wie ich. AP mit Tracern. HE ohne Tracer. Yamamoto auf die Atago gepackt. Bei beiden Munitionsarten funktionieren die Tracer. Wieder zurück auf die 155 mm Mogami. Bei HE immer noch keine Tracer. Mogami mit der 203 mm Variante ausprobiert. Beide Munitionsarten zeigen die Tracer. 3. Erwartetes Ergebnis Eigentlich sollte auch bei der 155 mm Version der Mogami bei beiden Munitionsarten, die Tracer angezeigt weden. Auf der Suche nach einer Lösung bin ich auf einen Post im NA Forum gestoßen. Die Person hat bisher nur keinen Antworten erhalten und hat genau daselbe Problem. Sein Post: Yamamoto-Tracers-Not-Working-Properly-On-My-Mogami
  9. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Some help needed : Mogami IFHE and DE bug ?

    I need some help from you, my friends; I recently changed my skipper skill points on Mogami, and change the stealth 4 points for IFHE - to get some more consistent damage from those 155 ; To compensate the loss of -3% of fire chances, when you choose the Inertia Fuse for HE, I put the 3 points on Demolition Expert . For my surprise, after that seems the extra 2% fire chances for DE do not work. My fire chances for 155mm Mogami guns are stuck at 9%... I mean, before that, with no IFHE , the fire chances per shell where 12% (14 % with DE perk). On SHCORHS are 14% with DE and no IFHE, on Clevi 12% with none of those. So, my question and problem is; WHY I get only 9% fire chances and not 11% ? ( 12 % less 3% penalty, then add 2% from DE perk should give 11%, not 9%...) Or, on other words: if with DE my fire chances where 14%, then why after putting 4 skill points on IFHE the percentage drop not by 3 but by 5 % ?? Thanks in advance for replays.
  10. bungo7

    Research costs

    I notice that there is a sale on high tier ships at the moment so I thought I would invest in the Roon and grind to the Hindenberg. But the Tech tree research cost is 168 000 stars and when I clicked to research it said a different cost of over 200 000. The same happens to the Mogami. Am I doing something wrong? Steve.
  11. Hello everyone. Today I've been searching info about one of the things that annoy me the most of this game. That's the 155 mm turrets of Mogami. The turret traverse to be precise. Why does that annoy me? Well, here's a bit of context for the ones who care. So, the thing is... Those 51'4 seconds of turret traverse that Mogami has with the 155 mm guns. I've read quite a bit about this. That in glorious times Mogami was better (way better it seems) and she was nerfed to the ground because the ship was one of the best invisifire HE spammers of the game (you know, the kind of thing most BB players seem unable to allow to live). However I don't know what does turret traverse speed has to do with that and why they applied Mogami this turret traverse nerf, if that term is enough in this case. Since I didn't reach Mogami in time to enjoy the invisifire camping in the back I've only been stuck with Mogami with those turrets and I was curious about the real turret traverse of those turrets. And I found this nice page. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNJAP_61-60_3ns.php Not sure how accurate this data might be, but since it has quite a bit of it I'll take it that it actually might be reliable. And in the mount/turret specifications one can find that the turret traverse was 5-6 degrees per second. Which would translate in something between 30 second turret traverse speed at best and 36 seconds at worst. Classic IJN cruiser turret traverse standards here. But no, we have 51'4 seconds. Why? I mean... Maybe Mogami was a problem invisifiring back in the day, I get that. What I don't get is what turret traverse speed has to do with that. And now invisifiring is completely removed. One thing I like about this game is that I learned A LOT about ships since the game has quite acurate specifications of armament and the ships itself (most of the time, don't get me started about Atago's AA too). So why can't we have a 36 second turret traverse for Mogami's 155 mm guns? Is it that much to ask? Between the OP times of Mogami and now we've also had the Russian and British cruiser line with the same of better turret traverse speeds as Mogami's supposed to have without any problems. Why so much have on Mogami, WG? And well, that's my "rant" about this. What do you guys think about this? Do you also think that if Mogami had the turret traverse she should would be the doom of this game? I'm curious about everyone else opinion about this too.
  12. Commander_Doom_

    this is why the mogami rules

    quick battle info all of the destoyers on my team all 6 of them died in the first minutes of the battle so had too do carry mode with the last half of the team
  13. sevenforce72

    Self destruction?

    Hi guys. I got a really big question. How can someone kill himself? I just had my second match with the Izumo (kinda hard to learn) and saw the enemy Mogami dying. First he lost 1/2 of his HP then he died. Kill feed said: Nothing | Shipwreck| his Name/Ship. Normally it is like Me | Shipwreck | Enemy. I asked what happened but he just said dunno. I asked: "Did you torp yourself"; he: Nope... [edited]Wg. I am really curious how he did that. In general... how can someone kill himself and stay inside the game. If you desert then you would leave the game completely. Not in this case. So no ragequit. Thanks for the future answers. PS: Sorry, English is not my main language.
  14. With the old poll being almost a year old, I'd like to know how people now think about the Mogami. Just some (standard) statistics: (I know you'll never do the maximum damage per salvo or reach the full dpm, and you're probably able to do more damage per salvo with the 203mm AP due to the higher calibre and penetration, but these are just statistics.) 155m 203mm gun layout 5x3 (15) 5x2 (10) reload time 10.0 s 15.0 s 180° turn time 51.4 s 30.0 s HE / AP max dmg 2600 / 3300 3300 / 4700 max dmg per salvo 39k / 49.5k 33k / 47k max dpm 234k / 297k 132k / 188k fire chance per shell 10% 17% fire chance per salvo ~79,4 % ~84,5 % initial shell velocity 925.0 m/s 840 m/s I think the choice between 155mm and 203mm depends heavily on your style of playing. I prefer the 155mm guns mainly due to the number of guns and their ROF. The higher amount of guns and higher shell velocity makes it easier to hit destroyers. At long distance the 155mm AP shells are really underperforming but in CQC they're as good as the 203mm AP shells (against cruisers). The only time I really wish I had the 203mm guns is when a nearby battleship is showing broadside (in this situation I'd probably try to use my torpedoes but this is not without danger). But this is just my opinion and I'll be glad to hear yours.
  15. Jacob_J_Weebs

    Mogami Commentary [180k damage]

    This has probably been the one ship I have been requested to re-visit the most, so with the recent surge of German BBs I decided to do just that. Ended up being quite long since I decided to include one of those nightmare MM games at the start, where I'm literally thrown against almost purely T10 ships. With how skewed MM have felt recently I thought it was relevant enough to be included. A more normal game starts at 13:50, where I'm up against mostly T8s. As usual you can skip to 29:30 for modules, upgrades and captain perks.
  16. Moin in die Runde! Brauch mal euren Rat. Nachdem ich die deutsche Kreuzerlinie zu Ende gespielt habe, frag ich mich momentan, welche Kreuzerlinie ich als nächstes weiterspielen soll. Spiele gerade ohne Premium und wollte mich halt auf eine Nation festlegen, um dort irgendwann Tier X zu erreichen. Bisher hab ich die Kreuzer anderer Nationen nebenher querbett gespielt und mich auf die Deutschen fokussiert. Bei den Amis hab ich die Cleveland durch, als Nächstes käme die Pensacola. Macht mich jetzt nicht so an, von den späteren Schiffen weiss ich noch nicht so recht was ich von halten soll (Des Moines sicherlich interesant). Bisher fand ichs eher durchwachsen, Cleveland war ganz gut. Bei Japan käme die Mogami als Nächstes. Da hab ich gehört, das die früher mal viel besser war, das hat mich bisher etwas abgeschreckt. Ist die wirklich so stark generft worden? Die Japaner waren bisher ganz ok. Furutaka mein persönliches Highlight, Myoko komm ich auch ganz gut zurecht. Die Zao würde mich von den ganzen TierX Kreuzern aber am meisten interessieren, von der hab ich einen sehr guten Eindruck. Ist ein starker Gegner und die Optik von den höher-tierigen Japanern find ich auch ziemlich geil. Dann wären da noch die Russen. Waren bisher alles tolle Schiffe, mit denen ich gut zurecht kam und Spaß hatte. Eigentlich war da kein schlechter Kreuzer bei. Aktuell bin ich mit der Schorsch durch(hat mir bisher am wenigsten gefallen, war aber trotzdem ok), Tschapajew erforscht. Letztere würde mich ziemlich reizen, da wohl endlich bessere Panzerung und das erste Mal Radar, aber immernoch dieses kleine Kaliber. Allerdings reizen mich die Tier 9 & 10 Klassen nicht mehr so - hässlich und wohl recht unbeweglich, sollen aber recht stark sein? Irgendwie gefällt mir dieses Konzept auch überhaupt nicht, da Nachkriegsklassen gegen WW2-Kreuzer antreten zu lassen. Was würdet ihr mir jetzt raten? Kurz gesagt: Pensacola vs. Mogami vs. Tschapajew (auch im Hinblick auf die folgenden Schiffe) Wo habt ihr in dieser Hinsicht gute Erfahrungen gemacht, wo Schlechte? Was ist eure Lieblingskreuzerlinie?
  17. Expert Guide to HIJMS Mogami (5.1.0) - "Lady of Glass, Heart of Fire" by WhiskeyWolf A long time ago in a Test far, far away... known as World of Warships Close Beta Test, there was a warship. While not being designed to excel in any category her beauty was without equal, in skilled hands she proved to be harder, better, faster, stronger than all those opposing her - a true weapon of war. Yet, she was deemed a 'failure', not by those commanding her, but by her own creators. They saw her as a threat to the balance of they world they themselves created - 'she is too OP' the scream rang out - and in that rage they defiled her with their own inferiority and contempt. But that wasn't enough, no, as further punishment they bestowed upon her a body of glass that would shatter under any, even the smallest, Armor Piercing projectile. Only then did they release this warship back to the world, certain of the 'splendid' work they did. But fate had other things in store for the poor warship, while she may have become a Lady of Glass, her heart was still full of fire. Her name was Mogami. So yeah, after that colorful intro let's get to the nuts and bolts. To properly fight with the Mogami it is crucial not to take damage. As dumb as that may sound, it is a lot easier to do then you may think. But anyway, there is some stuff that is absolutely essential to get the Mogami back into the saddle, those are: - Ship: * 1x Mogami Tier 8 (duh) - Equipment: * 5x 155mm/60 3 Year Type * Type 7 mod.2 Gun Fire Control - Upgrades: * Main Battery Modification 1 * Steering Gear Modification 2 * Concealment Modification 1 - Commander Skills * Basic Firing Training (1 point) * Situational Awerness (1 point) * Expert Marksman (2 points) * <any of the level 3 abilities, doesn't matter> (3 points) * Advanced Firing Training (4 points) (There is also the Concealment Expert skill but it needs 5 points which takes a long time to obtain so we will leave it for now) - Camouflage * Reduced Visibility (8000 credits/match) Okay, equipped like this what we get is a cruiser that: - fires 15 HE shells every 9 seconds (one word - inferno) - firing range of 18,1km! (out-ranges any other cruiser) - surface detection rage of only 10,5km (only a bit more visible then a stock Russian gunboat at Tier 8) - rudder shift of 5,7 seconds (moves her butt like a hooker on payday) - can't take any kind of AP damage (dueling with another CA firing 203mm AP is a losing affair, and a BB, no matter if you are bow on or broadside, will citadel you - if you are lucky - at least once.) So your basic tactic should be to stay behind other ships (not exactly honorabru but what can you do), find yourself a target and then wait until it starts firing at someone else - your detection is very low so they can't see you until you start shooting - after that the party starts and fire rains from the sky. Of course this is the moment where the '203mm Purists' (yes, I mean you OVanBruce) jump in and say how much better the 203mm guns power and rotation is. At this point you extend both your hands to them, palms upwards, then you close them to make fists... next you very slowly extend both middle fingers. While they are are basically correct as to the power increase (HE increase is marginal), and the rotation of the turrets is better, this doesn't change the fact this isn't the same Mogami as in the CBT (where you could charge a North Carolina, turn, torpedo him to oblivion and still sail off with half of your HP - if you were smart). Brawling is a no-no (that's where you need fast turret rotation). You fire from long range, and close in only for the kill. If BBs target you, you break of, show them your backside and vanish - thanks to the small detection range. While the 155mm don't look impressive, the damage each salvo makes ranges from 800 to 8000. This is no laughing matter. Clevelands that are unlucky enough to land in your match are like little puppies you kick mercilessly. If any warship in this game deserves to be called a 'Glass Cannon' it is most certainly not a German cruiser, it is the Mogami. Related articles: Expert Guide to using IJN Cruiser Torpedoes - "I want to be like Tameichi Hara" 101 Ways to Successfully Troll WG Staff - "I don't have to do anything, they are doing the work for me"
  18. PPKinguin

    Mogami Radar?

    Why can I not get Radar in my Mogami? Did I miss anything? Can only chose between hydro, plane or defensive AA fire. Why is that?
  19. Meneleus

    Worried about the 5.3 Mogami

    As the title suggests I am worried about the Mogami concerning the upcoming patch. Currently I use her with the commonly used 155mm setup and a captain with the Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training and Expert Marksman skills. As it currently stands I have not seen any modifications to the Mogami specifically. In this scenario the Mogami will be indirecty taking a tremendous hit because of the upcoming skill changes. In short the range and rate of fire will no longer be improved, and the benefit to turret rotation is much reduced. In essence it loses the competative edge it has over the 203mm setup, which in my view will become a better choice. In this scenario however, the Mogami in essence becomes a gimped Myoko with 1km less range on its guns. For me this is simply amazing, a brutal hit with the nerfbat causing the ship to simply no longer be competative compared to the Atago and the Mikhail Kutusov. The ship can still be played to some effect of course, however, the idea that premium ships are simply better is in my view a very, very bad development. Cheers, M
  20. While i have no problems with range skills as i prefer 203mm guns i find amazing how any ship can citadel me so easy, no matter what angle i am. Almost every battle ends with someone sinking me with one salvo, having 100% HP or 50% doesn't really matter. I also tried German CAs ships and even those, while they get damage fast it happens in a "normal way". I even use Survivability skill but it doesn't make any diference at all... If i was WG i would review the angle calculations for this ship because, in my opinion, something is messed up, and i did saw a few topics about similar stuff as well. I like the ship any way but this is annoying as it puts an early end to a lot of battles. I think it's normal to get hit in the citadel once in a while, but in this case is just ridiculous.
  21. After reading a lot of complaints about the same stuff over and over i felt like sharing my opinion as well. Maybe influenced by the sentence "IJN Destroyers, rejoyce...", captains that say "buffs to DDs" are wrong say stuff like this: "and now, the shimakaze gonna be too OP, the kagero with 16km torps with 72knots and the torpedoes reload faster, omg we all gonna die, this will kill the balance" 1 - Torpedo Reload Booster - i can't think of one reason to loose the Smoke Screen in behalf of a one-time-per-battle faster torpedo reload speed. That's an option that won't change any balance at all as it's only for Hatsuharo and Kagero. Maybe i would take it as ONE faster reload in exchange for ONE smoke screen, but i'ts not like that i guess. 2 - The Torpedo Acceleration skill. Now the complains here are simply ridiculous. I believe some captains may have reasons to complain, the problem is they are complaining about the wrong ships. Kageros 12 or 15km, 16 or 20km range. The only factor that changes in this ranges is more km means more chances of getting luck or... not, thats about the only "advantage". The speed? Plus 5 knots? You worried that Kagero now has 72km/h torpedoes instead of 67? Really? if you think this is a problem don't get near the 81knots Zao torps. You should also be equally worried about Russian DDs because - being true they don't have the range - some have 75knots torpedoes. The game isn't only made of High Tier ships so other ships you really should be watching out are Isokazes (already a hyperOP ship) or Minekazes, now both capable of 6km range with 73knots torpedoes at Tier IV and V. I can only imagine a Umikaze with +-7km range torps at 53km/h with a 2.5 reload rate in Tier II... What about CVs? isn't it a buff to all CV torpedo bombers? Shouldn't BB or CA captains be more worried about +5knots on torps that are launched from planes at such small distances? It may be harder for torpedo bombers to get close to some ships now but if they do, their torpedoes will be faster than usual. I think the most benefited (in higher tiers) with the Torpedo Acceleration skill are US DDs, with 8km+ range, because they have really slow torpedoes and in this case i think it can make a difference. CAs with torpedoes can also benefit from this skill. Now on the "Now the Myoko is better than Mogami" movement, it's funny how Mogami captains agreed (a while ago) that the Mogami was such an OP ship, i was flamed to hell because i said the Atago was better than Mogami, so everyone came saying no way, Mogami rules, is so OP, it's on top of leaderboards, you are an idiot, whatever, so i accepted all of that. Now, with one single change in a freaking skill, looks like it became worse than a Myoko... Do you really think you had a really bad ship that was only good because of one captain skill? That couple or whatever missing kms in range "tranformed" the Mogami from "So OP, much better than Atago!" into "It's a really bad ship, worst than Myoko"? you might think that HE spamming from 18km is a good tactic but you are just fooling yourselves. In the end, you spent 10 minutes so focused on sucking a few K HP from a BB that you didn't even realize that a battle was going on. This also goes to some Cleveland captains that soon will learn that most of their effectivness isn't at 18km range. I don't think this is such a big nerf for these CAs. The ships are still very capable and effective, even without the long range random hits. The difference is that now some captains have to actually use more than one tactic in battle. Where's the rule that says that Mogami captains must have a better CA, did you forget that there are worse CAs and people don't complain about it? They just try to play with it. Last time i checked, Mogami wasn't supposed to be more "special" than other CAs. About BB captains that are always so afraid of High Tier IJN DDs. "Now i can't even one shot DDs! What have you done with dispersion?" - This one is real. "Torpedoes are too fast, it's impossible to dodge!" - Try not to put yourself in a situation where you have to dodge it in the first place. "Smoke favour DDs too much!" - Unless the smoke screen is saving your ship... "Now it's easier to get Last Stand! It's not fair, i can't hit them if they don't stand still!" - No comments "They can launch torpedoes from 20km! It's too easy for them, they don't have to get close!" - You try it champ Some of you High Tier BB captains must have this idea that getting hit "ocasionally" by a DD torpedo is something "unacceptable" when in reality, most of your problems are related to the fact that you don't like being tormented by the possibility of getting hit by a torpedo, for 20 minutes. You really really wanted all DDs to be visible, so you could take out your Montana, relax, light up a cigarrette and lay back on your chair while you do you damage but that's not the way it should work. If you have to spend an entire battle fearing DDs with your backs closed really tight then do it, it's part of the battle, just get on with it. That akward moment when some captain is insulting you and asking you for help at the same time: "That bloody DD took away 4K HP from my "without-a-scratch" BB with those torps! Help! There's a DD here! Somebody kill that freaking bug! Any DD that can help me?"... Most probably some other ship will end up sinking this BB but the only ship that comes to that captains mind is the freaking DD so he goes into the foruns and tries to finish the DD race, even though DDs must be the ships that sink BBs the less... (surely it must be BBs or CVs). When i play BB i worry about torpedo bombers, about other BBs and fleets of CAs with BBs. With DDs i always try to keep track of them and try to make sure i don't run into their possible torpedo paths. Sometimes i may get surprised by some nice DD manouver and get sunk but even there, most of the times, i would probably take a few torps and dodge the rest. From that moment on i have more than one minute to finish that DD and that's not a hard thing to do as you know. If i don't finish him, someone else will because DDs always get focused by everyone when they get detected. Even if he manages to launch another spread, he will probably miss because i'm alerted now. Usually this ends up with a DD sunk in seconds, or maybe he will get another set set of -10% repair expenses (that's one Flag DD captains have a lot...). I think WG will get it right with this update. Maybe the only players who have some reason to complain are US CV captains in Tier 8, 9 but there i can't really speak from experience with CVs because i have little experience with this class. This time i think WG did a lot of stuff that people asked before but you cannot expect instant action from WG, that's not how it works. I'm really glad that WG is not making gameplay changes based on the opinion of noobs or one individual. Don't get me wrong, i'm not upset. I'm just giving voice to my captains. They think that 90% of the time you can solve "your nerf issues" by learning different tactics and play better. Don't limit yourself to that "special skill" you like so much. If you start a battle thinking your ship sucks, that battle will never go right for you pretty much in the same way that a salesman that doesn't believe in his product will never sell it sucessfully. Sorry for the long post.
  22. Video of what I mean: Hey, I played a few matches in my Mogami and she's absolutely horrible. The guns deal no damage to any battleships. I had volleys where I got 9 hits on target that ended up dealing 858 damage. Volleys where I got 7 hits on target and did 0 damage, even though I caused a fire. Hitting a Montana, Yamato, Tirpitz or North Carolina all ended up giving me almost no damage done with HE. I do essentially the same amount of damage firing AP at those same targets. If I get a direct hit on the super structure I deal SOME tiny amount of damage but that's about it. I tried it multiple times today and it's just unbelievable. I think the Mogami does and did need some nerfs, but right now she's horrible with 155mm guns. They seem completely unusable. And if you can't use 155mm guns on the Mogami you're stuck with 203mm guns, which have 33% less rate of fire AND 33% less shells. They also have 20% less range because you can't take advantage of the commander skill and 10% less rate of fire even on top of that. This means your damage output is like 35-40% of the 155mm guns. Not to mention that with 203mm guns the Atago beats the Mogami in almost every aspect AND she has a heal on top of all that. Atago's guns turn faster, she has more HP, she has the heal ability, she has better torpedo arcs etc. And all you lose is a TINY bit of damage. If this is what you're going to nerf the Mogami with then I would much rather take the Advanced Firing Training nerf on the Mogami, because then you could at least deal damage once you got close, but now you can't do anything. If you see a battleship you need to run away because you just can't damage them.
  23. Hi! I had a strange experience... I'm generally new at Wargaming, and I play only world of Warships, not WOT, WOWP. I heard from others, that high Tier battles are costly in all Wargaming games, thats why you get same credits as on lower tiers, but the cost of ammunition and repairs are much higher. But I dont know, why I have any repair cost, when my Ship didnt suffered any damage at all... I would be happy to know the reason, so any answers would be much appretiated. Thanks: Eraserr
  24. BigWoodFarmer

    Building my Mogami

    Hello fellow Captains, so today I finally unlocked my Mogami, and I am happy to say, it's a very fun ship. I have read, that you should use the smaller caliber primary batteries since the DPS is higher, because of the faster reload and the current necessity to fire HE at long range. Seems fine, I will definitely try the other guns at a later time, but with the captains level 4 secondary armament skill, I will have great range on the smaller guns as well, so i would probably stick with those. My questions is, which module to get as a second upgrade? I have bought the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 on other ships before, but I don't really feel like I need it on the Mogami. The main batteries seem accurate enough and I am able to score a lot of hits. I was therefor considering the Main Battery Modification 2, which increases my reload time by 1 second but decreases the slow turn speed of my turrets by 6 seconds, which seems like a great trade off. What are your opinions on the matter? It is quite the investment of 500k Credits, but again, seems worth it. Also, what other modules did you guys get? Concealment System seems great, as my Range will already be decent. Thanks for your help!
  25. MassTahh

    Mogami vs Ibuki

    Hi there, Is it only me or Ibuki is really inferior comparing to Mogami? - Mogami with Advanced Firing Training has comparable range to Ibuki with an upgrade yet it can spam HE like crazy which enables it to BBQ Battle Ships and pin down Destroyers. Ibuki however has superior penetration which makes it more useful vs cruisers. Hitting Citadel with Mogami's AP shells is very uncommon while fighting similar tier cruisers on Ibuki - no problem. Ibuki can heal... has superior torpedo armament and better drop angles. In theory quite even comparison... in practice however... my results are FAR better on Mogami. Additionally other players seems to have similar feelings about those ships. Question is... Should Ibuki get a buff or Mogami nerf? Otherwise we have a situation like when mogami was tier 7 and Myoko tier 8....