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Found 6 results

  1. Skyee_8492

    Model Warships

    You could say warships has become a bit of a passion, Tbh i don't know where its stemmed from. As a kid i always liked history in general but these days naval history more so has become a bit of a passion. Watching documentaries, visiting historical dockyards & playing WoWs, As of last year i started building my own fleet it seems and these are the models I've build (Thus Far) in various states of completion Iron Duke being the most complete and the first to get build. So far i've got Hms Nelson Hms Iron Duke Hms Warspite Kms Scharnhorst Kms Prinz Eugen Uss Arizona Ijn Fubuki Uss Texas & Hms Ark Royal yet to even be touched. You could say its getting out of hand and i'm quickly running out of space but every time i think i've got enough i'm like ugh i need that one as well haha but with covid-19 in full swing, I'm glad i have something to do! Anyways i hope you enjoy & if you have any models of your own please feel free to share :) 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. firstly german and now french helmsmen has to have apparently eyes like x-men to navigate their vessels this is kaiser's second hull - as you can see additional rangefinder is completelly obstructing view from navigation bridge konig's second hull has the exact same issue emile bertin received this issue as well fictional upgrade adding some additional bofors. however unlike german bb's this could be fixed with some effort. with moving the bofors on top of the conning tower the navigational bridge will have free view again. however some devices on top of the tower will be still obstructed. but this is probably better solution
  3. SangheiliGR

    World of Warhips models (and kits)

    Unable to find a better way to contact WG about this, I had to resort to the Off-topic forum, where UNDOUBTEDLY, it will go completely unnoticed by the people that are meant to read it. Yet, for the off-chance that a bored employ happens to stumble upon this post, I shall post the following idea that I have: MODEL KITS What is not to love about them? They add spice to your bedroom, character to your selves, beauty to your living room, MEANING to your existence!(?) Yes, I'm sure we all love model kits. And being here, I am certain YOU dear viewer also really like warships! Being a big fan of them myself, I have built a number of models including Bismarck, Takao, Shimakaze... the list goes on. I also happen to be a huge fan of world of warships which made me think that I would love, more than anything else, a model of my favourite in-game ships. A Khabarovsk perhaps, or a Des Moines. Maybe a Zao or a Moskva? Hell, the list goes on and on but here's the problem. There are no available 3D files of the ships so 3D printing is off the table (although I'd greatly appreciate the possibility of making a huge scale model for an RC conversion, made with 3D printing) So the other option that comes to mind: count on Wargaming! The problem is though, the only available models from WG are Bismarck, Atago and Tirpitz. See that is fine and all BUT and this is a huge BUT because I'm going to get a bit technical here. See, the first problem is the scale. 1/700 is way to small for A LOT of modellers out there and that, unfortunately, is not the only problem. Let's get to the second problem: The price. See, the price itself really isn't an issue itself. The price is actually VERY fair and not out of budget for most, while its comparable to other 1:700 ships but it brings me to my third problem which in my opinion is something the WG store team has completely overlooked. There are COUNTLESS other model kits of the same exact ships (and here is the continuation of the second problem: for far lower prices. You can get an Atago/Takao 1/700 kit for nearly half the price. . ) And while Bismarck, Tirpitz and Atago may be beautiful ships indeed, I can tell you without a sliver of a doubt (and trust me, I've asked a huge modelling group and they agreed) that we simply do NOT want a second (or fifth) model Bismarck or Yamato (trust me. It's everyone's first ship, those two.), much less in a smaller scale. (overlooking the fact that they are old Italeri kits that have simply been rebranded *cough cough*) This is a problem, and an actually (oh boy here we go with the technical stuff) unsound investment by WG! (In my opinion. They probably looked into it themselves and found it beneficial) Sure, they might have made a profit already, but they are definitely not maximising it. (Again, not an expert, but it's my "educated guess") I may not be an economics major but I managed to stay awake for long enough in class to get some basic economic ideas. See to make the biggest profit possible (for you in the back who were asleep during class) you need to find a gap in the market that your product can fill. "Catering to demand" if you would. Now, experienced modellers (the ones most probable to spend money on model kits) probably already have models of famous ships such as Yamato or Bismarck while new modellers would either pick a kit recommended by more experienced ones (hint hint, and I'm sorry to say this but special priced-rebranded kits that come with bonus Wargaming goodies (that I think are actually pretty awesome and made me consider them), aren't really what would be recommended as a first step.) One could again argue, that the WG label could persuade some to prefer them over other kits. And I would agree! I got myself a 1/35 Ferdinand kit made from WG because it had a competitive in regards to other available kits price AND had the extra digital goodies! (That's some proper bloody marketing there!) (Although, I must say, within the modelling community old Italeri kits aren't exactly... preferred. Not that Italeri is bad, of course! Its newer models are considered splendid more often than not) So here is the kicker that this entire post has boiled down to: Wargaming, this is where our interests meet: Why not find a modelling company that would be willing to create the ships for which you have the 3D files and reference material? Basically, you would have a monopoly (that word has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?). I can assure you, the community wants innovation and variety. Another Yamato model? A fifth Tirpitz? It's . . . stale. Of course, I will be honest here: you run the risk of modellers dismissing them as "fantasy ships" So this is what you could do as a first step to "test the waters" if you would. Why not provide models that existed and are in your game but are not available to modellers simply because no other company provides them. Here are some, off the top of my head: Cleveland, Des Moines, Gnevny, Ognevoi, Tashkent, Grozovoi (project 40N), Chapayev/Mikhail Kutuzov, Molotov (Kirov), Midway, ... These are beautiful ships that both existed AND would look great in model form. Trumpeter already got the hint and is releasing a USS Alaska and a USS Baltimore (that were not available at all in the case of Alaska or in 1/350 scale in the case of Baltimore) and I can tell you, the modelling community is waiting for them on the edge of their seats! And god damn you can just imagine how they would be with a Stalingrad class battlecruiser or a Sovietsky Soyuz. . . You have a great chance here, guys. For the sake of art, and your own profit, please, just simply look into the possibility of making such a partnership with a modelling company (for example, Revell does Star Wars kits so they might be up for the collaboration). That was my two cents, Wargaming. Also, as a final "request" I have to say: 1/350 scale is a lot nicer than 1:700 ;) Pictures included are pictures of my completed Bismarck model in 1/350 scale.
  4. HDArtworks

    Problem with ships Models

    Hi guys. I'm new to this game and i really like it. (This game is much more better than Steel Ocean). But i have a problem with some of ships in tier 1 and 2. Some of them is really looks crazy. Some parts of the ships is not attach to the ships and is floating in the air! (See Attachment) I take some screenshot from ships that have this problem. So, How can i fix this issue? Thanks...
  5. DumbleDerp

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    So just started a build of the Bismarck and thought I'd post the progress in here. It's a 1/350 Tamiya, so not the official, sponsored WG model, but we'll see how it goes. I'll post more updates as I go along, would like to hear from any other people doing similar stuff. I'll also try and get better pictures too
  6. Serenissima

    Aircraft Models

    Anyone yet had the idea of replacing the aircraft models, particularly at lower tiers, with the appearance of aircraft that actually served in WWII? It really, really bothers me seeing the ugly yellow peacetime colours on those ancient biplanes flying off a Bogue or Independence from the Second World War. Seems like it's definitely something that'll be needed for any kind of immersion, at least. I suppose this could be done either by just replacing the models ingame with later aircraft models from this game, or better, perhaps ported from World of Warplanes to add a bit more variety?