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Found 17 results

  1. [Update 2020.05.20] Updated uv format for xyznuvr vertex type; Updated number conversion for uint32 in "indices" block Download: ShipModelExtractor20200520b.zip [Update 2020.05.09] Fixed a bug with glass models [DL removed due to new version release] [Update 2020.04.06] Fixed incorrect armor ID [DL removed due to new version release] [Update 2020.03.25] The script is now capable to extract armor models correctly. This version is fully functional. (Tested in Matlab R2018b) [DL removed due to new version release] [Update 2020.03.23] I've finished my Matlab code to extract models: [DL removed due to new version release] It can export almost all the geometries, including wires. Known bugs: 1. Armor models are incomplete. 2. Wire's uv maps look strange (I don't know the reason at this moment Note that it exports model from primitives to obj, it can't do any change to primitive files. [Original post 2019.07.02] The main objective of this thread is to share everyone's knowledge and try to have a tool that help people to edit ship models. Introduction The content SDK is a good work of Wargaming. It gives us access to nearly every single file (models, textures, materials, and a lot of parameters) of a ship, but we only mod the textures in most of the cases - and that's a waste of the potential of the content SDK for sure. To release its full power, we need to have a model tool, which can be found nowhere in our days. Weeks ago, I get told by Tirpitz_1939(@Asia) the binary file structure of primitives format. Then I tried writing some codes in Matlab to read a primitives file, and it showed that this file structure is basically correct. Meanwhile, there are still something unclear in this structure, and I’m not good in programming Windows application. So I’d like to share with you what I know until now, we can have some brainstorming together, and help capable people to create the tool of dream. The file structure Our main dish is here: Some notes: 1. The unit of data length is byte. 2. When the length of a section is not an integer multiple of 4, there will be some empty bytes added to the end of the section, that make the length become a multiple of 4. For example, the first section starts by the 5th byte (because the first 4 bytes are unknown), the first section has 57 bytes, then the second section should start by the 5+60=65th byte instead of the 5+57=62nd byte. 3. The order of processing the file: You should start the processing from the last 4 bytes, which tell you the length of the “section name” section, then you go to the start byte of “section name” section, and so on… 4. All the strings are standard ACSII char arrays, just convert them byte by byte. 5. All the numerical data are in little-endian order 6. As you may have noticed, the “normal” attribute should have 3 floats, but there’s only 4 bytes for each normal. I don’t really understand how did WG stock 3 floats in 4 bytes, but here is a python code that allows you to get these 3 floats: 7. The section type could be “*.vertices”, “*.indices”, “*.armor” and “*.cmodl”. This is the case of WoWS, I don’t know what would happen in WoT or WoWP. A pair of vertices and indices could form a standard ship model part; the armor is a armor model; the cmodl however, I don’t know what it is. The armor models Guns’ “armor” type parts can be found directly in their lod0 primitives; ships’ armors are stocked in the primitives file without segment postfix in the filename. I make this specific paragraph about the armors, because they only have vertices, you can’t find any “indices” about them. Here is a xyzn vertices table of a certain part of armor on the old Yamato: There are many identical vertices, so, in fact, you just take every 3 points in order, you put them together, and you get the triangle. It’s logical. As to the normals, I doubt what they are, because if you consider them as normal you will get a very very strange surface, like this: Model file format We used to have some model tools that export models in obj format, when I used them to replace models, sometimes the normal texture didn’t work as intended. When I see this primitives file structure, I understand that it’s because of the lack of tangent and binormal. These are 2 necessary attributes to define a tangent space, but obj format does not support them. So this time, if we make a new tool, we should consider to use another 3D file format that supports tangent and binormal. For example, the FBX. If you don’t know what a tangent space is, please read this: https://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC4/Tangent+Space+Normal+Mapping And here are some ASCII FBX documentations that may help you generate and read fbx files: http://download.autodesk.com/us/fbx/2010/fbx_sdk_help/index.html?url=WS1a9193826455f5ff-150b16da11960d83164-6c6f.htm,topicNumber=d0e127 https://banexdevblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/23/a-quick-tutorial-about-the-fbx-ascii-format/ A summary of things that are not yet clear 1. The “unknown” marks in the file structure 2. The “normal” of armor vertices That’s all for now. Special thanks to Tirpitz_1939(AS) IsamuKondera(EU) and real_sytax(EU). Hope we can have some constructive discussions here and maybe finally have a model tool that we have dreamed for years
  2. Skyee_8492

    Ark Royal "Historical" Camouflage

    NEED HELP So I'm building a model of the HMS Ark Royal & I'm having some trouble finding any images of this "historical" camouflage. I have a few model warships in my collection and i don't want them to be all grey so I've decided to paint various camo schemes to for color diversity. Originally i was writing this for some help if anybody who reads this has this so called "historical" camo, i'd much appreciate some screen shots cause i can't find any of the other side which i assume is mirrored but also some bridge close ups and some stern shots cause all i can find are these 2 and a couple of others which are all bow shots of various angles which brings me onto my next point. I will say i'm making this as an assumption but why WG present this as an historical camouflage of the Ark Royal? Literally as i was typing this out i made one last ditch attempt to try find images of this camo before putting this out there. Low and behold, an image caught my eye and after clicking this link it turns out this so called "Historical Camouflage" isn't really historical as it seems. I mean yeah you could say its an historical camouflage but its not for the Ark Royal, Its for Illustrious! It's called MS4a Camo carried from 1940-42 & is not symmetrical but what i don't understand and I'm basing this on a lack of not knowing FYI but why present this as an historical camouflage when it isn't because I'm assuming WG isn't presenting of as an Illustrious camo for the Ark Royal and if that's the case it's very misleading which is why i can't find any images of this but also personally speaking disrespectful calling it historical when it isn't, Not for this ship. It's cheeky & i don't want to ring this bell for to long but what exactly is WoWs trying to be? Historically accurate? <LOL definitely not, Partly historical accurate where WG feels necessary? Making it up? It's all a little confusing since WG pride themselves in the topic but they do things like that which to me seems dishonest. It seems to me the focus has gone from trying accuracy initially to now just moving into making it up. Like I've said, This is mainly assumption but i wouldn't rule it out but to the original point & if you've made this far. Some Screenshots if you have this camo would greatly be appreciated.
  3. So, I've been thinking about the little nerfs accumulating on Kremlin. It's good that it's getting attention, but what if curbing Kremlin was approached in a different way? What if, in addition to the next nerf which lowers the sigma, we raise the model? At the moment, Kremlin's model sits very low in the water at the midsection, and is not in line with most other BBs at this tier. Only Kurfurst is comparable, and even then its higher up than Kremlin. Yama GK Conq Repu Monty Krem and GK from another angle Not perfect screens, but I tried to get them right. You get the idea and you can also view the same in port. Right now, People complain about not being able to punish Kremlin in the side properly. If we raise the model, it should make the citadel and upper armour belt even more accessible, which would be emphasising the weakness of Kremlin to damage from the flanks, like other RU BBs. In this way, the ship keeps what is strong about it, while magnifying it's weaknesses and making it less forgiving to bad plays. It becomes easier to punish. After this and the sigma nerf, we sit on it for a while and see what happens. Though, a concealment nerf to at least 14, maybe 14.1km with full concealment build I would not be opposed to on top of these as well. Thoughts?
  4. firstly german and now french helmsmen has to have apparently eyes like x-men to navigate their vessels this is kaiser's second hull - as you can see additional rangefinder is completelly obstructing view from navigation bridge konig's second hull has the exact same issue emile bertin received this issue as well fictional upgrade adding some additional bofors. however unlike german bb's this could be fixed with some effort. with moving the bofors on top of the conning tower the navigational bridge will have free view again. however some devices on top of the tower will be still obstructed. but this is probably better solution
  5. StringWitch

    Error: Harekaze's smooth deck

    Metal segments of HSF Harekaze's deck are smooth instead of greebled, despite the anime appearance rendering it with greebles. In fact these areas appear to lack normal textures at all and only have the preshading, bumpmap, and a transparent 'wet patch' texture applied over the top. Attachments show comparison with Shiratsuyu and screencap of anime showing the deck detail. There's also official art depicting the greebles here: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2326299
  6. Greetings, fellow forumites and model builders, I recently bought the TAMIYA 1/350 Yamato model (2013) for about 85€ (it was on discount, the real price was about 105€). While building I looked up what other ships were available that I could add to get a small collection. Maybe a DD, a CV and a CA/CL, all in the same scale. Here starts my dilemma and some questions arouse. As a student I'd like to keep prices ... reasonable. While looking up models of ships I was very surprised about what other model kits of ships of smaller sizes cost. DDs like the Kagero were ok, I guess. But CAs like the Tone and Mogami are remarkably more expensive at about 130€ with discount and a full price of 165€. Not to mention CVs, where I found different offers from other companies (Hasegawa and Fujimi) that start at 200€. When I started my search I somewhat expected the Yamato to be one of the more expensive ships with ships getting cheaper the smaller they get. So did I get a comparably old model which led to low price of my Yamato? Or are there just more parts in a kit for CA? And is anyone aware of cheaper model kits for ships like the Tone and CVs like the Shoukaku? Are there any kits you can recommend?
  7. Dark_Havoc

    Budowa modelu Atago

    Witam serdecznie! Jak niektórzy wiedzą udało mi się wylosować od WG model Atago. Składałem go ładnych parę dni i postanowiłem pochwalić się dokonaniami. Na początek zaznaczę, że poprzednio składałem modele plastikowe jakieś 20 lat temu. Niektórzy pamiętają jeszcze modele z tamtych czasów z jedynymi dostępnymi na rynku Łosiami, Karasiami i RWD. Jednakże dostając takie cacko postanowiłem je samodzielnie złożyć. Poniżej parę zdjęć z komentarzem. 1. Pierwsze wrażenie. Model dotarł do mnie prawie 2 miesiące po wygraniu. Przez kuriera... który zostawił go u sąsiadki, którą ledwo znam. Nic to. Pierwsze wrażenie super: opakowanie kartonowe wielkości 50cm zapowiadało super zawartość. W środku prócz części znalazłem: instrukcje, klej, pęsetę, książeczkę reklamową wraz z kodami do WoWs oraz plakat formatu A3 przedstawiający Atago. Najpierw ponarzekam na kuriera. Opakowanie przeżyło nieco wstrząsów oraz zgniotów. Po przyjrzeniu się ramkom okazało się, że część części nie przeżyła transportu. Zwłaszcza zmartwił mnie okrutnie połamany maszt. Na całe szczęście całkiem niepotrzebnie. Z biegu chciałem przystąpić do montażu, ale spotkałem się z problemem oznaczeń. Okazało się, że ramek było 8, części prócz oznaczeń liczbowych miały oznaczenia literowe. Musiałem długo wczytywać się w instrukcję, z której wynikło, że części są nadmiarowe: niektóre części w ramkach nie były potrzebne w danym modelu. Część ramek była uniwersalna: pasuje do wszystkich modeli - samoloty zwiadowcze, część dział artylerii pomocniczej, pomosty i reflektory. Powodowało to nieco konfuzji przy odnajdywaniu części. 2. Początki Najpierw do montażu był kadłub: Po wspaniałym i banalnym kadłubie przyszedł nasz na dłubanie. Elementy składowe masztu miały czasem kilka milimetrów wielkości. Pomoc pęsety była nieodzowna, w dodatku wyszło, że drżące ręce są tutaj niemałym problemem. Na całe szczęście jako podstawa do montażu posłużyła plastelina. Wieże artylerii głównej były dość proste, ale również małe. Co gorsza w czasie transportu jedna z nich straciła oś. No, ale jest z plastiku, a mam klej.... Nieodzowna stała się plastelina i miseczka, gdyż w innym przypadku nigdy bym tych części nie odnalazł. Następną rzeczą przydatną były małe gumki, którymi można było ścisnąć części. Poniżej widać przygotowany do sklejenia komin: 3. Nadbudówki. Montaż pokładu wymagał zainstalowania wież. W modelu były przygotowane specjalne gumowe pierścienie, dzięki którym był możliwy obrót dział. Następnymi częściami były nadbudówki. Część była z przezroczystego plastiku i nieźle udawała szyby: Ta część to w rzeczywistości jakieś 12 elementów. W dodatku to tylko górna część nadbudówki. Na zdjęciu poniżej widać wyrzutnie torpedowe. Elementy te są prawie niewidoczne po złożeniu modelu: Tutaj zaczęły się schody, gdyż niektóry elementy miały 2mm wielkości. Tutaj ledwo widoczne podstawy reflektorów i reflektory. Na szczęście było parę zapasowych, gdyż parę spadło na podłogę i zaginęło. 4. Napęd. Śruby i ster nie były trudne w montażu i dodatkowo nie wystają poza obręb kadłuba więc model może stać bez podstawki: 5. Końcowe prace: Wielopiętrowe nadbudówki to mnóstwo malutkich części. Parę dni zajęło mi zmontowanie ich. Efekt jest taki: 6. Podsumowanie. Model miło się składało. Jedyne rozczarowanie to wielkość końcowa. 30cm w opisie i w wyobrażeniu wygląda na duży rozmiar. Jednak po postawieniu na biurku wydaje się malutki. Poziom szczegółowości jest niezły. Można w modelu odnaleźć elementy, które widać w grze. Początkowo myślałem o malowaniu, ale na stronie producenta zestaw farb to koszt 60zł, w dodatku nie był dostępny. Mam nadzieję, że podobało się. Jakbym musiał wywalić zdjęcia z powodu przekroczenia limitu załączników tutaj link do galerii na Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/T1dHn P.S. Musiałem wywalić część obrazków, bo przekroczyłem limit.
  8. AkosJaccik

    "What does this thing do?"

    I'm probably not alone in our community when it comes to being totally and utterly clueless about actual and everyday naval issues (sitting in the middle of a landlocked country does not help either). Webpages and books often cover tactics, technical data and whatnot, but I often come across unanswered questions when I rotate the 3D models of ships in-game and look at specific pieces of equipment. What are those? How do they work? What happens when I push the button? While I have doubts about this topic being overly popular, let's give it a shot. The "rules" are simple. - Link one or some pictures about any in-game ship - Ask or tell about one or more of her equipment, or any 3D model part of her. You can even make a picture showing a wild array of explanations with arrows, or you can talk about one specific piece of equipment, how did it work, why did it installed on the ship, etc. You can even share curiosities about things that seem trivial to a seaman, but not to us ("Why is this rope here?"). Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi all, "Armor models are wrong" response." Flaw confirmed. We will fix it. We will look into it more. If there is truly such inconsistency, we will fix it. We are not going to split cruiser belts into such sections. Tapering them for historical accuracy would be gameplay nerf, and this is not something we want for cruisers. It's not that clear, we won't take actions until we have solid proof. Friedman often gives vague wordings, unfortunately. As for belt-backing we mostly treat it as balancing tool. We can add it if we need it. We will review the model. As for aft belt, it is not clear to us yet. We will look into it more. It would be nice to know whether external or internal belt is meant. Will fix the belt, and will look into bulkheads (we will review it additionally). There was no belt there. If magazine protection is meant, then we need some solid proof to act. Will fix that. I commented on backing above. We will review the model. We will review the model, same here. Yamato nerf request, huh? Our sources indicate they are adequate. It is present on the model, probably not viewable yet. That's right, but these are intentional conventions. We won't change this. Not confirmed. Not confirmed. Another Yamato nerf request Yep, it's not a big deal, so no, it won't happen. Game convention. That's right. NC is modelled differently because of balance purposes. On the side note: we don't consider Skulski a reliable source. He is fond of making some missing parts up. This is understandable though - original Yamato blueprints are scarce, we spent much time and effort to gather everuthing we have. We will review the model. Will fix that. We tend not to split magazine armor and decks into segments if there is tapering. Game convention. We will review the model. Same as with Des Moines: we don't split magazine armor and decks into segments if there is tapering. Game convention. We will review the model. Navypedia is not a reliable source for us. It's not like we always have first-class sources. But according to them, it is heavy armor. So..not confirmed. Same here. It is not missing, it is not visible in the viewer. It was indicated upon viewer release in patch notes, that some parts may not be visible (technical reasons, will be improved at some point). We will review the model. Uh. Looks like we're done. As you can see, most part of comment is relevant. Dear author, thanks again for your input. Fair seas! Leo "Apollo11"
  10. EU Post: Hello, I am very much interested in doing a life-like (scaled down of course) replica of a warship (WW2 Era)... I cannot seem to find any 3D renders online, the ones I do find however either: A. Poor quality/Do not exist B. Cost money to access C. Are not clear of what exactly I am getting by signing up e.g. is it a VISUAL/website interactive access? or can I DOWNLOAD and possibly EDIT it? The question is: Is it possible to extract the current 3D model(s) (e.g. IJN Minekaze) from the game 'World of Warships' to view in a program (Scaleform)? Likely Answer: I am assuming NO. While I do not make mods, I assume the models are in a bunch of small files (to save space) and Wargaming used a type of converter so their models are indeed in a scatter of files non-accessible to players, but Dev's could indeed access them/repack them. If any of you have an answer to this little post of mine, then do please reply! P.s. the website gamemodels3d.com has accessible 3d models, are these models downloadable and viewable/editable in a program? if so then do please reply! (and if you could send me a model that'd be nice too) example of viewable model: http://gamemodels3d....ehicles/pjsd004 Thanks -DD
  11. SangheiliGR

    World of Warships static model ideas

    Now that we can have the Bismarck on our desk to marvel in its greatness, i thought to myself, why stop there? Italeri and WG have teamed up before to bring us some AMAZING models of tanks from World of Tanks, and could, as such, perhaps make some more models. Thing is, 1/700 scale is a tad small and im really questioning it. Perhaps a "premium" 1/350 size would be nice, Is it not so? Now, i know this may sound a bit off. It could be expensive too. But i want you to picture a model of the Atago, in her colors when she served as the Flagship for the IJN, Gloriously standing in the middle of your desk, with her flags waving on the wind from a small fan you put in front of her. I can tell you i would give a pretty penny to make that happen. I am already trying to acquire a model of the Takao or another warship and getting one from WG would be even better! As egoistic as that may sound ;) So i ask of thee, what ships would you like to see from WG and in what scale? Here are my pics: Moskva Cleveland Iowa Gearing Midway or Ranger Zao Kongo Shimakaze Kamikaze-R (Premium ships in their entirety to be honest! ^^) Kiev Mogami Des moines All of them, of course, in glorious 1/350 scale (Or less! ;D )
  12. DumbleDerp

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    So just started a build of the Bismarck and thought I'd post the progress in here. It's a 1/350 Tamiya, so not the official, sponsored WG model, but we'll see how it goes. I'll post more updates as I go along, would like to hear from any other people doing similar stuff. I'll also try and get better pictures too
  13. SniperWolf90

    New Ishizuchi model, AA buff?

    Was looking at my Ishizuchi when I discovered that there are guns on top of the main turrets. Is this new? I have not seen them before, there is 10 of them in total, two for every turret. They are not in the equipment list of the ship, they seem to be the same type (they look the same) as the AA guns mounted on the vessel (AA Guns 80 mm / 40 3rd Year Type). I have not tested them them yet, but since they are not in the list of weapons on the ship, I doubt they work. Sooooo, is this an AA buff in the works?
  14. BadassKaiser

    I drew the Bismark

    How good is my drawing? I tried to draw Bismark (atleast i tried) and these are the results. Sorry for shaky cam but there is nothing i can do about it for now. If you look to my older posts, you can find an model battleship that has made by me with only cardboard. I uploaded 4 photos for avoiding shaking problems. It's much better in real life but damn, my camera sucks. http://i.hizliresim.com/LENJYj.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/8Q5G6d.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/m5pVX2.jpg http://i.hizliresim.com/EpN7OD.jpg If you zoom out the browser, the picture will be better.
  15. Okitank

    [MODELS] Ships Exposition

    Heya! I knew this forum was lacking a Modelism thread! So, here it is! You could share your passions, models or tips here! And I'll start with my little cutie, Kirishima 1/1200, a 3D printed model from Shapeways (when they were doing 1/1200 scale) I painted and put on the sea: For now, I'm working on a 1/700 Tamiya Yamato (Kancolle edition), and I wait my photo etching tools to be delivered. And you? What are your models? Show us!
  16. Pivke

    Inaccurate ship models

    Hi i opened this topic for discussing ship models that might need adjusting or changing. im sure the warships experts have found quite a few inaccurate models that they want to bring attention to. i dont know too much about ships in general, but i have managed to find quite an obvious one. IJN Kuma cruiser. it doesnt have a scout plane, but it carries scout plane parts (the wings and the slides) on the deck. it would be nice to replace them with something else. because its just odd to have plane parts and no scout...
  17. As the title says, Im building a simple cardboard battleship. Its not so professional but just fan made. 1st day: I finished the skeleton and created the mechanism for rotating turrets. 2nd day: I finished the main turrets and started the foundation of tower. 3rd day: Continued the foundation of tower. 4th day: Finished the chimney and placed an AA and some secondary armament. 5th day: Finished the majority of secondary armament and some AA. And a little bit interior design. 6th day: Added few details, AAs, Secondary armaments, Renewed cannon barrels, completed the foundation of tower 7th + 8th + 9th day: Its FINISHED! Photos are on the bottom of page.