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Found 5 results

  1. Ollie_Mix_Grill

    MiniMap Last Known Position

    Isn't it about time the minimap showed the last known position of the enemy? I find this quite frustrating. I'm sure now that it has been done in W0T it could easily be done for W0W.
  2. Morgenstern1970


    Guten morgen! Ich habe folgendes Problem: Schlacht startet, ich gehe in die Kartenansicht, setze ein paar Wegpunkte, gehe zurück in die normale Ansicht und habe dann immer noch einen aktiven Mauszeiger (so als hätte ich STRG gedrückt). Die Kamera ist fixiert, ich kann sie nur bewegen, wenn ich mit dem Mauszeiger an die Kanten stoße. In der Scharfschützen-Ansicht geht dann überhaupt nichts. Ach ja, und ich kann nicht schießen. Mehrfaches STRG- oder Hochstelltasten-Drücken bringt nichts. Das ganze nach den Updates heute früh, gestern ging es noch. Hat jemand eine Lösung für das Problem? Danke!
  3. Flash_overlord

    can't ping Minimap - Glitch? need help

    Ok, so that's a bit embarassing to ask this considering how many games i have under my belt now... but seriously?? how do you ping minimap? i press Control to bring up the cursor, and double click a square on minimap (tried with both mose button) - Nothing... i bring up the Big map and try double clicking on this one - Nothing... i tried asking in game to other people many time, they always said that's what they were doing and don't know why it doesn't work for me... so i have to ask now, what am i missing ? do any one else experience this ?? is there a glitch going around i'm not aware of that cause this ? or am i really that stupid ? BTW, i installed the game back in october 2015, under version 0.4.something at that time, and even then it wasnt working either, pinging the map never worked for me, on any version so far, so i's NOT something update related, i think...
  4. Hi there, i would like to ask if you can add something on the Minimap, about Radar Range. I mean its already show about your Detection Range, AA Range and so on - but there is no Indicator about the Range of your Radar (or Hydro) i mean, the Range of Radar is almost similar but it would be nice, if you can add an Option for that. For Example if you playing a German Battleship, or Russian Cruiser, US Cruiser - you may enable that Option to see where you "may" spot an Enemy Ship
  5. wretched_rod

    Minimap range circles

    There was a gun range indicator on the minimap, besides the torp range and spoted range. Where did it go?