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Found 107 results

  1. Linkaex


    My team mates are broken :') All jokes aside, stop putting me only in games with [edited] and fix your match making to balance teams on skill level. Lopsided games are a common thing. But being put only in the loser team bracket is really frustrating.
  2. Kerindor

    Karl Ranseier ist tot.

    Der wohl erfolgloseste Ranked Spieler aller Zeiten spielte schon im zarten Alter von 4 Jahren in der Badewanne Ranked. Schon damals versteckten sich seine Schlachtschiffe hinter ihm und versanken beim Versuch den Badewannenrand zu durchbrechen. Später versuchte er seine Strategie in WoWs umzusetzen und so schnell es geht mit seinem Schlachtschiff eine Map über den Kartenrand zu verlassen. Legendär sind seine heroischen Versuche als Zerstörer aus der dritten Reihe den Gegner zu torpedieren, was ihm wenig Applaus und oft einen pinken Status einbrachte. Auch seine Bemühungen als CV Spieler hatten wenig Erfolg, als er nach endloser Suche endlich einen CV fand und torpedierte, nur um festzustellen das dies sein eigener war. Einen Achtungserfolg erzielte er als er mit seinem Kreuzer es schaffte nach minutenlanger Bearbeitung einer Bergkuppe mit einer HE Granate ein Schiff in Brand zu stecken. Leider war das ein Teammember, welches ihn auch noch mit unflätigen Ausdrücken dafür im Chat bedachte. Unzählige Donnerstagsthreads über das mieserable Matchmaking, den Versuch Schlachtschiffe auf die Rote Liste vom Aussterben bedrohter Schiffsklassen zu setzen und diversen Ankündigungen nie wieder zu spielen, brachten ihm leider auch nicht die lang ersehnte Anerkennung als WoWs-Spezialexperte ein. Karl Ranseier starb nach 9834 Ranked Gefechten und -10298 Karma beim Versuch mit dem Kopf die Tischplatte zu durchbrechen um wenigstens einmal Sterne zu sehen.
  3. Dirty_Dunc

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    Regardless of the upcomIng carrier update, I'd like to say that I think two CV's per side is too many and should be restricted to one carrier per team. In my opinion these games are not fun, occur far too frequently and even when your on the winning side it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. These games currently occur mostly at low tier where most ships are world war 1 vintage and have no AA guns to speak of. The whole situation is compounded when flawed matchmaking puts a novice against a veteran CV captain with thousands of games under their belt and a 19 point captain to boot. I've currently gotten to the point where by if I see more than two CV's in the player queue I just cancel and wait until the number drops because these games are so horrendous.
  4. So I started a random game and wargaming blessed me with this gem *edited* I see nothing wrong here, no matchmaking problem at all~
  5. Hello there, Captains! With update 0.7.4 the "matchmaking issue" is getting a bit of polish, and that is really good news! I really think this is a big step towards making the game more enjoyable by balance, yet there is a just as important thing that I hope is lurking in World of Warships developers minds: SKILL-BASED MATCHMAKING! I am also glad that one of my hopes is becoming reality, sending bad players (in any way "bad players" can be described) into forced Co-Op games, to chill their nipples or learn the basics! Question: would you guys mind if Wargaming made the MM more "skills" related? I personally wouldn't mind waiting for a couple of minutes to get players closer to my level, be it good or bad, than play with 3/4 un-carriable, suicidal, useless potatoes (or in the other case, players that wreck me with little to no effort). They can play and have more fun in their black-stats-league, at the bottom of the pit, that's the only way they can climb up... because placing them higher than what their little minds can handle... they just get 1shoted fast, ruin a game, get flamed/reported, claim the game is crap, make others claim the game is crap because of getting such creatures on their team. (just watch 1hr of decent steamers and you will be convinced for life). Skill-based matchmaking - using average XP/battle as the main differential (please don't use damage again, it's dumb) would make a huge impact on the quality and feel of this game. Being able to somehow-rely on one of your random team-mates is crucial in a tactical game like this. CRUCIAL! Just looking at the MM monitor, some players instantly realize they need to 1v23 for victory... and that is unfair after a few games where they are the only victory hope/condition. I think this will just improve the community as well, lower toxicity, by gathering players of similar skills closer, as they meet each other more often and so they can develop friendships and rivalries. Working examples are all over the online gaming world! It is discouraging and shameful to promote the game as anything else but a mediocre arcade game, as long as you can find crap and gold mixed in the same bowl and presented as a "working recipe of success and continuity". The games that are having the biggest success are those that combine multiplayer tactics with personal skill and... THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF GROWTH! Take Riot Gaming's League of Legends for example: players are separated into leagues, have an "MMR" that defines their skill and whenever they play PVP modes, they are set against players of similar MMR. The only chance of a Silver player to be placed against a Diamond player, while playing random matches, is if he or one of his team-mates of similar MMR is in a premade party with a Diamond player or two Platinum players etc. so that, in the end, the average MMR of both teams is almost equal. It should be the same in World of Warships, with the AVERAGE XP/GAME numbers. SOLUTION TO MAKE THIS CHANGE FASTER: This kinda' goes out to everyone that plays the game, we need to put a little bit of effort ourselves. Wargaming promotes the game as best as we can, but in the end, it's the players' community that draws most of the new members. Help expand the player base, help to guide new players into enjoying the game, give constant feedback about the game (good or bad, it will only improve the game overall), recruit friends that have lost their "gaming way" and need a new challenge. Anything that you can think of, in the end, it's a new game (2yrs only makes it fresh a.f.) that you should play with friends, in a fun or competitive environment, whatever rocks your boat! A bigger player base means more options when it comes to improving the quality of play. PS: If this change happens it doesn't mean I wouldn't flame a bad play, but at least I know that guy made a once-in-100-games-mistake and that's not his real level, inclining more towards irony than disgust and losing the will to play the game, like it happens when all my DDs are 30% WR/5k avg dmg in 1000 games and die in the first 2 minutes without any logical reason but complete lack of care or pure stupidity, or my top tier BBs are of my T1 ships average dmg and camp the edges of the map shooting HE from max range not to get their paint scratched by looking like a real threat to the enemy. I also bet that flaming somebody that understands their mistake and even accepts the critic is so much different that flaming a guy that has no clue what the game is about and gets back to you with some dumb offensive line or just... dumb, just because he has no clue what went wrong, he was doing so fine rushing the enemy team in his destroyer, guns blazing. (These situations happen too often for a decent player to really enjoy the game... and as the focus on the game is still on "DAMAGE = points and $, everything else is less rewarding", I don't see it improving as long as bad players can just shoot some shells at something and can "secure" a defeat with their bad play, but they get compensated, even in their utter uselessness.) PS2 (some older note I made on toxicity and the reason why it's so much a part of the game): The toxicity in WoWs in not that high compared to other online games and to be honest, it's mostly justified. 99% of the "flaming" cases I've witnessed or been a part of were justified by the actions of the player getting flamed. When you're such a mentally impotent person that you're unable to follow the very few but important general rules of the game and ruin the experience for 23 other people for up to 20 minutes, I believe it's not enough to get flamed and put in your place, I would even take it up a notch and temporary ban that person from Random&Ranked games and only allow him Co-Op for a while, where he needs to have a certain score to get out of. Some people can't even handle bots and you see them rocking their T10 ships (that they grinded for the past 2 years, 300xp/game, dozens of games/day, 30% win rate and 7k avg dmg) next to players and against players from the best clans out there, ruining their games, blocking them, ramming them, torpedoing them by "mistake"... You CANNOT NOT flame these guys, you're doing them a service and maybe you're pushing them towards wanting to improve and avoid getting verbally harassed! But when it happens, always the one to blame is... WARGAMING. Yes! Why? For not having matchmaking give a damn about players performance and mixing utter potato with super unicums just for the hell of it, for not punishing in any way players that are constantly reported for playing bad or unsportsmanlike, for not making a learning-curve-mandatory-tutorial and allow Random games only after you've proven to have more than 2 neurons, unfried. They don't have the resources fix these, yet. Resources = players. Everybody has a bad game or a bad day and I accept being insulted when I do something really stupid, but some guys have ONLY bad games and ONLY bad days, thousands of games in a row, but somehow, someway, through the power of not caring about this issue, they sometimes get to play alongside their man-crush Flarmu (just using him here cuz he looks good as an anime gurl), salute him, lavish him with fan-boy stuff, but during the actual game maybe ram him out of a good position, maybe hit him with some friendly torps or eat his torps and turn Flamu pink, as he's best suited. That is the sad/happy life of a really bad player in WoWs, and there are thousands of them out here, every single day. Can't hate on WG tho, not even a bit, the game is good even if it's a fresh game (2yrs online is fresh), the player base is quite small still and mostly mature because the game appeals mostly to this age. If they had a 35 mil. players/day like Riot's LoL they could do like they do: divide players according to skill in matchmaking, punish unskilled/trolls/intentionally suiciding, permaban utter toxicity and many more things to keep us happy. Even so, rude/ironic/toxic talk will and should never die! It's the spice of online gaming! If it's too spicy for you, chances are... you're a HUGE P***Y Sorry for the long post, here's a potato to... wait, I don't have any, you'll need to look in a mirror!
  6. ElPanic


    Moin Ich würde mich freuen wenn man das Matchmaking zwar anhand einer Tabelle macht aber es Zeitlich staffelt. In der ersten 30sek sollte das Matchmaking versuchen immer die Tier Stufen gleich zu halten. Sind genügend Spieler da ist das kein Problem. Nach Ablauf der 30sek wird eine Stufe hoch bzw runter gematcht. Ist eine Minute gelaufen dann darf auch nach Tabelle geschaut werden, also 2 Tier Stufen. Die Wartezeit von Max 1 Min ist wohl vertretbar Noch weitere Bitten und Vorschläge: 1. Wir benötigen ein besseres Nachrichten System innerhalb der Clans. z.b Nachrichten an alle Spieler die Zwangsweise angezeigt werden.. Eine Art Pinwand für Nachrichten mit mehr Zeichen als jetzt 2. Das Thema Rabatte usw.. Manche Aktionen werden Wochen vorher angekündigt und manche erst wenn Sie laufen..zb. Dieses WE mit den Dublonen. El Panic
  7. Air_Cheese

    matchmaking in weekends

    EDIT I mean, just dont bame the matchmaking. Nothing will work well when everyone is about 30+% wr.
  8. Now, I'm not one to usually bash on the matchmaker, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. Can someone please explain to me why the matchmaker decided to put 2 tier 7 destroyers against two that are tier 8, when its primary goal is to find ships of the same tiers on both teams. It shouldn't really have much of a problem finding them since 4-5 dds per team is a really common theme right now. Sure, divisions can present a challange for it but with so many dds in the game at the time it's unlikely that this was the case here. Apparently our team got balanced by having more radars on our side.
  9. Even in a Co-op, ridiculous!! Screenshot speaks for itself...
  10. CorsiTM

    Feedback 3. CW Saison

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe jetzt eine Weile gesucht, habe aber kein Topic gefunden. Deshalb mache ich selbst eins auf und gebe kurz meine persönlichen Eindrücke wieder: der "Matchmaker" findet zu oft Gegner aus höheren Tierstufen, wenn man in der 1. Gruppe einer Liga ist, ist das Verhältnis 80% Gegner aus der höheren Liga... -> meine Meinung, lasst euch mehr als eine Minute Zeit zum Gegner finden, dafür aber mehr Gegner aus der eigenen Liga Punkteverteilung: Ich dachte, wenn man gegen höher stufige Gegner gewinnt, bekommt man einen Bonus? Punkteverteilung ist zum Teil so, dass man gleich oder weniger Punkte bekommt gegen einen Gegner aus der gleichen Liga wie gegen einen aus der eigenen. Tierstufe 10... etwas Abwechslung wäre ratsam... wie wäre es mit Tier 8... und gleichzeitig mit Träger und zweitem BB? Dieses immer gleiche "zao oder worchester mit radar-dd" wer zu erst aufgeht und besseres fokus Feuer hinbekommt, haut den DD weg..." Spiel ist mit der Zeit... eintönig.. Ich finde mit Träger wird das ganze deutlich komplexer und spannender. und zum Schluss die Map-Rotation... 7 mal an einem Abend die gleiche Map...bei 10 Spielen... und am nächsten Abend eine andere Map ebenfalls anteilig so viel mal gewählt... kommt das nur mir so vor oder können das andere bestätigen? Ja... vieles lässt sich mit RNG erklären, aber so etwas kann man auch steuern seitens der Entwickler, damit das Gefühl der Eintönigkeit genommen wird. Was denkt der Rest darüber?
  11. J'ai penser à un truc pour pour améliorer le matchmaking des tiers 8, pourquoi ne pas introduire des parties de tiers 11 et 12, où dans le cas du tiers 12, il n'y aura que des navires "low-tiers" de tiers 10.
  12. Ich will ja jetzt nicht eine neue "aufkommende" Diskussion anstoßen, da das Matchmaking schon oft genug kritisiert worden ist. Aber hier aus dem Spiel "Total War Arena" habt Ihr mal das beste Beispiel, wie man es machen könnte und wie es aussehen kann. Den Rest kann man selbst dazu schreiben und ausdenken. Immerhin ist es genau dass wonach sich die Spieler in WoWs seit Jahren sehnen. Von daher die einfache Frage, warum schafft es TWA das zu testen und vielleicht (sicher) auch umzusetzen, aber WOWs schafft es nicht. Selbst wenn eine gute Divison aus T8 Spielern es schafft, sich gegenüber T10ern zu behaupten, wird man die meiste Zeit von denen eh nur noch zusammen geschossen... Von daher finde ich diesen Ansatz mal ganz interessant, wie Sies machen wollen oder testen. https://www.reddit.com/r/TotalWarArena/comments/90ety3/matchmaking_tests_2007/ Zuerst haben wir T8 aus dem High-Tier-Matchmaking-Band entfernt, sie existieren jetzt ausschließlich im T7-8-Tier-Band, ohne T8-9-Band, um T9s nicht aus dem T10-Band zu nehmen. First up, we’ve removed T8 from the high tier matchmaking band, they exist now solely in the T7-8 tier band, with no T8-9 band so as not to take T9s out of the T10 band. Also based on your feedback, we’ve increased the weighting of parties.
  13. GamingActivity


    Bonjour, j'aimerais vous faire part d'une remarque concernant le matchmaking du jeu. En ce moment, à partir du tier 6 et a fortiori à partir du tier 8, mon clan et moi même combattons presque systématiquement jusqu'à 2 tiers au-dessus du bateau que nous jouons. Par conséquent, je vous soumet l'idée de ne combattre qu'en tier +1/-1 pour tous les tiers contrairement à ce qui est le cas pour l'instant.
  14. Battleschelm

    MM und VIII

    Moin Kommt mir das nur so vor oder hat man als Tier VIII von 6 Matches 5 gegen Tier IX und Tier X Ships?? Ich höre dann immer spiel doch Tier X, ABER ich habe noch keine TIER X Ships. Ich habe manchmal Matche in den ich der einzige bin der ein Tier VIII fährt, während der Rest mindest 10 Tier X sind und 1 Tier IX sind. Mir vergeht die Lust dabei. Gruß Battleschelm
  15. Aragamash

    Balancovaný MM

    Ahoj, předpokládám, že se tato zpětná vazba s odezvou moc nesetká, ať už kvůli malému vzorku dat, nebo prostě proto, že nejsem dostatečně platící zákazník (alepsoň tak mi to bylo naznačeno na WoT fóru). Hlavně bych se totiž chtěl zeptat, kdy dojde k tvorbě bitev s vyváženým MM. Ve World of Tanks se jim to už povedlo a ačkoliv 3-5-7 systém není možná utopisticky ideální, nestává se, že by na jedné straně byly tanky vyšší úrovně než na druhé. Tento problém ovšem na lodích máme a to docela často. Tak například hned první screenshot v příloze. Vážně vám přijde fér, že jeden tým má tři osmičky a ten druhý má pouze devítky a desítky? Ten den se mi to stalo dokonce dvakrát (druhý screenshot jsem nedělal, měli jsme 2 osmičky, oni žádnou - tentokrát jsme to ale vyhráli i přes to, že nám MM hodil fůru klacků pod nohy). Upřímně, ale toto není ten největší problém, který mě trápí. Samozřejmě, že je lepší mít vyšší úrovně, ale když tam hodíte pár zásahů do citadel, tak je vám úplně jedno zda jste trefili Yorcka, Hippera nebo Roona... Jak jsem řekl hned na začátku, přítelkyně si dělala statistiku a skončila u čísla 36 protože toho prostě a jednoduše měla dost. Počítala bitvy, ve kterých nepřátelský tým měl více torpédoborců než náš... U čísla 36 přestala počítat s pár docela sprostými slovy... Ono ani nejde o to, že je to snad v každé druhé bitvě. Jde o to, že tým, který měl více torpédoborců ve 36 případech prohrál jen 5x... Stručně řečeno, pokud to ten tým nepodělal hned ze začátku nějakou torpédo-kamikazí a torpédoborce jim přežily první 3 minuty, tak jsme to měli spočítané. Mít o torpédoborce víc je mnohdy až neuvěřitelná výhoda. Poslední dobou jsou populární bitevní lodě a tým s více torpédoborci si je vklidu posílá pod vodu. Potřebujete obsadit oblast? Nevadí, tým s více torpédoborci je prostě flexibilnější a rychlejší. Samozřejmě to funguje i opačně. Má-li můj tým více torpéďáků, je celá bitva mnohem snazší (pokud nepadnou během prvních 3 minut). Z posledních 7 tkových, kdy jsme měli více těchto borců, jsem prohráli jen jednou... Já fakt nevím, kde je problém. Ve špičce je online až 27 000 hráčů. To je tak těžké zařídit stejné počty torpédoborců na obou stranách? Už jsem to zkoušeli i oblafnout tím, že jsme vzali do čety 3 šestkové torpé'ďáky a nepřátelé měli 2 šestky a 2 sedmičky... Nevadí mi mít celkově tým nižší úrovně, nevadí mi když mezi sedmičky někdo dotáhne čtverku (ve WoT to vyřešili), ale prostě tahle nevyváženost torpédoborců je stupidní a hru to vážně kazí. Máte-li více torpédoborců, je hra z poloviny vaše. Jen to totálně nepokazit... Vážně to chce už změnu. Nebo rovnou zaveďte 2 letadlovky proti jedné, vyjde to nastejno... (Jinak, než někdo začne nadávat, jaká jsme rajčata - jsme standartní normální průměrný vzorek s poměrem vítězství 50%. respektive 52% u ní...)
  16. Colonel_Boom

    Too many T10 ships driving around

    Hello captains, i notice more and more that there is a preference towards playing T10 ships in this game. I don't think that it was that bad a year or two ago. If you jump into a T8 nowadays you seem to have a very high chance of being bottom tier. I remember WoT having high repair costs in T9 and T10(even good players could only prevent loosing money consistently) in addition to MM changes to prevent this from happening. But in WoWs you can actually make lots of money in high tiers. I think that WoWs should at the very least change its MM a bit. If there are many T10 in the queue then put them preferably against other T10, so that T8 and T9 ships get more consistent matchups. What do you think? MfG Boom
  17. Has anyone else experienced a change in game play in Random Battles with the new update? Nearly every match (T8-T10) now is a walk over, mostly with scrubs charging forward in cruisers and being paddled in first few minutes of the match leaving the rest of the game a mop-up operation. Is it anything to do with the new American Cruiser challenge going on? Anyway - just my take on things in the new update. Game play seems to have changed and wondering if anyone else agrees? UpTheDonald
  18. diggerdundee

    Matchmaking ist manchmal nicht ok

    Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 2
  19. Hallo Leute, leider muß ich sagen daß das Matchmakiing trotz vollmundiger Ankündigungen von Wargaming nicht besser geworden ist. Es ist so schlecht wie schon zuvor. Als T8 Kreuzer kommt man schon seit Monaten weit öfter in T10 Gefechte als das statistisch gesehen der Fall sein sollte. Meine eigenen Aufzeichnungen dazu finden sich in diesm Thread: Ich beobachte daß ich mit meinen IJN Schiffen Mogami und Atago zu mehr als 60% in T10 Gefechte komme. Mich würde interessieren: 1. Wer hat ähnlich Erfahrungen mit T8 Kreuzern gemacht? 2. Was sagt wargaming zum Thema "extrem miserables MM für T8 Kreuzer" ?
  20. Kauvana

    Battle queue - nasty surprise

    Seeing as I unlocked the Budyonny only a few days back, I've been taking it into co-op battles and operations to grind XP for the upgraded modules (as one does). Twice today, however, I've been thrown into the deep end and suddenly found myself counting down for the start of... a random battle? I am dead certain I queued for an operation when I was sorted into a tier VII random. A couple games later I was 100% queueing for a co-op when I ended up facing a host of angry tier VIII BBs in another random. Do more people suffer from this glitch?
  21. Je cite (la définition du matchmaking selon Wargaming): "The improved matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind: Comparable in their aggregate combat parameters. Diverse in vehicle types and versatile enough to provide an engaging gaming experience. Balanced in a way that gives both sides a chance at victory." Comment est il possible, alors que la 3ème ligne de cette citation indique que les équipes sont balancées de telle sorte qu'il y ait une victoire possible des deux cotés, que le matchmaking soit complètement péter pour l'équipe adverse? Parce que là, clairement c'est vraiment des foutaises!!! Wargaming, si vous m'écouter, expliquez moi???
  22. _Caution_BraincellNr2

    Enough is enough.

    Right, have to make a topic out of it.. I'm really getting sick of that horrible MM for tier 8. WG, please fix that horrible 'thing', i'm really tempted to just quit the battle, or just sell all my T8 ships. 90% of the battles i play in T8 ships are T10 battles. and though i don't mind being bottom tier, everyone has to be every now and then, this is way beyond the 'fun and engaging' part of the game. This has been going on for quite some time now, and really, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. please.. the difference between T10 and T8 ships is already way to big to be a fair fight in my opinion, certainly in cruisers. I know, 'L2P'.. and stuff like that. I'm not the best player out here, but i'm certainly not the only one facing this horrible stuff. I really like the T8 ships, they are among the most fun ships to play imo, but it's that MM that kills all the fun. I lost count of the times i was the only T8 ship in a battle, the other team did have a person that had the same bad luck, but i'm past believing this is just bad luck. I'd love to hear if there is something to do about this, and IF WG is actually going to do that... thanks for reading, and have a nice day.
  23. Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this : -the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships -the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division") SOOOO do you guys agree?
  24. Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this : -the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships -the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division") SOOOO do you guys agree?
  25. Commander_Cornflakes

    Schon wieder ein Matchmaking-Thread

    *Kurzes Mimimi* Der Matchmaker macht unfaire Teams. Die Anzahl an Low- und Midtier-Schiffen ist oft unausgeglichen und benachteiligt dadurch ein Team von Anfang an. Z.B. 2x T9, 1x T8 und 9x T7 gegen 2x T9, 4x T8 und 6x T7 oder 4x T9, 3x T8 und 5x T7 gegen 4x T9, 6x T8 und 2x T7 Das sind Differenzen von 3 Tierstufen, die eigentlich nicht sein dürften, da genug Leute online sind. (Denn diese beiden Beispiele stammen nicht von 3 Uhr Nachts, sondern Nachmittags zur besten Zeit.) Hier noch Beweis-Screenshots: Ich könnte ja verstehen, dass es manchmal zu Unterschieden von 1er Stufe kommt, aber 3? Warum? Kann der Matchmaker dann nicht einfach ein Midtier- gegen ein Lowtierschiff zwischen den Teams austauschen?