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Found 10 results

  1. bouncer8409

    MM sucks balls

    Dear Wargaming Your matchmaking *Edit.....nuff said
  2. RedAnark

    Need to fix Matchmaking

    Sometimes a picture says more than words... somebody used to say... 6 Premium ships against a DD one only... You need to fix this. Don't you?
  3. Is it really that common for the opponent carrier to cry and call you a noob when his team is losing, lost like 40+ planes and none of his planes did much damage against allied ships? Just curious.
  4. I think, it would be really nice, if you could create private matches, where you can choose the map and gamemode, maybe for 1vs1 with friends, or macthes just with people you know, in a Division, or in a Team. I know, that there was a Training-Romm before, but it was removed, i don't know, why.
  5. AnimalMuppet

    Match making ridiculous.

    I just don't get it. It was a lost game. Every time I division with my friend we are punished for that, this time it did't apply for enemy. Anyone ?
  6. Hello! I started playing this game about 3-4 months ago and I am really enjoying it! I just put together a YouTube video to highlight my bloopers and funny moments with my friends. Stop by the channel or leave a comment here, I am interested to know what you all think! Happy New Year!
  7. Sea Rats vol. 1 (Honor & Glory tournament) Dear Players, in order to create a community event we have decided to host a community tournament. We are established clan in World of Warplanes and we are looking to hosting a first open beta tournament on the European Server. The idea is to make simple, easy, quick and fun tournament for the community. SHORT SUMMARY AND TOURNAMENT INFO: let us introduce you to the first Sea Rats tournament in World of Warships. It's planned for September 26th and you can register until September 25th. Tournament Information - Teams of 8 players and up to 3 substitutes - Tier 5 Ships Only - Max. 1 CV, no premium ships and up to 3 shuips of the same model in every team (eg. max 3 Furutakas, max. 3 Omahas...). - Limit of 20 participating teams Sign up and join the Tournament! - All you have to do is to post name of your Team and game name of it's leader (if it's someone else than you) in this registration thread before or on September 25th 8:00in the proper thread. That's all? What to do now? - Yep, if you posted in the registration thread, your team is now officially signed up for the unofficial WoWs Sea Rats tournament. You should ask friends to join it, post in the looking for team thread, or join the DiscordApp WoWs numerous community. Once you find your teammates, you can update your post with their names until Sept 20th. - Don't forget to download and install the Aslain mod to eneable training rooms - more info below Full Rules Of course, there are also full rules available in this thread below. It's to make the tournament as smooth as possible and avoid misunderstandings so please check them carefully. If you have any questions to the rules, place them in the dedicated thread. Behind The Curtain - Guys behind this tournament are proud members of [GWDYS] Guys Whio Dated Your Sister clan, known mostly for their participation in World of Warplanes events and tournaments. We hope you will enjoy it, prove your skills and most importantly, join it! Day TD - The Tournament Day - September 26th, 18:15 - 23:00 (approx. if you get into final rounds) - team speak server with rooms for every team will be provided - You can find tournament brackets in this challong link after September 25th - http://challonge.com/searats - Save screenshots of your battles but after each battle just go in the results room on the Tournament Team speak and tell your results to the judges Prizes - Hence there can be no official support from WG the prizes are limited, however our clan and some other individuals are pitching in from their own pockets: 1) 11x WOWS bonus codes (premium ship Aurora (Tier 3 Soviet cruiser) + 1000 flags + 1 day of premium - for 11 players) - only the flags are worth approx. EUR 100 - from GWDYS treasury 2) 2500 gold for the best player of the winning team from player's von_chom's personal treasury (the winning team and von_com decide the winner) 3) 2500 dubloons for the player that manages to do the most damage in a single match of the tournament. All players can participate. - sponsored by the Aseveljet Finnish Gaming Community (For participation we need screenshots of all the three result pages. Every team should find out who of their players scored the highest damage so that we do not need to go trough the screenshots of every player of every team =) 4) 2700 gold for the team in 2nd place (300 gold + premium tank + premium plane for 9 players of the winning team - for 9 players) from the treasure chest of GWDYS clan 5) 2400 gold for the team in 2nd place (300 gold + premium tank + premium plane for 8 players of the winning team - for 8 players) from the treasure chest of GWDYS clan (more prizes may follow) Threads: Registration thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27377-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-registration-thread/ Questions & Answers: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27374-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-questions-answers/ Looking for a team: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27378-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-a-team/ Looking for players: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27379-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-players/ FULL RULES: Tournament system: While training rooms are still not officially available, every participant has to download Aslain mod and particularly enable the 4th mod from below - “Enable Training Rooms”. After that players can switch ingame to training rooms and participate in this tournament. - link HERE. Because a mod is required to enable this tournament, there is no official support from Wargaming. Therefore there are no prizes and we fight only for honor & glory - who will be the first EU WOWS champion? Tournament is played on the EU server. Teams from other servers can participate but with accounts from EU server only. Tournament will be played on September 26th from 18:15 CET. The format will be BO1 (Best of one - only one battle or match in every round) DE (double elimination - losers go to losers bracket and have one more chance to stay in the tournament). Semifinals and finals are always played BO3. Teams are randomly drawn by the challonge system into the first round - no seeding. Link HERE. Tournament management: The tournament is organized by GWDYS clan - Guys Who Dated Your Sister - one of the leading clans in the World of Warplanes community, who will be the guarantee of this tournament The tournament managers are sextus_cz, Kasius27, TUSA737 and Steel_J4mes Judges - three team captains will be randomly picked at the beginning of the tournament with 2 substitutes and they will create the “judge panel” in case of any controversial issues or violation of rules by the participants and they are allowed to impose sanctions or force rematches as stated in these rules Streaming is allowed but all the streamers must be registered with the tournament manager and the stream has to be 10 minutes delayed from the ingame real time. If failed to comply, the team streaming will be disqualified. Team speak server will be available to participating teams and and the teams will be required to be present on the server for communication with the other captains or tournament management. Warship limitations: Tournament is played ONLY on Tier V. The battles are played 8 vs. 8. Limitations of vessels: max. 1 carrier vessel per team max. 3 ships of the same model per team (max. 3 Minekaze etc.) premium ships are not allowed. Other than that there are no further limitations to ships or classes. Players: A team roster must consist of a minimum of 8 players (including captain) and may include up to 3 registered reserve players, totaling max. 11 players Each player can play for only one team in any given tournament, cup or championship A team roster may include up to 2 Wargaming.net staff, as long as neither of them is managing the tournament Every team has to have a captain and a co-captain and one of them has to be able to communicate in English (spoken & written). It is allowed to replace players with reserve players between rounds (not in case of rematch or replay). The number of participating teams is limited to 20. Matches: Victory Conditions Each battle lasts for 20 minutes. To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy ships or win by capturing the enemy base. If a match ends in a draw, it will be rematched (see below for explanation) Maps Maps will be scheduled different for each round, after the registration is closed. Map pool is: Fault Line, New Dawn, Strait.North. Map type is "Domination.Tournament.2 spectators". Match flow Each round starts at the time specified in the match roster. First round will take 60 minutes in order for new teams and players to learn the match flow, every next round will take 30 minutes - 5 minutes for contact and ship picking, 20 minutes for the match and 5 minutes for results. The captain of the team in the "top" part of each bracket should contact the captain of the team in the "lower" part of the bracket using Team Speak or in-game chat 5 min before the game is set to start Captains should send each other the names of ships they are picking, one by one, starting with the team that is in the "top" part of their bracket. The ship picking is done in the chat or TS chat and screenshots should be made in case of any further issues. The captain of the team in the "top" part of the bracket creates a training room with the appropriate map for the given round, chooses the match type as “Domaniation. Tournament. 2 spectators” and chooses the side for the first match, then invites the members of both teams - with everyone picking the ships declared by their captains. Match rooms have to have names according to the match letters from the schedule (eg. Match AB - Mighty Ships vs. Hairy Pirates) When both teams are ready, the game is started and played (Teams have 5 min total for this process) After each match sides should be switched and ship picking (in chat between captains) should be repeated (Teams have 3 min for this process) Both team captains should always take a screenshot of both the ship declared by each side as well as the result screen after EACH battle After the round (all matches!) is over the results are either told on TS to the tournament manager (sextus_cz) or sent to him by Team Speak message. Screenshots of results have to be made and will be required only if there are issues with the match result Rematch and replay: Rematch If a match ended in a draw, the teams should play a rematch For a rematch, the sides on the map should be switched and players have to use the same ships as in the previous match In other words, a rematch may ONLY occur after a draw and teams are to continue switching sides until a winner is decided If a rematch is made an informational message has to be sent to the tournament manager before the rematch itself. Replay​​ A replay can only happen due to technical/connection difficulties and is different from a rematch A replay can be requested if a player or team could not connect to the game, or the game crashed A replay has to be requested by a team in game chat before any ships are spotted on either side, preferably before the game begins and players take control of their ships Both teams have to agree for a replay in game chat before the game is abandoned - a team may decline a replay, but both this and requesting a replay should be used in moderation A replay has to involve exactly the same ships and same sides for both teams and the bugged/crashed/not connected game is not taken into account at all Schedule & Brackets You will be able to see the live bracket on challonge - link will be provided. After the team registration ends, full bracket will be provided with maps and time for each round. Penalties and sanctions In case one of the teams is not present 5 minutes after the scheduled match start, the present team receives a technical victory. In case one of the teams (or both) is not in full force (8 players present), the match can be played anyway. If one of the team delays the match flow for more than the scheduled time limits, tournament manager has to be informed and sanctions will apply. The other team may give some additional time to the other team but the next round can not be delayed. All claims concerning correctness of settings of the training room are accepted prior before fight (or within thirty seconds from the beginning of fight if fight was started by mistake without confirmation of readiness of one of teams). Lack of the claims stated in the general chat until the end of thirty-second counting preceding a battle means automatic consent to play on these conditions. Complains on lags, high ping and other technical failures are not considered. Following actions are strictly forbidden: Any actions contradicting these Rules and Rules of the game World Of Warships. Insulting opponents, team players and other tournament players, referees, commentators, fans, game developers, and so on., and the use of obscene language. Spam the chat. Use unfair methods of play. No aimbot allowed. Unsportsmanlike conduct (eg sabotaging matches). Using techniques prohibited in the format of the tournament. Participation of players who are not in the teams registration thread/post. Use of bugs of the game or server. In the case of breaking these rules, the judge may decide the punishment in the form of: Warnings. Forfeiture in the round / match. Disqualification of the player / team. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Delayed battles according to the schedule of these regulations for more than five minutes, means automatically losing the match. Registration Registration thread can be found HERE. Registrations close on September 25th on 8:00 CET. After this time, no changes are allowed to the registration post. If a change is made, the team is disqualified. Until this date, team can change players. The registration post has to be as following: Team tag: Team name: Captain: Co-captain: Players: By signing into the registration forum the teams and players state their agreement to the tournament rules and declare they are bound by them. Support for individual players: As this game is on its start, there are only a few teams now. We encourage the players to either start their own teams or join teams that are being created or are already created. Thread on this topic is found HERE: Looking for players: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27379-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-players/ Looking for a team: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27378-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-looking-for-a-team/ Enjoy! Rules are subject to changes until the end of registration. Please, use this thread for registrations ONLY and direct all your questions and suggestions into the specified thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27374-tournament-sea-rats-vol-1-questions-answers/
  8. Rommor

    Matchmaking Woes!

    So I have been having some really bad luck with Match making it really really feel like this games idea of Match making to make it fair is give you Roughly 30% games you can win easily and 30% games you have no chance the rest being made of 50% chance, this picture is the example of the end game results I'm usually seeing. Now before anyone goes off half cocked, none of these people Am I shaming they did their very best they could, no one was unpleasant, its not an issue with the ships in our team this battle could of been very winnable by that standard but the match making either doesn't take into account anything but ship levels and even that at times is questionable (One team with 3 VI Battleships and the other with 1 VI Destroyer). I understand that this game is fairly new and still being improved but my main concern is it feels like DOTA2(Standard non-ranked) MM in the sense that its lazy MM it purely balances by forcing lost games and winnable games and a few actual proper drawn out battles, normally these lazy MM games seem to be decided in the first 3 kills. Anyone having a similar experience to me and my friends or is this abnormal, not every game will be like this by any means but they are frequent enough to become annoying. [This is the only photo I have of this its one of the most noticeable I had so i decided to make this thread and ask for peoples opinion but I'm sure I can provide more evidence for both assured loss and victory games]
  9. DarkSkeletor

    El MM en su maximo esplendor

    Y si, mi Penacola era stock
  10. Hello Topic speaks pretty much itself. But do you still get xp and coins after for example: Im in a battle... i die... i leave the game/get back to port... Have i lost my xp and coins from that match because i left afterwards? Do i have to spectate the game until the end to get coins and xp from the battle? I'm pretty sure I get it afterwards but i've never noticed, so I just thought I could make a topic about since some others are probably wondering about that too.