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Found 4 results

  1. gobolino

    Le Chant du Loup (Film)

    Est ce que l'un de nos marins et/ou sous marinier aurait vu ce film ?
  2. piritskenyer

    French premium cruisers

    Hi guys, Today, as the title says, we're gonna talk about premium cruiser options. There are two tiers I want to talk about, one T4 and one T7. Now note that this isn't a writeup (yet), as I have limited time today, but rather a little probing for opinion thread, where I will outline the main issue with both ships and ask for your opinions. Note that I'm also going to centre my ideas around gameplay. Tier IV: Jeanne d'Arc This ship was a training crusier fitted out to make her able to carry out combat duties. Largely similar to the Duguay-Trouin class but slower and armed with fewer TT's. Her main issue: Slow speed of 25 kts standard and 27,8 trials. That's slow for a cruiser. Not unheard of (see Katori), but not exactly advantageous. With a Sierra Mike that is 26,25 and 29,19 respectively. Possible solutions: Leave it be Prop up speed to 29 base - I don't really like this one to be honest. Give her trials speed and +20% speedboost consumable - this is the idea I'm thinking of, comes out with a max straight line speed of 33,36kts and 35,03 with Sierra Mike Give her standard speed and +20% speedboost consumable - this comes up to a maximum speed of 30 kts or 31,5 with flag. Secondary issue: Her torpedo armament was dismounted when she was being refitted by the allies in favour of more AA. Which one do you prefer: Torpedoes (2x3 - 1x3/side) and weakish AA No torpedoes and Western Allies strong AA As @JapLance pointed out that was 2x1 torp tube, so it's pointless to keep them, really... Tier VII: Suffren Suffren was a pre-Algerie treaty heavy cruiser armed with 4x2x 8"/50 and 2x3x 550mm torpedo tubes. She was the only one of her class not to be scuttled at Toulon, she's been modernised by the Allies during the war. Issue n°1: She isn't very well armoured. 60mm main belt... Possible solutions: Low, small or possibly split citadel - She had unit machinery, which was supposed to make her more survivable Repair - *cringe* I don't even like to think about this, but maybe Let the protection be what it'll be and just make her nimble and quick, which is an issue because... Issue n°2: She isn't the fastest ship either, 31 kts or 32,55 with flag. Possible solutions: That's not an issue Algerie's +15% speedboost for a total of 35,65kts or 37,43 with flag - my personal favourite The tier 8-X's +20% speedboost for a total 37,2kts or 39,09 with flag Issue n°3 Same as with Jeanne d'Arc: During refit her torps were landed and she recieved a metric arseton of light and medium AA Question: Torps + weakish AA No torps + stronger AA If you have any ideas that I didn't think of, feel free to comment them.
  3. Alright, so here's the deal: I was scouring wikipedia at work, and I stumbled upon French BB's. I didn't really have the time to put in the hours required for anything resembling an internet-research (ie making reasoned assumptions based on logic, the old Mk I. eyeball and the available, often contradictory information), but what I gathered generally points towards the French using smaller calibre but high(er)-penetration main armament. All that I'm about to write down is from wiki, so it may be inaccurate (although I'll try to get into sources as we go along), and so I invite all of you guys to comment and add to it if you know your stuff. Right, let's start: Tier III Okay, we start off on a bad foot here: The French simply don't seem to have an all-big-gun BB armed with the right number of 12" guns. We either have a fairly RNG-dependent option, or one that would be probably overpowered at that level. Courbet-class Main armament: 6x2x 305mm (12")/45 Mle 1906 guns Secondary armament: 22x 138mm /55 Mle 1910 guns 4x 47mm Hotchkiss guns Armour: 30-300mm Belt: 270mm Speed: 21kts Weapon layout Now what we have here is a ship that has the same broadside as the Ishizuchi. Not only that, but she also has a great big pack of secondary artillery, capable of setting anyone alight quite reliably by the sheer volume of fire alone. She can of course be balanced to have a reduced rate of fire, or slow turret turn times, but I don't think it'll matter that much if someone knows what he's doing in a BB. She could also be a Tier IV premium BB in case she doesn'T get chosen. Tier IV For this tier, I would suggest the Bretagne-class. I was also considering the Normandie-class, but I decided to go with the Bretagne for two reasons: The Bretagne-class was actually realised, while the Normandie was not, And the Normandie-class would, in my opinion, have too much firepower for the tier: armed with 4x3 340mm guns she would have the most powerful broadside of any Tier 4 ship, while the 5x2 340mm guns of the Bretagne-class would sit just right at the tier. Right then, the Bretagne-class: Main armament: 5x2x 340mm (13,4")/45 Mle 1902 guns Secondary armament: As built 22x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 4x 47mm Hotchkiss guns After 1935: 14x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 8x 75mm/50 Mle 1922 guns (DP) Armour: 40-340mm Belt: 270mm Speed: 20kts Weapon layout I think she would sit right well between the Wyoming (12x 12") and the Myogi (6x14") in terms of firepower, whilst in speed she'd be on the slow side (like pretty much everyone in that period). AA would only appear on the B hull, and even then it wouldn't be anything significant (I'm guessing some MG's would be present to complement the 75mm guns, but that's all). Tier V For this tier, I suggest either the Normandie-class Normandie class (planned) Main armament: 3x4x 340mm/45 Mle 1912 guns Secondary armament: 24x 138mm/55 Mle 1910 guns 6x 47mm Hotchkiss guns Armour: 40(?)-340mm Belt: 300mm Speed: 21kts I guess she could have some sort of upgrade to her AA at the expense of some secondary guns, something like the Bretagne-class got. But that's for my next post, since now I have to go. Kudos to Poster_2015 and Historynerd for their input
  4. Puisque les Anglais peuvent abriter leur flotte à Londres, WG doit nous proposer un port pour notre flotte. Aidez WG à choisir...