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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I really wanted to share with you that unique game I had last week, which was a magic moment to me =) I'm sorry to put a .wowreplay instead of a streamed video, I just don't know how to capture it without it become a 1 tera file lol. The following pictures of the summary are also in french, so the most important stats are the following : - 152 k damage, 4 kills (Budy you kraken ninja !! lol) - Confedarate, High caliber - 3350 xp and +250 k credits But the most important is the unbelievable timing of this game ... Here is the replay, sorry again this is not as sexy as a video, but it really worth it https://www.dropbox.com/s/csxlm2s6yj5fxva/20170203_091434_PASD006-Mahan-1936_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay?dl=0 PS : You have to enable replays to watch them, as explained here https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/517
  2. Hello hello, I just posted a replay (.wowsreplay) of a very fun game I had last week in Mahan in the destroyers section, http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73649-every-second-counts-mahan-replay, but unfortunately I don't know much about video making... I had a few tries with Dxtory, but I think I will be in trouble with the file size as I don't have much space on my current PC. I don't want to lose it the next big patch, and I'll be really grateful for any information (Which is the size of such a file in a good quality ie), or even better maybe someone could be kind enough to capture it for me? Thanks in advance, have a great day
  3. So the Mahan's Mk 15 mod. 0 has a reload speed of 87 seconds. So why is it that when the Benson recieve these they have have a reload-speed of 109 seconds? On a more modern destroyer. Meanwhile the Bensons upgraded Mk15 mod. 3 torps are IDENTICAL to the Fletchers Mk15 mod. 3 starting torps. I get differences for balancing purposes but this one I don't understand. Why is the Benson denied the same Mk 15 mod. 0? They are workable torps but with a speed of 55 knots hardly overpowered. I really don't see why a reload speed of 109 seconds are necessary. Unlike some other destroyers these torps offer NOTHING compared to the alternative that still isn't that good. Usually the deal with torps in this game is that higher tiers get longer range and damage at the cost of reload-speed, While same torps on different ships perform identical. Look at IJN DD-line: Type 90 mod. 1 (Hatsu, Fubu) Identical - I can't help but think this is an oversight or an error thats never been corrected...
  4. I_Love_CVs

    Mastering The Mahan

    The Mahan is a surprisingly strong destroyer, that is as long as you play around its main weakness, the bad stealth. Smart use of smokes and constantly firing your guns is the way to victory. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end.
  5. Tier 2: Tier 3: WAKATAKE WICKES Tier 4: ISOKAZE Tier 5: NICHOLAS FUJIN MINEKAZE Tier 6: MUTSUKI FARRAGUT ANSHAN Tier 7: HATSUHARU BLYSKAWICA KIEV MAHAN Tier 8: LO YANG (Part 1) LO YANG (Part 2) Tier 9: Tier 10: Fujin Minekaze Mutsuki Kiev Blyskawica
  6. pvt_Felox

    Mahan et L'océan

    Hey, J'avais juste une question à propos du gameplay du Mahan (et tous autres destroyers us) sur la map Océan: ON EST CENSÉ FAIRE QUOI ? parce que même avec des torps en 6.4 km, ça reste [édité] Aller salut ;).
  7. Hey Guys. For those of you struggling with the US DD line around the transition tiers 5-7ish, here's a little appetizer on what you can do with this stock (!) ship. These little buggers do insane DPM with their guns! 50k damage, 3,3k Xp, 4 kills, 3 with guns and one with torpedoes, and basicly turning the match around for our team. Wurf!
  8. Ok, I really knew this beforehand, but it's worse this time around. Being a masochist I'm playing US Destroyers. Not grinding them out terribly fast, but got to T7 yesterday, the Mahan. Now, I'm not sure people even realize what an enormous heap of dung that ship is, so let me explain: First of all, it has 11700 hp. At tier 7. I think eveyone knows what that means; fragile as heck. Now, destroyers usually rely on stealth, agility and speed to survive, so how does the Mahan do in those fields. Well as a matter of fact it has the worst concealment of any DD in the game and is spotted at 7,9 km. Agile, well not extremely good as destroyers go, but ok with a 5.3 s rudder shift and 560 m turn radius. Speed then, something needs to be good, right - 35.4 knots... Yes, there are faster cruisers, and those are at tiers which this ship may face. So, it's neither survivable, stealthy or fast. Then it should at least have some decent offensive capabilities, right. Well, not really. It has the usual 5 127 mm guns. Yes, they fire fast and they traverse fast. But, they have a range of 10,6 km and do 1800/2100 max damage. This at a tier where there are ships with 65k hp and where a carrier has about 45k. But what about those notorious torpedos, they have to be great, right? Well, the good thing is that you can shoot 12 of them, they move at 65 knots and do 16k dmg max. What's not so good is that they take 100 seconds to reload, and have a range of 4.5 km! So yea, you need to go 3.4 km within your detectability range to shoot anything with them, and if the target is smart and runs away, you really need to get point blank. Do I need to say the times you can use these are pretty few and far between. So, basically we have a ship that has no survivability, about as quick as a cruiser, which can't neither shoot guns nor torpedos without being detected, and has the only really useful weapon in the form of 5 5" guns, at tier 7. Oh, did I forget, it has basically no AA, so CV's love to sink you, and if not, keep you permaspotted. Now granted, it can be upgraded to get 14200 hp, 6.4 km torpedos (that does 5000 less damage), some AA and 11.7 km range for the price of 35k XP, 3 million credits and loosing a gun (yes, ridiculous, but for some reason, US destroyers always has to loose a gun to upgrade, even though the guns are their primary asset), but that doesn't make it great, and you still have to do quite a few games stock before getting any of those upgrades. Now could anyone please try to come up with an idea for how this ship can do anything useful? At all? And I'd be stoked to get to know how whoever designed this thing in game reasoned about it: "Let's troll them with something extremely shitty and see if anyone is stupid enough to actually play it"? It's basically alot worse than what you had two tiers before, while going up against much tougher opposition. And what's even worse is that the one just before it, the Farragut was equally crap, and the one following, the Benson isn't that much to cheer over either. Why do US DD's basically don't get better at all from tier 5 to tier 8 while everything else improves immensely? Would it be ok if the IJN CA at tier 7 was another Furutaka? IDK, it's just mind blowing. Sorry for the rage BTW, but this thing isn't fun at all.