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Found 2 results

  1. Zamuchryshkin

    Navygaming Magazine, 02/2013

    Hello guys! Nice to see you there! Were you waiting for our second issue? We too! And now it's done! So, just right now click on the magazine's cover below and read it! Also, there is some useful information for you below. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE] Our second issue is focused on Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku. Chester W. Nimitz was very happy to hear that Zuikaku was sunk. Why? Read our magazine!We hope, you will find a lot of interesting information: from the development history to the two Japanese admirals… Still uninterested? Then, take part in our contest and win Gold for your WoT or WoWP account! 12,500 Gold are at stake! You will find the rules of the contest below the spoiler. Our team hopes you enjoy the project. As such, please write your feedback to our forum thread: it would be a great help of yours for us! Alas, no more words from me. Just keep reading! Zamu.
  2. Zamuchryshkin

    The "Navygaming" Magazine

    Howdy, sailors! I'm very glad to inform you that "Navygaming" is planned to be released soon! "Navygaming" is a new experience for this forum: it's the first WoWS Forum Community Magazine! But there are some restrictions for the first its edition: articles are written by your American collegues but if you like the idea all the willings can contact me to discuss whick articles for the magazine you can write. The first edition of the magazine is devoted to the battleship USS "North Carolina". So, very soon you can: - read a lot of interesting articles written by the most creative users of the forums - look at new unique game screenshots - take part in a contest, the prize fund of which is 25,000 gold*! Also you can be issued by such achievements**: 1. 2. 3. Their description: 1. This MD (mark of distiction) is for those who writes articles for the first edition of "Navygaming". And no one else can get it. They're courageous! 2. This medal is for those who have won in the contest of the magazine "Navygaming". (To win means to get the first prize.) 3. This MD is avalaible who those who took the second ot the third place in the magazine's contest. * - The contest is held both for the US and EU forums. Its rules will be given in the topic where the magazine is released. ** - These medals can be attached to your signature. And remember - all of these you can see SOON!