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Found 67 results


    Ideas for game

    Ok, since the devs pointed me to the forums, I am gonna give my ideas here. First off, no I am not such a good player, I already tell you now. Secondly, please without any harsh critics or unnecessary hate answers. Thirdly any kind of suggestion to my own, is welcome. 1. Premium accounts : WoWs gives you sometimes a nice gift, that is the 24 hour premium account. It sounds great, but the trick is, that it starts the second you get it, and it spans for the duration of the next 24 hours. That is all good and well, but some might not have enough time to use that time for playing. So I would rather suggest to have like 4 hours of such premium account, but here the timer would start to count when you are in a game, meaning if you play a battle for 10 minutes, 10 minutes went off from your premium account. That way you could use that time more efficiently, and have much more out of it, then being forced to play in the given time span, as it is now. 2. Since the introduction of new captain skill, I decided not to play with them at all. I was already, lets say bellow average player on high tiers (jap cruisers), but with this new skills, it became even worse. The point is, the ones who have captain with full points, have an advantage, which can be seen even in lower tier levels, where I currently play without captain skills. My suggestion is, that the MM, would also include captain skills, meaning that it would match players, with same ships, but also same captains, that way the game would be more balanced, and friendlier to newcomers (the fact is, if you play low tiers battles, you easily see players with more then 5 kills, meaning that player skills + captain skills can make a big diference). 3. Ranked battles are again here, and myself got into rank 16 from the bat. Now after losing 2 battles, I got into rank 17. But the point is, I would rather be in a much lower rank then now, so I can play with tier 5 or tier 6, where the difference of captain skills is still not so big, and you can enjoy playing the game, without making your team suffer because of your gameplay. Right now I need to lose quite a few battles, to get thrown into the lower ranks, to be again able to play with those tier 5 and 6 ships. I know many want those gifts, that you get from getting higher ranks, but I am not. So my suggestion is, that every player would have an option, to pick a lower rank (not higher), that he had in the previous session, so that he could play with those tier ships, he wants to. 4. EXP gain in this game is somewhat very long. I understand the fact, that grind must be there, to make players learn to play the ships, and that newcomers cant get into high tiers very fast, so that they mess up battles of others with their poor playing skills. But for others, that have some kind of idea, of how they should play, it gets to repetitive. I mean, for an example the Konig I am currently playing. I need around 45k exp (without other modules you need to research as well, correct me if I am wrong), to unlock Bayern. Now if win half of the games with lets say 700 exp, and other half that I lose with 250 exp, I would need around 140 battles. That is, if everything goes well. Sure, you can use free exp and the exp on the ships, but you need money, and since I am totaly freeplayer, it means I cant use those exp. So maybe they could make somehow easier for the more "veteran" players, to get those ships a little faster, so that they can enjoy the higher tier ships more quickly. I know this might sound very unfavourable to new players, but still, they are learning, and there also exist premium ships, which many buy, and then screw up their team, when they play with ships, that they didnt learn to play correctly. I did write much more to the support, but decided to only include the upper ones suggestions. For any grammar mistakes I made, I apologise, since english is not my first language. Good hunting and enjoy the game
  2. ParadoxOrigins

    Matchmaking - Destroyers

    Bonjour, Je joue principalement avec des navires de guerres(BattleShip), et il m'arrive souvent(2 fois sur 3) tomber sur des parties avec 2-3-4 destroyers(+ un croiseur qui peut tirer des torpilles quand j'ai de la chance) ,2 parties sur 3 dans ce cas-la, je tombe sur au moins deux des destroyers et me retrouve à devoir essayer d'esquiver 15 torpilles que je repère à 3 km de moi tout en sachant que mon navire n'est pas maniable, lent, et imposant. Bien sur, je termine ces parties avec moins de 10 000 dégâts tout en étant coulé en moins de 3 minutes(dont 2 minutes 30 à aller du spawn à la zone de bataille) J'en viens à me poser la question suivante: Ne serait-il pas mieux de réduire le nombre maximal de Destroyers par parties à 1 ou 2?(Sans compter les croiseurs ayant la capacité de lancer des torpilles).
  3. WarGaming please get your act together. This MM was horrible, disastrous, the kind of thing that makes me consider quitting the game and never giving you any money - ever. Actually I should ask for a refund of everything and payment for time lost. That's how bad it is. Did you ask the players about the MM? Nope. No questions asked, because the answer is too obvious... In case you do not know math: 5 DDs on one side and 0 (ZERO) on the other does not make a good match - ever. Period. The game was started at 23:45 on the 16th of May 2016. The map was Two Brothers Random Battle Game mode was Domination with 4 caps.
  4. TheodorosK

    Match Maker Hell

    From the Yamato weekend with the 3x XP bonus and afterwards the MM has gone crazy. In Random is always pick me or my team vs higher tiers and inferior ships. Sometimes we face 2 Montana/Yamato and we are on T8 BB, or vs 4 T9/T8 DDs and we have 1 or 2 DDs in. The same goes on lower tiers like today we had T4 BBs and we were vs 2 NM and a Kongo vs our Arkansas? I am sorry to say but WG has completely broken the game in Random. If WG wants to save the game she has toi fix this asap.
  5. Loran_Battle

    Let us talk about the matchmaker.

    Ok, so WG kinda said they wanted to mirror the nationalities. I think this is a step in the right direction. BUT... I have a bigger problem. Just look at the screenshots I have attached (imgr album). These were taken during the past week. Every time my division gets matchmaking above tier 6 it goes completely lobsided. Now, I am not complaining about not being able to win, we actually do win a lot of these. But I really think it is a problem when one team gets 4-6 top tier ships, while the other team gets only 2-3 or so. Especially when one team gets only low tier BBs, while the other team gets all the high tier BBs. What do you guys think? Does WG need to change some of the rules? Cause these games were all started without waiting more than 30s in queue, most far less. This MM seems to be the same as in CBT, but we are in release now. (Again, not really angry or anything, but it gets frustrating to see so much of this bad matchmaking...) Album with 14 screens (so far): http://imgur.com/a/k6TIK
  6. L0ck0n_strat0s


    Bonjour à tous, Comme beaucoup l'ont sûrement déjà vu, le matchmaking n'est vraiment plus équilibré depuis quelques temps... Vu qu'une image vaut mille mots, je joint un screen d'un des nombreux matchs déséquilibrés auxquels j'ai pris part. Je pense qu'il est vraiment temps que Wargaming fasse quelque chose pour corriger ce problème... On rencontre des déséquilibrages notamment en haut tier (8-9-10) où l'on se retrouve trop souvent avec soit pas de DD ou alors Bcp trop (6 voir 7) ou bien, comme vu sur la pièce jointe fournie avec ce poste, des T10 à foison dans un camp et quasi rien dans l'autre( alors qu'aucun d'entre eux n'est en division et que donc ils auraient pu être balancés). Sur ce,
  7. Ja da ich in letzter Zeit sehr kuriose MM-Zusammensetzungen erleben durfte, könnte man ja direkt einen ganzen Thread aufmachen und jeder der einen witzigen (und auch zugleich traurigen) betrunkenen MM hat, darf ihn uns gerne präsentieren. Ich fange natürlich gerne selbst an Hier sehen wir ein Exemplar eines betrunken MM. Er stellt unser Team mal wieder vor eine kleine aber feine Herausforderung. Sein Habitat: Tier VIII-TierX Kommen wir nun zur Rubrik der Fail Divisionen: Eigentlich wohl geplantes Habitat der Division: unbekannt
  8. PPKinguin

    Share your drunkest MM

    Alright guys, this just happened and it was so funny and sad at the same time that I had to share with everyone! Behold the mighty drunk MM. Now count the BBs per team. Thats right, 8 BBs on my team, 9 on the other side. 17 BBs! 6 Yamatos! So what happened to you?
  9. Hey WG! It is really hard for me, to think about a name for this thread, but this seems to be fitting. But first things first. I have been playing a lot lately and I reallized, most of my teammates prefer to wait 7+ minutes at the start of the match before they do anything. That mainly results in a loss due to other team getting all caps and taking tactically good positions on the map. Of course a match isn`t won in the first minutes, but it is possible to get into a really good position for the later stages of the game if there is a sufficiently strong battlegroup pushing aggressively. I know, waiting at the beginning of the match is a legitimate tactic. But not everyone likes this approach. So, if anyone playing like this reads this: I don't want to insult anyone, I just don't like that playstyle. Feel free to keep playing like this. For those who don't, a more balanced matchmaking concerning playstyles would be great. [edited] I really hope there is a way to make something like this possible. But all the same: The game is at a great state at the moment. Keep up the awesome work! Greetz!
  10. 123ayee

    How MM plays against players

    Last weekend special ended. They say 3xXP for the first win. But in fact they make your win ratio drop like hell. Even all other stats of u are going up. (see attached screenshot) My questions are: What does WG compensate by not letting you win during weekend specials with high XP on first win? Is it so hard to program the MM so people playing constantly not be affected by evident alteration of the MM during this periods?
  11. AnimalMuppet

    Match making ridiculous.

    I just don't get it. It was a lost game. Every time I division with my friend we are punished for that, this time it did't apply for enemy. Anyone ?
  12. DragonSkyLP

    Matchmaking Diskussion

    Hallo Zusammen Ich wollte mich heute mal wieder was wahrscheinlich schon öfter geschrieben wurde über das Wunderbare Matchmaking System von Wargaming bedanke in einem Game die Hosho gegen die Essex was ganz Fair ist im system also ich sage nur dazu das ich es deinstallieren könnte. DragonSky
  13. Mein Kummer seit 1 Woche Seit der OBT ist meine Winrate um 7% gesunken. z.B. am Tag von 30 Runden 5-7 gewonnen. Wird sich das auch mal ändern? Komm kaum voran, ich für 1000000 Kreditpunke muss ich 12 Niederlagen hinnehmen. Das bringt natürlich Frust am Spiel mit sich. Also ein Bitte an WG nicht wie in Wot mit ein kaputten MM, auch WoWs kaputt zumachen. Nimmt die Spielerfähigkeiten in die Berechnung des MM rein. Das ausgewogene Team raus kommen. Mir ist klar das sich mit den Topic hier, wieder ein Shitstorm mit sich zieht. Aber crap happens. Lasst alles raus, wegen mir auch gegen mich.
  14. Moin, ist Euch in letzter Zeit mal aufgefallen was für seltsame Konstellationen beim MM möglich sind? Ich mein nicht das übliche unfaire, wo 3 Shimas beim Gegnerteam sind und man selber dafür als "Ausgleich" 2 Iowas bekommt, 2 Fletcher und der Gegner nur NC´s. Sondern diese wirklich sinnfreien und überaus unfaire Matchmakings, wo man eigentlich am liebsten zurück in den Hafen möchte. 1. Screenshot: Gestern Abend erlebt (ca. 21 Uhr - also perfekte Zeit für 10er eigentlich) - 7 DD´s gegen 2 - 5 10er Schiffe gegen 4 - 1 Schlachter gegen 2 und um das ganze noch abzurunden bekommt der Gegner halt 5 Kreuzer um mit den ganzen DD´s fertig zu werden. Ich will jetzt gar keine Diskussion lostreten ob soviele DD´s OP sind oder nicht und falls es Jemand wissen möchte: Wir haben das Spiel verloren, da gleich nach 5 min. schon 4 DD´s von uns tot waren. Kann viele Gründe gehabt haben, einer war sicherlich, dass ich allein keine 5 Kreuzer aus dem Spiel bekomme wärend mich noch eine Yamato beschießt und ich paar Torps ausweichen muss. Was aber sicher ist: Sowas macht doch keinem spaß. Solang genügend Schiffe und Spieler zur verfügung stehen, sollen doch bitte faire Teams die gleichmäßig besetzt sind erstellt werden. 2. Screenshot: Auch von Gestern Abend - 6 Schlachter gegen 7 - 2 T10 Schiffe gegen 1 Was soll das? Ich meine wirklich: Wer fährt denn mit seinem Schlachter gerne gegen 7 Andere? Ich habe über 200 Treffer in dem Spiel gemacht (es hat leider nicht für einen Sieg gerreicht). Wenn so ein Spiel Morgens um 10 entsteht, ist es trotzdem falsch und auch nervig, aber bitte doch nicht zur Primetime. Wie gesagt ich möchte hier nicht meckern das ich verloren hab, sowas passiert nunmal. Es geht aber viel mehr um den MM also hier meine 2 Bitten an WG: 1. Verbessert den MM bitte zeitnah und zwar so, dass wenn möglich eine gleiche Anzahl an Schiffsklassen sich gegenüberstehen. Also z.B.: 3 gegen 3 Schlachter, 3 gegen 3 DD´s, 5 gegen 5 Kreuzer usw. so wie es eben auch bei den Flugzeugträgern bereits der Fall ist. 2. Bitte setzt ein Cap für die Anzahl der Schiffe pro Team. Mein Vorschlag wäre: max. 4 Schlachtschiffe, max. 3 DD´s. Wenn ihr habt, postete doch mal bitte Eure Erfahrung mit solchen Krassen MM-Fails.
  15. BigBadGunner

    Matchmaking fail

    So, that's how a maximum tier difference of 2 is supposed to work? Matchmaker, go home. You're drunk. Before anybody screams "FAIL PLATOONS!!!": No, tier 4 players not in a division don't belong together with a division with a tier 7 carrier. This would make the tier 7 division a "win platoon".
  16. DrCaesar

    Max amount of BBs in a team

    We have a limitation on amount of CVs in a team, something like this will come to DDs as i know(maybe already came, sorry if i don't know).Right now we need limitation on BBs too.Already %35 of players were playing with BBs before releasing of German BBs(thats a bigger number than other classes) and i'm sure that numbers are increased since we get German BBs.Bottom tiers are full of German BBs but thats not the biggest problem.High tiers are full of BBs too.And they are not German BBs most of the time.This really discourages people about playing cruisers.So problem grows more and more
  17. RenamedUser_582563211

    *Challenge accepted, Matchmaker*

  18. Sir_Grzegorz

    MM fail (no rant)

    Please find attached screenshot from today battle. 2 Amagi vs 2 Tirpitz 2 Fletcher vs 2 Kagero I wonder how you explain that. I was sure it was supposed to split vessels by nation so Tirp vs Tirp and Amagi vs Amagi and so on. There is nothing here to prevent them from being sorted equally or I am missing something?
  19. Just got this message ingame (check screenshot) did any1 had it was well? Regarless i couldnt answer it because it was first battle but at least that game was kinda balanced in a way. DOes wg tends to do this often? Regarless i veary happy that they are noticing the complains about the MM issue, such one that i mention about tiers balanced at upper tiers such from 8 to 10. Also since i didnt answer due the above motive will it show again? Also didnt answer it due since it was only 1 game but from this past few days the MM was been horrible on tiers diference, and alot more frequently. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51253-mm-tiers-plit-broken/ this what i have been talking about the tiers diference of been cannon fodder.
  20. urr027

    Fuso - NY = Kuma + St Louis

    Haven't been in 11 vs 13 matches before, today had two of such. DDs aside, MM thinks Fuso is so much better than NY that Kuma+St Louis will compensate.
  21. 159Hunter

    Matchmaking / matchbreaking

    I know that mirror matchmaking is bad and boring. But the match I just encountered was really over the top. For real, fix your MM
  22. SENAdmiral

    russian dd.s on mid-top = hard MM ?

    So, since I pass tier 3-4 on russian dd.s, seems to me the MM consider the russian dd to have a bb. strength. Constantly I run in games with 2 tiers upper bb.s & cv.s, and only my speed keep me alive, since russian dd.s stealth its almost the same like an cruiser, and since I do not own a tier 5 cpt I cant afford even the gunning from out of detection range... If tier 2 and 3 its meh, with bb same tier or only one tier above, from tier 6 up, become much harder. Here on image its my first game on stock Kiev... Not only the lower ship in-game, BUT also a dd... Its only my perception or the MM consider a russian dd to be the equivalent of a bb ??? Hell, I remember on Nagato, a tier VII bb, only once in 10 games I meet an tier IX bb or cv ! And I confess I simply cant remember - if any - I meet an full tier IX MM on my Hatsu, ever ! What happens here ? Its suppose a russian dd, stock, to meet - by rule - most times only tier 8 and 9 bb & cv.s ? Because if so, I will use Kiev only on ranked, are no reasons to fight carriers with over 100 planes and Iowa.s or other tier 9 guys in a tier 7 dd, on regular bases... Any of you, my friends, have the same (bad) experience with Kiev , on MM ?....
  23. KapteinSabeltann

    Is MM gone off the hinges on EU server?

    So for over a week now it's been impossible to get reasonable games for T5/T6 ships on EU. Some fare worse than others and I don't know if some ships get worse MM than others but with my Aoba I think 6 of the last 7 games was T8. You'd think that would happen to the Cleveland but it doesn't get hit as bad by MM, and TBH Clevland scales better - an Aoba works quite well at T6 but struggles when uptiered, the Cleveland can resort to long-range HE spam and AA duties quite well. After all it outranges the Aoba with close to 3 kms when upgraded. But the same happens with my Omaha and with my Nicholas - T7 games all the time... And I am talking close to prime time not late at night when you get T6 and T10 in the same game because nobody plays. So: Is MM messed up or is it because "everyone is grinding" Rus and Ger ships? Even so by now they should be a T5 so IDK. End result is: I almost never play Aoba anymore - it's not fun when most of your games are T8.
  24. clash0r

    A gamescom Experience

    Some WG Gamescom impressions. Since i am living only 30min away + having week off, i took the chance today and visited gamescom in order to get a firsthand picture of situation there. As many may know, those wows gamescom accounts are having some impact on gaming experience since few days (mainly not positive one). So my mission for today was: See whats going on there in general, get to play a bit, have some fun and hopefully deliver some decent performance to not make another Team lose due to a GC account ;-). Fast forward to WG Exhibition Stand. Place was pretty crowded, some WG Show was going on. Goodies were handed out to the crowd (Shirts mainly). Highlight was giveway of some Hardware, ppl went Piranha over the top goodie, a 600 EUR Graphic Card. There were looong waiting Lines for WoT (PC and Xbox) and WoWs. Saw plenty of WG Forum Staff there, they took their time to chat a bit with ppl waiting plus already handing out some bonus codes, not bad! After ~1.30h in waiting line, and watching show on parallel, it was my turn to game a bit. They had like 15 gaming pc's and by now we got the Info that there will be only like 10 minutes of total PC Time (quite a bummer, but understandable due to long waiting Times). Ships, Captain, Equips all was of free choice. Went with my trusted Hakuryu, Map Hotspot, had another CV in Team vs Haku and Essex. My own team already noticed by then it had 2 gc accounts in team, wasnt quite optimistic lol. Ended up with 3 Kills (including the enemy Essex) in 10 minutes. Team confidence went quite up after first 2 Kills. Then despite my persistence, i was gently dragged away from PC by Tuccy before more could be rek'd. cheers. Hope u guys made it. Saw firsthand Bismarck and Tirpitz Play, saw other Ships of German line in Account also, had no Time for check them tho.. In the End everybody got his goodie bag (inlcuding: more bonus codes for WoT/WoWs, a shirt, a cup, some gaming cards, some baking or ice cube forms ?! havent figured it out yet), met only fun and friendly people, Organisation was of high quality. Under the line, i can absolutely understand now that those short game-time with GC accounts cant result in Quality play. Basically ppl need already some minutes to chose a Ship from all tiers, have some weird gaming keyboard where even i had my problems find all keys asap, and finally only approx. 10 minutes to perform then ship is abandoned ingame. All while u have a mad crowd and Show in the back. yea right. Only viable Solution wud be, as i think Vuk already proposed, limit those accounts to t6 max or so, else u get afk t10. Still can recommend to check out the GC and WG Stand. Mission: success.
  25. Noodles123

    Improvements to the MM needed like now

    With 25k+ people online an MM such as this one in my opinion CANNOT be justified. Also in general when there is one carrier on each side, same tier - thats fine. But two carriers against one and two of them being higher tier than the opponent ... ok is there an additional RNGzus we need to pray to ?