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Found 2 results

  1. I've had it happen to me several times already, but it's often so close it's hard to tell. A couple of times, I ended up with the win in a game where I was sure we weren't gonna get it in time, and would have a draw. You don't look too closely, good surprise, think you must have missed something at the very end. A few other times, it's the other way around... I was so sure they weren't getting it, and it's a defeat. Odd, i could have sworn they still needed 2-3 ticks on that cap bar, or that they didn't get the last domination points in time. Maybe a last second kill that I didn't see, or maybe it was just closer than i thought. But today allowed no room for doubts. It was going to be a draw, it was all planned out and calculated. We had been trailing the whole game, but somehow in the last five minutes, a few decisive kills just barely brought us back in... Yet we were still behind, despite a 4v1. The last Kongo was full hp, and there was no way to kill him in time, especially since he had just brought me down from 6k hp to 3k hp on my New Mexico. The next salvo would kill me, and I couldn't die, as this would give them the points for a win... They were already above 900. So I had to take cover. We couldn't win. But we could get a draw. We were spread in a position where we could cap the remaining 2 objectives, and so we did. Kongo was just running. I was safely behind an Island. They had 970 points, we were at around 830-840. Time was running out, but the other team couldn't score. And we ended up with a defeat. I double checked everything... Of our 4 ships, all of them were still alive in the battle recap. No last second incredible kill from an invisible Kongo to get the remaining points... No possibility for them to score... So I really don't see any reason why this turned out not to be a draw. Either there is a mechanism that i'm not aware of, like if the timer runs out when a team is above 95% of the cap or above 950 points, they'll get the win... Or it's intended and it's a bug that happens in these situations? Anybody knows anything about that? The situation at the end of the battle: The end result: All 4 remaining ships are still alive, so no last second death:
  2. Franken_Furter

    MM Will not allow a win Duca d'Aosta

    Well, decided to take out the Duca d'Aosta as I see a 'Win a Battle' Boost on my screen. Awesome eh! Lets hope to have a balanced game. But NOT a chance looking at the player stats (my ship had but one captain point and about 5 games). Still I play my socks off for a loss. What is the point of this rubbish match making? Its not fun to play in matches like this at all.