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Found 1 result

  1. Farazelleth

    Fara Carrier Guide

    Hello everyone, quick overview of who I' am! The name is Fara (Farazelleth in game) and I've played Aircraft Carriers since the beta of World of Warships. I play for the OMNI fleet in competitive games and also play solo in Ranked seasons getting World top 2 ~ 20 depending on season (based on winrate). I've decided to make a comprehensive carrier guide in the form of YouTube Lectures. As and when time permits I will add link annotations to YouTube & Twitch video replays explaining in visual detail to what I'm attempting to explain in lecture format. The intention is to create episode videos on YouTube covering each major topic based upon my experience as a CV main player. The guide is quite extensive so In order to create a structured format I've created a list as you can see below. YouTube videos will be added to this thread over time, each video Episode title links directly to the list below. So for example Episode 1 will cover everything within 1. bullet points below and so on. Additionally the list below will have hyperlinks embedded allowing readers to click on material directly as it becomes available. The explain it like I’m 5 guide to playing an aircraft carrier. 1.1 What is a Carrier? 1.1.1 Different plane types Fighters Dive Bombers Torpedo Bombers 1.2 Difference between USN and IJN 1.2.1 IJN More plane waves, fewer planes Cross dropping Greater map presence Faster plane turnaround Wave Loading times 1.2.2. USN Fewer waves, more planes Limited Flight Controls options Wave Loading times 1.2.3 Which Nation to pick & play styles 1.3 You and your Carrier 1.3.1 How many enemy Carriers will you face? 1.3.2 What is expected from you? 1.3.3 What tier of enemy ships can you expect? Matchmaking 1.4. The User Interface & controls 1.4.1 Remapping control keys 1.4.2 Alternative battle interface 1.4.3 Alternative mouse controls 1.4.4 Shortcuts 1.4.5 Ship & Plane waypoints 1.4.6 The Minimap 1.5 ‘Alt’ attack mode 1.5.1 Fighter strafes 1.5.2 Manual bombing Differences between IJN & USN 1.6 Ship AA (Anti-Aircraft) fire 1.6.1 How does it really work?! 1.6.2 Manual Fire Anti-Aircraft Focus 1.6.3 Calculating real AA numbers 1.6.4 Which ships have high AA and are dangerous? 1.6.5 Estimating range of your planes to enemy Ships 1.7 Defensive Fire and you 1.7.1 What does it do and how long does it last Cruisers and Destroyers Aircraft carriers 1.8 Playing Tier 4 & 5 Carriers 1.8.1 Abuse of Border 1.9 Playing Tier 6+ Carriers 1.10 Playing in Divisions 2.1 Skill breakdown 2.1.1 The don’t pick me skills 2.1.2 Dogfighting & Scouts 2.2 Build templates 2.2.1 11, 15, 19 point builds 2.3 Tradeoffs 3.1 Flight Control selection 3.1.1 Strengths & Weaknesses Number of waves Exact plane count per type 3.1.2 Playstyle 3.2 Module Upgrades 3.2.1 Consumables 3.3 Ship Exterior 3.3.1 Camouflage 3.3.2 Signals 3.3.3 Flags 3.4 Recommended Commander Skill builds 4.1 General ship maneuvers, aka where to move 4.1.1 What Map 4.1.2 Enemy ship classes & tiers 4.2 Situational Awareness 4.2.1 Use the Minimap 4.2.2 Plane or Ship detected! 4.2.3 Plane location Danger of AA Spotting Flight paths 4.2.4 Ship position & terrain Can you been shot? Can you be bombed? 4.3 Manage the Map 4.3.1 Two different top-down zoom modes Close in for bombing? Further out for grand picture? 4.3.2 Reading the map to decide what to do, where to go 4.4 Communication 4.4.1 Battle situation Not everyone has the same grand overview as you 4.4.2 Expressing your intentions to friendly team 4.4.3 Offering support 4.4.4 Dealing with unrealistic expectations of non-cv players 4.5 What to do first?! 4.5.1 Scout, strike or escort 5.1 Launch order 5.1.1 Wave ready times 5.1.2 RMC - Cancel Plane takeoff sequence 5.2 Scouting 5.2.1 Which planes to use? 5.2.2 Advantage of speed boosted bombers 5.3 Fighter micro 5.3.1 When to fight & when to run 5.3.2 Sight Denial 5.3.3 Importance of friendly and hostile AA 5.3.4 When to strafe Ammo usage 5.3.5 When to exit strafe Ammo usage, inability to exit with no ammo The Saipan exception 5.3.6 Protect your bombers or friendly Fleet? 5.4 Target Selection 5.4.1 Who to bomb and why Lone Wolf, high priority target or other etc 5.4.2 When to exercise patience 5.5 Bombing 5.5.1 Auto & Manual bombing 5.5.2 Strike Group Management 5.5.3 Target approach 5.5.4 Knowing when not to bomb! 5.5.5 How to extradite planes form bomb area 6. Advanced Tactics 6.1 6.1.1 Unavoidable strikes (Ultra close range TBs) 6.1.2 Approach from behind enemy player Camera If ship is firing to Port, approach from Starboard Reduces enemy players reaction time 6.1.3 Evading cross drops! 6.1.4 6.1.5 Forcing a ship turn First TB wave forces turn, sets ship on predictable path allowing more connections from 2nd/3rd TB waves. Useful on highly maneuverable ships (CLs) Can also force enemy ship to expose broadside to friendly ships 6.1.6 6.1.7 Damage over time stacking Baiting Damage control party Reapplying flooding & fires 6.1.8 Catapult Fighter Baiting 6.1.9 6.2 6.2.1 Dive bombers can destroy Light/Medium AA mounts Send DBs first before TBs on heavy AA targets 6.2.2 Target ships subject to heavy HE spam will have reduced AA 6.3 6.3.1 Team support Sight Denial Preventing fighter locks and bomber attacks 6.3.2 Lures, baits & strafes Strafe missed strafes 6.3.3 Advanced Exit strafes Exiting incoming enemy strafes if your planes are tagged Strafe enemy fighters who exit strafe immediately 6.3.4 6.4 6.4.1 Who to spot 6.4.2 How long do you spot for 6.4.3 Spotting for torpedoes 6.5 6.5.1 Land first, or take off? Plane takeoff time dependent on wave size Two Plane landing at a time 6.6 6.6.7 Surviving a Carrier Snipe 6.7 6.7.1 Are you USN Strike? Split bombers & use friendly AA 6.7.2 Are you balanced IJN setup? Split enemy fighters with bomber scouts Isolate and destroy if possible 6.8 6.9.1 Patience 6.9.2 Realistic expectations 6.9.3 Scouting 6.9.4 End game bombing 6.9 6.9.1 Map awareness 6.9.2 Ship positioning 6.9.3 Team support 6.9.4 Survive 6.9.5 Desperate plays 6.9.6 Acceptance, go into next game. Try not to flame! 7.1 Ship Setup differences 7.2 Commander differences 7.3 Expectations within battle 7.4 Importance of communication 7.4.1 Fighter & friendly AA co-operation Stealth AA DD etc Baiting planes closer into hidden AA traps 7.5 The hard carry 7.5.1 Warning loud audio at 16min 50sec