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Found 23 results

  1. Crusherheads

    Kanguru poping ships - any fix?

    This is getting realy anoying and not sure what the cause of it though do know its from this lastes patches and updates that this is been doing and its frustrating since i rarely had this problem. Its just what tittles mentions, the moment they pop from a island it takes 2-3 seconds for the game process their movement, and its totaly anoying. So wondering if theres any fix from my part or anything that i can do to fix this? Did appreciate a redirect link if theres any post that talking about this and it speaks of a possible fix of it.. Thank you.
  2. Yahliamir

    FPS Drops/High CPU Usage

    Hello everyone, I have issues with the game lately and while I did find similar threads online I couldn't find a solution. While playing the game, I sometimes have these short fps drops, the audio stops or get very very distorted for the duration. These drops usually happen one after every 1-2 seconds or so. This can happen in match or in port, especially just after lunching the game. sometimes alt tabbing to desktop helps a bit, sometimes not. I also noticed a rather high cpu usage (anywhere from 50% to 90-100% spikes at times), which seems to be the reason for the spikes, although I'm not sure. The game used to ran perfectly maxed out before, but a little while after getting a new 1440p monitor (previous one was 1080p) the issue started (don't think it's related but who knows?) lowering the settings and switching to windowed mode doesn't seem to help, although turning off vsync will help sometimes. Tried reinstalling the game on the ssd, fresh windows install + drivers, reapplied thermal paste to the cpu. nothing worked so far. Does anyone knows of a fix? the game is very hard to play like this. my specs: I5 4690k GTX 770 8gb ram Windows 10 game installed on a ssd
  3. Saludos, después de un tiempo vuelvo al foro y aquí os dejo un programa gratuito para arreglar la conexión de muchos juegos pero como wows tiene ese lag tan especial os lo dejo aquí. El programa se llama WTFast, totalmente gratuito y fácil de instalar y usar. Arregla la conexión de tus juegos solucionando las pérdidas de paquetes y eliminando el lag microlag y parones del juego. Espero que esto os ayude a navegar mejor. Nos vemos en los mares.
  4. Hi, Only recently started playing this under a week now. Started off perfectly fine skyping with a friend and having no issues. Now for the past two days im getting lag spikes every 10-15 seconds lasting for 2-5 secs pings from 25-40 shoot up to 200+ briefly after the screen is done freezing in place. This obviously makes the game unplayable. No connection issues my end as every other game/skype call has had zero issues. Read the FAQ about WIFI users but as this is literally no issue when i started playing or in any other game i assume something is messing up server side. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Silvercat18

    Lag affecting airdrop torpedoes?

    I just had a game on the ice map where armed airdrop torpedoes were going through ships, either when the ships were moving straight or turning. It also seemed to be affecting the enemy CV, as he lined up some good runs only to see them just move harmlessly through the other ships and go out the other side. I have never seen this before, has anyone else experienced this? *Edit* The other CV captain was called Steamek, I have no idea how to post replays as I have never really looked into that. Maybe he can comment if he sees this, on his experience during that game.
  6. Project_Lone_Wolf

    Gameplay Issue

    Hi All, I am not sure if I am the only person experiencing this issue. Basically the issue is shortly after the start of the game my warship just stops and I cannot see it moving. Short while later the screen starts again and i jump to a different location. (To where i would be at this point going in the direction i was before the ship froze) However the game continues, I can shoot but it does not hit anything. It happens once or twice per game. This is a good game but this issue is making me annoyed with it. My machine spec is as follows: Win7 64-bit 8GB RAM Intel Dual core E8500 @ 3.16GHz Nvidia GeForce 210 Is my machine underspec or are there servers being overwhelmed? Thanks, PLW
  7. Hi, Ich habe extreme Probleme mit der Hafen UI, besonders beim Wechsel zwischen den einzelnen UI's am extremsten ist die Ladezeit/der Lag bei "Module", "Kapitänsfähigkeiten" und "Missionen". Im match habe ich aber, selbst auf Einstellungen zwischen High und Ultra immer noch 70-100 FPS. Also kann es wohl kaum an der Hardware liegen... Spiele Fullscreen auf 1920x1080p 16:9 Auflösung. Hardware: - CPU: Intel I5 6600K x4@3.6GHz (Overclocked auf 4.2GHz) - MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws IV 16GB DDR4 @2133MHz - SSD: Samsung 840 EVO mit 1 Terabyte Kapazität - GPU: MSI R9 270x Hawk mit 2GB vRAM
  8. tiborovsky91

    Random dc

    Hi guys, just installed the game yesterday and from the start I've been having some trouble, basically I get disconnected randomly, during the games and even while in the main menu. Wanted to ask if any of you have the same problem?
  9. big_chris_hero

    Lag after todays patch

    experiencing bad lag after todays patch anyone else ?
  10. rickbat69


    Dear WG, Here's something you need to fix straight away. I know this is a Beta Tester and i do expect to find stuff to fix, but how can you expect me to find anything even my own ship with a 2FPS? exactly!! it can't happen, so get your geeks on the case and fix the lag to start with, then we can play the game and find the bugs for you. and no its not my computer or internet, i just tried world of planes (made by your company) and worked just fine for me and tried on high settings for everything. warships, right now not even on low settings works for me. so do yourselves a favor as im a paying costumer, on both tanks and planes, fix it!!! my specs (and no it's not specsavers) aspire x1430 windows 10 AMD E-300 dual core AMD Radeon HD 6300 graphics 4G internet connection it also seems to have got a lot worse since i started using the ship bellow
  11. GlobusDei


    Hey, I have experianced the phenomena - in each match -, that the closer a ship is, the more difference between the hitbox (the area where shells hit the target) and the texture of the target (where the target is shown on the screen) accures. For example: A ship is at 10km distance - my shells hit it even 10-20m in front of its bow. A ship at 5km distance - my shells have to drop almost 50% of the ships lenght in front of its bow. A ship is at 2km distance - no chance to hit at all. Same if emeies are shooting at me. The shells are "droping into the water" in front of my bow but an explosion is shown and I take damage. So there is some kind of lag between hitbox and texture. Edit: Ping @ ~~40ms FPS @ ~~ 60 Best, Demian
  12. PanzerFuchs

    BUG: Ingame desync

    Hi to all fresh Captains of the CBT! I've encountered this really weird and hard-to-explain issue in my game where the battle runs fine for the first few minutes and then, supposedly after a set time, sort of "desyncs". What happens is that the battle runs normally, then after a few minutes of normal play (can't say for sure after how long exactly, but I'll return to that soon) all the ships, including yours, freeze on the spot spot. What's really weird about this issue is that the game actually continues in the background and I keep receiving damage, rewards and other announcements as they occur while I'm frozen. Then after a minute or so, the game continues, but it doesn't throw me straight to my actual spot where I should be now, it just proceedes from where it left off for everyone and for a while it's like watching a replay. Any control inputs I made during the lag will now happen with an appropriate delay and while the game is "catching up" I am not actually able to steer my vessel and any control inputs I make while it's doing so will only materialize later. It will take the game a while to catch up and for me to have normal control of my vessel again. What's really weird is that the guns fire and traverse in real time while in this "replay" state is active but I've yet to actually hit anyone during that period. After the game catches up, the game resumes normally, provided I don't die before that which is a real possibility. The issue is really weird, and I hope I explained it in a way that you folks can understand. I've turned off pretty much all programmes that could be messing with my 24meg internet connection (Steam, Skype ect) but the problem persists. It's as if my game stops receiving vehicle positioning data mid-battle but is still connected enough to give me all the battle messages. One more thing, this doesn't seem to influence anyone else, because I keep getting shot very consistently while desyncing and all other players behave normally.
  13. Hi all, What is the EU server IP address to test PING and TRACEROUTE? Few days ago I had terrible lag (never had that before) with PING wildly fluctuating between 50 and 300 ms so I want to check things from time to time... Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  14. ABED1984

    Network Card and Ping Spikes

    Hi, Can a network card be one of the reasons for ping spikes every 30 seconds in WOWs? Thank you.
  15. HasanTUNC21

    Oyun Arayüzü Hataları.

    Dikkat! Arkadaşlar oyun yeni olduğundan ister istemez bazı hatalar ve yazılım bozuklukları karşımıza çıkıyor. Burada o hatalardan bahsedelim neden olduğununa birlikte çözüm arayalım. Lütfen fotoğraf veya video ile birlikte yorum yapalım açıklayıcı olalım. Bu forumun oyun yetkilileri tarafından takip edildiğini unutmayalım ve onları aydınlatalım ki oyunun geliştirilmesine yardımcı olalım.
  16. Como las imagenes cantan, en plena batalla subio el lag de 80 ms a 200ms, y los FPS de 60 a 2 y hasta 3. Ahora, puede ser mi culpa porque: - Mi ordenador no es nuevo (Quad Core 1'8Mh -de los de verdad, con cuatro nucleos y ocho hilos- y 8 Gb de RAM ) - Mi conexion es una M (Timofónica de 6 Mb) - Tu Windows te ha troleado (Windows 7, si estar descargando nada) - Mucha e-mule (Yo solo, con el juego, y el Firefox cerrado porque ya he visto lo que tenía que ver). Y no hablemos de las dos veces que me echaron de la partida ayer tarde (lástima de no tener programa que grabe pantalla) ¿He sido yo sólo o hubo más afectados? En la partida hubo un par más que dijeron también lo mismo.
  17. iPanic96

    Unusual lagspikes/freezing

    First thing first! I apologize for my English! It's not my main language, so grammar might be a bit off... Hope it's still readable though. So, then the actual case. I bought the 3 ships pack yesterday (15.04.15) and noticed some lagspikes or some kind of freezing I never seen before. Saw some other topics were players had a similar problem, but could't find one that actually explain the precise problem I have. I have a decent PC (I can run battlefield 4 on medium - high settings and still have a pretty good fps). Still, it takes ages for the ships to show up after I've started the game. But that's not the main problem. When I get into a match, the first 4-7 minutes works absolutely great. Then all of a sudden, everything freezes, even though the ms is around 50, and the fps at 60. I can still shoot and hear the shot, but I can't see it. Then after around 30-45 seconds the ship starts moving again but much slower than before it froze. I can't change the course of the ship, because the reaction is taking around 10 seconds to actually take action. It's like I'm falling behind with 10-15 seconds and still have a good ping while it happens. It doesn't change even with the settings on low, though I have no problem playing on high quality the first part of the match. The problem is pretty similar to this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRS2J8O4XqM - but for me the ship doesn't pop back in the position where the ship actually is stationed after the first lagspike/freeze or whatever it is. It's really annoying how it works perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere it just basically goes to crap and makes the game unplayable... If I made it clear, it would be nice to hear if anyone else got the exact same problem as me, and hopefully a solution if there is any yet. And sorry for a long post...
  18. Bien le bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs ; Voilà que je joue depuis peu a WoWs , et j'adore se jeu , sauf sur un point , et j'ai une grosse question ! Voilà , je tourne au alentours de 7-9 FPS , toutes les options graphiques sont au minimum . Je voudrais savoir si dans de prochaines mise à jours il y aura une option pour les anciennes carte graphiques comme la mienne , ( ATI Radeon 2400 HD ) sa serait dommage que les gens n'ayant pas les moyens de s'acheter des PC neufs ne peuvent pas jouer, même si il est vrais que l'eau est dur a faire tourner avec de beaux effets ( vagues et etc...) Sinon , y aura t'il une vue de capitaine , une vue à l'intérieur de la cabine de contrôle ou on vois la barre et tout le matériel de navigation avec un HUD réduit pour une total immersion dans le jeu . Bien Cordialement, TankCrewGuys
  19. TheExitestPL

    "Lagi" czy może bugi

    Czy ktoś z was też ma takie problemy ? Nie wiem czy to lagi czy bugi ale uniemożliwia mi to rozgrywkę... (akcja od 0:00 - 2:15 potem juz dalsza rozgrywka...) A tu mój internet:
  20. hailcrew5


    Witam, mam problem tego typu że mam laga (opóźnienie) w grze. Już opisuję o co chodzi. Kilkam bitwa, gra się rozpoczyna i zaczynamy płynać przez pierwsze 30-40 sekund jest OK, statek reaguje tak jak powinien. Następnie po upływie 1-2 min mój statek skręca z opóźnieniem. Przyżyłbym to ale jest jeszcze jedno, gdy do kogoś strzelam i widzę że nie jeden pocisk trafił w statek one najzwyczajniej w świecie przelatują przez niego całkowite zero hit markerów, natomiast są one gdy strzelam przed statek jakieś 30-40 metrów i im dłużej trwa gra tym większą poprawkę muszę brać na moje skręcanie i "skok" hitboxa od tekstury statku... Pomocy!!
  21. iJoby

    5.2.4 Lag Poor FPS

    Since the 5.2.4 patch, the game is unplayable, my FPS has gone from 72 to 12, It's impossible to play at that speed. please fix and refund with extra days to all paying members for the days until a new patch solves this problem. Nuff Said
  22. En la última semana no paro de tener desconexiones del servidor y partidas con un LAG patético que recuerda a los juegos online del año 2006. He revisado todo varias veces y sólo tengo problemas con World of Warships, en ningún otro juego online tengo problemas de conexión o de red y ni muchísimo menos me desconectan de los servidores del juego en cuestión, sólo me sucede con World of Warships. ¿Alguien más está sufriendo este insoportable problema de los servidores?
  23. Crusherheads

    Massively lag happening...

    Well lost due of it... my boat sending torpedos wrong way... shots that are suposed to be on target does nothing its like boats are on god mode.... This kinda SUCKS special on a rank battle... So any one having this issues?