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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Am I reading patch notes for WoWs 0.5.15 right - the "Kamikaze R" is not affected by upcoming IJN DD changes? Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Hi all, Do we know official number of "Kamikaze R" given away as a reward on EU server (after "Restoration project" finished)? Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11" P.S. The NA server published all winners and reported exact number of "Kamikaze R" given away...
  3. Sukkerknald

    Kamikaze R, stats wrong?

    Hey WG, nice to see the Kamikaze R in the shop since some of us didnt get it in the lottery, but there is one thing im a little disappointed in and that is: The torps "only" have a 5.6 km range, so i bought this ship believing it had 7 km range? is it just me or am i missing something here? " Kamikaze R in a nutshell: With the Japanese branch of destroyers being fully developed in World of Warships and winning many popularity contests, Kamikaze R is a great way to train your commanders and rake in the skill points thanks to the Premium camouflage. 7 kilometers-range torpedoes Saying that anti-air defense is a bit lackluster would be a gross understatement, so you would do great to disable your AA armament by pressing the "P" key. That way you will stay concealed from the hungry eyes of enemy air units.
  4. Columbus_Columbonius

    [Project R] where is my Kamikaze R? (293 pearls)

    Hi, I got 293 pearls and no Kamikze R. Anyone got any yet?...
  5. This is pure example of bad ship builders! I can't stand them any more, bad subcontractors equipping ships with Chinese torps ordered from AliExpress! :-/ But when Chinese make ships for themselves, they are made from MaoZeTungstinium....
  6. Ebu34

    Kamikaze Rs have been relased

    It's just relased skippers. It's waiting in our ports!!! If you collected more then 260 pearls check your ports.
  7. ABED1984

    Concealment Expert

    So I've finally got the CE perk for my Kamikaze R and I've a small question, When I detect other DDs I spot them at about 5.7 km while my concealment is 5.4 km and their minimum concealment is 6 km, putting in mind that those DDs don't have the CE perk, So Am I missing something?
  8. PoeticGrub7532

    Deleted Premium ship by accident.

    Hi Wow, i deleted by accident a premium ship Kamikaze R. I was wondering if it is possible to un=delete it or recuperate it? Thank you for your response and keep up the good work. Thx.
  9. ABED1984

    Kamikaze R Red Camo

    I already have the Kamikaze R, So am I gonna get the red camo in the "Clash of the elements" event?
  10. DestoCorvus

    Kamikaze R wrong camo?!?!?!

    I just got my Kamikaze R from the Clash of the elements event and it has a diffrent camo from what is promissed on the the gift shop. Not only looks like the old one(and not like the one in the picture) but It only has: -3% to ship detectability +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship +30% to XP earned in battle is this a bug? should i send in a ticker for that? Thanks in advance guys.
  11. Hallo Mich würde mal interessieren was ihr von diesem Zerstörer haltet. Er ist ja ziemlich "speziell" ;) Kamikaze R Hier die Daten: " Dieses Angebot ist vom 27. Februar um 06:10 Uhr bis zum 1. März um 06:00 Uhr verfügbar. " Hier könnt ihr nochmal alles nachlesen: Immer eine Hand breit Wasser unter dem Kiel! Mfg AgentSQH