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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I thought I might share the information about a Gamescom Flyer in the English Speaking Forums with you. Yesterday an employee of Saturn shared a scan of a Gamescom Flyer advertising the Wargaming booth and games. You can see the pictures in this thread (The text is only in German though). Front page is just showing the current and upcoming Games with logos. Though it might be worth mentioning, that the World of Warplanes logo is missing entirely from the Flyer, while all other games, including the upcoming Master of Orion Remake and the Mobile Games are listed/shown. The second page is having a bunch of text for Wargaming itself, World of Tanks, Master of Orion and World of Warships. The text about World of Warships is basically saying: "The first set of German Warships has just been shown and they'll soon be launched. Captains will have an even bigger selection in ships, but also in enemies ... " So basically the flyer is talking about the recently introduced German Warships and that they will be available soon. According to the wording of the flyer, I would think that they will show some German Warships during Gamescom in Cologne in two weeks, maybe together with a new Trailer and maybe even showing those ships or some of them at their booth or maybe just behind closed doors for the media presentations. Maybe we'll also see 1-2 premium Ships soon, that's at least my guess at this point.
  2. I realized i had a book that my father once gave to me with some interesting illustrations of german ships, including paper projects around the "plan Z". its been written by Erich Gröner, no idea if that name means something. so here they are:
  3. who_dares_wins

    the upcoming cruisers

    I did some research on the Dresden class being added in the next patch, and here are it's historical stats, which I hope give some idea of what it's going to be like. If you have any information on any other new cruiser, please put it in this thread. Tier: 2/3 Class: Cruiser Displacement: 4268t Propulsion: 15,000 HP Speed: 24 knots Primary armament: 8x 10.5 cm Range: 12.7 km Secondary armament: 8x 5.2 cm Torpedoes: 2x 410 mm twin Notes: while somewhat lacking in artillery, it does have a very long range for tier 2, and some light torpedoes. Very similar to the Chester.
  4. The general inaccuracy of German ships is far more observable in their battleships than in any of the other classes, but nevertheless remains a problem that needs addressing on a far larger scale. The national trait of the Germans is twofold, firstly they either possess the hydroacoustic search consumable on ships that would otherwise not have access to such a consumable, and their second is their extremely powerful AP shell. Except of course, the power of the AP shell of the Germans is largely a fabrication. The power of a ship's HE shell is relatively simple, tied to its static penetration value, to the gun arcs, to the chance of fires, the accuracy of the gun, and to the alpha damage of the shell. AP shell on the other hand, to the best of my knowledge, depends on the angle of impact, the shell weight, the shell speed, the shell caliber, the accuracy of the guns, and, perhaps most importantly, the shell's Krupp value. Out of all the shells available in the game right now, the German cruisers and destroyers all possesses alpha damages significantly higher than their competitors and they possess respectable muzzle velocities which would naturally make players assume that they should perform rather well when it came to using their AP shells. Considering that the German line in the case of their cruisers and destroyers depends on their AP shells to do damage, this is of concern. German ships, the nation depends on their AP for a lot of their performance, actually has one of the poorest performing AP shells in the game. In the experiment, 0% of the SN destroyer's shells shattered on impact. 38% of the USN destroyer's shells shattered on impact. A staggering 49% of the KM's shells shattered on impact. At 4 kilometers, the Soviet destroyers had no difficulty landing citadel hits. The American destroyers landed some citadel hits. No matter how I modified the firing solution, the German destroyer failed to score even one citadel hit. This is a problem with the cruiser line as well. A German cruiser like a Roon can fire on the open broadside of a Zao or Moskva at 10 kilometers and expect no more than 1 or two citadels when those respective ships firing at those exact same target could expect instant annihilation or at least the removal of half their victim's health pool. For a line focused on armor piercing, this record is appalling. Not helping is the fact that compared to their counterparts, they possess greatly diminished accuracy that any armor piercing focused line depends on for performance. I think that this issue needs addressing as soon as possible, especially in light of the overall poor performance of German cruisers and destroyers in the larger context of the game. The AP shell performance should hold parity if not superiority with the AP performance of the other nations and simply having a higher AP alpha damage is not close to enough compensation if this test was at all indicative of the overall performance of these ships in the larger context of the game.
  5. piritskenyer


    Kicking off a thread. I like her. First thing to get out of the way: Despite the blank scoreboards (0 cred, 0 xp and 75 freexp) she DOES earn money. Okay, on we get then: Her shell velocity is very very nice. It makes long range shooting very pleasant even if not the most reliable. At first I thought it'd be way OP (at 16.5 it's the longest base range in the tier), but it really isn't (or doesn'T seem to be). Her RoF is also nice, at max range you'll send a new salvo up before the first one landed. HE performance is somehow ambivalent. On paper it's not very impressive (1700 max dmg/round, 8% firechance), but HE spam still works just about right. The combine firerate (remember, she has the biggest broadside at T5 at 9 guns) allows for a respectable firechance and HE damage output. The AP. Now this is where it's at. At the standard engagement distances her shell arc is nice and flat with pretty short time on target and tight grouping. That means a number of things: high velocity gives good armour penetration and ease of leading targets. Tight grouping combined with the ease in leading means that if you know what you're doing you'll be able to land quite a few citadel hits in a mid-short range engagement. Don't expect 8" AP levels of single-salvo damage (these are 150mm-guns we're talking about afterall, and the max damage to the AP shell is 3000, giving you a combined AP salvo max damage of 27k - in comparison, the max AP salvo damage of the Furutaka at 6x8" guns is 28200 and the Omaha stands at 24800 with her 8x6" broadside)... Okay, actually DO expect high salvo damage on this ship in mid and short range fights, you have everything going for it. The thing that balances out the guns in a mid-short range engagement is that the turrets take 30 seconds to turn a full 180, in other words the turnrate is 6°/sec. You won't be taking down destroyers and even some other CL's knife-fighting you that way. (Comparison: Omaha: 18sec to 180° or 10°/sec (this one beats the crapout of DD's!), Murmansk: 24sec to 180° or 7.5°/sec, Furutaka: 36sec to 180° or 5°/sec). Fret not however, should someone come too close, you have 6 torps in each side. They are not bad, they go farther (6 vs 5.5) and faster (64 kt vs 56 kt) and deal higher damage/torp (13700 vs 11733) than those of the Omaha. The Omaha has the edge in reload however at 1.4 torps/minute vs the König's 0.9. The Furutaka only gets 3 torps/side, but those are in another ballpark, so I'll leave them out. Her concealement is pretty good with a surface detectability range of 12.4 km's on the surface (well inside of her gunrange, although I don't know how much detection range she gains when firing), and 6.5km from the air. (Comparison: Omaha: 13.5/6.7, Murmansk: 13.1/7.3, Furutaka: 12.2/7.0) Her AA (17) is decent. It certainly beats the AA of the Furutaka (7), "nearly nears" that of the B hull Omaha (22) but beats in range for all guns, doesn't get anywhere as near as the C hull (24) but still beats it in range (max range is 5km on the König and 3.5 on the Omaha C), Same goes for the Murmansk (25). It is my distinct impression that although she doesn'T get as much AADPM as the Omaha class cruisers, her higher range still allows her to be similarly effective as those. Maneuverability is decent. Rudder shift is 6.9sec, her turning radius is 690m. The Omaha shifts in 5.7sec and turns in 600metres, the Furutaka shifts at (an appaling) 9.2sec and turns in 750metres, and the Murmansk performs all this in 3.8sec, on 590metres (because why not, you know, Russian). Top speed is 32.9kt (33 downhill, lol) (Omaha: 34.3, Furutaka: 34.9, Murmansk: 34.4). It's not the best, but it's not bad. She does seem a bit slow to accelerate though, which might make you feel like she's sluggish. She also bleeds a lot of speed in the turn and does so quickly, Something I can'T say about either the Omaha nor the Furutaka (can't comment on the Murmansk, don't have one of those). Her armour is not really there as I've seen. Lost the ship once only so far, and that was to torps, but the few times I got hit I could feel it. I think 8" AP might overpen, while 6" AP will just omnomnom the ship away. Good thing I can decide to keep enemy Clevelands, Pepsis and even Myokos out of range Finally an interesting thing about the ship. If you are pointing straight forward, A turret is of course going to look forward, but X turret is going to be all the way forward portside while Y turret is all the way forward starboard side. This allows for some interesting options to handle unknown situations: Should you have to go straight into a cap circle without exact knowledge of the enemy's position, you just have the two rear turrets face forward on their respective sides and you'll have a turret ready on each side to reset. (Also your forward turret is going to be on target shortly thereafter) Another peculiar thing about the offset after turret arrangement: If you're chasing someone down, keep them on your starboard side, because X turret (superfiring Y turret and offset to the left/port) can track at the same angle to starboard as Y turret (offset to the right/starboard), however, this is not the case on the portside, where Y turret loses tracking about 10 degrees before X turret. Okay, enough rattling about. Hope you'll find this interesting and informative Cheers
  6. Nherun

    Die Gamescom und Wargaming

    Hallo zusammen, ich setze das Topic mal in dieses Subforum, eventuell geht es auch als OT durch, aber denke hier ist es eher richtig aufgehoben. World of Warships ist für mich das erste Wargaming Spiel mit dem ich mich richtig beschäftige und das ich auch richtig spiele, daher fehlen mir echte Anhaltspunkte bezüglich dem was Wargaming im Rahmen der Gamescom und Messen Allgemein so veranstaltet und evtl. ankündigt oder veröffentlicht. Hier können ja sicher einige mehr dazu sagen, wie es in der Vergangenheit bei WoT war als Beispiel. Neben der E3 ist die Gamescom ja bekanntlich die wichtigste Messe und Wargaming wird wie die letzten Jahre auch wieder groß vertreten sein. Natürlich ist die Gamescom schon lange kein lokales Event mehr, sondern für ganz Europa und die Welt. Dennoch würde sich die Gamescom ja eigentlich für einiges perfekt anbieten. Dazu meine Hintergedanken und gleichzeitigen Fragen an die Wargaming "Experten" im Forum: Wargaming könnte kommende oder das nächste größere Update für World of Warships vorstellen für die Öffentlichkeit oder zumindest für die Presse Wie sah es in den letzten Jahren aus, hat Wargaming in der Vergangenheit neue Features, größere Spielupdates auf den Messen vorgestellt? Die Gamescom in Deutschland wäre ja im Grunde ideal um 1-2 Deutsche Premium Schiffe ins Spiel zu bringen. Von der kompletten Ankündigung oder einem Termin für die KM gehe ich einfach mal noch nicht aus. Ersteres wäre aber eventuell eine realistischere Option. Vielleicht die Bismark als Premium Schiff? Wie lief es in den vergangenen 1-3 Jahren bei der Gamescom? Hat Wargaming hier irgendwelche Aktionen für Besucher gefahren oder sonstiges Veranstaltet abseits der typischen Giveaways vor Ort?