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Found 41 results

  1. Nothing here is new there are many posts that have covered these ships, this is just my take on what is probably now a stale idea. I am also not very knowledgeable. Please improve on these ideas with your thoughts. I think the Japanese cruiser line works well and does not need improvement except maybe a little on the Ibuki and Aoba (I do not believe this but some people have commented negatively about them). The following are just ideas if they ever decide to add more IJN cruisers. It will be a scouting cruisers line that will consist of 3 ships and three premium/resource ships. The Scouting Cruiser line Main advantage is slightly better (It could be made to be vastly better) seaplane consumables and better AA. I believe these uniquely designed ships will add something different to the game. The ships The ships will be the light cruiser Oyodo, the Mogami cruiser after being converted into a seaplane cruiser and the heavy cruiser Tone. Tiers There are three ways I see these ships being tiered. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Tone Or Tier 6 - Oyodo Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone Or Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - no ship available Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone As a bonus tier, the Chikuma could be added but the only difference between Chikuma and Tone will be slightly better AA. That makes the following undesirable. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Chikuma Tier 8 - Tone The Oyodo class Armor The ship will be less armored than the Furutaka. "Oyodo was fairly well protected when compared to allied light cruisers" - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.55. I am not sure about the citadel situation Survivability The Oyodo will have less hit points than the Furutaka since it is a light cruiser. The hit points could also be the same since the difference in ship type is represented by the armor i.e. even with the same hit points the Oyodo will receive more damage than the Furutaka from the same hit. Also, the Furutaka has a similar displacement to the Oyodo and the Oyodo carried more crew member. Main Armament Two triple 15.5cm turrets at the front with similar characteristics to the ones on the 15.5cm variant Mogami aside from the range and no main armament at the rear. Range It should be worse than the Furutaka by about 8 percent according to Mark Stille's tables of Max ranges of different Japanese main gun types in his books "Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945" and "Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945" This could also be based on the ship's range finderradar limits rather than maximum gun range. In the end it should be a small and fair reduction in range from the Furutaka's. Torpedoes None are available which can be mitigated as a disadvantage by being implemented as reducing the base chance of a devastating strike. Though this will not be enough to justify the ship as competitive or even as worth playing over the Furutaka. AA It would be awesome if it had better AA than the Furutaka. "In late October (1944), four more single 25mm guns were added for a final total of 57 – 12 triple and 21 single mounts." - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40 Speed 35 knots Concealment It could be equal to the Furutaka or better. Generally, I see Oyodo's concealment as being determined by tests given the lack of rear turrets, I am not sure how it will play. The Aircraft Cruiser Mogami It will need a name different from the Mogami to distinguish it. This could be a minor issue or possible a stressful one. Armor It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami which is why it could be too well protected for Tier 6 but the Graf Spee is at Tier 6 and it has better armor. Survivability It should have slightly less hit points than the tier 8 Mogami. Armament It will be similar to 20.3cm variant tier 8 Mogami aside from the range and there being no rear armament. Range It should be slightly better than the Aoba or the same. Torpedoes It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami. AA It should be better than tier 8 Mogami's AA. Speed It will be similar to the Tier 8 Mogami. Concealment It will depend on tests. The Tone Class Armor It is better than the Mogami Class. It should have a citadel that sits lower in the water. The main belt is slopped 20 degrees as opposed to Myoko’s 12 degrees. "This class was the best protected of the IJN's heavy cruisers. The total weight of armor and protective plating was nearly identical to that of the Mogami class, but since all the turrets were grouped forward, a heavier scale of protection could be provided over a more compact magazine area" - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40. This is what will make it effective for tier 8. It being good at tanking damage. Survivability It should be better than tier 8 Mogami due to the better armour, there being no guns at the rear allowed for no chances of magazine detanation if shell land there and a greater space for the crew to spread. Also, as a bonus "These ships were reportedly the most comfortable of the Japanese cruisers, which were notorious for discomfort." - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.54 Main Armament Four twin 20.3cm gun turrents at the front and none at the rear. If you enjoy variety even at the cost of including paper ships, four triple 15.5cm gun turrets at the front and none at the rear. “Before the construction of the ships had proceeded to the upper deck, existing naval treaties lapsed, so the triple 6.1 in turrets were replaced with twin 8in turrets.” - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.42. The guns could be made to seem more accurate due to them being positioned close to each other. Range It should be similar to the tier 8 Mogami Torpedoes Similar to the Myoko? AA I would expect them to be the best in the Japanese cruiser line, except for maybe the Zao, due to its numerous gun mounts and it's "more modern Type 94 high-angle director for the 5in guns." Speed 35knots Concealment It should be similar to the Mogami or may be better. Consumables This is where these ships' advantages over the standard Japanese cruiser line lie. The Oyodo will have 3 consumable slots like the Furutaka but with the option of spotting available i.e. Damage party, Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter/Spotting. The Aircraft cruiser Mogami will have 5 consumables (Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The Tone will have will have consumables like Aircraft Mogami or 6 consumables (Damage party, Hydro, Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The fighter and spotting consumable will either have a slightly shorter cool down or a slightly longer duration as compared to the average. Something like 15 more seconds on spotting to allow a possible one extra salvo. The ships will come equipped with one more fighter than the base making the “Direction Center for Fighters” captain skill unnecessary. The ships will have the average number of consumables. The Premium/resource Ships IJN Sakawa Unfortunately the Yahagi exists thus this will just be a duplicate. A beautiful ship. Tier 5. Good AA for a Japanese ship with 10 25mm triple mounts and 42 25mm single mounts. IJN Agano-Kai (Possibly) Tier 6 or Tier 5 given how the Yahagi performs. A paper ship. The real Agano will just be a dublicate of the IJN Sakawa with weaker AA. I am not all that into paper ships but it could be fun. As opposed to the real Agano, it has an extra twin 15.5cm gun turrent at the rear. It has a longer hull, a larger smoke stack and an additional 8cm type98 HA guns in twin mounts. IJN Maya Tier 7.
  2. Hello to everybody! I consider myself an average player. I'm playing from may 2019. I mainly play battleships, but sometimes cruisers and CVs too. I have the full line of Japanese BB, Soviet BB, American till N.Carolina and German till FDG. Cruisers I have full Soviet cruisers and Japanese and Italian till VII. British till VI. I love the design of japanese ships. But i think the japanese premium Battleships are in general very bad. Some good. Any great. The proof of that its that you see very few of them in randoms. Japan got: Ishizuchi: at most a good ship. Nothing more Mutsu: Okeish. quite average. Ashitaka: Great guns (but with some of the new ships more complex armour designs tends to overpen a lot.) at mid-close range sometimes dispersion gets weird, paper armour (you can get deleted by accident). Non existent AA. Kii: In my opinion its a worst Amagi. Musashi: The best premium jap BB. But just a worst Yamato (and Yamato have nowadays a lot of problems) a tier less. You will burn a lot. But still a good ship. (.But one i cant get anymore) Yashima: without changes seems like a really worst Yamato. Same long list of yamato weak points. And less shells, worst reload, worst shell speed. Soviets got: Lenin as a Great premium bb. British got: Thunderer as a great premium BB. And Nelson as a very good BB Americans got: Georgia: Great ship. Missouri: Very good. Ohio: GREAT ship. Massachusetts: Very good ship. Alabama: Very good ship. French got: Jean Bart: Great ship. Bourgogne: Great ship. Well... you got the idea.
  3. conceited

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    I`d like to thank wargaming for making the furutaka. Thanks to the furutaka... I uninstalled the game and gained soo much free time to study for my medical exams! Thanks wargaming! If the worst battleship and worst destroyer had a baby.. it would be the furutaka. Youll be outgunned by cruisers a tier below you... and your reload rate is no where good enough to be accurate. You`ll spend ur time change your ship direction because u`ll get killed, each time you fire is essentially like making that very first shot. avoid this ship at all costs. I dont post but i log on just to express my anger at those [edited]idiots we call wargaming
  4. ThemistoclesGR

    Atago + Atago B

    Hi fellas, For us who alredy have the Atago in port...wouldnt it be easier to just give us the black camo for the ship we already own? I think its more practical to just give us the premium camo instead of a new identical ship. Now i have to switch the captain all the time, change flags, buy again the upgrades etc etc....just not practical
  5. Jack_Geary

    2 new japanese DDs

    Wargaming, what have you done. The 2 new Japanese DD's are way overpowered. How come they can destroy an Atago with just guns when the Atago is bow on in less than 1 minute? What a joke. People will just get them now as they are to OP. Even your early testers said they was OP. Sort it out and stop making ships OP.
  6. Ahoi Kapitäne! Habt ihr auch das Gefühl, dass der Einsatz japanischer Schiffe von vornherein zum Scheitern verurteilt ist? Ich fahre ausschließlich deutsche und japanische Schiffe. Mein Spielstil ist dabei natürlich so ziemlich der selbe. (Gerade die Schlachtschiffe fahren sich sehr ähnlich und sind eigentlich auch sehr gut) Wie kommt es dann -trotz ausgeklügelten balance system- dazu, dass sich knapp die Hälfte meiner Japaner die untersten Plätze der winrate teilen? Zu blöd kann ich mich ja nicht anstellen, da die anderen Schiffe dieses Problem nicht haben und die Schadens-/und Versenkrate in etwa gleich bleibt. Soviel zum Gefühl, hier mal die Werte: Schiffe insgesamt: 43 Japaner: 19 Das heißt: Von 42% aller meiner Schiffe belegen 42% der Japaner die 19% letzten Plätze. Ich würde mich über konstruktive Erfahrungsberichte, eure Meinung und eventuell ja den ein oder anderen Tipp freuen.
  7. Does anybody else think that the Hakuryu is outclassed by the Midway? Even the hanger on the Midway is bigger. Midway - 136 units. 2 fighter squads, x7 aircraft with skill. Hakuryu – 100 units. Either: 2x fighter squads, x5 with skill. 4x fighter squads, x5 with skill. Either way, the fighters on the US side do more damage and by far have alot more ammo. I’ve got to admit. I’m finding playing Tier X Carriers annoying, because you know that the Midway is almost certainly a win card in the right hands with maximised skills. And since the introduction of the fighter sweep? It's made things even worse, because the US fighters are more suited for it. Well that's what I think.
  8. In the video Musashi has the 44 refit of more Anti-Air guns and removed some secondary guns for it. ¨While the ship was under repair in April 1944, the two 15.5 cm wing turrets were removed and replaced with three triple 25 mm gun mounts each. A total of twenty-one triple 25 mm mounts and 25 single mounts were added at that time, giving the ship a light AA armament that numbered one hundred and thirty 25 mm guns.¨ Why is the Naval Legends using the '44 refit in the video, but not the Musashi we will see in-game?? I think this is a poor balancing of Tier in the matchmaking of not using the latest upgrade Musashi got. Musashi wasn't know for shooting planes down like a boss, but would do a good job of defending it self to it's capability. Think Wargaming should give us the final version of Musashi, not the first build.
  9. mikenl

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Hey Guys, So in my dream to get the mighty Yamato I have now gotten the Izumo. I had always heard bad things about this ship (for a long time as well) so wasnt sure what to expect. The Izumo is probably the worst, most toxic, raising blood pressure ship I have played until now. You would think ever since complaints started coming and growing about the Izumo it would have been fixed previous patches but no. So my hope is in 0.4.1. the Izumo will get a much needed buff, or will it? I have so far read nothing or heard about any buffs to the Izumo. Has anyone heard or read anything about this would love to know. Also its just not fair Iowa captains have an easy enjoyable grind while Izumo captains have a shitty 400k xp grind come on man... Also heard Yamato is getting a nerf was all my hard work for nothing and anger?
  10. SmartassNoob

    Kii-class BB for japanese premium?

    I just read a very unconfirmed rumor somewhere that they're in some early stage of testing for the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kii-class_battleship According to wikipedia, it should be a near exact copy of the Amagi, but with more armor and less speed: "The Kii class was based largely on the preceding Amagi-class battlecruisers, which were in turn based on a less-armored Tosa-class design. The only major difference between the Kiis and Amagis was their speed and armor - the Amagis were faster, and the Kiis had a thicker belt. Despite this lineage, the Kiis were classified as "fast battleships" by the Japanese, as they had decided to end the distinction between "battleship" and "battlecruiser"." It was designed in the early 1920s (a.k.a. tier 5 to 6). In reality it would have had 8 torpedo launchers (most likely the fixed ones, 4 per side) and only the Nagato and Amagi-like secondary guns and only a total of 4 AA guns. What you see in the pictures (dual-purpose turrets and cruiser-like torpedo launchers) are complete fiction. Is this good, or would you still prefer the rumored A-hull Amagi? Link https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/08/09/wows-0-6-10-tier-8-premium-japanese-battleship-kii-stats/ Edited to add more info.
  11. So I have played this game for a while and since Japanese ship is on the left of lobby I play only that nation. Sometimes I switch to Britain/America if I die quick or game lasts long. When I upgraded my cruiser at level 1, 2, 3 - it was just like "Okay, more power, stronger enemies - it is a deal now!". But since I upgraded ship to level 5 it feels more like "Damn, my ship sucks, I can hardly fire one barrage and I die". Can anyone explain me this? I agree, basic stats are upgraded. Now let's see how it looks It clearly shows one thing - in time of Furutaka's one barrage that can deal up to 4500 Kuma would shoot 3 barrages that'd deal up to 8100 damage. So, if Kuma would be fighting Furutaka - Furutaka'd need 6 barrages (that is - 132 seconds) and Kuma'd need 11 barrages (That is - 77 seconds). Not to mention that Furutaka's 6 shots in 22 s. have less chance to hit citadel in comparision to 33 shots in 22 s. of Kuma's... Isn't upgrading ship supposed to upgrade ship? Or am I missing something?
  12. Gardar7

    Destroyer lines

    I've just started Soviet and Japanese destroyer lines, I'm at tier 4 with both, but Japs already feel as an underdog against every nation. Will they be better later or it isn't worth the effort to go forward on the tree? I'm sure that Soviets will be good later also, as this is a WG game, so the question is only about the Japenese destroyers. Anyway, this is ridiculous, that the Japanese suck like baboons against the Soviet/Russian ships. (Russo-Japanese war???) Maybe this is not true, I'm just feeling like this at the moment. Don't misunderstand me, my favourite warmachines were always Soviet and Japanese ones, but still, it is tiring that Japs are the worst in WoT, and in War Thunder also. At least it is challenging....
  13. Looking for some gameplay tips with the Shiratsuyu. At the moment I tend to try stay futher then 10,3 km range so I can use my main guns without getting detected or hunt for other DD's. I usaly use smoke to other help my teamates getting hidden or the usual hide and torp oponents. This sometimes works and other times not, very different in XP gaind etc. Seems to be a hybrid gunboat/torpedo ship. How are you making the best out of her? Looking for some tips and maybe gamestyle.
  14. Rich9573

    Akizuki New Commander Skills Help

    Hi All, I've almost unlocked the Akizuki and I don't know quite what commander skills to go for. My commander is lv 16 and this means I cannot have all 3 T4 skills (only 2). Currently I have this: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/01000000000000010000001000000001 I'm pretty happy with all the T1-3 abilities. It' just what 2 should I go for out of: Inertia Fuse Concealment AFT If I have concealment and AFT I could fire around 12.34km from my calculation with a detectability of 5.82km so 9.82km after firing. So I would have a 2.4km invisible firing zone. If I have Concealment and Inertia Fuse I would have 0.4km invisible firing zone. (Hope my calculations are correct). So what i'm wondering is what would be better combination? Thanks in advanced!
  15. I quickly made a short animated film loosely based around the battleship 'Yamato' for a university project. I'm trying to get as much feedback on it as possible, so if you could fill in the very quick survey at this link [ https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LF5VRPH ] as well then I'd appreciate it. Thank you I should point out that this was made over only a few days, just using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, and is only loosely based off the story of Yamato and doesn't try to be historically accurate or factual.
  16. Sams_Baneblade

    Getting the Ishizuchi at -50%?

    Hello guys I've just seen the Ishizuchi will be at half price tomorrow and I'd like to get your advice about it. I already know about its strenghts and weaknesses, but I don't know yet how to master it or how does it statistically behaves. . So, according to you, would it worth the 1250 doubloons? Or should I save my precious premium currency (7.000) and wait for other ships to appear in the in-game shop in the future? Thanks in advance
  17. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play - The Myoko!

    Episode 10 live now hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  18. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play - The Aoba

    Here is my latest video in my how to series hope you guys enjoy! Greetings Maddon
  19. I know this is a Warships forum; but, when talking about the Imperial Japanese Navy, one of the subjects that comes to mind is its air branch, with iconic aircraft such as the A6M series. So, this topic is about the naming procedures for japanese aircraft by the IJN; land based aircraft of the IJNAF will also be included. Take in account that this post reflects the short designation system adopted in the 1920s, some of the aircraft named with this designation system also have an equivalent in the older nomination system; being the aircraft designed between As always, feedback welcomed and be civilized when answering. And now, lets get to it! FIRST CHARACTER, THE AIRCRAFT TYPE LETTER The first letter on an aircraft in service (or predicted to be in service) in the IJN, always indicates the aircraft type; or so to say, the function that aircraft will have in the operations. LETTER AIRCRAFT TYPE A Carrier Based Fighter B Carrier Based Torpedo Bomber C Carrier Based Reconnaisance Aircraft D Carrier Based Dive Bomber E Reconnaisance Seaplane F Fire Director/Observation Seaplane G Land Base Bomber* H Flying Boat J Interceptor K Trainer L Transport M Special Seaplane N Seaplane Fighter P Land Base Bomber Q Anti-Submarine Patrol R Land Based Reconnaisance S Land Based Night Fighter *The designation "P" and "G" doesn't seem to have a clear distinction. Some sources state "G" as attack bomber; not really correct since not all of the aircraft following such designation serve that purpose (G4, G5, G8, G10). Not only that, but the G4M and the P1Y serve mainly exactly the same purpose; the main difference being that the P1Y is a fast bomber, and it was also designed with guided rockets in mind as part of its loadout. SECOND CHARACTER, THE AIRCRAFT TYPE NUMERAL This one has not a lot of science behind it. This number indicates the number which this machine occupies in the aircraft serving the same role. For example, A6M: Means it is the sixth aircraft to be accepted as a carrier based fighter. Bear in mind that for an aircraft to carry this numeral (and thus affecting the ones which will come behind it) IT DOESN'T need to enter service. For example, the J4M Senden carries the number 4 in the Interceptor series, despite never leaving the design board. It also affected the aircraft coming behing it. The J7W Shinden, for example, entered service (only "technically", since the aircraft was ordered into production but none mass-produced units were finished). So, the "7" of the J7W was affected by the "4" of the J4M. THIRD CHARACTER, THE DESIGNER COMPANY LETTER This letter indicates the company or enterprise the designer or team of designers which created the aircraft worked for. Foreign aircraft in japanese service had aswell their own manufacturer letter, but in the following table, only japanese companies are listed. LETTER MANUFACTURER A Aichi D Showa G Hitachi Kokuki H Hiro J Nihon Kogata Hikoki K Kawanishi M Mitsubishi N Nakajima P Nihon S Sasebo W Kyūshū Y Yokosuka Z Mizuno Guraida Seisakusho FOURTH CHARACTER, THE MODEL NUMERAL This number indicates the version of the aircraft, starting with 1 (usually the prototype ot pre-production unit designator). The model of the aircraft referenced major or notable changes between different models. For example A6M2 ; the said "2" indicates that is the second model of the A6M series. (OPTIONAL) FIFTH CHARACTER, THE SUB-MODEL LETTER This low-caps letter, is not always present, but if so, represents a sub model of the current version of the aircraft stated on the previous character. It is sometimes found in letter ranging from "a" to "d", representing the grade of the sub-model, but can alternativelly be found as short names, each one equivalent to a grade. To list the first four ones: "Grade a" - "Ko" "Grade b" - "Ōtsu" "Grade c" - "Hei" "Grade d" - "Tei" And as an example: A6M5c , the "c" meaning is the third (or grade c) sub-model of the fifth version of the A6M series. (OPTIONAL) SIXTH CHARACTER, THE ROLE-CHANGING LETTER There are sometimes when the aircraft's role doesn't match its initial designation; this is due to a change in purpose for the said aircraft. This can be either done by direct engineering on the aircraft, changing its characteristics and converting it into a new aircraft; or simply reusing a version of such aircraft with a different role. Whatever the reason, when an aircraft begins to fullfill a role it was not designed to, the new role letter designation (look at the first character table), is added at the end, preceded by a "-". Likely, the most famous example would be the Shiden; whose designation is N1K1-J (for the first version). Acording to the first character, this aircraft should be a seaplane fighter (which is what it was in its original version, the N1K1 Kyōfu), but it is not, it is an interceptor. The last character, the "-J", nullifies the first letter, adding a new role for the aircraft. That is not the only example though, many more purpose changes were made by the IJNAF to various aircraft during the war. Well, this is it for the time being, hope you enjoyed this little guide on naming procedures for IJNAF aircraft. I will be adding more information in the near future, such as the "nickname" naming convention for IJNAF aircraft, a list of all aircraft, special designation cases (such as the MXY7) and double designation aircraft (such as the A6M). Thank you for your time!
  20. Zwaffeltje

    US Carriers way too OP

    I've been playing the Japanese Carrier "Hosho" since yesterday, and I found out some things: 1. Japanese fighters have absolutly no chance against the Langley, They get slaughtered like they're nothing. 2. Japanese torpedo bombers might do a little more damage, but the spread they have does make the damage a lot worse. a US torpedo bomber with less spread can easily out damage the japanese ones by FAR, just because trying to hit someone with 2 torpedos is a pain in the [edited]. 3. When fighting a "Bogue" and a "Langley" VS a "Hosho" and "Zuiho", Don't even bother trying. you can instantly quit the battle, because you will get slaughtered. They are outnumbered, way more powerfull, and will kick your [edited]like you're a 12 year old kid trying to steal candy. So actually, don't bother trying to play Japanese Aircraft carriers. You will get blown away by the USS ones, and you will certainly never win an air battle. It's just freaking rediculous.
  21. ImSteve

    A Short Destroyer Montage :)

    Hey guys, a short montage I made using Destroyers. Hope you enjoy!
  22. HeXsteriA

    Advice on upgrades - Mutsuki

    I'm looking for advice on which upgrades to research. I know many players think that the Mutsuki is a rubbish DD, but I've got to play and find out for myself. I've researched the torps already, as the greater distance met with my game play. What I have trouble with is the C hull and the associate Battery option. I can't image having a high tier DD with only two gun mounts, but the increase in ROF to 12.1 from a measly 5.6 is very attractive. At 2000 hp for HE and AP the DPM with 4 mounts is 45,200, and with 2 mounts at 12.1 = 48,400. So not a lot in it. I'm assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) that 4 mounts will spread the fire better then just 2. Also the possibility that a gun is damaged it would leave me just 1 working gun. I really would appreciate your comments. Thank you.
  23. Ahoi Matrosen! Ich hab vor ein kurzem angefangen WoWs zu spielen und hab hier ein Video von meiner frisch freigeschalteten Kuma gemacht. Mir persönlich hat dieses Gefecht viel Spaß gemacht. Sagt mir doch bitte ob euch das Video gefallen hat und ob Ihr vielleicht mehr sehen wollt? Für Feedback wäre ich sehr dankbar.