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Found 18 results

  1. Rich9573

    Akizuki New Commander Skills Help

    Hi All, I've almost unlocked the Akizuki and I don't know quite what commander skills to go for. My commander is lv 16 and this means I cannot have all 3 T4 skills (only 2). Currently I have this: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/01000000000000010000001000000001 I'm pretty happy with all the T1-3 abilities. It' just what 2 should I go for out of: Inertia Fuse Concealment AFT If I have concealment and AFT I could fire around 12.34km from my calculation with a detectability of 5.82km so 9.82km after firing. So I would have a 2.4km invisible firing zone. If I have Concealment and Inertia Fuse I would have 0.4km invisible firing zone. (Hope my calculations are correct). So what i'm wondering is what would be better combination? Thanks in advanced!
  2. Zamuchryshkin

    Navygaming Magazine, 02/2013

    Hello guys! Nice to see you there! Were you waiting for our second issue? We too! And now it's done! So, just right now click on the magazine's cover below and read it! Also, there is some useful information for you below. [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE] Our second issue is focused on Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku. Chester W. Nimitz was very happy to hear that Zuikaku was sunk. Why? Read our magazine!We hope, you will find a lot of interesting information: from the development history to the two Japanese admirals… Still uninterested? Then, take part in our contest and win Gold for your WoT or WoWP account! 12,500 Gold are at stake! You will find the rules of the contest below the spoiler. Our team hopes you enjoy the project. As such, please write your feedback to our forum thread: it would be a great help of yours for us! Alas, no more words from me. Just keep reading! Zamu.
  3. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play - The Myoko!

    Episode 10 live now hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  4. Stribog2033

    Japanese Tier I Katori review/gameplay

    If you are interested in Japanese tech tree you might want to look at this video and see with what you are going to start
  5. Tuuletar

    Premium Japanese Carrier: Kaga

    Coming to Warships!
  6. Take a look at this crazy little destroyer from Imperial Japanese Navy )
  7. Gardar7

    Destroyer lines

    I've just started Soviet and Japanese destroyer lines, I'm at tier 4 with both, but Japs already feel as an underdog against every nation. Will they be better later or it isn't worth the effort to go forward on the tree? I'm sure that Soviets will be good later also, as this is a WG game, so the question is only about the Japenese destroyers. Anyway, this is ridiculous, that the Japanese suck like baboons against the Soviet/Russian ships. (Russo-Japanese war???) Maybe this is not true, I'm just feeling like this at the moment. Don't misunderstand me, my favourite warmachines were always Soviet and Japanese ones, but still, it is tiring that Japs are the worst in WoT, and in War Thunder also. At least it is challenging....
  8. Stribog2033

    Isokaze Gameplay - Tier IV destroyer

    Review of Japanese tier IV destroyer from Japanese tech tree,
  9. As above, there are multiple types of US spotter planes Curtiss SOC Seagull (Omaha) Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher (Every cruiser from Cleveland up) Curtiss SO3C Seamew (Battleships Collorado and North Carolina) and Curtiss SC Seahawk (Battleships Iowa and Montana.) But every Japanese ship seems to have the Mitsubishi F1M. It'd be nice to have a bit more variety here. I know for example the Mogami should actually have Aichi E13A scout planes. And I've found records saying the Furutaka should have the Kawanishi E7K. and that Kongo should have either Nakajima E8N or Kawanishi E7K scout planes. I've not found any more specific examples yet, but I'm sure there could be a little more variety to the spotter aircraft on Japanese ships. They definitely did not all use one type.
  10. HeXsteriA

    Advice on upgrades - Mutsuki

    I'm looking for advice on which upgrades to research. I know many players think that the Mutsuki is a rubbish DD, but I've got to play and find out for myself. I've researched the torps already, as the greater distance met with my game play. What I have trouble with is the C hull and the associate Battery option. I can't image having a high tier DD with only two gun mounts, but the increase in ROF to 12.1 from a measly 5.6 is very attractive. At 2000 hp for HE and AP the DPM with 4 mounts is 45,200, and with 2 mounts at 12.1 = 48,400. So not a lot in it. I'm assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) that 4 mounts will spread the fire better then just 2. Also the possibility that a gun is damaged it would leave me just 1 working gun. I really would appreciate your comments. Thank you.
  11. mikenl

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Hey Guys, So in my dream to get the mighty Yamato I have now gotten the Izumo. I had always heard bad things about this ship (for a long time as well) so wasnt sure what to expect. The Izumo is probably the worst, most toxic, raising blood pressure ship I have played until now. You would think ever since complaints started coming and growing about the Izumo it would have been fixed previous patches but no. So my hope is in 0.4.1. the Izumo will get a much needed buff, or will it? I have so far read nothing or heard about any buffs to the Izumo. Has anyone heard or read anything about this would love to know. Also its just not fair Iowa captains have an easy enjoyable grind while Izumo captains have a shitty 400k xp grind come on man... Also heard Yamato is getting a nerf was all my hard work for nothing and anger?
  12. BabyAdmiral

    Battleships "unit card"

    I've noticed that with the last patch, the "unit cards" (in the lack of a better word) in the tech trees have been changed. All battleships now seems to have the upgraded version as picture. All except Kongo and Amagi in the Japanese tree. Are there any reasoning behind this, or has these ships' unit cards been overlooked?
  13. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play - The Aoba

    Here is my latest video in my how to series hope you guys enjoy! Greetings Maddon
  14. Stribog2033

    Mogami Gameplay (JPN Tier VII)

    Hello everyone. I am back with another World of Warships gameplay video. This time you will see tier VII Japanese Cruiser Mogami in action.
  15. Our enemy the Japanese - U.S. Navy training film (1943)
  16. Stribog2033

    Japanese Tier III Destroyer, Wakatake

    Hey guys I'm bringing you another video from WoWs about Japanese destroyers. I hope that you will enjoy
  17. Shoukaku_Kai

    Japanese carriers

    Fix Japanese carriers I've played all classes in the game and I honestly believe that Japanese carriers are the most unbalanced against american counter-parts, The Americans have stronger planes with anti-ship units having rear gunners and fighters being stronger with larger units. I've had cases where my fighters have moved to intercept torp bombers and the fighters have been destroyed despite having friendly AA cover, other cases are that a T7 US carrier Ranger has been matched with a T6 carrier Ryujo vs T7 carrier Hiryu, The Hiryu has an extremely low chance of establishing air superiority, In the current state, a fair match would be T7 Carrier Hiryu + T6 carrier Ryujo vs T7 carrier Ranger as a US carrier can't be matched 1v1 fairly against a IJN Carrier. At the moment carriers are unbalanced and need to be fixed as soon as possible otherwise people will stop playing carrier, I suggest making the Americans have smaller units (same strength aircraft) and letting the Japanese have larger units.