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Found 12 results

  1. Ahoy there! I've been playing the Izumo for a while (grinding my bitter way to the Yamato), and I've noticed some odd things about this particular ship. First off, what is up with the dispersion of the main battery 10th year type guns? With the Gun Fire Control System Mod.1, I have better dispersion than most BBs around those tiers. 247m dispersion at 25.5km range (270+ something with spotter up), which is pretty damn good if you ask me. However, the calculation algorithm for the shells seems to troll players all the time. You land a perfect salvo time and time again, only to see them harmlessly land in the water in a circle around the enemy ships. I've gone through entire battles without hitting an enemy more than 11 times. In a 20km duel. With multiple targets. All of them giving me their sides. Wut? Now don't get me wrong, I know this is a common feature for BBs. But at the same time, it seems to happen WAY more often when I play the Izumo. How in the world can those guns perform so poorly when the dispersion (on paper) is so good? Next is the penetration values of the guns. And I know this is a hot subject to anyone playing BBs. What in the world is up with the shells penetration? And we're talking a fully upgraded Izumo, not that horrible pen that you get with the stock hull. I have to play the damn ship as a close-range knife fighter just to be able to penetrate other BBs. Well, except for when I fight another Izumo. The irony. Rarely do I get a hit that actually does more than 6k damage. And citadel penetrations are a thing of the past, it seems. You want to get citadels while playing an Izumo? Then shoot at a Yorck, and hope you actually even hit him. Furthermore, I can't make sense of the armor of the thing. The Izumo is supposed to be an adequately armored ship with sligthly less citadel armor and reinforced forward and after ends. Yet there seems to be no torpedo protection, so they just go straight through doing about 20k+ damage all the time. Even at an extreme angle those things cut through the ship like a hot knife through butter. And again, I'm not complaining about the ship, it has it's moments just like any other. For example, the AA and secondary batteries are great with their extreme range and punch (with mods, ofc). But you don't win battles with good AA guns. You actually need to be able to sink, well, things. So to sum up my experience of the Izumo: Trolly dispersion. Trolly armor. Lousy penetration. Great AA power (again, with mods). Great secondary batteries (same here, mods). Seemingly no torpedo armor bulge. Superstructure seems to be made out of flammable glass, not welded metal. So my question to you guys: what's your opinion and experience of the Izumo? Scourge or clown? Cheers!
  2. megarette

    Izumo Problem Brauche Hilfe...

    Hallo,und zwar Spiele ich momentan die Izumo und habe mit ihr mächtig Probleme.. Ich hab vor der Izumo eine hohe win rate gehabt knapp 54% dank meiner izumo nur noch 50%-51% .. ich hab mit der Izumo eine Winrate von nicht einmal 39% in ca 70 Spielen.. Ich hab das Problem das ich da mit überhaupt nichts Treffe egal ob in kurzer oder weiter Entfernung.. Die Kugeln gehen meistens drüber oder drunter oder schlagen ein und machen keinen schaden obwohl ein Totaler Treffer Angezeigt wird.. Ich fand die Amagi und die Nagato 100% besser und hatte eine viel bessere Statistik und mehr Schaden.. Ich werde sogar von 8 und 7 Schiffen kaputt gemacht was echt peinlich ist.. Ich habe ca 5 Spiel stile ausprobiert (Frontal drauf zu,seitlich,leicht seitlich,sniper und frontal rein,) nichts da von hat mir was gebracht.. ich hab das teil ausgebaut und einen guten kapitän und alle zussatz module eingebaut.. kann mir wer Helfen das ich besser werde ? habe mir schon einige videos angeschaut aber hat alles nichts gebracht und selbst da sagen viele das schiff ist müll.. Ich bin auch unfassbar Schnell kaputt meine zitadelle zu Treffen ist mega easy bekomme in jedem game Mindestens 3-4.. Danke für Schnelle Hilfe..
  3. Commander_Doom_

    Izumo commander skills.

    i don't really know what skills to use for the izumo, so far i seem to be doing fine in it as can be seen by the post battle screenshot. but i could use advise for how to speech my commander.
  4. Muppeteer

    Izumo last hull?

    Hey there, Recently got the XP and silver together to upgrade to the final Izumo hull but im not sure its the best option. Extra AA is good, but losing two of those triple 152mm turrets at the back seems a big loss. Appreciate thoughts.
  5. I don't know if i should free Xp the rest of my way to the yamato or not, so i need some opinions on what to do. So at the moment im saveing up free Xp for the "money printer" itself, but i am ever so close to getting the yamato(aka spacebattleship, aka supreme flagship, aka hotel). Im not really having problems with the Izumo i seem to be doing pretty good in it,but im not sure if i should use my free Xp to get the yamato now or just grind through the izumo and get the Xp needed. So i need your guidance people of the Forum
  6. So I was wondering, german BBs also get AP for their casemate secondaries, which is up to Bayern at tier 6, but once they hit tier 7 with turreted 150 mms they get HE. I find this totally okay, but Izumo and Yamato's turreted 155mms doesn't get HE. Why is that? Also german BBs tier 7-10 has a much better secondary placement in terms of being able to fire straight forward or back, while Yamato and Izumo has to go broadside to make more than just one turret shoot. Yamato fortunately has a 3x155mm turret fore and aft, but since it shoots HE it is almost useless. I guess the thought was that german BBs should have the best secondaries as a trait of some sort, but even if Yamato and Izumo get their HE it won't make that much difference and german BBs will still have the best secondaries, but the change would make the game make more sense. Turreted secondaries=HE Casemate secondaries=AP I guess exceptions could be made for premium ships, such as Warspite, but in general why not just be consistent with game design?
  7. mikenl

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Hey Guys, So in my dream to get the mighty Yamato I have now gotten the Izumo. I had always heard bad things about this ship (for a long time as well) so wasnt sure what to expect. The Izumo is probably the worst, most toxic, raising blood pressure ship I have played until now. You would think ever since complaints started coming and growing about the Izumo it would have been fixed previous patches but no. So my hope is in 0.4.1. the Izumo will get a much needed buff, or will it? I have so far read nothing or heard about any buffs to the Izumo. Has anyone heard or read anything about this would love to know. Also its just not fair Iowa captains have an easy enjoyable grind while Izumo captains have a shitty 400k xp grind come on man... Also heard Yamato is getting a nerf was all my hard work for nothing and anger?
  8. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO
  9. FullBroadside

    Gemileri Tanıyalım : Izumo

    Merhaba arkadaşlar Bu bölümde Japon 9. sınıf savaş gemisi olan Izumo' yu inceliyorum.
  10. Slipz

    Seems about balanced ;)

    So enjoying the Japanese tier IX grind with this very balanced game.
  11. CruetlyKing

    Japanese paper BB

    I played the t8 Japanese BB Amagi and I just want to turn off my computer forever. WTF am I suppose to do in it? I can't snipe with the BB terrible dispersion, I can't brawl because even the gun Destroyers can penetrate the armor and get citadel. I'd rather have the nagato at t8 with 66500 hp than the amagi. One extra turret for the armor to be turned off? The North Carolina have 9 gun and can just citadel me anytime, when I shoot the NC turret and broadside, it bounced off. FK this sh!t.
  12. IceyJones

    IZUMO nahezu wertlos!

    hallo zusammen, wollte mal meine meinung zum T9 BB der jappos loswerden: was für ein schlechtes schiff! warum? - ruder langsam selbst mit upgrade. VIEL langsamer als amagi oder yamato - anfällig wie sonst was. scheint eine große zitadelle zu sein! - turrets gehen hops nach einfachen hits wie die fliegen. eben musste ich OHNE turrets sterben..... - gun grouping ist schlechter als bei ner myogi oder kawachi! man trifft kaum etwas damit! - kann nicht nach hinten schiessen! wirklich.....das teil ist eine reine geldvernichtungsmaschine! absolut wertlos verglichen mit der amagi, die eine izumo zum frühstück vernascht! was sich wargaming beim design von der gurke gedacht hat, weiss ich wirklich nicht! ich mache mit meiner baltimore mehr schaden als mit dem teil.... *kopfschüttel* gehts mir jetzt besser?! nö..... aber musste mal gesagt werden