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Found 13 results

  1. Adwaenyth

    What exactly did I hit here?

    It was one of those WTF moments... I'm not entirely sure what actually happened here, but somehow I managed to citadel an Iowa in my Zao... What exactly did I hit there to penetrate the armour and hit the citadel? I mean the shots impacted behind the B turret in the upper armour belt. Is there even something that I can citadel like that?
  2. Hi all, After 150 battles (no "Premium") in my beloved "North Carolina" I am now almost at the threshold of the "Iowa"! I love my "North Carolina" and I have great battles in her (even though vast majority is Tier IX and Tier X) - my WinRate is OK (was above 60% all in solo just few days ago) and I have more than average stats in other fields as well. So... should I stop at "North Carolina" with USN BB line (I would keep her just as I kept "Colorado" and "New Mexico") or should I continue to "Iowa" and Tier IX? What is your experience? Is it worth buying and using "Iowa" at Tier IX compared to what is already present with "North Carolina" at Tier VIII? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Since my childhood I have 1:350 diorama of USS BB-56 "Washington" and I immensely enjoyed my WoWs trip to "North Carolina" (since there is no "Washington" yet in the game) - that was my initial goal when i started playing 1+ years ago - to have her!
  3. The_TrashMan

    Iowa - incorrect data (speed, dispersion)

    Noticed two mistakes in regards to the Iowa. It's top speed is listed as 31knots, yet every source I've seen (and I've seen a lot. I've got 2400+ books in my house and most of them are about ships) mentions 33 knots (with 35 achieved during tests). Also, the dispersion for it's guns in tests made in 1945 was 220m, not 270m
  4. PhantomSailor

    Iowa Changes for Public Test

    So logged on Public Test today and to see the changes to USS Iowa.These are the changes I saw, didn't look too deep if there could be other changes.But citadel has been lowered and here are the other changes. Citadel Deck Changed from 152mm to 25mm & 16mm (Splits to multiple sections) Citadel Athward FRONT - Changed from 287mm & 216mm to 216mm (One section) BACK - Changed from 287mm & 16mm to 16mm (One section) Citadel Armorbelt Changed from 307mm & 297mm & 163mm to 297mm & 163mm PUBLIC TEST: LIVE:
  5. After playing and enjoying the NC so much as of late, the Iowa really does feel like a let-down in comparison. It's not a bad ship per se, it simply has to deal with a lot rougher MM while not being much of a step up from the NC. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end.
  6. So relaxing You can watch the rest of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFzHgJ94BCwmjzmCMBKXf-XJ8yZG9EJ1-
  7. El2aZeR

    About the Iowa/Montana

    Browsing the American Forums, I've stumbled upon this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/99212-confirmed-iowamontana-citadel-modeling-error/ For those of you too lazy to click that, it basically shows that the citadel model on both the Iowa and the Montana include a splinter deck which (obviously) should not be a part of it. This makes the citadel on both ships extend far above the waterline and is one of the reasons why they're so vulnerable compared to their contemporaries. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would make them similar to the North Carolina and therefore much harder to hit at closer ranges. The official answer was: First of all, according to people in the thread (and I have no reason to believe they are lying) both Iowa and Montana are the only battleships in the game whose citadels are modeled to include the splinter deck (apparently the Yamato as well, but that is arguable). And I believe it is widely accepted that the Montana at least is the worst performing T10 battleship, being outclassed by both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in almost every category. Publicly available data supports this, showing that the Montana comes in dead last by a good amo in every relevant category across almost every server (a common trend for USN ships). The Russian server stands out as an anomaly, on which it on average sports slightly better damage and survival rates than the Yamato during the last two weeks. (I'm basing this off of warships.today, as wows-numbers is currently down, but I believe other stat sites will draw a similar picture) Of course, there are also things that will never be reflected in stats. Assuming a similar skill level, I think everyone will agree with me that a Yamato or a G.Kurfürst will usually win a fight against a Monty barring any divine intervention from RNGesus. The Montana simply doesn't have enough strengths to make up for it, most of her former ones taken away by the G.Kurfürst when it was introduced. Even some of the things it has going for it can be argued upon (for example Yamato is arguably better at weathering air strikes thanks to its absurd TDS value, as neither will be capable of wiping out a significant portion of T10 planes before they drop their payloads). This raises several questions: If being the most underperforming ship in its bracket is not enough to warrant a buff, what is? Sure, Monty deletes cruisers real good, but so do both the Yamato and the G.Kurfürst in addition to not being comparatively useless at everything else. And Monty is the most vulnerable to cruiser AP shells out of the 3. Does this perhaps mean that the game is only balanced based on statistics available on the Russian server? I've read otherwise, but WG employees are apparently no stranger to lying to the community as evidenced above. Is WG happy with the current state of US ships? If so, doesn't this validate everyone crying about "anti-US bias"? Including other facts like STS plating not being considered as armor (for those that don't know, that's 114mm of armor missing on the turret faceplate for the Montana alone), it'd be rather difficult to argue against that. It may just be that WG is waiting on how much the recent armor buff will affect the statistics before making further changes. Separating the splinter deck from the citadel would of course be a rather big survivability buff to the Iowa and the Montana, but the reasons given do seem rather questionable to say the least. Thoughts? PS: Well, this sure turned into a wall of text. It's my first post here, too *sigh*.
  8. gekkehenkie50

    Help for the Iowa

    So, I know there is already a post for this, and yes, I have been looking around internet, but I cannot find any help for the Iowa that seems to work for me. The problems I encounter: She turns like a brick Often I find myself in situations where it is simply impossible to angle towards every ship, and I must decide between angling towards that Nagato or the Amagi etc. When I do go head on I feel trapped, once commited, I'm on that path until I'm dead, there is not turning back because, unlike in the NC, Iowa takes MASSIVE damage to her broadside Often when fighting my team does indeed use me as a tank, which I'm fine with because that's my role, but then they take that as a bail out option; when 1 ship turns for whatever reason, my entire back-up just routes, they all run away whilest I soak up the damage... (But, of course, this is just asking for team work in a Random battle, which is very rare as it is) The guns do not seem to be more accurate then the NC, despite everyone telling me they are It's AA seems worse than the NC Usually when tanking I lose atleast 1 of my frontal turrets, sometimes both Overall, I would really like to be able to be of assistance to my team, but I have no idea how I should handle Iowa. I tried sniping one game (I know I shouldn't) and, it actually got me more xp and credits than when I tank. I did notice however, that I am less accurate in the Iowa because it shell flight times are different (I think) compared to NC. Any tips are welcome, but my main question is how do I tank efficiently, without taking too much focus fire from multiple flanks and angles? Tier Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Iowa 9 3 0% 16 24 460 0 2
  9. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO
  10. Hab ein interessantes Schulungsvideo der US Navy zur Funktionsweise der Geschütztürme der Iowa Klasse gefunden - keine Ahnung ob das schon mal gepostet wurde. Ist auf alle Fälle interessant zu sehen was für ein immenser Aufwand hinter bzw. unterhalb der Kanonen nötig war um diese permanent am schiessen zu halten. Die Größe der Projektile und die Masse an Schiesspulver (pro Schuss) ist echt gewaltig und beeindruckend
  11. Elendor

    Tier 9 - Iowa, and modules

    I've just unlocked the Iowa, after some very agreeable grinding on the North Carolina. Damn these last BBs after the Colorado are just so amazingly awesome, so much fun to play. Obviously, I've got a lot of upgrades to research, quite a bit of experience needed to retrain my crew as well, the ship isn't quite at her best yet. But I'll be working on that, I might throw in a few flags to speed this up a bit. But with this new ship, also comes a new upgrade slot. And there, I must say that I'm still conflicted. Some options are useless, like faster reload for secondaries. Meh. The ones I like: - One option is a trade-off, with a 12% increase in reload speed, but a 17% decrease in turrets speed! - Gun accuracy. But it doesn't say how much more accurate your guns will be. - AA defense strength, +20% Here is where I'm at for the moment: - I do not like the trade-off. I know it's a popular one though. It's probably great for sniping, sends more shells, and your guns aren't turning much. But I'm not a sniper, I'm brawling a lot, I like to get close, to push, which means having to turn, to deal with threats left and right etc... A bit like a super heavy cruiser. The guns don't turn very fast by default, but I can deal with that. However making them 17% slower, ouch. Shooting more often is nice, but not being able to shoot and do the massive damage that these guns can dish out from close range, because the guns can't get on target.... - I'm tempted by the extra gun accuracy. It must be quite nice, and there is no downside. Increases your damage while you get close, which is nice. Although not too useful once you're close, like within 8-12km as I tend to be. But it must be very nice to reduce the RNG when shooting at cruisers that try to keep you at 14-16km. The extra accuracy should allow you to land more shots, and therefore to be more reliable in dealing with these crucial targets. It's really too bad that we do not know how much of an increase the module is. It could just be 5%, which isn't much. 10% is decent. The default max dispersion is 272m, almost exactly the same as on the North Carolina, and it's not great but I can do good with that. 10% only brings it to 245m... Don't know. Anything above 10% would be worth it, anything below, meh. - The 20% AA def. In some cases, it would be useless. You may not face an enemy CV. The enemy CV may not attack you, the Iowa's AA is already pretty strong. But if there are planes, and they are coming for you, damn this module would make your AA devastating. I already have the +10% AA def, and the +20% AA range.. the North Carolina was already pretty good in terms of AA, but with this type of upgrade, this puts it at a total of +30% AA def, for a 7km range, which would make planes drop at an insane rate. It's only useful when there are enemy CVs, but when that's the case the ship becomes a 14km wide no-go zone for airplanes. In the end I might try both the gun accuracy, and the AA def, and test them out, see if I notice the difference and how useful they feel. So what do you guys think? What would you pick? If you have, or have had an Iowa, which one did you choose and why? Did you feel like the module you chose was worth it, did you notice the difference?
  12. Accuracy on Montana there is no earthly reason for the same guns to have different stats. please remedy. Monty Max dispersion = 295 no mod, 276m with accuracy mod Iowa, Maximum dispersion = 272m, 253m with accuracy mod.
  13. Hello eveyrone. I was just in a game in my Baltimore and ran into an Iowa. He caught me off position but I was able to do approx 10k damage with AP with 2 salvoes when he showing me his broadside. As I tried to get away and started angling I switch to HE but first salvo hit for 99 damage with 7 hit and damaged a crap load of AA and Secondaries. But again 99 damage, second salvo about 1000. I tried aiming for the 'soft parts' on the deck anything that isnt the hull etc but I did not manage to do much damage. Where do you guys effectively shoot HE at an Iowa? Thanks for you help and comments. Cheers, Arc.