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Found 5 results

  1. Solus_73

    Invisible Destroyer

    I was torped by Bensen DD, when I followed it in spectator free mode it was more invisible than visible, how come ? can someone explain ?
  2. Not related to smoke screens, I occasionally have ships I am trying to encounter disappear. So, they can be cruisers, destroyers, whatever, often without smoke capability. I will be in "zoom" aka "binocular" view and they simply vaporize and I'm staring at landscape. I know they are there, sometimes I'll see torpedoes launched but the ship itself apparently has a Klingon Cloaking Module or something! Normally they will reappear after a few seconds - if I'm still alive. I've also noticed it happen in normal view when my ship is sunk. Ships close to it, often the one that sunk me, disappear - water, islands, all that is visible. But the adversary's ship has yanked Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility tightly around itself. Anyone seeing (or rather not seeing) this in the game? Note: I did a search for "Invisible" and "disappearing" before starting this thread and did not see an existing thread on this topic.
  3. thunder3oo

    Invisible Tirpitz

    Hello. I just had a battle on North map. There was this guy in a Tirpitz, who was invisible at 9-10 km away, no smoke or islands between us, just water. Even with skills and camo, this is not possible for a battleship with 16,4 km detection range.Is there anyone who have seen this before?
  4. loman_2015

    ennemi invisible

    salut je ci pas pour quoi les ennemi dans le jeu war ship il sont invisible a chaque fois je tir de bombe ver les ennmis d'un autre côté le bombardemant de les ennmis je le vois meme ci ilé tres proche de moi
  5. Hello there! Sometimes, for various reasons, ship's camouflage needs to be hidden.However, if you simply make camo's *.DDS file transparent, there's still some "haze" left: But there is a solution - to manually modify camouflages.xml file.It's relatively simple, but if you don't want to bother or have no time, here you go: FILES FOR LAZYBONES But doubtfully those files will fit everyone.For example, some people need to hide camos only for certain ships (e.g. for custom skins installation). Or to hide some specific type of camouflage (like IJN green stripes).In this case, here is the instruction: HOW TO EDIT camouflages.xml MANUALLY Note: If simply modifying files somehow doesn't work - try to add this paths.xml to your main game folder: paths.zip 225bytes Those settings - which camo to show and which to hide - can be pretty variable. Give it a go!In case someone screws up badly with their camouflages.xml file, here is the original one: camouflages_original.zip 3.66K Updated for 0.5.0 invisible_unique_camo.zip invisible_all_camo.zip invisible_temporary_camo.zip camouflages_original.zip paths.zip