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Found 11 results

  1. The after-action report makes no sense, because the repair costs are shown, but the end sum is not less but more?
  2. When in a ship with separate Torp launchers on each side I often don't know which side is ready, which has the damaged launcher and how long does it take till the reload is complete- the reason being I'm in a fight. For survival, often enough. So any help to give my situational awareness a boost would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer the ability to read the reload time somewhere near the center of the map, I chose the aim path, but it might as well be the actual travel line (Yellow part in this case) showing me the countdown. I need this info fast without having to look at the torpedo counters below, check on the model in the lower left which launchers I'm currently trying to use and make sure it's not the side with the destroyed launcher as well (if that were the case). Trying to survive as a DD in a hostile environment is tough enough, being able to grasp such vital information fast would ease the workload immensely.
  3. ultimate0

    Dziwny problem graficzny.

    Witam wszystkich. Dziś zacząłem przygodę z WoWs... no prawie zacząłem ponieważ tak się grać po prostu nie da. Wygląda mi to ja błąd interfejsu. Generalnie WOT działa normalnie, w WoWs sypie się własnie wyżej wspomniany interfejs. Przeswituje mi do widoku ostatni widziany ekran typu lista graczy, pomoc itp. Zasłania zupełnie widok poza pewnymi kątami kamery przy nieruchomej myszce. Próbowałem różnych ustawień graficznych. Kiedy wyłączę if (Ctrl + G), da się grać tyle o ile, strzelając bez celownika. Mój sprzęt nie jest niestety najnowocześniejszy. To i5 2500K, 8gb ddr3 (1333MHz), Radeon HD4850 z najnowszymi sterownikami.
  4. Cpt_Flauschii

    Game Interface Plötzlich klein

    Hallo mein Infacer is mitten im gefecht auf die größe geschrumpft. Wie krieg ich das wieder görßer bzw normal?
  5. This is taken from page two of the F1 help (I'm pretty sure the majority didn't even know there were multiple pages in F1, just like me). As you can see there are tiny timers next to the icons. I'm playing on a 42" screen and even I never even noticed these! Reason is of course I don't have time to search for such small details when the icons start to blink! They do so because I'm taking damage and that usually grabs all my attention. But I would deem such information vital, so please replace that small circle with a easily readable countdown instead.
  6. I like to look at future unlocks and plan the acquisition, etc. But why can't I look at the consumables and the possible modules I could mount? Shouldn't those get me excited as well? Is there a good reason not to show these? Gib moar eye candy!
  7. Okay, I have now played about 60 battles across all classes, and so far my experience is limited, but I wanted to point out three things I think should be considered. It's only minor changes, and mostly interface stuff, so... here goes: 1. By the time the player gets the first CV, he hopefully is acquainted with the basic control schemes, so maybe the help screen should automatically open on the section for "Airplanes and Aviation" when opened in a battle commanding a CV. 2. I don't have the Ranger CV myself, yet, but when talking to someone about it, I noticed that its configuration (with the first, standard flight control) was 1 Fighter, 2 Bombers, 1 Torpedo, with the first "upgrade" 3 (+2) Fighters, 2 Bombers and with the second 2 Bombers, 2 (+1) Torpedo. (Not sure if I assigned the numbers quite correctly, but please, read on.) Now the +2 and +1 is relative to the standard loadout, which is presumed for me since I don't have the ship, yet, but shouldn't it also display 0 (-1) Torpedo for the first and 0 (-1) Fighters for the second upgrade? Or does it display these once you have the ship? I think if a type of squadron falls away entirely, the player should have that additional information (that the number gets reduced to 0) as clearly as possible. It's not an issue (and therefore I couldn't test it) with the Langley, as that one doesn't lose a squadron type completely with any update (or downgrade), it's just 1/1, 2/1 or 1/2. So, in short: If a flight control upgrade (or any upgrade on any ship, really) reduces a parameter (such as the number of squadrons of a given squadron type) to 0, is that parameter still displayed (as 0 (-X)) when hovering over the upgrade? If not, could it be? 3. Manual Torpedo release and... duds. Okay, I only recently learned about the ALT method of launching torpedos from bombers and it has improved my efficiency when playing a carrier tremendously already. However, in some battles, the torpedos appear, go towards a ships hull, and then... well, stop there. They disappear, not having dealt any damage. Now that could be an error, or it could stem from the fact that I ordered the torp bombers to withdraw when they were releasing the torps, but that's unlikely because I'm fairly certain it has happened at least once when I didn't do that. Then again, most likely, the torpedos weren't "armed" yet, and take a moment to be "armed" so they'll explode on impact - that would also explain why a torpedo that had less travel time didn't explode while another of the same batch did. Now to the suggestion: When aiming torpedos from bombers with ALT, we have the dashed line circle, and the solid green rectangular display of where the torps will travel that moves with the relative position of the planes to the circle. The circle shows where the planes will have to drop the torps, the rectangle starts a bit further within the circle which I presumed was how far the torps would travel before they actually start to be armed and dangerous. Now it seems that the rectangle only shows where the torps will appear on map, but not from where on out they will be armed - at least I had torps not explode although the ship was well within the green rectangle when they launched. A visual indicator to see where the torps will be armed and thus from where on out they will explode on impact would be most appreciated. If the rectangle is supposed to show where the torps are going to be primed and ready (and dangerous) then I'd ask to check if it is displayed correctly, because then it seems I got a display error at least two or three times. On a side note, I'm greatly enjoying the game so far. And I really like the double click versus hold left mouse possibilities of firing main guns... all the little details...
  8. Spellfire40

    Why there is are very few high tir CVs

    How someone describes having a fun game is a subjectiv Thing. For some its doing high damage. For some its outwiting your oponent, for some its making your Teams push posible by protecting them from harm. But Overall its about having a degree of controll over Actions and having said Actions having an Impact without having to break yourself both legs and arms in the process of arceiving it. Sucessfull High Tir Gameplay in a CV as it is is mentaly draining. The mutitasking and mapawareness required to be sucessfull is 2ed to None. Sucess and failing depend on split second decisions with planing minutes in the making. All this with working with an Interface that makes Dune Battle for Arakis Looks like 23th century VR Holo Interface. Simply saying before any Classbalace or AA Problems: If the Basic controlls are so crude that having a high Impact is the only way to Keep People playing the Overall premise as class is not very good. Luckyly after all this time WG said they will overhaul the Interface. My hope is that by making it more confortable without Dumping down gameplay more people will take up CVs again so that there is a healthy populatin across all Levels.
  9. When mounting a flag I never get to see the actual amount saved or earned. I suggest giving the flag induced amount a separate column in the result summary, maybe even on the post-battle screen. It would also be nice to see if this flag actually got triggered in the match:
  10. OrcinusStormborn

    High-DPI monitors and UI scaling

    The UI does not scale with resolution increase thus rendering anything above 1440 hard to use, meaning 4K and 5K are unusable on normal sized screens. Please add a UI scaling option.
  11. Hi Wargaming Wäre es möglich das ihr das Interface freigebt? Es wäre super wenn jedes Element (z.B. Verbrauchsmaterial , Minimap , Kompass , usw.) frei verschiebbar und in der Größe veränderbar wäre. Schöne Grüße