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Found 2 results

  1. Like a lot of people I was skeptical about how effective this skill would be but it actually seems very powerful, at least when used appropiately. Read on for a breakdown of why and my opinions at the end (TLDR): For anyone that doesn't know the new skill "inertia fuse for HE shells" increases the penetrating power of your HE shells by 30% but decreases your fire chance by 3%. Essentially it shifts your HE from dealing damage and fires do dealing MORE damage but LESS fires. You should also know that the HE shell penetration is a very simple 1/6 of the shells calibre. For instance a 203mm shell has 203/6 = 33.8mm of penetration and we deal it's damage to any armour thinner than this. Running the numbers through gives penetration values as follows (for all calibres I could think of); Shell Calibre(mm) Base Penetration (mm) Penetration With Inertia Fuse (mm) 88 14.67 19.07 100 16.67 21.67 102 17 22.1 105 17.5 22.75 127 21.17 27.51 128 21.33 27.73 130 21.67 28.16 140 23.33 30.33 150 25 32.5 152 25.33 32.93 155 25.83 33.58 180 30 39 203 33.83 43.98 210 35 45.5 220 36.67 47.67 305 50.83 66.08 356 59.33 77.13 410 68.33 88.83 460 76.67 99.67 Looking over these values my observations are as follows: Iinertia fuse is essentially worthless for guns at and above 203mm in calibre. The standard penetration is already above 32mm which is the thickest armour that most ships have that isn't on the belt. Guns between 150 and 180mm will bring their penetration above 32mm which will allow them to damage high tier battleships with bow, stern and deck hits where before the shells would do no damage. This applies to ships like the cleveland, mogami and german 150mm (including secondaries). This will also allow you to damage cruisers like Zao and Des Moines with belt hits meaning almost every hit will be dealing damage. Destroyers with 127,128 and 130mm guns can now damage cruisers (like New Orleans and Myoko) far more easily, as well as hurting lower tier (7 and below) battleships. 100mm guns (on Akizuki and many IJN secondaries) and 105mm guns (some lower tier ships and german secondaries) can now deal damage to destroyers on hits to the midsection. This is a huge buff to Akizukis damage to destroyers as well as significantly boosting the ability of ships like Bismarck to shred destroyers with their secondaries. TLDR Further testing would be required but certain ships will gain a huge increase in their HE damage potential despite the loss of fire chance. One's that spring to mind are Mogami who for a small trade in fire chance can now devastate battleships and Akizuki who can now deal enormous damage to enemy DDs with HE, at the cost of almost all her fire chance. Please share any further observations you have, as well as any errors you spot!
  2. Some_Bloke

    British BBs: Inertia Fuse?

    The captain of my Iron Duke has just reached 10 skill points, 4 of those not yet used. Having the colossal British HE superiority in mind, I assumed it would be good if he learned how to penetrate better with high explosive (if you read this perversely, your military equipment consists of a baguette and a white flag). But, although the reduction in the chance of setting a fire is small, it might tip the balance, as I have good experience with the Fire Prevention skill on a Fuso. So: is Inertia Fuse awesome on British BBs? Is there a better skill to spend 4 points on?