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Found 3 results

  1. Depuis quelques temps, des pubs pour des sites tendancieux (je ne les nommerais pas) apparaissent sur certains sites de stats (tel WoWS Stats & Number) Un site ou vous pouvez trouver des offres pour grinder pour vous missions, stats ou branches de navires De plus certains joueurs envoient ce genre de pubs in game par MP ou sur les chats publics ... Ne vous laissez PAS avoir ! Il s'agit d'arnaques monumentales, de plus, c'est évidemment strictement interdit par le règlement Je vous encourage à éviter de visiter ce genre de sites et surtout, de systématiquement screenshot ce genre de pubs in game, l'envoyer au support et de blacklist l'auteur de la pub ! Car malheureusement, ce genre de pubs commence à devenir habituelles ... J'en ai eu 6 en même pas 2 jours par exemple ... Et je suis sûr que beaucoup de personnes tombent dans le panneau ! Les 7 mers peuvent être houleuses et traitres, capitaines, soyez vigilants !
  2. Dear Devs, First of all, thanks for the great game. Unfortunately I experienced a game breaking issue today: After the start of the game, I was steering my battleship (South Carolina) into combat by autopilot. This went well. When I made a small correction, the autopilot disengaged, and I was able to maneuver my ship manually. After spotting an enemy, I pressed shift to zoom in and target them. Unfortunately, my guns didn't turn on their turrets. Only after selecting an enemy with the X key, the guns turned automatically to the selected ship. Once ready to fire, I clicked my mouse button, and nothing happened. Even multiple attempts to spam my LMB didnt shoot the cannons. After getting hit, I wanted to put out the fire that was caused, and wanted to repair the broken rudder, so I pressed the R button on my keyboard, but again the game failed to respond. Also the T button skill didn't do anything, and no countdowns were started on the skills. As this is a big issue that breaks the game, please fix this from happening. If you need something else, please let me know. MG
  3. I noticed that there are threads on this forum that talk about mods and even threads, with positive staff posts in them, that say where to get and how to install mods. This brings to mind a very important question. Should non-cosmetic mods be allowed? For the record i think they should not, and i am gonna try to compose a list of reasons here. 1. The gunnery system, especially when taking long-rang shots, demands some experience on the part of the player. What i see happening in the future are mods, that do this kind of "gut thinking" for the player and predict where the ship will be depending on the distance, travel speed, shell speed, shell arc etc. These algorhytms are, by the way, on the internet and they are not difficult. I hope i don´t have to explain why a mod like this one would be catastrophic for the gameplay. 2. Alternate view mod. Basically this is one particular mod that allows players to use the top-down view (like arti in WoT) which is extremely helpful when making long-range shots, helpfulness bordering on the "unfair advantage" level. Rest of the mods ive seen so far are relatively harmless (skins, sounds). My proposal would be that WG remove all support for modding the ingame files with the exception of cosmetic ones. War Thunder has something similar with the user skins. There is absolutely no support for mods, BUT the users have the ability to load their own skins from within the game. The benefit of a harsh modding policy like this, would be that situations like the "Warpack fiasco" in WoT could be avoided in WoWS. For those who don´t know Well thats pretty much all from me, please do tell me what do you guys think about this. In my opinion the game and interface is more than sufficient enough for the game to be played as it is. Cheers, majogl EDIT 8.4. : Bumped, as this just became relevant with finding an aim assist that actually works, I am bumping the thread... The situation is growing dire so Please vote, bump, get this thread noticed. EDIT 2 8.4. : ATTENTION! I have added a new question to the poll... those who wish can delete their original vote and answer the second question as well (no other way around that unfortunately).