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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings Sailors, As of yesterday, players can now gaze upon the soon to be introduced Russian cruiser branch, which starts at the Orlan, and ends at the Moskva. The ships, or their plans, range from the early 1900's until the 1950's, an interesting interval in time during which much has happened in the history of mankind. The rise and fall of nations, the decline of empires, borders that got drawn, contested, and redrawn,... Many of those happenings had a strong link with the military, whether that's landbased, naval or aerial. On the sneak peak that's being offered, one can admire the new cruisers, and I noticed that the Novik, Bogatyr & Svetlana fly their historically correct ensign of the Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), as do the premium ships Diana & Aurora. The Soviet ships/designs fly their historically accurate Soviet Navy (SN) ensign. This made me think about the equivalently tiered German counterparts: the Dresden, Kolberg & Karlsruhe, together with the premium ship Emden. They currently fly a censored Deutsche Kriegsmarine (DKM) flag, as is flown by the other ships in the German techtree. This flag was only used between 1935 & 1945, a good while after the active career of the aforementioned ships (all were sunk/scuttled in WW1). Those ships should historically fly the ensign of the Imperial German Navy (IGN), yet for reasons unknown to us, they do not. At first I was thinking a reason against inclusion was that it would be confusing for ships in a single nation to have different ensigns, but since the Russian ships do fly their correct ensigns, this can't be the reason. Many of the players here a avid fans of history, and strive for an "as historically correct as is possible experience", of which historical ensigns is a part that can't be overlooked. A quick scan in the gamefiles learns us that the IGN flag is modelled is the "flags.dds" file (deep in the gameplay files). Sadly enough, the game is coded in such a way that ALL German ships use the same flag, and one can't make a distinction between Imperial Navy & Kriegsmarine. One can mod the flag that it shows the IGN flag on all ships. It's OR/OR, not AND. Some fairly recent Q&A with devs and WG staff about the Imperial German Flag, and it's inclusion learned us this: After a bit of perseverance, and reformulating the question (as it seemed the person understood the question incorrect), with a link to the flag.dds-file, and the fact that the IGN flag is already modelled. I understand the inclusion of historical ensigns is a delicate matter, and is bound by laws and legal rules about if and when they can be included, and what reasons are valid for inclusion. So I scanned the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a, the German Criminal Code that outlaws "use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations". The list of forbidden organisations is: Sozialistische Reichspartei, Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands/Partei der Arbeit, Aktionsfront Nationaler Sozialisten/Nationale Aktivisten, Deutsche Alternative, Nationalistische Front, Wiking-Jugend, Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, Blood and Honour The list of forbidden symbols (in it harshest iteration) is: the Swastika² (also mirrored/inversed), a stylized Celtic cross, the solar cross, the Sig rune, the Sturmabteilung emblem, the Othala rune, the Wolfsangel, Gauwinkel badges, the "Heil Hitler" & "Sieg Heil" greeting, Unsere/Meine Ehre heißt Treue, along with the Totenkopf symbol, the "Horst-Wessel-Lied" and "Unsre Fahne flattert uns voran" & the ISIL/ISIS/IS variant of the jihadi Black Standard flag. (² only when used to symbolise nazism, it is legal for other uses, as in Hinduism) There is also a lemma on the IGN: The Reichskriegsflagge: prohibited in the Third Reich version including a swastika; the 1867-1921 version without swastika is prohibited when it is the focal point of a display or disrupts political order. That means that the public display of the flag is forbidden when it has a swastika on it. The public display of the pre-nazi flag is allowed, unless it is used in an anarchistic way. For historical reasons, or as a decorative fashion, it is legal. Please note that this all is regarding the public display of those flags & symbols, that means: "on the streets and the public domain". A flag which also bears it fair share of controversy, is the flag depicting the Hammer & Sickle, as was used by Communist Soviet Russia between 1923 & its collapse in 1991. As there are laws about the displaying of German flags, there are also flags about the display of Communist symbols (of which the H&S is one, another one is the "Red Star", as is also shown on the ensign of the Soviet Navy, and can be seen on the bow of Soviet Ships): Regarding the Hammer & Sickle: The symbol is banned in Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova & the Ukraine. Regarding the Red Star: The symbol is banned in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary & the Ukraine. "The red star and the hammer and sickle are regarded as occupation symbols as well as symbols of totalitarianism and state terror by several countries formerly either members of or occupied by the Soviet Union." One can safely argue that the argument that "one flag is controversial, the other isn't" is void, since both flags have controversy linked to it, as do many other flags. I hereby politely but wholeheartedly demand that WG/Lesta will revisit their current position regarding the inclusion of historical German ensigns & symbols that are not outlawed, with specifically the ensign of the Imperial German Navy. I made a poll about this subject. I hereby invite everybody to participate in this poll, and I hereby invite WG staff to shine a light about the current stance WG has regarding the Imperial German Navy, its ensign and its place in the game. One word though: KEEP IT CIVILIZED!
  2. At least from a historical point of view(?). All the changes Midway has received in her aircraft complement have made her so. Just to put a bit of perspective for those who weren't around when Midway was first introduced the planes she acomodated were: - McDonnell F2H Banshee as her fighter planes (JETS FTW!) - Douglas BTD Destroyer as torpedo bombers - Kaiser XBTK-1 as dive bombers Then WG decided that it was "conspicuously out of WWII era" to have jets in the game so they changed the faster than the japanese counterpart jets for the one we had until recently, the much loved Grumman F8F Bearcat. Then, they released Moskva. These 3 planes taking into account their development and introduction schedules would have been perfectly fine together from a historical point of view, wether it would have been the Banshee or the Bearcat. Anyway, just recently they changed Midway's planes again which has resulted in a rather comical state of affairs when it comes to the period those planes were developed and built. So now we have: - Vought F4U-4 Corsair as fighters. A development of a plane that was put into service in the middle of the war. - Grumman TBF Avenger as torpedo bomber. A plane introduced just when the war started and that was in production before it. - Kaiser XBTK-1 as dive bombers. A plane that got its first prototype flight as late as April 1945 and that never entered production. It makes you feel like giving a good slap on the heads of the guys back at ordnance.
  3. shockinhockin

    HMS King George V

    Hi there chaps so my question is about the KGVs tier change now that the ship is out on live I'd really like to know the reasoning behind the tier drop to tier 7 for this ship historically this ship had very strong armour and now we have dropped it to tier 7 it's got 25mm everywhere even on centre decks and this just seems very untrue to the design and real work ship ( monarch is the exact same hull and is much better odd right) plus us now the ship is live the 14" guns seem very very capable to deal with almost any threat and I don't feel the lack of the magical " overmatch" is a problem at all?? So do you guys think this tier change was the right move?? We seem to have dropped a ship down a tier because of one stat that's proving not to be a problem and by doing so we have spoiled most of the other stats like armour, AA, etc of a ship that actually existed with much better stat than it now has?? Thoughts on this? As there are already forum sections popping up covering this and I'd love to here your take on it many thanks ShockinHockin
  4. Hey there, one simply doesnt make a Fred about Torps and come unprepared. I even made a Video to back up my case! But before you give your "auto-and-infinite-minus" because i dare to insult your precious ship killers, please hear me out. At the moment in World of Warships there is no real way of making sure you dont get nuked by a Torpedo that so much as strokes you. Well i say the Game would only benefit from bouncing torpedoes. Give it a thought before you try to kill me PS: if this is the wrong location for this type of topic feel free to move it whereever it belongs im never sure...
  5. Serenissima

    Aircraft Models

    Anyone yet had the idea of replacing the aircraft models, particularly at lower tiers, with the appearance of aircraft that actually served in WWII? It really, really bothers me seeing the ugly yellow peacetime colours on those ancient biplanes flying off a Bogue or Independence from the Second World War. Seems like it's definitely something that'll be needed for any kind of immersion, at least. I suppose this could be done either by just replacing the models ingame with later aircraft models from this game, or better, perhaps ported from World of Warplanes to add a bit more variety?