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Found 11 results

  1. Gwynebleid


    Temat poświęcony pancernikowi Krążownikowi Typu P Który się pięknie pojawił jako krążownik w najnowszej zapowiedzi...
  2. aloha dudes! whats your opinion on hindenburg and des moines. whats up to you the best of each ship. why would you take either / or ? IF i could get to know smart answers and good opinions you can be sure that i will cherish that a lot! thx,mike
  3. tmGrunty

    Hindenburg: manual AA vs AFT

    Which of those skills provides more for pure self defense purposes. I do know how AA auras work and that it is a dice roll if a plane is shot down and so on. But as 1/3 of the AA damage is coming from the big guns (~150 out of 450) I was wondering if the extra damage on one of my auras is worth the loss of range on all auras. So is there any theorycrafter out there who knows how to calculate that or has maybe even done the math before?
  4. Fionia_DK

    What is cruisers role in high tier?

    Hi Here is something I been thinking about: I have a hard time to see cruisers role in high tier. I am here talking about Hindenburg and Moskva. Both ships are big and easy to hit, so life expectensy is short. The role as DD hunter is out of the question. Nearly all DDs hunt under the umbrella of the BBs and other CAs. The role as support for BB is also very difficult. As soon as you are spottet U have Yamatoes and Montanaes hammering on the ship, because the know the are easy to kill. 1 salvoe from a Super BB reduces U to 30% or less. And when U try to flee it is over. To turn around U cant avoid showing your broadside and the dead is certain. It is a development I have seen the last couple of month. Maybe there are more BBs now and the maps are so small that U cant avoid to have broadside to a BB. So when U fire the guns, every BB on the map can see U. I often take citadel hits from 20 km distance. In such enviroment it is very hard to drive a CA. The only role I can see them doing is AA support to CVs, but they have now got their own defencive AA, so not necessary. Dear wargaming and others seeing this. If U realize its a problem I have thought of some things that can be done: Better turn radius. Better acceleration. Less BBs. 1 emergency fast smoke. Around 30 seconds. Just to getaway, not for firing in. Reduce size of citadel.. Reduce the penetration angel. I think it is unrealistic big right now. I hope it will get better, I love playing cruiser, but for now my Moskva is in drydock until it gets better. My Hindenburg may be going same way. Instead I use my Khabarovsk :-) Happy gaming Fionia
  5. Einige Pressevertreter und Streamer wurden von Wargaming zum Launch Event von World of Warships nach England eingeladen. Buffed hat nun seinen ersten Bericht vom Event online gestellt. Im Bericht beschreibt man das Event selbst, sowie die ersten Eindrücke der DE/RU-Schiffe in knapper Form. Interessant dürfte auch sein, dass man den Global Producer nach einem Termin für die deutschen Schlachtschiffe gefragt hatte. Laut Auskunft waren diese ursprünglich für Ende 2015 geplant, dass soll aber zeitlich nicht mehr geklappt haben bzw. klappen, daher ist der neue Termin nun das erste Quartal 2016. Jingles (Streamer UK) hat ein sehr ausführliches und sehenswertes (langes) Video vom Event angefertigt, hier werden hauptsächlich die (echten) Schiffe gezeigt, praktisch eine virtuelle Tour für alle interessierten. Wer sich für U-Boot und Schiffe Allgemein interessiert, sollte sich das Video ruhig mal ansehen (rund 45 Minuten lang), am Ende gibt es auch noch die Event-Location und einen kurzen Einblick auf die Schiffe im Spiel zu sehen: Neben Streams hat Baron von Games (US Streamer) in einem ersten YT-Videozusammenschnitt nun auch die DE/RU-Schiffe in einem rund 25 minütigen Video zusammengefasst: PhlyDaily (US Streamer) hat Gameplay vom DE Tier X Kreuzer Hindenburg auf YouTube bereit gestellt: und noch ein Video vom Tier X RU Zerstörer: In den nächsten Tagen sollen noch weitere Berichte bzw. Interviews folgen, sowie ein Podcast über das Event bei Buffed. Ebenso werden diverse Streamer wohl noch weitere Videos zu den russischen und deutschen Schiffen veröffentlichen.
  6. Hello there With this post I try to say what needs to be changed in my opinion. As of now (5.15.1) there are some illogical things (Normal for WG) and unbalanced ships (especially at higher Tiers). I will start with the current Tier 10 Battleship Balance since that is one of the biggest problems right now. I will only talk about the Tier 10's since that is what matters me the most. Battleships Yamato is the absolute god of them all, Kurfürst is a playable but mostly inferior ship and Montana can't even be called a proper T10 BB. I'd buff the Montana in the following ways: -Increase maximum speed to 33kts -Increase secondary gun range to 7km (same for Iowa, keep 6km on North Carolina because reason) -Reinforce citadel front armor -Lower the citadel by a bit -Increase accuracy a bit more (just a tiny bit) Changes I'd make to the Yamato: -Decrease accuracy by a bit -Add the AA guns it had in 1945 (on the second turret for example) Kurfürst: -Increase accuracy -Decrease reload of 406mm guns to 28 seconds -Increase reload of 420mm guns to 35 seconds Some of these ideas are most likely controversial, but I think it would make the Montana a much more viable option when it comes to playing a BB. As of now the Yamato is superior to both the other BBs in so many ways. Cruisers Hindenburg -Increase secondary range to 5km (standard for cruisers, except Moskva) Des Moines -Decrease reload time to 7,5 seconds -Shorten citadel -Increase deck armor to 30mm -Decrease detection range by sea to 13,1 Zao -Decrease fire chance from 19% to 15% -Increase detection range by sea to 12,9km -Increase detection range by air to 9,7km Moskva -Increase reload time of main armament to 12 seconds -Increase secondary gun range to 7km Minotaur -Decrease AA damage -Allow for Radar+Smoke combination Destroyers I don't know much about them so I will keep my mouth shut. Aircraft carriers (Economy) This deserves an own forum, too many changes needed in order for good balance. The fixed repair costs should be removed from CVs since they don't take any damage in most games. At least lower it. Commander Skills -Remove/Rework Air supremacy -Fire prevention reduces the actual fire chance by actual 3% -Decrease the XP needed for the 19th skill point to a human level (like 450K) -Expert Loader allows to load different shells in different guns instead of faster loading when guns are loaded -Incoming fire alert triggers at 4 second shell travel time instead of 6 -Jack of all trades reduction increased to 25% -Preventive Maintenance reduces the chance of incapacitation by 70% instead of 50% That's about it. I will (probably) edit this post later on and add new ideas and changes I'd make. These are my personal thoughts, neither I know how WG agrees on them (probably not in a single way, because WG logic) and some changes are most likely controversial. Feel free to share your personal opinion below. Have a nice day.
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forum, wish everyone is having a good time. I just got my hands on the Kriegsmarine Hindenburg and I would like to share(complain) some of the issues I have had so far. Pros: Long range good shell fly time. 20km in 12.5ish sec (Gun Fire Control Mod 2 added) performance on par with Tirpitz. Large HP pool Good rate of fire decent maneuverability Con: HE damage next to nothing AP only works at close range (<10km) or against low tier CA (works at far range but not much damage anyway) HE fire chance next to zero Detected at 16km (Beacon of light) Here are some results screenshots: I used Capt skills to increase the chance of fire to 14%, but it feels like 5% a lot more worse compared to Zao. Also the HE damage somehow feels like it's doing nothing at all. >>>>Overall, it's feels like a tier X Cleveland (well with torps hardly used at all) . <<<< Since it's really a bad idea to get near the enemy fleet, the majority of my time with this ship is upsetting enemy BB with long range fire (no damage dealt, only increasing frustration to the enemy Capt) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Had some more time with the Hindenburg and tested ap capability with Yamato (thanks to JJ, since I ran into him in a 1V1 battle) Here are the results: 15KM full salvo (multiple pen, it seems that 5000ish damage is the best you can get in one salvo) 10KM 1 turret firing (single shot pen, it seems that one penetration is 600-700 damage) 5KM 1 turret firing (three shot pen) I also got similar 5000 damage with other targets such as North Carolina and Iowa Special thanks to JJRu5tY for helping me out testing! --------------------------------------------------- Some more impressions on the ship. 1 about the 16KM detection range It's ok to keep away from front-line but as you damage more enemies and get them frustrated, you will be the top of their kill list. Getting concentrated fire means dodging bullets is nearly impossible. 2 about the 6KM torp At least torps on the IJN cruiser line torps can be used defensively (to drive away enemy chasing you at around 10-15km), or used offensively (light speed torp on zao, hard to evade during cqc). 6Km torp, well besides suicidal mission I did not see it's use in any other useful circumstances. I am not complaining to buff the torp. Since the play-style of this ship is long-range artillery, how about removing the torp and buff the guns a bit?
  8. Can somebody explain this please: Thanks
  9. Widmooo

    Hindenburg Commander skills 0.6.0

    Hey! I'm looking for good build to commander of Hindenburg? Anyone got ideas? I've got skils: 1. planes 2. adrenaline 3. intendent 4. CE I dont know waht to do with 9 points.
  10. My 3 part series showing just how potent every single T10 Cruiser can be, using my usual hyper-aggressive playstyle to showcase the strengths of each ship. Zao gameplay. Hindenburg gameplay. Des Moines gameplay.
  11. ollonborre

    How do I Hindenburg?

    Or rather, how am I supposed to play in it? It is a fun ship to play, and I have had some good games in it, but I just can't seem to win in it. If I try to play it like the Roon, I get bogged down and decimated (sometimes), if I stay back I seem to be ineffective and can't support my DD's properly. I am aware of the Hindenburgs strenghts and weaknesses, great DPM, flat arcs, AP that hurt, HE that is actually much better than people think, some form of turtleback, good AA, poor detection, large size, not heavily armored. But how do I properly put all of those things together and actually start winning? Am I beeing way to aggressive (well yeah this is probably the biggest reason), is it just the passive play of tier 10 games or something else? Any tips or guides will be much appreciated. Skills and upgrades will be linked below: