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Found 20 results

  1. This is what I posted in another Thread. I also mentioned this for quite some time now mainly in the german forum section. As T8 got a better MM (which I like), T6 and T7 (also due to T9 prem ships) have it worse. For me the reason is: Mid Tier has worse concealment then High Tier! You know all those complains about "T8 vs T10" and even did something for the MM. But that made it worse for those mid tiers - which also happens to have the worse concealment then higher tiers. With T8 at least I can somewhat play around T10s with my concealment - even in the current CV Meta. But mid tiers suffer highly - they are out calibered, out gunned, out speeded... so do they really have also to be out spotted? I would like to get that fixed. Greetings, Ali
  2. colonel_duce

    Bigger maps for T8-10

    Hello colls, first, i must say that i have only 3 T8 ships (NC, Bismarck and asian DD) and that i do not enjoy those battles at all, because i am constantly put against T9-10. Those battles are completely different than lower tiers. Been thinking about it and what i do think as a factor is, that maps are for such ships too small. You can`t really hide, anyone can reach you, radars everywhere, so instead buffing/nerfing ships, what about buffing maps? Make them like 50% bigger? Make some breathing space for DDs, for flanking? With bigger maps, ships would have to spread out, DDs, could have fun again, CVs could at least spot. I don`t like to snipe with BB, but whenever i move ahead, i loose around 50% HP or all.From my point of view, maps are small. What do you think?
  3. Hello all! Playing myself Charles Martel a lot, and being a great fan of it, I'm ok with bad MM. This means that my games will be possibly even whenever I play against T10 ships or T6 ships (nothing about how good are the commanders of the ships). THIS brought me to ask myself WHY I couldn t play with my friends that are playing god damn Yamato, with my Charles Martel? Because I could easily be in the same game as them by synchronizing the start of the battle... So, I m ok with banning divisions that have 2tiers+ difference between players, but to me, it should be allowed when you team up with T8-T10, since the MM is not modified by this : -the T8 ship cannot play against "fail division" T 11 ships -the T10 ship cannot play against T7 ships (I ve never seen a "revearse fail division") SOOOO do you guys agree?
  4. Hi all, Preface Note: This in NOT intended as "elitism" of any kind - I don't condone it at all - it is just simple sieve to teach players the basics before they advance (in most cases way way way too fast) to higher tier gameplay. What if WG WoWs use the sieve for high tiers (Tier VII, VIII, IX and X) that would simply not allow player to enter combat unless he/she has combined WinRate in type (Destroyer / Cruiser / Battleship / Carrier) above 50%! In other words if some player, for example, has combined WinRate for all DDs below 50% he/she would not be able to play Tier VII / VIII / IX and X with DDs at all for time being and game would inform the player about that fact if he/she tries to press "Combat" button - also the game would instruct the player to play lower tiers and rise the WinRate in type before trying to play higher tiers. That way such players can train their skills in lower tiers and ONLY play higher tiers when they are ready... I know this is not "perfect" but it is at least something... what do you think guys? Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Azakeit

    Playing high tier cruisers

    Hello, With the Conqueror right now, I Wonder what is the point playing cruisers anymore ? I recently read the Q&A on reddit with @Sub_Octavian saying that his favorite ship is the Henry 4, but the Conqueror is : - Stealthier (11 km as opposed to 13 IF the H4 takes the concealement module, I play the steering gears mod 3 to try to evade shells...) - More tanky and can heal 50% of damage taken with his repair party, citadel invulnerable - More HE DPM and more HE penetration - More Fires per minutes - Shells have better ballistics (faster travel time) - More AP damage on cruisers due to shorter fuse (less pénétrations and usual citadels on cruisers Don't tell me that the speed is an advantage, for a DD maybe to cap faster but the H4 can't cap with his concealement. And if the point of speed is just to flee... The cruiser accuracy sure is better than battleships, but at approx 15km this has no influence on the outcome of a fight. Cruisers are hard counter to nobody (DD can delete any ships with torpedoes, BB with their AP, CV with a good strike). Cruisers are only here for "sustained DPS" but the only sustained DPS available is Fire, 100% healable, and you have to inflict a lot of fires to a target to destroy it. A BB can easily spec for Fire Prevention and Damage control mod 2 + flags to mitigate fire damage (and sometimes even Basic of Survavibility). Sure a BB captain can spec on other things but AFT and BFT are not required due to the lack of CV in game (and I don't even speak about Clan battles...), only 1 branch of BB can effectively spec into secondaries build. Whereas there's only 1 skill to increase the fire chance and 2 flags, one of them increasing your detonatio chance... And of course no skill to mitigate AP damage a cruiser can receive.
  6. Anyone have any advice? Generally the high tier meta discourages brawling or closing the distance at all. Most players want to sit back and snipe at max range, and whoever caps the points first wins. As nobody is willing to push to claim them back, German BBs are promoted as being brawlers. But since nobody is willing to push, they seem to just be giant xp pinatas sitting in the back. If you try to push, you rarely get any support and just get focus fired to death before you can do any good. I'm not calling for any particular change, since I can't change the way people seem to want to play at high tier. So my question is, how do you play the German BBs effectively at IX and X? What tactics have you found to be effective? my second questions would be : are the german's BB good at tier9-10 ? Some people said they start to be "weird"/"bad" at that tier , i don't really understand . I'm actually at the bayern. Thanks! ( used help from another topic to creat this one )
  7. Well, this game pretty much sums up everything wrong with high tier BBs, and high tier gameplay... Decided to go full camp on the middle of Atlantic with Yamato. Total distance covered: <8 km. Still ended first on my team... https://wowreplays.com/Replay/30592
  8. MuddyMo

    High tier economy

    Hello, i've recently unlocked the USS Iowa, im loving it allot except for one tiny detail. The repair cost of 100k+ credits is a bit on the insane side just like every tier 8-10 ship. I've been doing rather well in the Iowa but i've still only managed to make a profit whenever i get a kraken, a win and 180k damage. Yes i know i could play better or use premium account but i don't want to buy premium account because i buy premium ships instead . i've also heard that tier 10 ships with premium account sometimes struggle to make a profit, my idea to fix this is to lower the repair cost of tier 8-10 ships by 25-50%. This change should allow non premium account users to play tier 8-10 ships without having to use a premium ship or a lower tier ship to make credits for whatever the big boats lose them. i feel like everyone would like this change especially the people without premium account, because right now whenever i make a loss i have to either do extremely well or play one of the 7 premiums i own.
  9. nambr9


    So yesterday in my Fletcher (that I just acquired recently) I had a match that I knew was going downfall right from the start. The mass of our team went on C while I was trying to contest for B. I noticed a pack of 4 ships heading A. I have tried taking to them (via chat, via ctrl-click attention signal) so they would go to B instead and support me and then regroup with our main force but they ignored me. Naturally they all died within first couple of minutes and the enemy (organised) completely overran us minutes later. When I said to the chat (angry and frustrated) that those 4 ships costs us a good fight one of them answered (the roon). He obviously went straight to warships today stats and accused me of: - being a noob - made fun of my average tier (6.something) - said i was a dirty sealclubber - that I only have 16 games in T9 and so I can shut up - that I dont have any T10 ship and by so I suck and am a f**** noob I told him to take his T9 and showe it up his ... only leading of him accusing me of being a "kid, immature ... etc etc" ok ... i admit he pissed me off. I didnt want to be bothered at that point (really didnt want to go into stats wars), but today I checked his stats. I thought he musta be "Flamu" skilled with his confidence and an exclusive T10 player. And what did I find? A freaking WALLET WARRIOR KING!!! I couldnt belive my eyes ... this type of people finance WG. Its all clear now ... oh the revelation. If you (him) are reading this ... I have to GRIND from my ships, meaning I have to play them. I was saving 2 months for my Fletcher and the premiums I buy I actually play and earn credits in them (unlike you, who bought every single premium and only played couple of games in them - with the exception of atago). You have jumped over every single ship with FREEXP and since you played so few games in premiums you used actual money to get high tier. So making fun of my average tier is not justified. Yes I do enjoy playing T4 and T5, but not for the sake of seal clubbing, but for the sake of chaotic games. Every T4 I join in my DD it has 4 CVs in them. I take it as a chalange. So please mr. wallet king ... keep your insults to yourself, because I would, If I threw so much money to WG to get into T10. I would definitely not brag about it. I wish you happy spending at WG, so you can finance your T10 battles. Your gamplay certainly does not. If you are interested you can check my findings (no naming and shaming). For those who like to dig into stats PM me and I will give you his link.
  10. Hi all, Was there any official / semi-official response from WG regarding recent (now expired) temporary repair cost reduction for high tiers? IIRC we were told that it was experimental and for certain time only but I don't recall reading anything about it afterwards (not even in "Some interesting info from RU")... Thanks for info in advance! Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Playing a CV today leaves much to desire trying to fill the role as the damage dealer/ area control ship. The current game mechanics takes away some of the joys that could have been there. The idea I describe is the foundation of every rts game and also warfare in general. You never know what your enemy brings to the table, and you need to scout to find out. You scout, you find out what you need to counter, and you load your desired airgroup setup. I found some interesting suggestions on the american forum, and wanted to refine the suggestion to make carrier gameplay better. One of the main reasons for the lack of enjoyment is the current setup of airgroups. No setup solves all the problems you encounter, and much is down to pure luck regarding what your opponent's airgroup setup is. If you take Strike, you loose your ability to defend and attack enemy aircraft, and leaves you vulnerable to an enemy carrier with an AS setup. AS setup is much less rewarding XP-wise, and makes you able to counter only ONE enemy ship, the other teams CV. After you have shot down all his planes, you spend the rest scouting and watching the other players sink each others ships. Not really enjoyable, it's boring. The stock setup will not excel in anything, but gives you something of everything. I think a good solution to this would be the ability to change airgroup loadout in-game, to fit the current situation. The way a carrier loadout works today is the same as if you would have to decide to load HE or AP in your BB/ CA guns before you entered the game, and could only change it when you're back in port again before a new game. It sounds silly, right? having the ability to change airgroup loadout throughout the game would make the CV much more flexible, without being overpowered, or nerfing other ships and IJN/ US navy CV balance. Have the choise between the same airgroup loadouts you find in port for each respective CV same number of groups as today for the respective CV, same numbers of planes in the groups research it the same way as today. Same maximum numbers of aircraft allowed in the air at the same time as the respective airgroup you change it by selecting your desired setup like you would be switching between HE and AP on a BB, and the new setup loads (readies the aircraft for combat) before changing to a new loadout, airgroups not belonging to the new loadout must land back on the carrier (Torpedo bombers must land before AS setup is loaded, you can not have more airgroups of one type than what the current setup allows. Allow players to use only bombers in a strike setup, to pierce heavily defended AA areas. The downside would be that you would still loose a lot of planes, but is able to sink a high value defended target. The loadouts and numbers of aircraft in the air stays the same as today, therefore it will be as balanced as it is today Another possibility is to be able to completely customise the squadron types, but I'm not sure how balanced that would be. I think carrier gameplay would be much more dynamic when you can counter both AS opponents and attack enemy ships in the same game, granted you can only do one role at the same time. Another element of carrier play should be rewards for detecting enemy ships. In general, players should be revarded for teamplay. your aircraft gets XP/coins for scouting enemy ships could be similar to how the AA aura works, ships spotted by you gives you points after a set amount of time alternatively, a scouting button, target an area or ship for scouting, and receive rewards as long as it is activated. third option: XP gain over time, more revards for scouting a target with a high concealment (DD), less for scouting a target with low concealment (BB, CV) large group gains more XP, a single plane gives less. I think being able to select aircraft loadouts in game would make CV play much more enjoyable and dynamic. What do you think?
  12. Alipheese_XV

    MM Träger 8 - 10

    Mir fiel mal folgendes auf in den Patchnotes: Heißt das jetzt, in High Tier Gefechten kann nur noch ein träger pro Seite auftauchen?
  13. I think carrier gameplay would be much more dynamic when you can counter both AS opponents and attack enemy ships in the same game, granted you can only do one role at the same time.
  14. Seriously, what is WG thinking? I can't have a few relaxing games in co-op without losing 20k credits no matter how well I perform in them... service price makes this game mode useless especially in higher tiers when you want to test sh## out and take a break from a bad PvP day. >
  15. Hi all, Introductory note: This is not a rant of any sort - I am just interested in our opinion and similar experience with this! Here are few "OK-ish" () battles from last weekend that I had with my brand new "North Carolina"... Setup: Almost stock "North Carolina" (I only unlocked "Propulsion" module for time being) 12 point captain Regular account No economic flags Premium Repair" + "Premium Heal" consumables (without those it is almost impossible to fight Tier VIII / IX / X)Cammo from reserve (when I spend accumulated ones - the additional Silver will be needed for every battle) #1 #2 #3 So... what do you think guys? Is this OK (even with recent 25% repair cost discount)? Do you have same experience? BTW, I am now playing one battle in my "Tirpiz" for every battle in my "North Carolina" to cover the cost.... Leo "Apollo11"
  16. absolute_justice

    Captain Skills Midway

    Hallo Community ich bin zur Zeit am überlegen, ob ich die Midway etwas anders Skillen sollte, als es vielleicht die Mehrheit tut. Viele werden es mitbekommen haben, dass vorallem im High Tier , manche CV Spieler versuchen ihren Gegenüber am Anfang des Gefechts zu töten. Ob nun erfolgreich oder nicht, es nervt tierisch immer einen CA fragen zu müssen, ob er cover gibt-vorallem für ihn, sollte der CV nicht angreifen. Aus diesem Grund wollte ich den 4. Captain skill "Flugzeugwsrtungsexperte" gegen "Verbesserte Schießausbildung" zu tauschen. Der erste skill gibt mir +5% Flugzeugüberlebensfähigkeit und -10% Flugzeugwartung. Verbesserte Schießausbildung würde mir +20% Flak Range geben. ( entsprechend meinem AA Wert , würde dies +11 bedeuten-ich hätte dann einen AA Wert von 94 ) Meine Frage wäre : Wie seht ihr das ? Machen die 5% mehr HP viel aus oder seid ihr der Meinung, dies wäre zu verkraften ? Auf der anderen Seite bringt mir die Flak nur dann was , wenn mich A: der gegnerische CV angreift und ich B: keine AA Cover eines Cruisers habe. Sollte eine der beiden Bedingungen erfüllt werden, ist die Flak eigentlich nutzlos ( bis zum late game vielleicht ). Eure Meinung würd mich interessieren. LG Justice
  17. Hallo liebe Community, ich bin seit kurzem stolzer Besitzer einer Midway und aus diesem Grund viel im High Tier unterwegs. Die Tipritz Schwämme waren zugegeben auch ein Anreiz , da ich hier die Midway erstmal kennlernen und einspielen konnte. Nun ist ja bekanntlich pro Seite mindestens 1 CV , weshalb ich immer ein Gegenspieler hatte. Hier sind mir aber ein paar Dinge aufgefallen, vor allem in den letzten 1-2 Wochen: Viele Tier 10 CVs hatten nicht den 5en Captain skill ,,Luftherrschaft" Nun kann man keinen dazu zwingen , den Captain auf das nächste Schiff umzuschulen/mitzunehmen, allerdings hab ich bei verschiedenen Spieler einfach mal nachgeschaut, wie viele CV -Gefechte sie insgesamt haben. Viele dieser Überprüfungen ergaben, dass sie unter 200 Gefechte mit der Klasse gespielt haben-also den Tier 10 mit free exp erforscht. Wo wir schon beim zweiten Punkt wären. Ich bin mitnichten ein pro, jedoch ist es erschreckend , wie wenig Erfahrung viele Tier 10 CVs zu haben scheinen. Es kam mir und meinem Divisionskollegen sogar manchmal so vor, als würde die Midway/Hakuryu die Auto-drop Funktion für die TBs verwenden. Nun kann jeder so spielen wie er will, jedoch ist ein CV nicht irgendein Part des Teams, sondern hat einen -aus meiner Sicht- essenzielle Rolle inne. Klar muss man lernen , aber ich halte es für fragwürdig , ob es denn sinnvoll ist, gerade diese Klasse mit free exp Tier 10 freizuschalten. Als nächstes scheint es mir so, als würden viele CV Spieler davon ausgehen, den gegnerischen CV zu töten wäre ihre einzige und wichtigste Aufgabe. Mir ist durchaus bewusst , dass es überaus nützlich ist, jedoch nur wenn der CV nach einem Angriff tot ist. Braucht man zwei oder sogar 3 Anflüge , ist das Spiel i.d.R gelaufen und der gegnerische CV hat/sollte seinen dmg gemacht haben. Im low Tier sieht man oft, wie CVs ihre Flieger am Kartenrand fliegen lassen um ungespotted zum CV zu gelangen. Dies sieht man jetzt sogar auf Tier 10-selten, aber es kommt vor. Merke: Wenn du den gegnerischen CV töten willst, dann nimm den kürzesten Weg , sprich durch die Mitte. Ich sage nicht, du sollst über so viel AA wie möglich fliegen, allerdings gibt es fast immer eine Lücke , wo du durchfliegen kannst. Der Weg 1x am Kartenrand ist schlicht zu lang. Seit kurzem scheint es in Mode zu sein, mit den Jägern den Alt Befehl auszuführen. Dagegen ist ansich nichts falsch, allerdings hab ich ( vor allem Hakus mit Fighter Setup ) viele CVs gesehen, die irgendwo rum "sensen" , ohne das da Flieger vom Himmel fallen. Durch diesen Angriff wird viel Munition verbraucht, deshalb sollte man ihn sorgsam benutzen oder man muss schnell wieder zurück und das Team ist schutzlos ! Zum Schluss noch der Part des spottens. Ich selber muss mich häufig ermahnen , den DD offen zu halten und die DB/Jäger Staffel über ihm kreisen zu lassen. Deshalb erwarte ich nicht, dass ein CV diesen Job immer macht, es geht schlicht in der Hitze des Gefechts unter-manchmal. Allerdings hab ich in letzter Zeit kaum einen CV gesehen, der diesen Job auch nur im Ansatz für teamdienlich angesehen hat. Dass wären so meine Eindrücke der letzten Wochen von den High Tier CVs. Erkennt ihr dort parallelen zu euren Erfahrungen oder sind es nur subjektive Wahrnehmungen und ich dramatisiere zu sehr ? Was für Eindrücke habt ihr von den CVs in letzter Zeit ? Wichtig: Es geht mir nicht über das Thema CV OP/ CV Nerf....auch wenn es oft von manchen Spielern im random gefordert wurde-nachdem sie von einem CV versenkt wurden. LG Justice
  18. Well certainly this new update is nice and i thank WG for most changes and additions. I did like to read that and i think it's going to really improve gameplay. Now, there are some things i can't understand: 1 - Atago was always a better ship than Mogami. We have no doubts here i hope. WG nerfed Mogami because it was OP (as WG said) Now WG buff Atago because it's too weak? Can you please explain the logic behind these two changes? Edit: I certainly got a lot of explanations about point 1 and overall Mogami looks like it's better than Atago. I just don't agree with 155mm being better than 203mm, despite the fact that captain skills give a big advantage to 155mm guns. 2 - A lot of YouTubers saying Des Moines is OP, i see players all the time in battles saying they love Des Moines because is so OP. So WG buff Des Moines. Again, who have WG been listening to? Edit: forget about point 2, Zao is actually better and this is bringing to much noise to what i think is really important. 3 - The changes in USN DDs are good, there's more chances for USN DD Captains but... What about IJN high tier DDs?? They already have weaker artillery than USN ones. IJN had the advantage of range (not anymore it looks) but anything more than 10km range is just wasting torpedos, that is more than proved. Even at 10km you only hit the noobs and WG knows that.. Most complains i see are about how broken gameplay is for high tier IJN DDs! Did WG skip that reading? So what does WG do? Buff Cruisers (the most likely to kill DDs) and buff Bombers (they also like DDs) As for IJN high tier DD it goes like this: "hey DD go spot ships" "hey DD go cap" most BBs and CA captains don't even know that the biggest help IJN DDs are giving is area denial, suppressing, making enemy ships turn to dodge torps making their main guns out of aim and sparing the team of hundreds of shells. It's easier to fire at ships that are not aiming at you. Most of the times, DD captains will try to do all of this and maybe, just maybe, if there's a few noobs in the enemy team, hit 1 or 2 torps before sinking, and that's it! You did a lot, you helped a lot and you can see the results of your actions in the end result screen with everybody earning a lot more than you. These same BB captains that ask for your help, in the next game they will be playing against you and calling you a bug because thats the role of high tier IJN DDs: bugging ships. If someone is going to say "hey dude play another class then" please get lost. I want to play IJN DDs. I just want the same chances as other classes. So my answers from now untill WG fixes high tier DD gameplay will be: "hey DD go spot ships" - - why don't YOU do the spotting? Spotting doesn't give me XP or Credits. "hey DD go cap" - "why don't YOU go cap? Cap is worthless for XP and Credits" Teamplay? Honour? that won't do much for me but it will always make others earn more XP and Credits. I really hope that someone involved in the game replies to me and says something like: "We didn't forget about high tier IJN DDs, we are going to do this and that...." you know what i mean? You must take into account that i only complain this much because i really like the game. When i don't like a game i don't go over the trouble of even posting. In fact, this is about the only game i actually (sometimes) put money on to have Premium. It's not only Atagos that give WG money you see? Cheers
  19. avenger121

    Torpedo DPM/balance of higher tier DDs

    Most people agree that higher tier destroyers perform very badly compared to DDs like the Minekaze. One reason is the huge amount of planes flying across the map, spotting you and your torps. Another reason is the bad scaling of torpedo DPM within the DD tiers. As DD you dont gain a significant amount HP with higher tier ships or armor. Also your stealth doesnt become better. Compared to other ship classes with bigger guns, more penetration, more armor and etc; DDs dont gain a lot of "performance capabilities". Ofc, your torps gain some range, but IMO, once you have reached 10km, some additional kilometers wont make up for loosing 30k torpedo dpm due to long reloads. A good DD player tries anyway to fire the torps at the shortest range possible, hit chance at 15km is way lower than on 8km. Compare torpedo dpm on T4 with the health pools of T4 ships and for example torpedo dpm of T9 DDs with the health pools of T9 ships. This doesnt mean we should buff all higher tier DDs now, but there are some ships which could need a little bit love. I imagine leveling the spikes away, torpedo dpm should be roughly the same or higher as the predecessor. Something like this: Ship IJN torp dpm change to Ship USN torp dpm change to Minekaze 112320 ca. 90k Nicholas 125280 - Mutsuki 78082 ca. 100k Farragut 79838 - Hatusharu 72379 ca.110k Mahan 98557 - Fubuki 108568 - Benson 87000 ca. 95k Kagero 83868 ca. 115k Fletcher 114198 - Shimakaze 142602 - Gearing 78970 ca. 110k Notes: 1. I used always the "best torps" for calculation, for example: the 10km ones on the Minekaze and the 15km ones on the Shimakaze. 2. Please make suggestions, I didnt check for the stats or performance of every single DD, maybe some DDs would be overbuffed with my proposals. 3. I am not sure about the Minekaze, I mean, everyone knows it is borderline OP and it´s successors are pretty bland, following this proposal this issue would be "solved". Gearing is also IMO pretty bland, just compare it´s torpedo dpm with the Fletcher or Shimakaze. 4. My english is pretty bad, please excuse all the foolish mistake I made. Thanks in advance.
  20. Needy_Game

    Atago's Atago's Everywhere

    anyone noticed how abundant Atago's are in High tiers matches? it's possible that this is partly due the new economy, which makes low tier grind painful, im stuck with the Furutaka my self and its awful