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Found 31 results

  1. MarsAtlantis

    Help me friends!

    Friends I have 2.500 doblon but ı see some test accounts have 200k gold and more how can ı get lıke thıs ? In test account? help +
  2. Lolz_Nonz


    helo guzy how can i download this game ? ane One can Help me ?
  3. TheCoolBird

    Myoko help?

    I recently researched the Myoko, I've heard good things about it. So I was looking forwards to it. I did good with the Aoba, I was able to survive and hit citadels. But I seem to be failing to use the Myoko. Most of the time I don't get a chance to get more than a few hits in before I'm destroyed. Does anyone have tips on how to use it, or do I just need to use it more to get used to it? It feels like I'm one of the only people that hasn't enjoyed using it so far.
  4. Yikez

    Failed to connect to Server

    Hi All. I have been having a problem today and previously which seemed, until now to be sorted out by changing/redoing my pass word? I had the server drop me out around 04:00 this-morning And was shown the 'Failed to connect to server, please try again later'. I did a few minutes later but no change so off to bed. Its now much later at around 13:10hrs (London) and the same problem exists? Has anyone else been getting this problem or is it me? Any suggestions from you Captains will be great? Just going to try the old reboot it tec fix but???
  5. markonic


    Hello everyone. My first time I think that i write something on this forum,so dont be angry if I made mistake for posting this topic on bad place. My friend yesterday buy Murmansk premium ship. He get text message for confirming that he buy that ship,and money are moved from his bank account. We dont know what to do and I come here to ask whats next? Thanks a lot.
  6. Since the most recent update to World of Warships I have been experiencing horrendous audio and frame stutter in places in game. (Most notably on the login screen.) As well as absolutely horrid de-sync between myself and the servers when in game, making battles literally unplayable. Strangely enough, I don't think this is an internet issue. When playing (On EUW) I tend to get no higher than 50 ping, minimum of 60fps and very rarely do I get "lag spikes." Also never have this type of issue on other games (I play CS:GO a lot and its really noticeable when I'm lagging due to my internet) Despite this my de-sync is absolutely awful, with ships sometimes being a ships length away than where they are shown on my screen. As a result I have tried reinstalling the game, and updating audio and video card drivers, but to no avail. PC Specs for anyone who is interested/thinks they may be relevant: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64Bit CPU: AMD FX-6300 (6 cores clocked at 3.5GHz) Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L-M GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270X 4GB edition RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz As you can see from my specs I really don't think this a performance issue either, as stated earlier I get 60fps in game on high settings despite the de-sync. Anyone got any suggestions or potential solutions?
  7. Serial_Experiments

    Help >Bildschirm fest..

    hey seit dem letzten update habe ich ständig probleme spielmit wows 1.spiel lad sehr lange... und bricht komplet ab.. 2. re login in 3. kann mein schiff bewegen... aber die bildschirm ansicht ist ein gefrohren... ...(neu install. fehler besteht weiter hin) http://
  8. purpletrain0000

    The inventory will not work for me

    Any ideas or resolutions? I have never been able to open the inventory fully, it will not load.
  9. So, I have 250 matches, Win rate of just under 50% and a k/d of only 0.7 My best ships are tier 5 Bouge cv and nicholas dd. While I can do pretty well in carriers, my average survivability is only 22% in dds! My average damage is a measly 17k, and my average xp is 500! I'm not that bad a player (debatable) but how can I get more damage, better k/d and that sort of stuff. How can I improve my overall gameplan? Link to _ASW_ Warships.Today https://eu.warships.today/player/538635276/_ASW_ Link to _ASW_ World of warships player profile https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/538635276-_ASW_/!/pvp/overview/ Thanks!
  10. Soul_of_Dragon1


    Hi i need some help. I just got key from humdle bundle and it did not say it was a NA key and i am from EU so i can't use it can anyone help me.
  11. Hello there commanders, i here asking for suggestion or some help from the tiers10 experience carrier players from both nation's carriers, although i have "Hakuryu" carrier, its about the upgrade layout, atm my lay out is: Slot 1: "Air group modification 1" Slot 2: "Air group modification 2" Slot 3: Empty Slot 4: "Damage control system modification 1" Slot 5: "Steering gears modification 2" Slot 6: "Concealment system modification 1" Pretty regular upgrade layouts, although i cant decide the 3º upgrade between "flight control modification 2" that gives extra 8.2 Knots speed to the planes, such the torpedos bombers raising their speed from 164 into 172.2 knots and i think same speed aka the 8.2 knots applys for remaining plane types. Or go forwards with "air group modification 3" that increases healthpool from bombers and torpedos bombers with a extra 324.45 health, raising the torpedos bombers health from 2163 health to 2487.45 health and bombers from 2081 to 2405,45 health pool. Both setups gives tactical and diferent advandge, such if u got speed means u get there faster and drop or get in position to drop ur stuff into the enemy, meaning u can act faster before you lose most of ur squadrons to a enemy AA boat, or health poll to increase their survival during engagements and position. Regarless please let me know about your experience between this 2 upgrades because we all know tiers10 boats has a pretty heavy AA system not to mention the consumables and commanders layouts. Thank you for your attention and for your help.
  12. Armensyths

    Apparently I have Time-travel...

    I am posting this hoping that someone has had the same issues, and could possibly guide me on a fix/understanding on what on earth is going on... A few times in the past week, I have been scrapping on the high seas, only for my network status to show a "-35" ping..and my game to lock up and either let me carry on after 5-10 seconds, or kick me out of the game all together. Now I have heard of large ping levels, but how on earth can you get negative ping?! I have checked my port forwarding, my network speeds etc... and all are good (average ping on pingtest is 10ms, download of 50-70Mbps, upload of around 15-20Mbps...so what could be causing it? Anyone who has sound advice can have a torpedo to fire for free from myself Much appreciated for any advice. Armen
  13. Link for Pic: http://i61.tinypic.com/2rw173p.jpg Where you in this battle (check screenshos) and have the replay? Can you pls send it to me? Thx!
  14. Blue_Bug

    Help wanted with New Orleans

    I have the New Orleans since Yesterday. Some people requested to speed up the grid, so I did. I'm not a good player. But I manage. The Cleveland I liked like everybody. I know most people don't like the pensacola but I did beter in it as the Cleveland and realy liked the ship. I read a lot of complaints about the pensacola, but none about the New Orleans. So I have to asume that I use the wrong gameplay in it. The problem I have is that the ship seems to be very vulnerable. The Maneuverability I find great. I'm I just unlucky with the ship or do I have to adjust my gameplay. Can somebody please explain me how to use the New Orleans Best. So I can more Enjoy the tier 8-10 batles (and will play them more)
  15. PPKinguin

    Help my CV

    I ignored playing CV for quiete a while and just recently found myself being good at the RTS style gameplay. So I played through the Hosho, Zuiho and and now reached the Ryujo but here it gets difficult on one topic. How do I play against higher tier BBs effectively? Against ships lower or same tier I did very well but if I try to torp or bomb a Colorado, I get melted out of the air before dropping, even after I took the shortest route, staying as short as possible in his AA area. I imagine this will get worse the higher tier I get. Any help on that?
  16. TheCoolBird

    Tips for playing JPN destroyers?

    So after playing so many battles with destroyers, I'm getting no where. I die as soon as I get into battles and I feel unable to do my role as a destroyer. What are some good tips for playing the Japanese destroyers? So far I'm on the tier 3 destroyer, I've lost so many battles that I'm thinking of dropping destroyers as a whole.
  17. gekkehenkie50

    Help for the Iowa

    So, I know there is already a post for this, and yes, I have been looking around internet, but I cannot find any help for the Iowa that seems to work for me. The problems I encounter: She turns like a brick Often I find myself in situations where it is simply impossible to angle towards every ship, and I must decide between angling towards that Nagato or the Amagi etc. When I do go head on I feel trapped, once commited, I'm on that path until I'm dead, there is not turning back because, unlike in the NC, Iowa takes MASSIVE damage to her broadside Often when fighting my team does indeed use me as a tank, which I'm fine with because that's my role, but then they take that as a bail out option; when 1 ship turns for whatever reason, my entire back-up just routes, they all run away whilest I soak up the damage... (But, of course, this is just asking for team work in a Random battle, which is very rare as it is) The guns do not seem to be more accurate then the NC, despite everyone telling me they are It's AA seems worse than the NC Usually when tanking I lose atleast 1 of my frontal turrets, sometimes both Overall, I would really like to be able to be of assistance to my team, but I have no idea how I should handle Iowa. I tried sniping one game (I know I shouldn't) and, it actually got me more xp and credits than when I tank. I did notice however, that I am less accurate in the Iowa because it shell flight times are different (I think) compared to NC. Any tips are welcome, but my main question is how do I tank efficiently, without taking too much focus fire from multiple flanks and angles? Tier Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Iowa 9 3 0% 16 24 460 0 2
  18. Tsourouflis

    Game crashing issues

    After i click on the start button of my application the following message appears." No hardware rasterisation devices found" and the application can't start. I am pretty sure it is a grafic card problem because i can start game with the built in grafics card but i have really bad fps and the game is unplayable. I updated my drivers again and again and i installed the game again and again it does not seem to help.I got this problem after the last patch with the new ships by the way in 19th of Octomber. Thank you for taking the time to read this,any help would be much appreciated!!! I have a Lenovo laptop and my specs are the following : Processor: Intel core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz , 16 GB Ram , DirectX 11 , NVIDIA GeForce 860M 4GB , and windows 8.1 64 bit (with all the latest updates).
  19. So when i started the game, the first thing i did was to set my graphics settings to verry high. I went back to the port screen and saw that my ship still didnt look too good. No AA, the textures was horrible aswell. Tried to play a round, and i noticed that someone had sent me some torpedos, i only saw them when they were 10m away from my ship. So im guessing that the graphics didnt work. Please help me with this, i really want to play this game at max settings. -SPECS- CPU: i7 3930K @4GHz Cooler: Corsair H80 Mobo: ASUS P9 X79 PRO GPU: (1) AMD R9 290 Windforce Ram: Corsair Dominator 16GB SSD: Samsung 830 128GB 2nd SSD: Samsung EVO 500GB HDD: 2TB WD Black PSU: Corsair HX1050 Case: Corsair 800D
  20. Shaka_D

    It is I, Le Clerc!

    So, as much as I've criticised others for doing this I find myself begging for advice. I have a number of tier 9's unlocked but am at a loss what to go for. I could buy the: Iowa Ibuki Udaloi Fletcher Kagero Baltimore But oh, which one to choose? I can only afford one at present but need the valuable input of all you lovely, exceptionally intelligent, forum-dwelling heroes and heroines. I need you, don't let me make the wrong choice here - even on purpose. Which is your favourite...? I like playing all classes.
  21. I would appreciate some one kind inuf to give me a invite code or a good reliable way of getting a invite code. Thx for any suggestions or help. Already got Facebook and Dev blog in attempt to get a code.
  22. MarsAtlantis

    When German tech tree

    Help my friends when german tech tree come?
  23. Praetorias

    What should I do...Jap Destroyers

    Hi, With the changes coming to Japanese destroyers, should I convert all was to shimikaze in hope that when they divide the trees I get given all the new destroyers or does it not work like that. I.e. if i grind to viii and that viii becomes a vi, do i get given the new viii??? or if I get to X, will i be given the all the new desk below me in the new structure - given....already researched I mean.
  24. Stribog2033

    Can't play, please help!

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this ? My friend downloaded game, and when he clicks on "Play" he gets following message: the procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll He is using Windows XP, if needed I can write down his PC specs...
  25. FolenSea

    Dudas de Idioma....

    Buenos días a todos =) Les escribo por una duda que tengo con respecto a la traducción del juego WorldOfWarships al español.... Hoy nuevamente me tope con algo que no se si es un error o es algo que estoy entendiendo mal =/ En la sección Modulos - mejoras, puse "Modificación 2 de la batería principal" a lo que según leo dice: +10 % de carga de la batería principal (esto quiere decir que mi batería principal carga mas rápido o mas lento?) por que pregunto? por que cuando lo puse, mi batería principal demora 2 segundos mas en cargar..... y es por eso que no se si es que el del error soy yo o la traducción o francamente no se =( para ser mas preciso, les dejare 2 imagenes para que vean a lo que me refiero.... espero puedan aclarar mis dudas con respecto a lo de la recarga de+10% y lo otro del tipo de munición (explosivo y penetración) que veo muy contradictoria la traducción. Gracias.